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The #SupremeCourtOfIndia has made some strong remarks about the abuse and weaponization of the #EnforcementDirectorate for political purposes.

It has also strongly censured a lower court judge in a case where bail was not given.

The Supreme Court reminded the lower court judge of a fundamental principle of #jurisprudence: bail is the norm, jail is the exception. The Court made the scathing observation that the said judge should go back to law school.

These are only two examples of how #BJP governments have been abusing power and bending the law to suit their desired ends.

One could point to the extrajudicial measure of "#bulldozer justice," which has been practiced by the BJP governments in #UP, #MP, and in #Delhi.

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The first tentpole principle of my campaign to be elected as #MP of #Gravesham is that I will NOT take £84k - I'll take the salary of a qualified nurse, on a general surgery ward, with five years experience. Which is what I think ALL MPs should be paid.…
The second tentpole principle is that I will NOT take any additional jobs, other than MP. Representing all of my constituents will be my highest priority, and I don't see how part-time MPS with second, third, fourth, fifth jobs can reasonably claim to do that. 2/x
The third principle is that I will NOT benefit from the subsidised bars and restaurants which #MP use in the Palace of Westminster. If I use one, I will deposit the amount of subsidy from out of my own pocket into a fund, which will be used to support #Gravesham causes. 3/x
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Fan wars in #KFI : My take
1. Media mafia banned @dasadarshan for various reasons . Did anyone question how ethical journalism it is?Reasons should be debated - fairly on both sides and move on. #Media is biased and different reasons contributed to this #ban
2. #Dboss was sidelined by #Media but his loyal fans stood by him throughout and made #Kranti a success . Some biggies who are behind #ban are irked by support and promotion of kranti wanted to push their ego to dent @dasadarshan pushed to pull him down in anyway #kfifanwar
3. Taking advantage of broken friendship of @KicchaSudeep and @dasadarshan , some unknown hands pushed for online hatred between two actors fans . It grew eventually with tit for tat from #dboss fans #kfifanwars
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Demonstrating another benefit of CT:
MP is walking near the CT scanner room, overheard CT scanner’s conversation with CD
[CD: Carbon Dating, MP: Medical Physicist]

CT: Hello CD, let me will call you later. I need to go, as I need to give them the age of the #Woolly #Mammoth

CD: Why you? I have been doing this for ages

CT: That's why - now that I am quite sophisticated, ask my doc #MP (@mmahesh1) or @RSNA

CD: Show me what have you done lately, I am on ‘CTime’ anyway, I can watch.

CT: Glad you asked. BTW, I can’t say for you to watch me from console room, because we are on ‘CTime’ like ‘FaceTime’ my doc uses

CD: Ok, then.

CT: See I am able to capture the entire woolly mammoth tusk. You may ask how?…

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Conversations between #Turtle & #MP
Few days before heading to Ireland, MP is coming home late after working all day on presentations he is invited to give @ECMP2022 in #Dublin, surprised to see his buddy slowing coming up his driveway.

MP: Hey buddy, what are you doing?

MP: It might have taken U some time to come all the way from park

Turtle: Yes doc, I heard U were heading to @TourismIreland island & wanted to join U. Since it would take me more time & I didn’t want to rush, I thought I will come over & rest behind your house till we leave
MP: What do U mean & how did U know?

TL: Well, my 3rd cousin from my mom side who lives in #WicklowMountains close to Dublin told me that you were coming there soon

MP: What, how did she know?

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The @newsclickin report points at the arbitrary processes by the #MP government in pushing Aditya Birla Group's #diamondmining project in the dense forests of Buxwaha which has the potential to severely devastate the entire landscape. 1/n

A short thread…
"An expert body under the #MoEF & CC has questioned the #MadhyaPradesh government for proposing to clear forestland for the project without considering the potential impact on water availability in the drought-prone region."
An excerpt from the report, 2/n
"The project involves diversion of the course of a stream and creation of a water body, which may adversely affect the watershed and the flow of water downstream, thereby affecting the biodiversity as well as the effectiveness of the Ken-Betwa link project." The river-link... 3/n
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En estos tiempos de consciencia e indignación por la #ViolenciaDeGenero, es pertinente que el @INEGI_INFORMA haya publicado estadística sobre los 55 Centros de Justicia para las Mujeres #CJM.
Frente a este fenómeno tan doloroso, contar con sólo 55 #CJM en todo el país se antoja insuficiente; incluso hay estados, como #Tabasco, que no cuenta con un Centro de Justicia para las Mujeres.
2/5 Image
En estos #CJM se ofrecen distintos servicios a las mujeres: atención psicológica (en 96.4% de ellos), atención jurídica (94.5%), entrevista inicial (92.7%), trabajo social (90.9%), agencia o fiscalía del #MP (89.1%), atención médica (87.3%), entre otros.
3/5 Image
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During the International Week for the Criminalization of Ecocide, people around the world are joining the virtual mobilization!
Many supporters have sent in photos with a #StopEcocideEverywhere sign. Feel free to send in or add your own photos in replies to this thread! Image
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Short 🧵 [Please RT] Former #ANC #MP & #AntiApartheid campaigner w/ Archbishop Desmond #Tutu, .@andrewfeinstein, powerfully shreds .@Keir_Starmer & his amoral party’s record on #Apartheid in this #DDN video:
Some brief quotes:

