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Leggo su La Stampa l'intervista a Tiziano Treu, presidente CNEL e ex ministro del Lavoro ai tempi dei governi Dini e Prodi I. Secondo Treu il #salariominimo si può fare i) o per legge; ii) o attraverso i contratti collettivi. Occorre precisare meglio... #thread
Salario minimo e contratti collettivi se lo si vuole possono non essere in contrasto tra di loro. Il SM è una misura che esprime una soglia di dignità per le retribuzioni nel nostro paese
La contrattazione ne risulterebbe limitata solo nel caso in cui scaturisse paghe al di sotto della soglia di dignità e quindi al di fuori del dettato costituzionale (art. 36) e del Principio n. 6 del Pilastro europeo dei diritti sociali
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We need to end the narrative that breastfeeding depletes mothers. 

Breastfeeding reduces post partum haemorrhage, postnatal depression, heart attacks, strokes, dementia, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and autoimmune disease.  It's a sound investment and one most families want.
Instead we should focus attention on the midwifery crisis, overstretched GPs and health visitors, the determinants of birth trauma, gender based violence, a paternalistic medical culture, a lack of fully funded maternity leave, health and social inequality, systemic racism,
lack of flexible working, lack of high quality affordable childcare,barriers to parental leave, a gender pay gap, fuel poverty, formula poverty, food insecurity AND a society that doesn't value the caregiving that only they can give.
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A thread of the 'top' universities in #REF2021 ranked by their #GenderPayGap and #EthnicityPayGap. The UK university median gender pay gap is 14.7%; the UK university median ethnicity pay gap is 9%.
#REFresults #REF
1. Loughborough University. This university has a median gender pay gap of 31.3% and a median ethnicity pay gap of 11.1%.

2. University of Exeter. This university has a median gender pay gap of 21.7% and a median ethnicity pay gap of 12%.

#REFresults #REF2021
3. University of Lancaster. This university has a median gender pay gap of 21.6% and doesn't report its median ethnicity pay gap.

4. University of East Anglia. This university has a median gender pay gap of 21.6% and doesn't report its median ethnicity pay gap data.

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Today, for the first time since 2019, a Private Member’s Bill was debated in the Legislature.

The Equal Pay Reporting Act tabled by @Stephanie4BC will help eliminate the gender pay gap which sees women in BC earn 32.4% less than men annually. 1/ #bcpoli #PayEquity #GenderPayGap
This is an important issue which merits debate, and yet @Stephanie4BC had to introduce the bill 6 times before it was finally debated.

Since 1970, only 15 PMBs have been passed in BC, compared to 6 passed in the past year in the federal House of Commons. /2 #bcpoli #PMBs
Why does this matter?

Because PMBs allow MLAs from all parties to table legislation that matters to their constituents. It reflects what British Columbians want, and strengthens representation. /3 #bcpoli #PMBs #democracy
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Looking forward to what should be an interesting conversation on the impact #UniversalBasicIncome could have on how we may rethink the world of work - and, in particular, the work done by 🚺 #LondonMetResearch
Dr @JessieJWL opens her presentation nothing that #UBI is still very much a "hot topic" amongst policymakers, particularly on its effectiveness on improving women's working lives #LondonMetResearch
Bustillos defines #UBI as "a regular cash income paid to all on an individual basis, without means test or work recruitment". Also notes it has been called a "citizen's wage", "existence income" or "guaranteed universal subsidy" #LondonMetResearch
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♀️ It could now take 135 years for the world to achieve total gender equality, according to @wef.

This is up from 99 years in 2020, as COVID-19 and other crises set global progress back.

How did we get here? Here are 7⃣ shocking facts you need to know on #IWD22.🧵 #BreakTheBias
💼 More women lost their jobs than men during the pandemic.

⏪ The @WEF called this a "she-cession" as it reversed many gains that women had made in the workplace.

⏰ It also means closing the global gender gap will now take an extra 36 years.
💰 Women are still paid less than men for equal jobs.

