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@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt Children of #Donbass - THE #WAR IS ON! CHILDREN vs THE #NAZIS | 5 months ago…
#SaveOurChildren deNAZIfication - Special Military QperationZ WORLDWIDE
@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt cc: @ DaniMayakovski
#Ukraine. Images from the #Azov Battalion children's camp, where children from the age of 8 are #brainwashed into #Nazism and prepared militarily by indoctrinating them into a #hatred of #killing Russians. (2015)
@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt Ukrainian children drugged and indoctrinated by the #Nazis into shouting the #Hitler salute of "#SiegHeil" while being laughed at. (2016)
This video was captured from the flash drive of a press reporter from the #AzovBattalion at the #Mariupol base.
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You were given the assignment to review 2 projects based on ''general concept'' only.

• $XVG
• $BAT

Here's my review on how I work to deem a cryptocurrency worthy to investigate further 🧵 👇
2) There's no right answer for part 1 of our ''FA analysis classes".

Part 1 is just the selection that you feel is worth considering since you can't research every single project that is recommended to you.

That being said, there are common things to consider.
3) $XVG is aiming to be a digital payment currency.

In a world where we have hundreds of these with bitcoin, litecoin, xrp and many more I wouldn't consider #Verge a deeper look.

If the first movers aren't ''yet'' breaking through how will the 10th one?

My research stops here.
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on #Bronchiectasis (#NCFB or #bronchiectasis) & its management, by Christina Thornton MD (@Cthornton32), respirologist & clinician scientist in Calgary 🇨🇦. Follow along and earn 0.75h CE/#CME #physicians #nurses #NPs #PAs #pharmacists!
2) I am very excited to be among the founding faculty in this initiative! FOLLOW US for awesome expert-led education #pulmtwitter!
👍@BronchiectasisR @COPDFoundation @EMBARCnetwork @ELF @profJDchalmers @sunjayMD @DrHollyKeir @becleartoday @ephesians_1_7 @NTMinfo @AlibertiStefano
3) This program is supported by an educational grant from Insmed & is intended for healthcare professionals. Statement of accreditation and faculty disclosures at CE/#CME credit from @academiccme.
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Da ormai una settimana la Puglia è colpita da una fitta nebbia, probabilmente portata dai fuori sede rientrati a casa per le feste.

Data la situazione, urge adattarsi e rinominare tutte le città pugliesi coi loro corrispettivi nomi lombardi.

1. Lesinate sul Garda

#Lesina #FG
2. Apericena

#Apricena #FG
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The young boy you see in this picture is your next President. It's good you start familiarising yourself with him. He is good, brilliant, humble, humane, jocular, cheerful and very cerebral.
He has always been first among the best even when he was a young boy of little means.

He studied hard to become the best in his class while in the University coming out with a first class in Management Science majoring in Accounting. He became a Chartered Accountant at 26
and worked with the best Audit and Consultancy firms in the world while in the United States of America.

He went ahead to become the Country Treasurer of Mobil Oil Nigeria Unlimited at 33 years of age when his peers were still searching for work.

He got elected as Senator of
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A thread amplifying GLB's voice!
Nigerians and the world deserve to know the truth!
#thegreatawakening #wearethenewsnow
In the beginning.... ImageImageImage
...with some receipts!
#gistlovers #gistloversblog ImageImageImageImage
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Doing three film festivals back to back (Edinburgh, FrightFest, Venice) was either a brilliant idea or a terrible idea. History does not yet relate which. Image
At least when I get back, I’ll have nine whole days before the LFF screenings start.
Travel is so *weird*. Last night: fun at the Phoenix for the closing night of FrightFest. Tonight: this. Image
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The Dekeyser's Nectar Bat (Lonchophylla dekeyseri) is an endangered and endemic cave bat species from the Neotropical savannas (Cerrado). Follow the line to know more about its conservation status... #Cerrado #conservation #bat #Chiroptera #cave #savanna #mining #deforestation
Even though Cerrado is less than half the size of the Amazon forest, it is a biodiversity hotspot that faces higher or equivalent deforestation rates than the Amazon due to the conversion of the vegetation mostly into pastures and soy bean plantations.
Most of the vegetation conversion to agriculture was only possible due to a technique called "calagem" developed in the 70's to increase the acidic low pH of Cerrado soil. However, part of the limestone used to correct Cerrado soil pH come from limestone exploitation from caves
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Freelancing to japa or make Nigeria works for you?

