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#NYSE: "natural asset companies" (#NACs) will be listed & traded on its exchange, "creating a new market whose assets generate trillions of dollars in #ecosystemservices annually."

Sept 17 2021: "NACs enable natural asset owners to convert #nature’s value into financial capital... The asset class was developed to enable exposure to the opportunities created by the estimated $125 trillion annual global #ecosystemservices market."…
Natural Asset Companies (#NACs) "HOLD RIGHTS [emphasis mine] to ecosystem services produced by natural or human-controlled lands & profit from trading the #ecosystemservices they provide."

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Estimating the monetary cost of #invasivespecies has never been easy, but it can have great scientific and practical value! In our special @Invacost issue we've collected research on #biologicalinvasions costs from all over the world 1/21 Image
Taken together, all publications in this issue estimate global realized and potential economic impacts of #biologicalinvasions around US$2.3 trillion, but a lot of the costs remain underreported. 2/21 @FranzEssl1 @garciaberthou

More in our editorial:…
In Africa🌍, reported costs of #biologicalinvasions ranged between US$ 18.2 billion and US$ 78.9 billion between 1970 and 2020 - a massive, yet highly underestimated economic burden for African countries. 3/21 @CABI_News @Akademie_ved_CR

🗒 Study:… Image
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#WBTC2 #Con2 (1/5)
We've lost >30% of #wetlands worldwide, ecosystems that provide us essential #ecosystemservices. What do we know about the relation between this #threatenedhabitat and 🦇? Detecting gaps in our current knowledge will help upcoming needs for #batconservation.
#WBTC2 #Con2 (2/5)
I reviewed 116 scientific publications to reveal #knowledgegaps. Bat-wetlands studies have barely increase since 1900, mainly focused on species inventory and habitat use, leaving key topics like #pollution #habitatfragmentation #batmigration poorly studied
#WBTC2 #Con2 (3/5)
Mostly of the studies have been carried out on #developedcountries leaving some large areas of wetlands poorly explored. In order to help #landmanagers and #policymakers we provide a new method to identify high priorities areas of study: Bat Knowledge Index
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&, a thread about #valuingnature 🌱

1/ My heart sinks when I see rhetoric about 'valuing #nature' distilled into questions like 'How much is an #elephant worth?' 🐘💲

#naturalcapital #ecosystemservices #value

@PolEcoNet @GeorgeMonbiot @NatCapMyth…
@SianSullivanUK 2/ A simple question can be asked in response:

If an elephant [a forest, a river, ...] is converted into a dollar sign in a capitalist #marketeconomy, is it the elephant that is valued, or the dollar?
[🐘 or💲?]
@SianSullivanUK 3/ If #nature worth is pegged only to dollars, a risk is that its value diminishes if promised dollars do not appear (#Yasuní NP, Ecuador), or something of higher dollar value is found in the same place - e.g. #oil in #Okavango 🐘💲⛽️

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Happy #MolluscMonday! Olympia #oysters (Ostrea lurida) are native to the West Coast of N. America. Native oysters provide shoreline protection, #habitat and food for other animals, accumulate sediment and filter water to benefit of aquatic vegetation. 1/ Live oysters covering a shoreline
2/ Once abundant in SF Bay, their numbers were greatly reduced by overharvesting and sedimentation during the Gold Rush. Current threats include non-native predators and climate change.
#climatechange #SanFranciscoBay #nativespecies #ecosystemservices
3/ Research and restoration projects in SF Bay are being conducted by San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, @ucd_cmsi, @SERCinvasions and @ca_coastal. Learn more at and #restoration /end
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Can we build close, sustainable connections btw ‘humans’ & ‘nature’ when our basic concepts are based on their separation?

In this paper @JamilaHaider @SStlhammar @StephenWoroniec & I show how relational thinking is changing #sustainability science:

1/ Image
Systems theorist Donella Meadows suggests that challenging dominant concepts + paradigms is one of the most powerful systemic #leveragepoints towards sustainability.

This extends even - perhaps especially - to the concepts we use in sustainability research

The use of #systemsthinking in sustainability science to highlight the connections between humans and nature has been revolutionary + hugely useful.

But it still often requires us to identify separate 'human' and 'natural' entities before linking them back together

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#GlobalChange is the most pressing challenge to ecosystems & economies. We ask @EU_Commission @vonderleyen to cont investing in #science & fund #EuropeanReferenceGenomeAtlas projects to study the book of life in the #EU. Join us! #ERGA @EU_FP9 @EBPgenome
#DYK 23% EU species are at extinction risk, e.g. Canary Island Dragon Tree, Montseny brook newt, & Macedonian grayling? We need #ERGA for sustainable pan-EU biodiv conservation! We are 39+ EU institutions & partners e.g., @B10K_project @bat1kgenomes @darwintreelife @Arthropod_i5K
Nerdier details @ the proposed #ERGA? It aligns w/EU Commission's #GreenDeal for #HorizonEurope to restore biodiversity (threatened, endemic + keystone species), resurrect #EcosystemServices, implement sustainable agricultural actions @GIGA_COS @euronext
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Dear @nytimes @cnn @vice @newsroomnz @thescientistllc @businessinsider @bbcnews @LaVanguardia @diariARA @NatureNews @sciencemagazine I suggest to every one of you to carefully and honestly think and reply to a very simple question regarding #bats #conservation #virus & #ethics.
"A casual family wth 2 lovely children lives in the countryside, near a cave hosting thousands of bats. They never had an issue with them and don't know much about bats... but now they've read your most recent news and headings about #coronavirus. What would they immediately do?"
Let me give my personal view as a bat ecologist "They would probably seal the cave or massively kill as many bats as possible. Some could hopefully escape, but the colony wouldn't definitely be back." But don't misunderstand me. It is 100% logical, and I would have done the same.
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Great new study from Germany showing how insect pollinator diversity & pollination varies between urban & rural systems. Interesting how media reports have portrayed the results……
“Plants Benefit From More Bees, Especially Bumble Bees”

“Flowering plants are better pollinated in urban than in rural areas.”…
“Flowering plants are now better pollinated in urban areas compared to rural ones, a new paper reports. But it’s likely because insects are struggling in the countryside.”…
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New Deal For Nature picks up speed. Here we have Global Deal for Nature. All language/marketing leads to Global Deal For Billionaires.

"© Copyright Global Deal for Nature, a project of Sustainable Markets Foundation"
All aboard the Global New Deals for Nature train. #NewDealForNature, Voice for the Planet, Global Deal For Nature. Here we have science is being used as a tool and even a weapon to privatize the commons under the guise of protecting nature, climate & biodiversity.
We are subjected to the branding "United Behind the Science" with a heavy emphasis from the face of the campaign (exploited Thunberg) to "listen to the science". Unite Behind the Science is not meant to protect Earth. It is meant to unleash a new era of privatization & plunder.
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