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We've lost >30% of #wetlands worldwide, ecosystems that provide us essential #ecosystemservices. What do we know about the relation between this #threatenedhabitat and 🦇? Detecting gaps in our current knowledge will help upcoming needs for #batconservation.
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I reviewed 116 scientific publications to reveal #knowledgegaps. Bat-wetlands studies have barely increase since 1900, mainly focused on species inventory and habitat use, leaving key topics like #pollution #habitatfragmentation #batmigration poorly studied
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Mostly of the studies have been carried out on #developedcountries leaving some large areas of wetlands poorly explored. In order to help #landmanagers and #policymakers we provide a new method to identify high priorities areas of study: Bat Knowledge Index
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#WBTC2 #Land1 Do you 🤤 when you think about 🍫? Yes! But did you know that 70% of 🍫 comes from Africa and that 🪲 #pests can cause losses of > 400,000€ million annually? 😱 #Nature can be the solution to this 👉 so far we found the main 🍫 pest in 18 🦇 & 🐦 species! 😋
#WBTC2 #Land1 But does this #pest consumption have a significant effect on pest populations? To find out we decided to do an exclusion experiment to quantify 🦇&🐦 effect on #cacao production 🤔 For 12 months we counted everything in 16 full tree exclosures and 16 controls 🧐
#WBTC2 #Land1 We found out that 🦇&🐦 are suppressing almost all #arthropods groups! They do an #ecosystemservice by reducing
phytophagous 🪳(like Hemiptera and Mealybug pests), but on the other hand they do a disservice by reducing predatory 🕷️ and potencial pollinators 🪰🌼
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1/5 #Deforestation is leading to increasingly #fragmented landscapes🌲
Aim: How do #bats respond to changes in local habitat quality and fragmentation of the wider landscape via investigation of 3 holistic diversity facets #taxonomic, #functional, #phylogenetic🦇

#WBTC #Land1
2/5 Data from #BDFFP in Central #Amazon 🇧🇷 largest & longest running ecological (+40 y/s) study of #fragmentation

• Field work by: @adria_baucells @RicardoNature
• When: 2011-2013
• Sites: 33
• Acoustic data: 281,664 calls
#Bat Species: 21 🦇
• Families: 5
#WBTC2 #Land1
3/5 #Taxonomic, #functional & #phylogenetic metrics based on #acoustic data were related to local vegetation descriptors & landscape-scale habitat composition & configuration variables using #GLMMs.

#WBTC2 #Land1
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1/5 #WBTC2 #Con1
Zoonotic diseases, especially those associated with bats are hot topic, even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there has been an increasing amount of misuse of key terms, which has led to widespread miscommunication and misunderstandings.
2/5 #WBTC2 #Con1
Such miscommunication & misunderstandings hinder effective research & public policy. It can also have devastating effects for #conservation, provoking unnecessary fear in the public & lead to persecution of wildlife species, such bats during the COVID-19 pandemic
3/5 #WBTC2 #Con1
We identify 5 types of miscommunication driven by misuse or misinterpretation of terminology regarding bats & zoonotic diseases. We provide a general framework for addressing miscommunication based on its root cause that can be applied to other topics/disciplines
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Good day to you all and welcome to this year’s #BWC2021 introduction thread!

Follow along to learn how this is gonna go down 🧵 1/
First of all, you’ll notice that there are now bats identified in each bracket

Yes, the text is small: save the picture to your smart device or computer so you can blow up the image and read the names 2/
This year’s bats are, with the exception of two species, all in Vunerable, Endangered, or Critically Endangered status with the IUCN Red List 3/
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