You definitely need to read this
Yeah, freelancing isn’t all that glitters or sweet, it’s a whole lot of an hectic journey for a starter, imagine working and spending your $ and not getting ROI and wanting to quit, yeah that’s how it is for someone just starting.

Now comes another hurdle, choosing between
Major freelancing website, oh 🥺to sell your skills , a lot of confusing YouTube videos 😤 you’re going to watch , ( I started freelancing with @fiverr ), that’s cos I’ve got a lot of people to help through a NGO opportunity, but as normal day Nigeria trying to succeed with
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1. That @officialABAT was not a governor in 1993 when he housed and fed 102 NADECO members in abroad for 5years and able to at same time send $1,000 to the families of each NADECO members at home in Nigeria to take care of their wives and children?...

@tunderahmanu Image
2. That before Dangote, Tinubu had been importing RICE and also using the proceeds for further investment?

Check Sole Soyinka's confession about this.

3. That BAT is the second highest subscriber in Trump's Tower in the New York which Trump fraudulently wanted to disposed... before he was elected US president, but which court ruled in favour of all the subscribers?

The properties were owned years before Tinubu dreamt of been a Nigerian politician...

@femigbaja @DeeOneAyekooto @STinubu @oluremitinubu @KashimSM @retsonbiz @GovUmarGanduje

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President Buhari’s Optimism About APC Commendable- Asíwájú Tinubu

Recently, President Buhari made a characteristically concise and important statement regarding the strength and purpose of our political party, All Progressives Congress. He underscored the need for the party
to perfect its internal processes so that it keeps faith to the progressive purpose for which it was founded: to bring forth a better society through just and compassionate good governance.

While the election season is upon us and politics begins to acquire a heavy
intensity, we must never lose sight of this higher purpose, this greater good. Like the president said, we all must recall how progressive forces forged an alliance that produced the APC.

Our party came into being to answer the call of reform so that progressive governance
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#Web3 Nedir?
'İnternet Kültüründe bir değişimdir! Tek cümle ile internetin bir sonra ki çağı. Web3, demokratikleştirilmiş ve Merkeziyetsizleştirilmiş bir İnternete doğru bir paradigma kaymasıdır'

Web3 hizmet eden Projeler⬇️
1-)Web3 teknolojisini algılayabilmek için öncelikle daha önceki sürümleri Web-1 sonrasında Web-2 teknolojilerini hakim olmak gerekir.
2-)Web-1 İnternetin ilk aşaması ve kullanıcıların başlangıçta web ile etkileşime girme şekli ile karakterize edilebilir. Web 1.0’da çoğu kullanıcı, içeriğin pasif tüketicileriydi. Bir başka deyişle, Web 1.0 yazmakla değil; okumakla ilgiliydi. Dinamik değil, statikti.
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All eyes are on Texas. 👀

👉 @jheil & @jdickerson discuss the TX abortion bill and more on #HHW.
👉 @jmpalmieri, @wendydavis, & @RoyceBrooksTX chat abortion access and voting rights in TX on #JSAH.
👉 @amandalitman & Sec. @juliancastro talk TX gerrymandering on #BAT.

Thread 👇
“What is happening in driven by the marketplace in politics, particularly on the Republican side, where ideological point scoring is the way you achieve...success within your party.”

@jdickerson on #HHW w/ @jheil:
“People forget that Roe v. Wade is in fact a Texas case.”

@RoyceBrooksTX and @wendydavis on #JSAH with @jmpalmieri:
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No plans today? Spend your Saturday catching up on these great conversations:

@briankoppelman joined @jheil on #HHW w/ a drop-in by “Wags”
@jmpalmieri discusses allyship w/ @dopequeenpheebs for #JSAH
@amandalitman & @cristinafortx chat reaching young voters on #BAT

Thread 👇
On this week’s #HHW, @jheil and @briankoppelman dive into season 5 of #Billions, how he discovered Tracy Chapman, and discuss Brian and David Costabile’s long friendship when “Wags” drops in.

