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It’s a year since we launched our Crowdfunder to carry out independent surveys to ensure rare #bats & their habitats are protected from the NDR Western Link... and what a year of discoveries it’s been! [see THREAD] Can you support our ongoing research? 🙏
Discovery 1: Wensum Valley is home to a ‘super-colony’ (only one known) of the very rare & threatened barbastelle bat – it would be severely impacted by the proposed road. Image
Discovery 2: UK’s largest known extant barbastelle roost found within the super-colony! Image
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Welcome to 2021 everyone! I’ll be ending my Twitter Takeover with @realscientists officially tomorrow, but I want to get your feedback & share a few last #bat resources before signing off.

[A thread]

(Video from @BatConIntl's Bracken Cave)
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Time for a poll! What was your favorite bat thing to learn about this week? Feel free to comment below!

#Bats #BatConservation #BatTwitter
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If you’re looking for a great short documentary about bats, check out “The Truth About Bats” by @NerdyBatLady and @path_wandering

#Bats #BatConservation #BatTwitter
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Happy New Year's Eve! To end 2020 & prep us for the New Year, I'm excited to talk today about one of my favorite bat topics:

How YOU can help #bats! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🦇🦇🦇🦇

#BatTwitter #BatConservation
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Why do we need to help #bats? ~1/3 of bat species worldwide are endangered, vulnerable, or "data deficient" (i.e. more conservation attention is needed for the species). That's a lot of species that need our help!…
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In North America, one of the most devastating threats to bats is White-nose Syndrome, caused by a fungus in hibernation caves that kills up to 99% of a colony. Only 10% of the once-abundant Little brown bat remains 😰

📸: Michael Schirmacher/@BatConIntl Little brown bats showing infection by the White-nose fungus
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I'd like to end the today with some super cool #BatFacts! Get ready for your mind to be BLOWN!
[A thread]

#Bats #BatTwitter
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Cool Bat Fact #1: The Smallest Bat
Let's start with the smallest & biggest bats in the world

The smallest #bat is a Kitti's hog-nosed bat (aka Bumblebee bat) from Thailand, the size of your thumb tip & weighing less than a penny!

📸: Yushi & Keiko Osawa
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Cool Bat Fact #2: The Biggest Bat

The largest bat is a Golden-crowned flying fox from the Philippines. It has a wingspan of up to 6 feet, but weighs only about 2 pounds. Also, it only eats fruit! 🍑🍍🥭🍌…

#Bats #BatFacts
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Today I'd like to start by talking about a topic that has received more attention recently: bats & diseases.
[A thread]
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Do bats carry more viruses than other animals? A recent study suggests there are many viruses hosted by bats simply b/c there are many species of bats, not because they are more inherently dangerous to humans than other mammals.…
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#Bats are AMAZINGLY adept at not getting sick from viruses. Unlike us, bats have mechanisms that reduce viral replication & dampen immune response to viruses. The result: their immune systems control viruses but they don't get sick.…
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New thread: The Benefits of Bats!

Bats are vital parts of natural ecosystems and provide numerous ecosystem services to us. In this thread, we'll talk about these benefits. Grab your popcorn (or grape...) and enjoy!
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Benefit #1: Insect pest control!

Many bats eat insects, including agricultural pests that damage crops. A 2011 study in @ScienceMagazine estimated that bats save the US agricultural industry ~$23 BILLION PER YEAR by eating pests!…
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Benefit #1: Insect pest control!

Another study of bats in corn fields of Illinois showed that bats suppress corn earworm larvae and direct damage to corn, saving corn farmers an estimated $1 billion annually across the globe.…
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[Tweet by @BatsForLife] Time for some Bat Basics!
1) There are over 1400 species of bats. Look at some of the amazing diversity!
Yellow-winged bat (Dan Logen/Bat Conservation International); Spectacled flying fox; Eastern red bat; Mexican long-nosed bat (both J. Scott Altenbach)
@BatsForLife [Tweet by @BatsForLife]
2) Bats are found on every continent except Antarctica in all habitats except polar regions, extreme deserts, and some small islands. There are bats in Alaska, Siberia, Hawaii (the only native mammal in the state!), and all over the world!
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3) Bats can fly but are not birds. They are the only true flying mammal ("flying" squirrels just glide🙂). They are also NOT rodents or even very closely related to rodents. So no more calling them "rats with wings"!

