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Week 1/52: When a single mum on a zero hours contract applies for Universal Credit two weeks before Christmas and spends three out of the five week wait for payment with lights out, heating off and blankets on to keep her and her six year old son warm #StoriesBehindTheStatistics
Week 2/52: When a lady fleeing a decade of domestic violence and relocated in a new location by Women's Aid applies for Universal Credit and is told at her first meeting she will not be able to claim because she left behind all evidence of her identity #StoriesBehindTheStatistics
Week 3/52: When a young woman refuses the offer of sanitary items at a foodbank saying she has not had a period for several months having been informed by her GP earlier that day that she is undernourished due to a persistent lack of calories #StoriesBehindTheStatistics
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If Jeremy #Corbyn becomes PM on Friday 13th, here's my rundown of 13 of #Labour’s worst policies which will hurt many, not just the few.

PS. I could have chosen a completely different 13, and these are in no particular order… (thread)

1. Expropriating up to 10% of the value of corporate equity. Employee share ownership is usually a good thing, but dictating the terms would deter job creation and investment, and encourage firms to relocate overseas. More explanation here...…
2. Rent controls. Almost all economists agree that these are a bad idea and, like many of Labour’s policies, would actually end up hurting the very people they are supposed to help. And before replying ‘well, it works in Germany', read this……
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@bbcquestiontime @IBlackfordSNP Thank you so much for speaking up for #50swomen #waspi. £271-400billion was taken out of the NI FUND as treasury stopped paying in their share around time of bank crash. More than enough to provide decent pensions #NHS & benefit funding.
Govts chose NOT to do this @davidhencke
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A thread. (1/10)
#LabourPensions (pp75/6 of the #LabourManifesto )
Under the Tories, 400,000 pensioners have been pushed into poverty and a generation of women born in the 1950s have had their pension age changed without fair notification.
#WASPI #50sWomen
This betrayal left millions of women with no time to make alternative plans – with many devastating personal consequences. Labour recognises this injustice, and will work with these women to design systems of recompense for the losses and insecurity they have suffered.
#Labour in Government will ensure that such an injustice can never happen again by legislating to prevent accrued rights to the state pension from being changed. (3/10)
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Tories are completely unaware of how food banks operate. They claim that @TrussellTrust "gave out around 6.3 million parcels – a tenth of what Labour are claiming”.

However, each food parcel contains enough for three meals a day for three days.

Under the Tories, austerity has meant 65 million meals have been given out over the last five years.

The choice at this election is clear: a Tory Party in denial about the use of food banks in this country or real transformative change with Labour.
Labour is pledging to wage war on the “ten modern scourges of poverty” and reverse the damage that a decade of austerity under the Tories has caused.

Poverty in Britain is now the most visible and widespread it has been in decades.
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The first time I wrote about the problem of state pension inequality for 1950s women was back in 2016. I mentioned the 'cold hard knot of anger' - that's not gone away. #waspi #StatePension…
Then I had another go a couple of weeks later.… #waspi #statepension
And I wrote another piece in March. I wish I could feel as though any of it made a difference.… #waspi #StatePension
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News from Planet #WASPI
According to a usually well informed source, as of last week, #WASPI have 4 new Directors - Cheryl Sloane, Lila Bennett, Norah Hickey and Rosemary Dickson. It is presently unclear what their responsibilities are.
There's also said to be 'elevated positions' for 10 of Anne Keens most trusted lieutenants
Pat Tartellin, who resigned as a Director on April 3 2017, is understood to have made a temporary return.
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