“It is incredibly hypocritical of our political leaders to praise Desmond Tutu, the person who fought & overcame #Apartheid in the past while, at the same time, they are stifling & trying to prevent us from halting #Apartheid today. 2/4
The reality that Desmond Tutu would be expelled from the .@UKLabour Party today for his support for #BDS against #Israel is a reflection on the current morality of .@Keir_Starmer’s #Labour Party. That is not the legacy of Archbishop Tutu. 3/4
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A PEC 5/2021 praticamente destrói toda a estrutura constitucional de garantias para que os membros do MP atuem em defesa da sociedade. Permitirá influência política diretamente na atividade dos membros e membras do Ministério Público. Isso precisa ser divulgado.
A PEC 5/2021 permite que o procurador-geral de cada MP escolha dois terços do Conselho Superior do órgão. Isso lhe permitirá dominar a revisão de atos e a punição de membros do MP. Imagine esse cenário no MPF, cujo PGR é escolhido livremente pelo presidente | #NãoàPEC5
A PEC 5/2021 permite que o corregedor nacional do MP (no CNMP) seja estranho à carreira. Isso pode permitir que alguém indicado politicamente pelo Congresso passe a investigar e inibir o trabalho do MP em todo o Brasil. A quem isso interessa? | #NãoàPEC5
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1/I have joined Twitter under a pseudonym because this tweet makes my blood boil. #Homophobic #bullying, which went unchallenged at primary and secondary school, is what led to my daughter declaring she was a boy. Only then she was protected.
2/Only then was there #safeguarding. But it was I who was seen as the safeguarding risk. Her rapid #mentalhealth decline was not of interest. Because #transgender children are magical and special. #safeguarding no longer applies.
3/Our #stonewalldiversitychampion school told me I was the problem: a bigot, a fantasist, a danger to my child. Our #GP did not help, our #MP did not help, our #localcouncil did not help. Instead they recommended parenting courses, for me.
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The next time you witness "irregular marketing" of the #Covid vaccine, show them this.
Bill & Melinda Gates; forced vaccinations and uninformed consent 💉
"The Gates Foundation funded experimental malaria and meningitis vaccine trials across Africa and HPV vaccine programs in...
"[T]hey are increasingly shaping the agenda of international organizations and governments." -Encouraged by the UN
Philanthropic #P3 well suited in addressing "sustainable development challenges... in implementing a post-2015 development agenda." [Agenda 2030, Sust Dev G]
"Recent reports of human rights abuses" "from Gates Foundation funded vaccine trials in Africa and India."

Why in the hell are we doing this?? 👇🏼

GF, Microsoft, WHO...
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"#CloudComputing, em servidores fora do Brasil, será classificado como transferência internacional de #dados? (ex.: serviços de armazenamento em nuvem ofertados hoje pela @MicrosoftBr e @amazonBR , com servidores localizados no EUA)."
Fabiano Souza
"O uso de @whatsappsbr #WhatsApp ou similares, para troca de #dados com a empresa, principalmente quando envolve dados #sensíveis, é seguro? Apesar das facilidades desses apps, quais os #riscos e formas de #mitigação?"
Cesar da Silva Nunes
"No futuro próximo c/as transmissões via rede móveis #5G com maior velocidade e menos latência em dados, teremos c/certeza um aumento no volume de transações de dados nessas redes. Haverá algum #regime quanto a #LGPD p/a proposição dessa nova rede no Brasil?"
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In light of the ongoing #COVID19 crisis in India, Watch the State @project_polis is putting out a thread of reported instances of #StateViolence in relation to the #COVIDSecondWave.

