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राज्यसभेत काय घडले ?

व्हिडिओ नीट बघा व ऐका, खोट्या प्रचाराला बळी पडू नका.
उदयनराजेंच्या 'जय भवानी - जय शिवाजी' घोषणेनंतर
काँग्रेस नेते गुलाब नबी आझाद आणि मल्लिकार्जुन खर्गे यांनी "This is not allowed" (00:13 - 00:16) असा आक्षेप घेतल्यानंतर सभापतींनी त्यांच्याकडे बघून (१/१)
त्यांना उद्देशून दिलेली प्रतिक्रिया आहे - (00:16 - 00:26)

"It's not a house it's my chamber"
(हे संसदेचे सत्र नसून आपण फक्त शपथविधी साठी एकत्र आलो आहोत, इकडे House म्हणजे संसदेचे सत्र, घर नाही!)
"He's a new member"
(ते नवीन सदस्य आहेत)
"And it is not going on record also"
(आणि बाकीचे शब्द अभिलेखात जात नाही)
"It will be only oath (on record)"
(फक्त छापील शपथ अभिलेखात नोंदली जाईल)

आणि या सगळ्याने confuse झालेल्या उदयनराजेंना उद्देशून त्यांच्याकडे बघून सभापती म्हणाले - (00:28 - 00:33)
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On this #AprilFoolsDay, recounting some instances from #Parliament which had us fooled in the last one year:

1. Delaying discussing #FinanceBill for almost a week and then passing it without discussion in #LokSabha, because #Parliament had to be shut due to #COVID outbreak
2. On last day of curtailed #BdgetSession in #RajyaSabha, 7 Money Bills were returned in 5 hours, with 2 Appropriation Bills and all 154 clauses and 5 schedules of Finance Bill put to vote together without any discussion and cleared in 5 minutes

3. Sending #DataProtection Bill to specially constituted Joint Parliament Committee headed by a BJP MP instead of already existing Standing Committee headed by an Opposition MP

#AprilFoolsDay instances from #Parliament
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Why Former #CJI #Gogoi 's nomination to #RajyaSabha is not unprecedented...

CJ Fazal Ali
CJ Patna HC (1943-64)
Judge, Supreme Court (1951- 30 May 1952)
Governor Odisha (7 June 1952-54) (1/6)
- CJ M. C. Chagla
CJ Bombay HC (1947-58)
Ambassador of India to USA (1958-61)
High Commissioner of India to UK (1962-63)
Education Minister (1963-66)
MEA (1966-67) (2/6)
- Justice K. S. Hegde
#RajyaSabha (1952-57)
Judge SC (1967)
#LokSabha (1977) from Janata Party
LS Speaker (1977-80)

- CJI Koka Subba Rao
CJ AP HC (1956-58)
CJI (1966-67)
(contested President of India election in 1967) (3/6)
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@SalmanSoz @aniljothomas @narendramodi It's the inevitability of the Algebra of exponential growth.

At any given growth rate the absolute increase in any fixed period (say a 5 year period) will be greater than in the previous period).

The Prime Minister must not take credit for algebra.

In a chart.
@SalmanSoz @aniljothomas @narendramodi For example if you start at GDP = 0.2Trillion (I.e, 200 billion); AND grow steadily at say 8%, - giving a doubling time of 9 years. If this is sustained you reach
1 .2 Trn in 27 years
2.4 trillion in the next 9 years
4.8 trillion in the next 9 years.
@SalmanSoz @aniljothomas @narendramodi That means The absolute arithmetical increase in GDP was
1 Trn in first 27 years
1.2 in next 9 years
2.4 in next 9 years.
Only an ignoramus in simple school algebra, or a fraud, or both would claim that the performance was best in the final 9-year period. It was 8% throughout.
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A detailed thread on the life and facts of #BharathRatna Sri #AtalBihariVajpayee Ji: A visionary, statesman, politician, leader of people, and loved by all. In his political career which spanned several decades, he created a legacy which will ensure that he'll never be forgotten.
A respectable figure & one of the greatest politicians of India. Also known as the “#BhishmaPitamah” of Indian politics,#AtalJi's personality was able to win over not only all the countrymen but also his oppositions. He was a gem of a politician who always put his #country first.
He was born on 25 December 1924 in Gwalior.

His father was Pandit Krishan Bihari Vajpayee.

He was a teacher. His mother's name was Krishna.

He studied at Victoria College, Gwalior, which is now Laxmibai College. He joined the RSS as a student & became a national level debater.
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In #Parliament, Home Minister asserted that ‘lakhs and crores’ of people will benefit from #CAA2019

We did #FactCheck and dug out some data from Questions answered in #RajyaSabha

What we found is interesting and revealing


As recently as on 8th August 2018, Ministry of Home Affairs claimed in #RajyaSabha that data on people from minority communities coming to India on ground of religious persecution from different provinces of Pakistan is not centrally maintained

Interestingly, MHA did say that issue of persecution was taken up with Govt of Pakistan and Bangladesh diplomatically.

What Pakistan and Bangladesh said can be seen in pictures below, which was reproduced in atleast 3 responses, all in 2014.
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🔴🔴🔴Long Thread 🔴🔴🔴

Topic: The #NRC v #CAB Debate

Given the umpteen opinions and point of views surrounding NRC and CAB, I wanted to write a simple and neutral point of view on these 2 bills, covering pros & cons of the same.