Listen to this 2-part episode:
This week on #JSAH, @jmpalmieri is joined by comedian and author @dopequeenpheebs for a lively discussion on what we can all do to be better allies and why we should be talking about school curriculums even though it’s not sexy.

Listen here:
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We had a jam-packed week of guests on our podcasts. Spend your Saturday catching up:

@jheil interviews @StevieVanZandt in an epic 2-part #HHW pod
@jmpalmieri speaks w/ @amyklobuchar from #TribFest21 for #JSAH
@amandalitman & @JuddLegum “Follow the Money” on #BAT

Thread 👇
On this week’s #HHW @jheil and @StevieVanZandt dive into his time on E Street, friendship w/ @springsteen, stint on The Sopranos, and role in busting Mandela out of jail.

Press play on this epic 2-part episode:
“The fact that we had so many women running [for president] just made a difference in races all across the country.”

@amyklobuchar speaks with @jmpalmieri about the 2020 election from the @TexasTribune #TribFest21 on #JSAH:…
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#کریپتومان مهم در خصوص سرمایه گذاری در فضای کریپتو:

۱. از افرادی که میگن قطعا فلان اتفاق می افته به شدت دوری کنید، مگر بازار قطعیت میشناسه؟
۲. از #ماکسیمالیست ها که میگن فقط بیت کوین یا فقط اتریوم یا فقط bnb یا فقط فلان رمز ارز قطعا دوری کنید، روی وب۳ ما به همشون نیاز داریم:
#بيتکوین امن ترین و غیرمتمرکز ترین شبکه است و فقط ۲۱ میلیون عدد ازش وجود داره، بهترین برای ذخیره ارزش پول، #اتریوم بزرگترین اکوسیستم رو داره بیشتر برنامه های #دیفای و Nft رو داره و رشد آنها رشد اتریوم رو در پی داره، همچنین با بروزرسانی هاش اکنون با رول آپ ها و
با اجرای #شاردینگ در ۲۰۲۲ مشکل مقیاس پذیریش رو حل می کنه و اینکه اعجوبه ایه به نام #ویتالیک پشتشه که توی ۱۹ سالگی اتریوم رو خلق کرد و با نبوغش به این راحتی ها تسلیم نمیشه،توکن bnb متعلق به #بایننس که یکی از کارکشته ترین صرافی های دنیاست و به شدت کاربردیه، همچنین
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1/5 #Deforestation is leading to increasingly #fragmented landscapes🌲
Aim: How do #bats respond to changes in local habitat quality and fragmentation of the wider landscape via investigation of 3 holistic diversity facets #taxonomic, #functional, #phylogenetic🦇

#WBTC #Land1
2/5 Data from #BDFFP in Central #Amazon 🇧🇷 largest & longest running ecological (+40 y/s) study of #fragmentation

• Field work by: @adria_baucells @RicardoNature
• When: 2011-2013
• Sites: 33
• Acoustic data: 281,664 calls
#Bat Species: 21 🦇
• Families: 5
#WBTC2 #Land1
3/5 #Taxonomic, #functional & #phylogenetic metrics based on #acoustic data were related to local vegetation descriptors & landscape-scale habitat composition & configuration variables using #GLMMs.

#WBTC2 #Land1
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I have a major lifestyle crisis, and I'll bestow my undying gratitude, and some free cryptoassets, on whoever solves the particular conundrum for me, and posts the solution as a reply to me here.

The challenge is in the next comment. Ready? 1/3
So I love, Love, LOVE watching Twitch Music streamers, and when I'm not sitting at my desk, I use the Twitch app on my Chromecast to at whichever streamer I'm most listening to, right then, on my big+screen TV. But there's a screensaver that keeps kicking in 2/3
After a few minutes, and shows random photos on the screen, and worse still, mutes the sound, until I click any button on my Chromecast to stop the screensaver. It ONLY happens with that app, and it ONLY happens when I'm using Twitch on the Chromecast, and I can't STOP IT 3/4
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[Tweet by @BatsForLife]
Welcome to 2021 everyone! I’ll be ending my Twitter Takeover with @realscientists officially tomorrow, but I want to get your feedback & share a few last #bat resources before signing off.