🇬🇧 In the UK, women are only paid £92.10 for every £100 men earn.

🇪🇺 The pay gap is almost double that across the EU, with men earning up to 14% more than full-time female employees.
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Looking forward to what should be an interesting discussion about how we can make our economy & workplaces more inclusive for women with caring obligations #WhatWomenWant
CPP Co-Director @bjafranklin describes the "Care Penalty" - barriers that women face in entering the labour market due to juggling demands of caring responsibilities #WhatWomenWant
Next speaker @Dhochlaf elaborates on these challenges. Says that gender inequalities in the workplace are seen both in the gender pay gap, as well as the gathering of women in lower-paid jobs #WhatWomenWant
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@Alexand59482200 Women have to be willing to do equal work. Statistically, most women do not do equal work. This must change if there is to be the equality of which you speak.

Let's look at the data!
@Alexand59482200 If you add up both the unpaid labor and paid labor, on average, men work more total time than women creating a #GenderedLaborGap pursuant to (as an example) the @BLS_gov's 2017 American Time Use Survey (…) and @pewresearch's data (…).
@Alexand59482200 @BLS_gov @pewresearch According to the @BLS_gov, "[o]n the days they worked, employed men worked 49 minutes more than employed women. … However, even among full-time workers (those usually working 35 hours or more per week), men worked more per day than women—8.4 hours, compared with 7.9 hours."
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1/ @BMA_Consultants reject proposals for a new clinical excellence award scheme. Find out why here 👇…
2/ @BMA_Consultants were determined to address the current inequity in the scheme - something that has been shown to contribute to the #GenderPayGap and the #EthnicityPayGap.
3/ @BMA_Consultants secured some improvements:

✅LTFT consultants can get a full award
✅Choose from 3/15 areas of excellence not forced to complete 5/5 that may not fit your scope of practice
✅All consultants engage with the scheme and can achieve a Level 1 award each year
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1. 🧵from Women's Budget Group re Autumn Budget 2021


2. Public expenditure on State Pensions in the UK is among the lowest in the OECD; this reflects the fact that the main state pension for current pensioners is nearly £40 per week less than the government’s own poverty threshold (the means-tested minimum guarantee Pension Credit)
3. The new Single Tier Pension is just above the single rate of Pension Credit but due to transitional rules, it will be decades before women generally receive as much state pension as men.

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G'day folks. It's #EqualPayDay, which marks the additional days from the end of the last financial year that women must work to earn the same amount as men. Here are some #GenderPayGap facts. The national pay gap is currently 14.2% according to @WGEAgency 1/
No. The #GenderPayGap does not measure the gap between a man and a woman doing the same job. It is the average weekly earnings gap between women and men who work full time -- so while women working full-time are earning on average $1,575.50, men are pulling down $1,837.00. 2/
Why's that? Because the jobs that women mostly do earn less, on average -- think nursing, teaching, early childhood education. Because of bias and discrimination and bias in hiring and pay decisions, and because women do more unpaid labour at home, slowing down their careers. 3/
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The @ABSStats data is in! The new #GenderPayGap is 14.20%. This means women must work 61 extra days to receive the same pay as men. #EqualPayDay #WhatsYourPayGap Image is an illustration of a man and a woman stacking large
This year’s #EqualPayDay theme is #WhatsYourPayGap. We are calling on all Australians to ask #WhatsYourPayGap in your workplace and industry. #GenderPayGap
If you are an employer, use this #EqualPayDay as an opportunity to conduct a gender pay audit and take action to close your organisation’s #GenderPayGap. Make a plan to repeat your pay gap audit regularly and encourage your management team to lead by example. #WhatsYourPayGap
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@jannycat @frances_email @INorBY2020 @jeanramsay5 @grumpy @joannaccherry @CkbacookAnn Hopefully @GwynneMP @peter_aldous will not be side-tracked - we've been directly disrespected since #waspi #BackTo60 have been fighting for fair treatment #GenderPayGap #GenderPensionWealthGap #GenderStatePensionGap am sick of the lie that #50sWomen were 'helped' in 2011 when
@jannycat @frances_email @INorBY2020 @jeanramsay5 @grumpy @joannaccherry @CkbacookAnn @GwynneMP @peter_aldous a handful of women got peanuts while others got extra time added with none of them or those already with 6 extra years got any help - this 'helped' pay for some men to get their 1 year reversed, how insulting & demeaning is that, what an appalling thing to do to a generation of
@jannycat @frances_email @INorBY2020 @jeanramsay5 @grumpy @joannaccherry @CkbacookAnn @GwynneMP @peter_aldous women who did nothing wrong all our lives, paying into the compulsory govt pension scheme since age 16 expecting to be paid out at 60 - when #Cridland recommended 10 years' notice for every 1 year increased pension age, we should have had 15 years' warning of the 2011 increase
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10 numbers that show gender pay gap in healthcare- a thread from a recent report
#gendergap #genderpaygap #healthcare

