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*** New Report ***

We have sent this independent report to press, peers, think tanks, @victor_madrigal at @UN & @Commonswomequ. We encourage you to read & send to your own schools, MPs & local safeguarding boards. We warn you it’s a difficult read. #SafeguardingFail #PolicyFail
Quote for press is: Tanya Carter Spokeswoman for Safe Schools Alliance said “This alarming, but sadly unsurprising, research sets out how long-established child safeguarding principles are being effectively dismantled. This leaves all children at risk…
Adults, professionally charged with the protection of children, have failed in their duty to identify this and this abdication of responsibility has left generations of children at risk of harm. Children are being left to navigate a minefield of predatory behaviour online…
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The @Policy_Exchange report found:
"The agencies most frequently named were the Proud Trust, the Rainbow Flag Award, Just Like Us, Diversity Role Models and the PSHE Association."
We have written about all these groups.
#edutwitter #RSE…
The Proud Trust website states “Trans and non-binary children and young people exist in our world, exist in our primary schools."
Pupils learn in the first lesson an understanding of “gender identity including terms trans, non-binary and cis.”…
The Rainbow Flag Award is an alternative version of the Stonewall School Champions scheme. Sold as a package of policies, lesson plans, RSE resources and anti-bullying measures it was financed by @educationgovuk and @GEOgovuk.…
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Thread for ‘but is this happening in schools’ #Edutwitter. Yes it is. Firstly personal testimony: “the school nurse had referred her to the school counsellor [who] informed [her] that a hatred of one’s breasts could be an indicator of a non-binary”…
More testimony: “I am utterly horrified at what was taught at a PSHE lesson at my school recently. It was to a group of children, most are 11-12 years old. It is so, so much worse than I thought.” #Edutwitter #DiverseEd #LGBT…
More personal testimony: “We did request to see their transgender policy and it was kafkaesque – it repeatedly conflated sex & gender… & downplayed the effects of binders, blockers and hormones” #Edutwitter #WomeEd #PSHEPeeps…
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. @BrookCharity is one of the providers we frequently hear complaints about from both parents & teachers. Advising children to watch porn is not what they were expecting from #RSE. They want children taught about harms & how to have a healthy relationships as adults. #edutwitter ImageImage
To be clear what people are taking issue with, is not porn being discussed with teenagers, it is the seeming to recommend it, rather than educating on the inherent harms & exploitation. #edutwitter #WomenEd #PSHEPeeps @Miss_Snuffy @CEASEorgUK @RealGeoffBarton @BrookCharity ImageImageImage
This is what we have written on porn. Why are you not educating children on the harms & exploitation in porn @BrookCharity? Children deserve accurate information. #Edutwitter #WomenEd #PSHEPeeps…
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Welcome to all our new followers! We have just passed 18k. Please look round our website to find out more about us. We are a grassroots group of mainly parents & teachers with no funding, religious or political affiliations. #Edutwitter #Safeguarding
We first got together 4 years ago when we joined together over a passionate commitment to upholding #safeguarding & correct interpretation of the equality act in our schools. Worryingly our first campaign featured a @NSPCC #safeguardingfail…
Since then we have run many successful campaigns to protect children from inappropriate & politically biased materials, such as this from @BBC_Teach that bizarrely informed children that there were ‘over 100 different genders’…
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And yet when we have reported schools to @Ofstednews & @amanda_spielman for #safeguarding failures around #RSE materials they have signed them off again as ‘good’. Far too many people have an extremely poor understanding of child protection. #Edutwitter…
An example of #safeguarding failures @Ofstednews has excused. Promoting breast binding to girls as young as 11 & directing them to websites for adult men where you can get free fisting gloves.…
None of this is new, we have been raising the alarm for years, as were many individuals & groups before us. Now people who were asked for help years ago are pretending to be shocked at what is going on, while others remain in denial. #Edutwitter #WomenEd
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Same strategy used by the establishment, refusing to hear the legitimate concern of parents, the primary educators

5000+ parents petitioned in 2014 warning of this Radical #RSE

Later volume of same No Outsiders project led to 2019 School Protests aka ‘Hateful Extremists’
Parents, mainly Muslims & Christian & some of no faith objected with legitimate concerns

No dialogue
Bear in mind, in 2019 Anderton Park HT said in an article that the word ‘consult’ (with parents) was inflammatory, so DfE guidelines = 🔥
to activists…
Parents vilified
Media Diplomacy

Democratic system is failing concerned parents say 5’000+ parents…
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Flexiday is here!

It’s such a joy going round and witnessing what students are thinking about, learning about, and discussing.

Year 10 are considering definitions for coercive control in relationships.

#Flexiday #PSHCE #PSHE #RSE Image
Year 7 are learning about healthy eating. Did you know a banana only costs about 15p in the supermarket?

#Flexiday #PSHCE #PSHE #RSE Image
Year 9 are have a day of sex education, including learning about pornography, contraception and consent.

