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Currently watching a superb webinar from @StandMighty presenting a host of cutting-edge work on #cocoa supply chains, including an update to their accountability map. A live-thread with some of the insights...…
@VividEconomics presented a huge effort to map land uses in Côte d'Ivoire - which lost 2% of its forest cover IN ONE YEAR
Their data show staggering rates of forest loss for #cocoa in some regions, e.g. Bloléquin
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The count-up begins! 🔝⏱🌳 100 million trees means removing 1771 tonnes of CO2 every day. But it means so much more. Why do we need to #PlantForests? [THREAD]
2/ In just ten years, an improbable idea has grown into a global movement 🌍🌎🌏
3/ Without trees, we don't stand a chance – #forests are the heroes keeping our planet healthy, and us alive. Here’s why 🎥
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/28/2020-2…

How deforestation helps deadly viruses jump from animals to humans…

#animals #viruses #humans #deforestation
The Shape of Epidemics | Boston Review…

#epidemic #shape #coronavirus
System Overload: Can China’s Military Be Distracted in a War over Taiwan?…

#Taiwan #China
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Why are current policies aiming to stop #deforestation doomed to failure? Because we fail to understand people. Read the paper via @OneEarth_CP
Last Friday was #Biodiversity2020. The @FAO and @UNEP released the State of the World's Forests report 2020…
#ForNature #SOFO2020
In the 2020 edition, we find that forests cover 4.06 billion hectares. That is nearly 1/3 of the earth land mass (NASA, Picture from Apollo 12, 1969).
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New evidence that helps to understand the northern #Laos #rubber boom from our researcher Victoria Junquera and colleagues! Get the #openaccess paper @ELSenviron here and have a look at the thread for a broad overview of the results.
Agricultural expansion is a main cause of #deforestation and sometimes occurs in the form of “#cropbooms”—very rapid and intense expansion. Rubber expanded in a boom-like fashion in northern Laos and other parts of #SoutheastAsia in the last decade.
Following earlier work (, we conduct a spatially-explicit analysis of rubber expansion in two study areas during 2000-2017. We analyze the role of prices, context, forest protection, and imitation with a Bayesian network model and regression analysis.
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Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020


#FRA2020 examines the status of, and trends in, more than 60 forest-related variables in 236 countries and territories in the period 1990–2020

@FAOForestry 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

#soyforestal #forestalactivo #forestry
The world has a total forest area of 4.06 billion hectares (ha), which is 31 percent of the total land area. This area is equivalent to 0.52 ha per person1 – although forests are not distributed equally among the world’s peoples or geographically
#FRA2020 #soyforestal
The world’s forest area is decreasing, but the rate of loss has slowed

The rate of net forest loss declined from 7.8 million ha per year in the decade 1990–2000 to 5.2 million ha per year in 2000–2010 and 4.7 million ha per year in 2010–2020

#soyforestal #FRA2020 #deforestation
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The 🔥 season is approaching for Brazil (July-October) and there are several indicators that #deforestation could be much worse this year and the international community isn't prepared to stop it 🧵 1/11 Image
Current deforestation is on the rise as enforcement of environmental laws across the country are being rolled back amid the coronavirus outbreak… via @WSJ @ptrevisani 2/11
The rate of deforestation is double what we saw in 2019 with over 2,000 square miles already removed in the first three months of 2020… via @JournoHenry 3/11
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🚜🌎💚 Land use, #farming & how this impacts on #ClimateChange is under scrutiny

Today, the Committee on Climate Change (@thecccuk) have launched their new Land Use report

What does it say, does it focus on the right things and is it ambitious enough?
@theCCCuk @UKSustain @SoilsAlliance @SusFoodTrust @LandworkersUK @FOLUCoalition @GreenerUK_ @GreenAllianceUK @WCL_News @DefraGovUK @NFUtweets The report comes at a time when #farming, #landuse and its impact on #climatechange is under the spotlight like never before.