#womeninmedicine @WomenAs1 @DrToniyaSingh @Drroxmehran @DrJMieres @cardioPCImom @athenapoppa @mikevalentineMD @DickKovacs @DBelardoMD @JulieSilverMD
#1: The pay gap is widening: from 25.2% in 2019 to 28% in 2020: earning ~$116,000 less than men in medicine per year
#gendergap #genderpaygap #healthcare
#2: The gaps varied by specialty, where the widest pay gaps were for orthopedic surgery (an average pay gap of $122,677) and otolaryngology (an average pay gap of $108,905)
#womeninmedicine #genderpaygaps #mindthegap
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1/8 What does almost two centuries of data tell us about #ukhousing affordability? Here’s a chart-thread of my research which @martinwolf_ covered in his latest @FT piece.
Full article here:…
#houseprices #property
2/8 UK homes have only been this expensive vs earnings twice in the past 120 years.

Things were even more expensive between the year 1845 and early 20th century.

What happened to change things? More houses, smaller houses, higher incomes. ImageImage
3/8 most people didn’t really benefit though, as over 75% rented at that time. Home ownership didn’t take off until 2nd half of 20th century.

Note the reversal post-2001. Back down near 64% now. Home ownership becoming less attainable Image
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Lockdown 3.0 will disproportionately affect #women, and #ukgov isnt doing enough to mitigate this unequal impact.

A thread on what we know from the last year *and before 🧵
According to @ONS women did 2/3rds additional childcare duties + spent more time on unpaid work + less time on paid work than men during lockdown1.0

ONS also show that women did more non-developmental care than men (i.e. cooking, washing, not playing) Image
Whether due to gendered work sectors, or requests owing to additional childcare: women more likely to be furloughed than men according to @WomensBudgetGrp meaning 20% income reduction…
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Designed in 1948, the #NHS pay structure has not kept up with the changes in women’s position in society. The medical #genderpaygap in England has worsened as a result of #COVID19, and does not narrow until aged 65. Jane Dacre et al. Comment: Panel: Recommendations acro...
A recent review shows that the total medical #genderpaygap in England is 24·4% for hospital doctors, 33·5% for general practitioners, and 21·4% for clinical academics.
A severe reduction in child-care provision during the #COVID19 pandemic will have disproportionately stalled the careers of women in medicine; it is likely that most accommodations to adjust to the shortage of child-care will have been made by female doctors.
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The Times today published some real nonsense by @AnnabelDenham1, heaping scorn upon the concept of the #genderpaygap. Let me correct some of its many errors. First, it confuses equal pay and the GPG. They are not the same. Equal pay is the specific comparison of two jobs ... 1/
which are done by persons of the opposite sex. GPG is a generalised view across a company, sector or country. of gender pay differences. Second to say "equal pay is illegal" (it's unlawful not a criminal offence) is like saying that the Theft Act makes it illegal to steal. 2/
If @AnnabelDenham1 had looked at some law reports recently, she would know that women are still bringing - and winning- equal pay claims. But that is not the point. Third, she says that concern about GPG unjustly compares the male Managing Director with the female trainee. 3/
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Welcome to day 1⃣ #PPCLisbon