India is running out of oxygen, #Covid19 patients are dying–because the govt wasted time: It took 8 months to invite bids for over 150 #oxygen generation plants. 6 months later, most still aren’t up & running. @psychia90 & @VijaytaL report for @scroll_in.…
Bharuch General Hospital is the largest govt-run COVID-19 center in #Gujarat’s Bharuch district. On 16 April, there was only 1 doctor & 5 nurses. The hospital had 72 patients almost all of whom had severe #COVID19 symptoms. @chahat_rana1 @thecaravanindia…
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O tweet com id 1125866421316214784 de 2019-05-07 20:54:07 que falava sobre:
🇧🇷✌️ O Deputado Federal Nereu Crispim recebeu nesta segunda-feira (06), em seu escritório de Porto Alegre, a visita do Vice-prefeito de Guaporé, Adalberto João Bastian

#NereuCrispim #Guaporé #Prefeiu...
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Tomorrow #Govt isn't introducing a new Act as some are reporting. It’s a vote to renew powers as required by S98 #coronavirus Act 2020… . Motion “That the temporary provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020 should not yet expire.”
1st review was in Sept 2020 when I & others urged #MPS NOT to renew the powers as HMG already have necessary powers under existing legislation & due to our concerns of mass scale curtailing of our civil liberties & the creation of an unintentional wave of #authoritarianism
In the Sept review, at least crisis changes to the Mental Health Act were removed as they had reduced the number of doctors needed to make decisions about someone's care, mental health capacity, sectioning & had increased timeframes people could be detained against their will
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Uma associação de um punhado de membros do #MP fez um vergonhoso pedido ao presidente da República para que decrete estado de defesa e, depois, #intervenção federal em #estados, a fim de que o governo federal concentre sozinho toda a gestão da pandemia
O requerimento é pedestre e incoerente em sua fundamentação. Colide frontalmente com a Constituição da República, que institui uma federação e dá a #estados e #municípios competência concorrente para ações em #saúde. Também contraria a decisão do #STF na ADI 6.341
Essa associação minúscula não representa, mas envergonha o #MP brasileiro, órgão comprometido com a ordem democrática (art. 127 da Constituição), ao pretender, de forma maliciosa, subverter o regime democrático usando instrumentos da própria Constituição
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@BMG_Bund @PEI_Germany 1

Dringend geboten, #ImpfVO zu überarbeiten.
s. Norwegen
Ü85 nur impfen,
wenn physisch wie psychisch stabil,
nur nach gründl. Untersuchung !
Vorsicht bei #Demenz !
24h-Überwachung !
In Pflegeheimen !

... / 2
@BMG_Bund @PEI_Germany @HBraun @Karl_Lauterbach @RegSprecher @rki_de 2
KEIN bürokrat. Fließband-Impfen u. Abhaken!

Erhöhen d. Abstände zw. 1. u. 2. Impfung bei #BioNTech max. 42 Tage ! Gemäß Studien zulässig, damit Überbrückung v. Engpässen.
Impfen in Arztpraxen für Ü80, Logistik anpassen!
Schlechte Hilfe, Betreuung f. Ü85 zu Hause.
.../ 3
@BMG_Bund @PEI_Germany @HBraun @Karl_Lauterbach @RegSprecher @rki_de 3

Dringend überarbeiten,
Widerspüchlich bzgl. Dosen vor, nach Verdünnung.

Spitzen ua. für Erbeuten
6. Dosis beschaffen !…

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Die bis 31.12.20 amtierende #KMK-Präsidentin Dr. Stefanie #Hubig hat erwiesenermaßen aus 2 Studien wissenschaftl. Aussagen von 4 Personen verfälscht wiedergegeben.

@dpa @WDR @FAZ_Politik @rponline @derspiegel @Tagesspiegel @welt #coronavirus
Ich bitte die betr. folg. Personen sowie die Presse, um mediale Offenlegung des vertuschenden Wirkens von #KMK #Hubig und aller #KM ,um zu verhindern,daß beim jetzigen status quo Präsenzunterricht ohne Einhaltung der #RKI -Richtlinien erfolgt.

@DrJanaSchroeder Chefärztin Institut f. Krankenhaushygiene u. Mikrobiologie d. Stiftung Mathias-Spital, Rheine; @AlexanderKekule Direktor Institut f. Medizin. Mikrobiologie d. Uni-Klinikums, Halle
bekamen zu wenig mediale Aufmerksamkeit f. ihre Richtigstellungen zu den von #KMK
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Hey @Buxton_News @newsinglossop how about you investigate & report on @robertlargan censoring constituents that criticise him on his social media accounts?

Here's some examples of other Con MPs doing the same.…
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