📸: Marianas flying fox by Yushi Osawa A large Marianas flying fox with a wingspan of several feet,
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Before we take flight with loads of bat info, I’d like to introduce myself & share a little about what it’s like getting to work with bats all around the world! Short answer: it’s AWESOME!

Check out a video from @CBSUnstoppable for some of what I do as a bat conservationist!
I get asked A LOT how I got started in #BatConservation. My journey began as a kid, when I relished watching for #bats during night hikes with my @girlscouts troop. Then in 6th grade I built and put up bat houses for my #SilverAward project. It’s never too early to get started! Kristen using a power drill...Kristen stands by a sign fo...
Speaking of #BatHouses, check out these links for info on what makes a good bat house, tips for installation, and how to buy or build your own. (More bat house info to come later this week!):……

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COVID19 is certainly impacting #conservation at large, but its effects on 🦇 conservation, is likely to be particularly acute.

In a world where #bats & humans are increasingly connected is key that stakeholders come together to better understand & frame bat-related health risks.
In this letter, co-authored by diverse range of conservations & virologists, we present a research agenda of key collaborative research areas that warrant further development if we are to provide society with a comprehensive & unbiased understanding of our coexistence with #bats. Image
Although priority areas to resolve the intricacies associated with bat conservation & zoonotic disease risk are context‐specific, we consider that there is a clear need to prioritise & invest resources into holistic, in‐depth applied research & collaboration, on the following:
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#PredictiveProgrammming | Courtesy of Corrupt #Hollywood who works W/ #CDC & #WHO

Just coincidence? Think Again!

*novel #virus
*#bsl4 lab
*Smuggled vials in socks -- @velocirapture23
*manufactured food shortages

"When the Chips Are Down, These 'Civilized People' WIll Eat Eachother."



"I am Not A Monster, I am Just Ahead of the Curve"

#PredictiveProgramming #hollywoodisevil


FULL courtesy of @MasterAtWorkINC

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📢🎉The work of #Bat1K is featured on the cover in the latest issue of @nature: “Six reference-quality #genomes reveal evolution of #bat adaptations” 🦇🧬 #bats Our thread 👇 on the… 📸: Olivier Farcy(1/n) Image
📢Have you ever wondered how 🦇 manage to do what they do? #bats have extraordinary adaptations, including powered #flight, laryngeal #echolocation, #vocal #learning and an exceptional #longevity with unique #immunity and resistance to #cancer! 📸: @DanielWhitby5 (2/n) Image
A #Bat1K team led by @Sonja_Vernes @EmmaTeeling1 @hillermich @TheGeneMyers has just published the raw genetic material that codes for these unique 🦇 adaptations and #superpowers in @nature! #bats #genomics #cool! (3/n) Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/13/2020-2…

For Experts Who Study Coronaviruses, a Grim Vindication…

#coronavirus #vindication #bats #experts
Megathrust shear force controls mountain height at convergent plate margins | Nature…

#plate #height #tectonic #mountain
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🔴#Crisanti: "#Riaperture senza criterio, colpa non è dei ragazzi"
"È una polemica a senso unico. Io l’ho ignorata fino all'ultimo, ma quando vengono dette delle bugie a fini politici, con sprezzo di tutte le sofferenze e dei morti, rispondo indignato.
🤾‍♂️"Altro che Decreto Rilancio" i Professionisti in rivolta
23 mag | TG4 | Rete 4

#DecretoRilancio: è botta e risposta tra #governo e #professionisti.
🚨La beffa dei #rimborsi e le #aziende chiudono
23 mag | TG4 | Rete 4