We're now hearing our opening remarks from Nuno Severiano Teixeira, Director of @iprinova

As always, we'll be collecting the great highlights of our first session here on Twitter

Nuno Severiano Teixeira, Director of @iprinova, gives his remarks about the chief topic of #PPCLisbon: #EU2021PT!

"Europe is in a crucial moment, facing internal and international challenges. #EU2021PT will have to deal with this"

"On the international side, we have good news: @JoeBiden's election will allow us to rebuild the trans-Atlantic alliance, the liberal international order, multilateralism including the Paris Agreement, and the defence of rule of law"

- Nuno Severiano Teixeira, @iprinova

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This is going to be a very long thread.
It is about the #bbc and is timed to coincide with @penguinbooks publication today of The War Against the BBC by @peterpeteryork and Patrick Barwise.
More particularly, this thread is about the way the BBC's media rivals - especially the Daily Mail - prosecute that war.
The timing is serendipitous as Prince William's intervention in the #panorama interview saga puts the corporation back on the front pages...
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A thread about things male doctors have said to me about the #GenderPayGap and sexism in medicine.

"I do not think the FFS system discriminates against female physicians. I believe it discriminates against all physicians who are taking the time to practice medicine properly" ImageImage
"If women are only working 4.7% less hours per day, then the only possible explanation for the majority of the 30% difference in FP pay and the 40% difference in specialist pay can be due to seeing less pts per day... There is no other way to explain this." ImageImage
"I am a male FP. Many of the points in this article are false... My other female colleague, a surgeon, receives all the female breast surgery referrals. Her male colleagues are deprived of this part of their practice." ImageImage
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Heute ist #EqualPayDay? Falsch. Frauen arbeiten im Vergleich zu Männern eigentlich schon seit dem 19. August gratis. Und dieser Einkommensunterschied hat gravierende Auswirkungen. Warum? Ein Thread. 1/13 Image
Mit heute, 22.10., sind es noch 19,6% der 365 Tage des Jahres bis zum Ende von 2020 – das entspricht dem Unterschied zwischen Männern und Frauen in den Gehältern PRO STUNDE. 2/13
Auf ihren Gehaltszetteln sehen Frauen aber jährlich insgesamt knapp 37% weniger! Das ist der mittlere Unterschied zu Männern beim tatsächlichen Jahresbrutto. Daher müsste beim Einkommen eigentlich der 19. August der „Tag der gleichen Bezahlung“ sein. 3/13
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*THREAD 1/8*
I was blown away by the #ANES20 Rovenstine lecture from @JoanneConroyMD
She initated a call to action for anesthesiologists by acknowledging the biggest issues for our specialty:
Disruption sums up 2020. Our lives will never be the same. But disruption can make things better. Let's embrace it & lead periop medicine. Telehealth connects us to pts out of the OR, for preop eval & postop follow-up. Working remotely creates innovative practice structures.
3/8 #ANES20
#Equity focused on gender, drawing attention to the #genderpaygap & #motherhoodpenalty, 2 real elements that are often dismissed. There hasn’t been much progress around eliminating them, even after identification years ago! As @JoanneConroyMD said:
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#equalpayday today. Full time working women in Australia earn 14% less than full time working men.
There’s a lot we can do about the #genderpaygap. Here’s a start. 1. Better value the work done in highly feminised occupations. Workers in the health and care professions perform enormously skilled and economically important work. They are underpaid. #paythemmore 1/
2. Organisation leaders should undertake a gender pay #audit to diagnose #genderpaygap drivers. @wgea has great resources for this. Because this is such a pervasive problem, there will be issues, be open to that and #actonthedata 2/
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