#CABBill #NRC #RajyaSabha #LokSabha #AmitShah
Before I start. If any of you notice glaring errors or misjudgement in my thread, I'm more than happy to hear you. But let's keep the thread / replies civil.

#CABBill #NRC #RajyaSabha #LokSabha #AmitShah
Firstly, let's see what each bill stands for.

NRC - Now only limited to Assam focuses on deciding the citizenship of those living in #Assam by judging their residentship/presence (or that of their ancestors) before March 24, 1971.

#CABBill #NRC #RajyaSabha #LokSabha #AmitShah
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Day 18 of #ParliamentWinterSession

The #CitizenshipAmendmentBill listed for discussion, passage in #RajyaSabha today

But RS has had a stormy start of the day and is currently adjourned till 12pm due to protests by MPs- on states not being paid #GST compensation!

#RajyaSabha starts debate on #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019

Sukhendu Shekhar Roy, TMC raises objection to discussion and wants it to be adjourned as intent of Bill is to provide protection to those fleeing from religious persecution, but same not mentioned in Bill at all.
But Chair states that he has perused the Bill and it is order and discussion starts

Amit Shah, Home Minister starts his speech on #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019

It was expected that minorities in Pakistan and India will be protected, but same didnt happen

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Tomorrow, #RajyaSabha is scheduled to have a discussion on reported use of spyware #Pegasus to
compromise phone data of some persons through WhatsApp
Calling attention initiated by Digvijay Singh, INC
We will bring live updates
Stay Tuned!
#RajyaSabha starts discussion on #NSO #Pegasus spyware attack

Ravi Shankar Prasad, IT MINISTER makes his statement-
Ministry took cognizance of the vulnerability
#NSO #Pegasus exploited vulnerability by not just reading messages but sending malwares with phishing

Prasad continues:

On may 2019, #Whatsapp sent out notification informing that there was breach, taken care of.
Whastapp believed that software may have breached 121 users in India
Further clarifications have been sought from whatsapp in Nov 2019 with impact on Indian users
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Rajya Sabha Chairman waives rules of advance notice for speaking on the issue of J&K Reservation Bill. He says the bill and the situation in Kashmir will be discussed together.

Amit Shah: "I am ready to discuss the situation in Kashmir and answer questions of every member that are raised."

.@derekobrienmp raised point of order.

He objects to bill being introduced and proposed for passing without circulating it. No amendments were possible since there was a sudden rush.

Chairman clarifies that members can give amendments till 12.30 today.
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Extended session
Day 36

#RajyaSabha starts
Papers being tabled right now

Amit Shah can be seen
As per reports he is set to make a statement on situation in #JammuAndKashmir

Chair makes an announcement
Surendra Singh Nagar, Sanjay Seth, Bhubaneshwar Kalita resigned

Chair accepted their resignation as he found those voluntary and they were not willing to reconsider

Chair then reads out hours allotted for discussion of pending Bills

Chair then announces that #Parliament Building has completed 92 years, calls it temple of #democracy

Appeals to PM to expand and modernize #Parliament House in run up to India's celebration of 75th year in 2022
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#KillAadhaarAmendmentBill in #RajyaSabha
5 Reasons you shouldn’t allow Passage of the AADHAAR and Other Laws (Amendment Bill)

@derekobrienmp to Consider these Critical Points
1. The Aadhaar Act undermined the Rajya Sabha and was passed as a Money Bill. Justice Chandrachud in his judgement in WP 494 of 212 clearly declares the passage of the Aadhaar Act as a FRAUD ON THE CONSTITUTION. Passing an Amendment to a Fraudulent Act is furthering the FRAUD
2. The Aadhaar Act has undermined democratic processes, worse than Cambridge Analytica – By enabling Private Parties in the ecosystem of Aadhaar to MANIPULATE VOTERS BY TARGETING SUBSIDIES – Benefits & Services rather than ensuring – NO ONE IS EXCLUDED
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The Transgender Bill fails to plug the gap in the judicial protection of transgender persons who are victims of sexual assault or rape - thereby legally sanctioning discriminatory behavior and denying equal protection in law. #StopTransBill2018
The Bill also fails to recognize the need for appropriate infrastructure such as gender-neutral/gender inclusive toilets for transgender persons who face severe difficulties while accessing gender-segregated spaces. #StopTransBill2018
The Bill does not provide for reservations – disregarding the directions of the Supreme Court in NALSA to "extend all kinds of reservation in cases of admission in educational institutions and for public appointments.” #StopTransBill2018
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What could be the reason when 2 Parliamentary Questions asked in #RajyaSabha on ‘Deposit of #DemonetisedNotes in Cooperative Banks’ go missing from Rajya Sabha website?
Unstarred Q.668 and Q.714, both asked on 24/07/2018 cannot be found on Rajya Sabha website.
Q.668 asked details of PSBs, District Coop Banks where highest amt of #DemonetisedNotes were deposited along with amt deposited
It also specifically asked about Ahmedabad District Coop Bank & money deposited there & any Govt inquiry into alleged huge deposits.
Q.714 asked state-wise details of amt deposited in Coop societies, District Coop Banks, Urban Banks, State Coop Banks after demonetization till 31st March 2017. It also asked whether these societies and banks were allowed to change demonetized currency.
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