#Coronavirus: economia sempre più in ginocchio ed esplode la rabbia degli #imprenditori.
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@CalgaryResponse Bat houses are helpful in areas where few roosting opportunities exist (i.e., no old trees) esp in combination with good foraging habitat (wetlands, riparian or natural areas).
@CalgaryResponse Joining our #citizenscience project which involves reporting bat roosts, counting bats as they exit and sending us samples of bat guano will help us monitor populations and possibly protect significant colonies.
@CalgaryResponse Research suggests that "fat bats" do better overwinter in the face of white-nose syndrome. So keeping wetlands, ponds and other waterbodies pollution free & productive (especially in late summer) will help foraging bats be more successful & get nice and FAT before winter!
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Rhinolophus rehabilitation scheme.
Due to #Covid19 Rhinolophus has recently received bad press for no good reason.
By the way, there are >100 Rhinolophus species in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania.
They have some incredible abilities (see thread).
What is you preferred species?
Rhinolophus species use a highly sophisticated echolocation system. They use the so-called Doppler shift effect to differentiate in the frequency range the call they emit from the returning echos. This means they can emit call and receive+process echoes at the same time! #bats
Given that they emit their echolocation calls through their nose (they can also emit through the mouth by the way), they can eat and echolocate at the same time.
Bon appetit!
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Today at #CovidTownHall: @JonnaMazet! #Epidemiologist & executive director of @OneHealthUCD at #1 vet school @ucdavisvetmed. On board of directors for @GlobalVirome, served on #USAIDPredict to find emerging viruses before they spread to humans. 1/3…
More from @JonnaMazet:
@TEDMED talk “What If We Could Immunize the World Against Pandemics?"
@KnowableMag (4.16.20)…
@KCBSRadio (4.6.20)…
@OneHealthUCD #COVID19 Town Hall (4.9.20)
For those who can't attend today's #CovidTownHall at 3:30pm PDT with @JonnaMazet, you can access all recorded meetings ~24hr after here:…,
including those with @phylogenomics, @DrABrashear, @JamesEKHildreth, @sociovirology, & Brad Pollock 3/3
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A #thread on the origin of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome #coronavirus-2 #SARSCoV2, the #virus causing #COVID19. SARS-CoV-2 was identified early January 2020; genetic sequence shared publicly on 11 January. #scicomm [image 감사합니다 @IBS_media] @Virologist_11 @dirgarambe
Full genetic sequence of #SARSCoV2 from early human cases & sequences of other virus isolated from human cases from China & all over the world since then show that SARS-CoV-2 has an ecological origin in #bats.
All available evidence to date suggests that #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus has a natural animal origin and is not a manipulated or constructed virus.…
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Ever heard of ‘em? They were a weapon the U.S. intended to use against Japan in World War II and, as the name suggests, they were bombs delivered by our friends: the bat. A thread. 1/

#bats #history #WWII #savethebats #lovebats #GiveBatsABreak Image
The idea of a bat bomb was born in the imagination of a dental surgeon, Lytle S. Adams, who wrote that bats were “the lowest form of animal life” and therefore found their highest calling in helping the U.S. win the war with Japan. (📸 2/ Image
After presidential approval, the project was placed under the care of the U.S. Army Air Force. Mammologists tested the load-bearing capabilities of different bats and chose the Mexican free-tailed bat because of how much weight they could carry in flight. (📸 Wikipedia) 3/ Image
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Are #Bats and #Rodents special reservoirs? New study found that "Animal orders of established importance as zoonotic reservoirs including bats and rodents were UNEXCEPTIONAL, maintaining numbers of zoonoses that closely matched expectations for mammalian groups of their size. 1/n
More host species = more viral species all together. As simple as that!
"[...] reservoir species richness was correlated with both the number of zoonotic viruses (65.5% of deviance) and the viral richness (56.4% of deviance) of different reservoir orders" 2/n
"variation in the number of zoonoses maintained by each reservoir group was consistent with a largely host-neutral model, whereby more species-rich reservoir groups host more virus species and therefore a larger number of zoonotic species". 3/n
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1/11 Since you ask seriously, I will try to explain my views in detail. I think that your questions aren't framed appropriately, for several reasons. Regarding the #COVID_19 outbreak, we should be evaluating human behaviour instead of #bats.
2/11 A more appropriate question might be: “What are the broad benefits (including social, cultural, environmental, and financial) of people farming, trapping, trading, and consuming wild animals, and flying long-distance frequently, compared to the costs of these behaviours?”
3/11 Regarding "benefits from bats", other wildlife, or nature in general, I think it is a dangerous route to try to translate them into their economic value, because that is too limited.
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Ich bin Fledermauskundler und werde in diesen Tagen viel auf die Corona-Krise und Fledermäuse angesprochen.

Gerade jetzt ist es wichtiger denn je, sich mit den Fakten zu beschäftigen
und nicht vorschnell über Fledermäuse zu urteilen

Ein Thread dazu: 1/5
Heute hat das Eurobats-Sekretariat und der Bundesverband Fledermauskunde jeweils eine Stellungnahme abgegeben.

Hier ein paar Fakten zu Covid19 und Fledermäusen 🦇
Der Schutz der Fledermäuse ist nach wie vor sehr wichtig, da Fledermäuse sehr viele Ökosystem-Aufgaben wahrnehmen.
Die spielen eine wichtige Rolle in der Insekten-Regulierung ("Schadinsekten") und nehmen weltweit wichtige Funktionen bei der Bestäubung wahr.

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