[A thread]

(Video from @BatConIntl's Bracken Cave)
[Tweet by @BatsForLife]
Time for a poll! What was your favorite bat thing to learn about this week? Feel free to comment below!

#Bats #BatConservation #BatTwitter
[Tweet by @BatsForLife]
If you’re looking for a great short documentary about bats, check out “The Truth About Bats” by @NerdyBatLady and @path_wandering

#Bats #BatConservation #BatTwitter
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[Tweet by @BatsForLife]
Happy New Year's Eve! To end 2020 & prep us for the New Year, I'm excited to talk today about one of my favorite bat topics:

How YOU can help #bats! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🦇🦇🦇🦇

#BatTwitter #BatConservation
[Tweet by @BatsForLife]
Why do we need to help #bats? ~1/3 of bat species worldwide are endangered, vulnerable, or "data deficient" (i.e. more conservation attention is needed for the species). That's a lot of species that need our help!…
[Tweet by @BatsForLife]
In North America, one of the most devastating threats to bats is White-nose Syndrome, caused by a fungus in hibernation caves that kills up to 99% of a colony. Only 10% of the once-abundant Little brown bat remains 😰

📸: Michael Schirmacher/@BatConIntl Little brown bats showing infection by the White-nose fungus
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[Tweet by @BatsForLife]
I'd like to end the today with some super cool #BatFacts! Get ready for your mind to be BLOWN!
[A thread]

#Bats #BatTwitter
[Tweet by @BatsForLife]
Cool Bat Fact #1: The Smallest Bat
Let's start with the smallest & biggest bats in the world

The smallest #bat is a Kitti's hog-nosed bat (aka Bumblebee bat) from Thailand, the size of your thumb tip & weighing less than a penny!

📸: Yushi & Keiko Osawa
[Tweet by @BatsForLife]
Cool Bat Fact #2: The Biggest Bat

The largest bat is a Golden-crowned flying fox from the Philippines. It has a wingspan of up to 6 feet, but weighs only about 2 pounds. Also, it only eats fruit! 🍑🍍🥭🍌…

#Bats #BatFacts
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[Tweet by @BatsForLife]
New thread: The Benefits of Bats!

Bats are vital parts of natural ecosystems and provide numerous ecosystem services to us. In this thread, we'll talk about these benefits. Grab your popcorn (or grape...) and enjoy!
[Tweet by @BatsForLife]
Benefit #1: Insect pest control!

Many bats eat insects, including agricultural pests that damage crops. A 2011 study in @ScienceMagazine estimated that bats save the US agricultural industry ~$23 BILLION PER YEAR by eating pests!…
[Tweet by @BatsForLife]
Benefit #1: Insect pest control!

Another study of bats in corn fields of Illinois showed that bats suppress corn earworm larvae and direct damage to corn, saving corn farmers an estimated $1 billion annually across the globe.…
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Before we take flight with loads of bat info, I’d like to introduce myself & share a little about what it’s like getting to work with bats all around the world! Short answer: it’s AWESOME!

Check out a video from @CBSUnstoppable for some of what I do as a bat conservationist!
I get asked A LOT how I got started in #BatConservation. My journey began as a kid, when I relished watching for #bats during night hikes with my @girlscouts troop. Then in 6th grade I built and put up bat houses for my #SilverAward project. It’s never too early to get started! Kristen using a power drill...Kristen stands by a sign fo...
Speaking of #BatHouses, check out these links for info on what makes a good bat house, tips for installation, and how to buy or build your own. (More bat house info to come later this week!):……

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🦇 Happy #BatWeek! The forest in Sainte Luce is home to several species of bat, including the Madagascan Flying Fox (𝘗𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘰𝘱𝘶𝘴 𝘳𝘶𝘧𝘶𝘴), the biggest bat species in #Madagascar, currently listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.
Although SEED has been working to protect bats for some years via Project Rufus, there has recently been increasing disturbance from illegal logging in the area. Last week Sylvie and Laza went to find out more and discuss with the local mayor how best to increase bat protection.
The mayor is very keen to protect the bats, and is working with SEED to ratify the local law and implement effective protection measures. We are also currently working on funding for the next phase of Project Rufus to help secure the future of the flying foxes of Sainte Luce!
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