This @theCCCuk report will be a major influence on what farmers will be rewarded for doing to adapt to climate change.
Nature must be given equal emphasis in shaping the future of post-#Brexit #farm support, as #farming and #landuse is also the primary driver of global #insect decline and the #biodiversity crash.
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Here's a compilation of some timelapse animations that show different stories from across India over the 3 decades (1989 - 2018) . Created with @googleearth @EarthOutreach #newyear2020

1: Restless #Brahmaputra n tributaries meandering,changing course in #Assam
2. Growth of Brick Kiln industry in the banks of #Hooghly, #Rupnarayan rivers near #Kolkata (brown polygons close to the rivers' banks) #WestBengal
3. Embankment failure in #Kosi River (2008) caused flooding. It also left a sediment footprint that was visible from satellites. #Bihar
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Joanna D. Haigh talks about the
#Sun, #SunSpots and #SolarActivity. She speaks and the elliptical #Orbit of the #Earth, the thousand of year cycles and the #ElevenYearCycle of Solar Activity, and stratospheric heat from solar radiation. 👇👇👇

#ClimateChange #ClimateScience
Solar Variability and Climate

Radiative forcing of #ClimateChange:

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What's our #beef with beef?

Public interest on #climate, #biodiversity & #diet is rightly growing

#Meat is often at the heart of the debate but it's important we look past headlines & unpick the detail


#EatBetterMeat #EatOrganic #BBCOne 👉
Our #meat comes from different #farm systems

When animals are grazed on grass, as in #organic, this can have positive impacts on #climate & #nature. Intensively produced #grain-fed chicken & pigs can have the opposite effect

#EatBetterMeat #EatOrganic 👉
🐄🐖🐔 Intensively farmed animals are almost always fed on #grain & imported #soya

The production of animal feed can exhaust soils and drive #rainforest clearance

This is devastating for the #climate & #biodiversity

#EatBetterMeat #EatOrganic #Meat 👉
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Le saviez-vous : deux tiers de l'huile de #palme importée dans l'Union européenne sont consommés à des fins énergétiques, #biodiesel en tête !

Conclusion 1 : si vous souhaitez lutter contre la #déforestation, il ne suffit pas de regarder si votre cake ou pâte à tartiner contient de l'huile de palme. Il faut aussi moins prendre la voiture et choisir un véhicule le plus sobre possible quand vous en achetez un.
Enfin, avant de parler d'interdire l'huile de palme, rappelons que c'est l'huile végétale qui a le rendement à l'hectare le plus élevé, d'où le fait qu'on l'utilise autant.
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Profitons de #LemissionPourLaTerre 📺 pour faire le point sur l'#élevage bovin 🐄 en France et la consommation de #viande 🥩.
#Eau #GES #Déforestation #Santé
@Min_Ecologie @France2tv @le_Parisien @FondationNH
⬇️ thread ⬇️
@Min_Ecologie @France2tv @le_Parisien @FondationNH La production de #viande consomme-t’elle beaucoup d’#eau ?
@Min_Ecologie @France2tv @le_Parisien @FondationNH @plumedeschamps @MacLesggy @NathalieMarcha4 @ChouetteAgile @MathieuRobert3 @pdelfortrie @agrihs76 Pour produire 1 kg de viande, seuls 50L à 70L d'eau en moyenne suffisent.
L'idée reçue selon laquelle il faudrait 15 000 litres d'eau vient de la méthode Waterfootprint, qui comptabilise en réalité 3 types d’#eau.
Explications ⤵️
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Here's a quick & dirty review of the situation in BC's forests - environmentally, job-wise, etc. Forestry issues used to receive a lot of attention in BC, but oddly they have fallen off the radar & that's suspiciously convenient for multinational timber corps & govts too. #bcpoli
A great letter to the editor from Jim Cooperman was read out on CBC this morning. Jim, who once worked in the forest industry, was a key provincial forest activist with the BC Environ'l Network during the 1990s War in the Woods era & now works on forest issues in the Shuswap..
..."As a long-time forest activist who once worked in the forest industry, my message to the province re: the closure of sawmills & loss of jobs is “we told you so.” For years we have been repeating the same message: that the province’s forests are being overcut ...
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Pourquoi il faut manger moins de viande

🚨 Encore un article à charge dans @le_Parisien

Avec bien sûr de nombreuses erreurs que je vous propose de détailler dans un #thread #threadagri ⤵️