#Flexiday #PSHCE #PSHE #RSE
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Welcome to all our new followers, lovely to meet so many of you @FiLiA_charity conference. We handed out hundreds of leaflets, this is only made possible by donations from supporters - we receive no funding #edutwitter #WomenEd #RSE #Safeguarding #FILIA22
You can learn more about us on our website. We are committed to high quality inclusive #RSE as an important part of #safeguarding. We campaign against homophobic, sexist, misogynistic, age inappropriate or politically partisan materials. #edutwitter #PSHE
Many of our members & supporters are lesbian or gay. They care passionately about improving things for the next generation, they have shared their stories “I spent my childhood & teenage years wishing I was a boy. I envied the boys their effortless power”…
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No Outsiders Project 2006

1 Teacher-researcher Andrew Moffat collaborated with Educate & Celebrate in Birmingham 2013/14 on earlier volumes of his No Ousiders ethos

1st draft written in 2007 & he credited the NO’s team & project for his work
#AndertonPark schools
#Birmimgham School Protests

#StonewallLaw used to coerce parents/staff, smash parents rights, embed body/parental disassociation,

Normalise the Queer
Queer the Norm (term from the No Outsiders project)
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*** New Post ***

“Now independent research has shown that the Welsh #RSE Code was influenced by elements of Queer Theory that should concern parents.” @WG_Education @childcomwales @LauraJ4SWEast @MerchedCymru @LGBAllies_Cymru @WRNWales #edutwitter #LGBT…
“Queer Theory is an academic field of study that aims to dismantle accepted social norms. This may not seem immediately concerning. However in this field any idea can be – and is – challenged, including the idea that children should not be sexually active.” #CurriculumForWales
“Queer Theory challenges boundaries that are put in place to preserve ‘oppressive’ ideas such as the importance of child safeguarding. This academic discussion is not something that should be allowed to direct the way schools teach children.” #CurriculumForWales #RSE #edutwitter
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La #Unimet, principal universidad de los factores empresariales hegemónicos en Venezuela, fue sacudida ayer por una denuncia de agresiones sexuales cometidas por un dirigente estudiantil de esa casa de estudios y representante de uno de los principales partidos del G4.…
Con un video en Instagram, una egresada de la carrera de Estudios Liberales (❓) contó el ataque del 31OCT 2019 y la inacción ante su historia de autoridades universitarias, dirigencia estudiantil y hasta de su propio novio (ahora ex-pareja).…
El foco de la situación es precisamente la ausencia de una investigación por parte de las autoridades de esa universidad y en consecuencia de acciones y sanciones correspondientes. Las reacciones ante la denuncia provocaron que la información se hiciera viral en redes sociales. Image
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As the Charity Commission investigates Mermaids for its approach to safeguarding, now is the time for schools to review their #PSHE and #RSE resources to ensure they are not promoting gender identity ideology.

@educationgovuk guidance states:
@educationgovuk 'You should not reinforce harmful stereotypes, for instance by suggesting that children might be a different gender based on their personality and interests or the clothes they prefer to wear.'
'Resources used in teaching about this topic must always be age-appropriate and evidence based. Materials which suggest that non-conformity to gender stereotypes should be seen as synonymous with having a different gender identity should not be used and...

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..Facebook group Education- our say, our way!!)"which wants to remove relationship and sex education (RSE) from the mandatory part of the new curriculum..
..Mr Justice Turner said: "The issues raised on behalf of the claimants involve consideration of complex constitutional.."
..matters with potentially very significant consequences for both parents and children..
Human rights barrister Paul Diamond "..will argue that the case raises important legal issues, including the human rights of very young children from "the imposition of ideologies that.."
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Le salaire reste le premier critère de choix d'un emploi, loin devant la quête de sens ou l'impact social ou environnemental (#RSE) de l'activité de l'entreprise. Trois études récentes vont en ce sens. 1⃣ Une étude de l'Apec auprès des cadres ⬇️…
2⃣ Une étude Allianz auprès de 5488 européens de plusieurs générations…
3⃣ Un sondage du site de création de CV Zety auprès de 900 actifs américains pour expliquer la «grande démission». 67% ont quitté leur emploi car le salaire était trop bas…
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THREAD Yesterday Miriam Cates MP alongside @RosieDuffield1 @JackieDP secured an #RSEDebate. Opening speech here “The internet presents children with a vast array of false & damaging information about sex” #SafeguardingDisaster
Many of the #SafeguardingFail s we have hi-lighted over the past few years were included, alongside concerns raised by groups @Transgendertrd @BayswaterSG @ParentsForED @FamEdTrust. If you are new to these shocking failures we have links to further info on the cases mentioned.
BISH & School of Sexuality were mentioned, they both feature in our parents guide to #RSE & #PSHE (school of sexuality was previously sexplain) #edutwitter…
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Last day of June so we will be finishing off with a week of #SafeguardingFail s from the inbox.

