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@dileguossi @SergioCosta_min @fattoquotidiano @tankerenemy @VNotKind @GretaThunberg Si, grazie a Te! ☀️🌱

Nelle mie ricerche ho accumulato così tante informazioni, per lo più di natura SCIENTIFICA che spesso non sò da dove cominciare!

In mezzo al Caos di #DissonanzaCognitiva che hanno creato in 30 anni (almeno... i primi esperimenti di #ManipolazioneClimatica>
@dileguossi @SergioCosta_min @fattoquotidiano @tankerenemy @VNotKind @GretaThunberg > risalgono agli ultimi anni del XIX# secolo!!! ovvero il #Cloudseeding, ormai #SDOGANATO ed offerto anche come servizio a pagamento in tutto il Mondo)

@dileguossi @SergioCosta_min @fattoquotidiano @tankerenemy @VNotKind @GretaThunberg Questa è una pagina molto esaustiva sul tema che al Sig. Ministro potrà essere utile...

The History of #CloudSeeding:

From #Pluviculture to #HurricaneHacking · @climateviewer…

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Vertaling Frans document legt plan van De Nieuwe Wereldorde [6.6.6.] uiteen. Is het allemaal fictie of is het bittere realiteit?

Het #TorontoProtocol

Serge Monast (1945-1996)
Onderstaande tekst is de vertaling van een doc dat door een Anon werd ontdekt en op 8kun werd geplaatst. Het (gelekte) stuk is van onderzoeksjournalist Serge Monast, maart 1995 gepubliceerd. Hij stierf 1 jaar na de publicatie van dit document aan een hartaanval. #TorontoProtocol
Uiteraard wordt Monast op Wikipedia weggezet als complotdenker. Wie wat anders had verwacht, is nog niet helemaal wakker... #TorontoProtocol

Het betreffende document:…

Ook verwerkt in boekvorm:……
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Trump says he ditched Denmark leader to defend honor of United States: I am not Obama…
'I thought that the prime minister's statement that it was absurd - that it was an absurd idea - was nasty. I thought it was an inappropriate statement. All she had to do is say no, we wouldn't be interested,' he said.…
FYI there's an important reason Trump wants to buy Greenland, & it has nothing to do with whatever lies the media is spewing today...

"Both the Danes & the Americans are deeply worried that China should be showing such an interest in Greenland"…
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Military caught in the act of #weatherWarfare proof proof and more proof. Please watch this short video I made
proving beyond a shadow of a doubt our weather
is being manipulated
controlled and causing havoc on the USA.#SilentWeaponsForQuietWars @SandyRiosTweet @BrianKempGA
Guys I'm not here to make friends although friends are good. I'm here to speak the truth to wake the masses to do something about this madness listen the same thing is happening right here today in Georgia we have no clouds they're heating the Nano particulates making it hot
There are people dying homes being destroyed Farmland being destroyed crops Farmers can't even get there seeds in the dirt 4 repeated flooding. Is this okay with you? Are you going to sit on the sidelines and keep your mouth shut? If so please don't follow me. Wake up and speakup
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1972: The US has been secretly seeding clouds over North Vietnam, Laos & South Vietnam to increase & control the rainfall for military purposes.

#Geoengineering seeks to combat climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or by increasing the reflectivity of the earth – with clouds or even space dust – to reduce the sun’s warmth.…
goal was to extend the monsoon season & flood the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the system of supply routes used by enemy fighters in Vietnam. Americans hoped to cause landslides, wash out river crossings, & generally disrupt the movement of North Vietnamese…5fI50f3w
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Yep, that's all that's ever present here too. I call 'em Masonic Milky White Skies. Of course after dark the skies clear completely to let any heat that was escape into the atmosphere. #WeaponizedWeather #WeatherWarfare #Chemtrails #HAARP
@NULOOKREFINISH Weather manipulation "is perhaps the single greatest threat facing humanity. I think if we fail to act collectively against this nefarious agenda, we will all be living in a toxic world were life will cease to be sustainable.
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Which countries are considered the greatest threat 2 intl peace? How desperate will the power structures of these countries become as a wider awareness of their actions (past & present) grows? What means 2 an end will #Rothschilds go to protect the #EliteCabal? #WeaponizedWeather
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#QAnon #Qanon8chan Well,well,well REVEALED: Woman who cared for Florida shooter'filed court papers demanding control of his $800,000 inheritance from his mother just ONE DAY after the massacre'🤨The Friday after the shooting they had the half-brother committed!!#MKUltra #Stinks
#QAnon #Qanon8chan @antischool_ftw #MockingbirdMedia It. Never. Ended!!Fauntroy knew!!😒
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