@InstitutElevage @ChouetteAgile @agrikol @MacLesggy @agritof80…
1⃣ "il faut 16 800 litres d'eau pour produire 1 kg de protéines de boeuf"
Ce chiffre reprend une méthodologie qui prend en compte "différents types d'eau".
@InstitutElevage donne 50 à 70 litres d'eau par kg de viande vive
@Interbev_fr @cniel
Sur le sujet, je vous conseille aussi l'article de @NicolasBDN récemment mis à jour et son infographie ⤵️
Il conclue sur 351 litres d'eau par kg de viande vive mais on peut difficilement le taxer d'être "pro-élévage" 😉
L'article complet ▶️…
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#FalseAlarm, #fakenews, ignorance...2019 #AmazonFires are only 35% more (ok, so far) than the average of the last 8 years.Most are burning on agricultural land where the forest had already been cleared, a common agricultural practice #deforestation #Brazil…
#AmazonFires 🔥🔥🔥 As of August 16, 2019, an analysis of #NASA satellite data indicated that total fire activity across the #Amazon basin this year has been close to the AVERAGE in comparison to the past 15 years.…
#AmazonFires 🔥🔥🔥 Dr. Jonathan Foley @GlobalEcoGuy @ProjectDrawdown
#Amazon contributes at most 5% (not 20%) of the world’s oxygen‼️
We actually used to see fires like this, and even worse, back in the 1990s and the early 2000s #climatechange #FakeNews…
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Anthropogenic #CO2 emissions, combined with #deforestation and increased #human-caused ignitions have created the perfect storm for #megafires in the #Amazon #IPCC2014
Warmer temperatures as a result of increased #anthropogenic #CO2, #detorestation and increased #fire activity can cause #positive #feedbacks that push the #Amazon towards a #tippingpoint resulting in a shift from #rainforest to #savanna forests
A shift from #rainforest to #savanna ecosystems will have global consequences. The rainforest creates its own weather by recycling moisture from the jungle. The trees absorb #CO2 and release #oxygen, literally the air we breathe.
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Avec le hashtag #PrayforAmazonia, certains découvrent que des incendies font rage en #Amazonie, notamment depuis fin juillet. Il faut évidemment en parler (#déforestation), mais il faut aussi savoir que, malheureusement, cela se produit chaque année de façon + ou - étendue. ⬇️
Pour commencer, d'où vient le chiffre "Les incendies en hausse de 83% en Amazonie" ? Il s'agit du taux d'évolution du nombre de départs de feu au #Brésil sur la période 01 janvier - mi-août 2019, par rapport à la même période de 2018 (et non de l'année complète).
Soit, selon les chiffres de l'INPE, 74.155 départs de feu au #Brésil entre le 1er janvier et le 20 août 2019, contre 40.136 en 2018 (132.872 sur l'année complète).
Source (pour comparer avec les années précédentes, voir tableaux) :…
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When I first came to Borneo in 1990, I flew across the whole island looking down on endless perfect forest. Not any more. Making a program on deforestation and palm oil is so frustrating & depressing. Inside the forest the wild orchestra is deafening. cont...
Biodiversity is close to zero. We’ve been nose to nose with sun bear & orang utan orphaned & homeless. Been in perfect riverside forest but finding it only extends metres from the banks. cont...
But there MUST be positivity. Buying and protecting forests is one solution World Land Trust Sustainable palm oil is another; strips of forest within the plantations, encouraging epiphytes and other plants beneath the palms. cont..
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The #IPCC special report on the land sector is out.

It's the culmination of the hard work of 107 experts from 52 countries.

I've got some big takeaways. Buckle in – it's going to be a long thread.

Some quick background:

Land and ocean warm at different rates (thank you @RARohde) for the great figure.
Land is both a carbon source and sink. The balance between the strength of sources and sinks determines overall impact of land on GHG emissions. Humans already use a LOT of land (almost ¾ of all ice-free terrestrial surface, according to the IPCC graphic below).
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#Brésil🇧🇷| Le Président de la République @EmmanuelMacron, qui a eu l’occasion d’une première entrevue avec le Président @jairbolsonaro lors du
#G20 d’Osaka le mois dernier, m’a demandé de porter aujourd’hui un double message à notre partenaire brésilien. — @JY_LeDrian

1) D’abord celui de poursuivre l’approfondissement de notre partenariat stratégique.
#Brésil🇧🇷 @JY_LeDrian
• Je souhaite donc que ma venue permette de resserrer encore davantage les liens entre nos deux pays🇫🇷🇧🇷, dans les domaines économiques, commerciaux ,culturels, dans le respect des principes défendus par la France, au premier rang desquels le développement durable.
#Brésil 🇧🇷
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"1/3 of our global food supply is pollinated by bees. Simply put, bees keep plants and crops alive."
🐝 If All The Bees In The World Die, Humans Will Not Survive:…
Deregulation and control of judiciary appointments: The core tactics at the heart of GOP anti-governance. Here's the latest in banking deregulation and it's corrosive effect on the living standards of us 99%:
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