Day 1: Contrary to legislation a #Cambridgeshire school has responded “it is not viable to provide copies of all curriculum materials to parents” to being asked to share resources.
Day 2: Again a refusal to share materials with parents on request, this time school in north of England. ‘Copyright’ was given as the excuse this time. As has been confirmed in today’s #RSEDebate this is incorrect. #SafeguardingFail #PSHEPeeps
Day 3: A school in the south of England has invited the school of sexuality in to discuss pleasure & make playdough vaginas with year 8 girls. They are denying to parents that they have the right to withdraw their children from these lessons. #SafeguardingFail #RSEDebate #PSHE
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Ruée minière au XXIe siècle : jusqu’où les limites seront-elles poussées ? #USI2022

Par Aurore Stephant, ingénieure spécialiste des extractions minières Image
Le métal ne se trouve pas sous des formes pures dans les gisements. A l’exception de l’aluminium, fer, magnésium, titane et manganèse, dont les concentrations sont assez élevées (entre 25 et 66%) il faut des tonnes pour récupérer quelques grammes de la substance recherchée.
Processus de récupération du métal, exemple avec le cuivre. Cela requiert bcp d’électricité, et surtout bcp d’eau. À chaque étape, on va produire une quantité gigantesque de déchets.
#USI2022 ImageImage
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For the first time since 2000, in 2020 the official guidance on the contested & often challenging area of Relationships & Sex Education (RSE) in England changed to (correctly imho) ensure #RSE became mandatory in every secondary school.…
The UK Government is careful to neither encourage nor discourage sex education at primary school level, giving responsibility for decisions about the content & delivery of *age-appropriate* sex education to the schools themselves.…
Education around the concept of consent is essential, helping reduce the sexual abuse of children. But given the febrile atmosphere around cultural issues (aka the 'culture war'), the issue of sex education needs handling with sensitivity, especially by MPs & news organisations.
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I've tuned into the webinar from @MerchedCymru, @LGBAllies_Cymru and @WomensRightsNet on #RSE #RSEWales

Scene being set... Huge challenges with sexual harassment in schools as per @EstynHMI report and @WelshGovernment's RSE code fails to tackle these.
Stephanie Davies Arai @cwknews speaking first.
Children being exposed to porn and gender identity ideology online and in life.
Link being made between toxic messages girls receiving and deciding to opt-out of becoming women.
Change of language has happened. GIRES presenting gender identity as innate.
Now looking at resources for teens eg. Gender Identity Workbook for Teens, 'Gender Quest' Workbook, all encouraging kids to interpret their lives through gender lens (likes, hobbies etc).
Good grief.
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Today marks ten years since my sister Sarah Gosling lost her life.

Sarah met Ian Hope in 2010 on Facebook and quickly they began a digital relationship. In no time they decided that Ian would ride up from Newcastle to Norfolk to collect her on his motorbike.

They did a ‘midnight flit’ and set up home in Newcastle - moving into the flat he’d previously shared with his former girlfriend.

Charming and ‘impulsive’ he’s convinced her that they were better off together.

She was unable to properly explain to her husband and kids...

...why she’d left. Phone calls were short and limited and when she visited them the visits were punctuated by texts and calls from Hope ‘just checking’.

By November 2010 her life had become one of walking into eggshells and trying to please him. He was checking her...
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Bonjour @RaisonsEtre (et merci de me suivre 😁) : je suis un peu étonné par votre site 🤨
(et c’est aussi un thread pour les autres lecteurs) 1/n
Je n’ai rien contre le #BrandContent (si clairement affiché), mais je suis nettement plus critique sur le #NativeAdvertising caché et vous faites sonner les alarmes à bien des égards 2/n
Déjà, vous vous décrivez comme "le média des futurs durables et désirables", mais donnez fort peu d’infos sur vous-même : articles non-signés ("la rédaction"), mentions légales qui n’en sont pas (la @CNIL pourrait trouver à y redire 😏) 3/n…
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THREAD It’s #LGBTHM22 & the complaints are coming in thick & fast about school materials. First up we have this from @TheProudTrust Spoiler: It’s homophobic, a breach of the 1996 Education Act & @educationgovuk guidance #edutwitter #WomenEd #UKEdChat #RSE…
. @theproudtrust are being funded by @thetudortrust @EsmeeFairbairn & @SchoolsOUTUK. What research did they do before deciding to fund this controversial group? Do they approve of the dice game being used with 13 year olds? #LGBTHM #edutwitter #PSHE #RSE…
It admits on page 3 that it is a political document. @KemiBadenoch has been unequivocal that the government are against Black Lives Matter (the political group, not the sentiment) in schools. (See speech here This is against the 1996 Education Act. #PSHE
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Le who’s who du native advertising en France via @lorisguemart (article @arretsurimages en libre accès), mais ça ne s’arrête pas là : il y a pléthore de vrais-faux médias ➡️ Getfluence est cité, mais ce n’est pas la seule agence à le faire, loin de là 1/13…
Exemple dans le domaine de la #RSE avec le bien nommé "RSE Magazine" qui publie des "articles" sur l’engagement social et environnemental d’entreprises, et ne mentionne plus depuis des années si les articles sont "sponsorisés" ou non 2/13 Extrait de la section "...
On a en réalité affaire à une vaste opération de #greenwashing et de #socialwashing : un onglet "annonceurs" est bien planqué tout en bas de page (ce qu'un lecteur lambda ne verra jamais) et renvoie vers un dossier sur le site de VA Press (voir🔽) 3/13… Mention d'un onglet "A...Extrait du dossier "Na...
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