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#Nature's #Creation, from scratch :)

Everything starts from a #PointOfStillness sitting at #ZeroPoint, the center of every #ToroidalEnergySystem.

This point of stillness is the infinite electric energy source of all creation.
It's opposite of nothing, a place of perfect harmony Image
If this stillness is disturbed,as in "first was the word", electric energy starts to spin at place, forming a stable permanent #Toroidal #EnergyUnit

This is the universe's smallest "pixel"
Top left image symbolizes the light-ray disturbance from stillness ending in bottom right ImageImageImageImage
Two toroidal systems combine, forming a perfectly equilibrated double-toroidal energy system ImageImageImage
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A common reason for cardiac consultations nowadays - a high heart rate observed on pulse oximetry done to check for oxygen levels at home in the fear of Covid. #COVID19 #oximetry
Most of them have no symptoms or start having symptoms due to anxiety after observing the higher heart rate. Sinus tachycardia is the most common finding and rates can go upto 140-150 also. (Normal rhythm and higher rate) #pulse
Common causes of sinus tachycardia
•stimulants, nicotine or caffeine
•low blood pressure
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What should we expect in tomorrow's jobs day release?

A stalled recovery.…
After historically fast growth in May and June, July's jobs report is sure to disappoint. Because so many jobs were lost in March and April, the economy remains 14.7 million jobs short, and a full recovery even with rapid growth is many months away.…
As COVID-19 has spread rapidly throughout the country, various other data released since the jobs report reference period in mid-June suggest—at best—a stalled recovery. At worst, we could see job losses for July.
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On the anniversary of one of the deadliest mass shootings in US history, #HonorThemWithAction is encouraging people to take action in memory of the 49 people killed 4 years ago at #Pulse nightclub. Here are some stories of those whose lives were forever changed that awful night.
26-year-old Angel Colon took his first steps two months to the day after the shooting.
On the first anniversary of the shooting, survivors and relatives of those who were killed, including four victims' mothers, gathered together.
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49 lost friends. 53 carrying wounds temporary or permanent. Four years after #Pulse, I remain assured that '#OrlandoStrong' was never just a slogan. It was a promise.
We promised to support each other, to love each other, and to never forget those we lost, nor those who are still with us.
I am inspired by the passion of the advocates who have turned tragedy into action; who saw the tragedy of Parkland and said "I know what you've been through, and I can help." #HonorThemWithAction
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People with courage exist.

We allow children to be kept in concentration camps.

America disgusts me.
I can't wait to go on trial for over 3 years of my life against #TheState!

The #CityOfPortland wants me in jail and I will demonstrate that my peaceful #FreeSpeech was both entirely truthful and correct. #Portland's City Council colluded with @G4S to sign a $10 million contract.
Mayor #TedWheeler's cowardly City Council rammed-through a new 5-year contract without public testimony, and while ignoring KNOWN PUBLIC DISAPPROVAL.

@G4S security also armed, trained & included #OmarMateen in their "security agent" ranks - the #Pulse mass-shooting killer of 49.
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Three years ago, an act of brutality & hate stole 49 beautiful souls at #Pulse Nightclub. We will never forget the darkness of that night – but neither will we forget our commitment to #HonorThemWithAction.
Just a few short months ago, the House passed #HR8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, and H.R. 1112, the Enhanced Background Checks Act – legislation inspired by the courage of survivors & the persistence of young advocates across the country.
It’s time for the Senate to follow suit by holding a vote on these commonsense measures to prevent gun violence. #HonorThemWithAction #Pulse
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Today we mourn, honor, celebrate, activate 🏳️‍🌈 #ForThe49 lost at #Pulse. We #SayTheirNames because they are our brothers and sisters, our friends and lovers, our family.

We love and cherish your memories, #LGBTQ #OrlandoStrong.
Edward Sotomayor Jr., 34.…
Franky Jimmy Dejesus Velazquez, 50.…
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At work, I made this board for #OrlandoUnitedDay, which is June 12th marking the anniversary of the tragedy that happened at #pulse.

It’s in honor of the 49 lives that were taken. The youngest was 18, the oldest was 50, and the average age was 29. Sit and think about those ages.
It was emotional writing these names down. I’d write there name down and say it aloud without trying. It was so cerebral and emotional and intense to see these names that were a part, that are still a part, of my community here in central Florida but their lives were taken.
A lot of these people were people of color... there were African americans and the majority of them were Latinx. Queer people of color out celebrating one moment and gunned down the next. For what? Seriously think about that. Think about the hatred that was fueled by all this.
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On the 2nd anniversary of the #Pulse nightclub shooting, we remember the stories of the 49 people who lost their lives that night
Brenda McCool, 49, raised 12 children and beat cancer twice. She was dancing at Pulse with her son, who is gay, when the gunshots began. McCool died, her son survived
Christopher Andrew Leinonen, 32, was with his boyfriend, Juan Guerrero, 22, who was also killed
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Over the past 2 days, hundreds of doctors have shared heartbreaking accounts of how #gunviolence is a #publichealth issue. These are the stories of #docs4gunsense ... May their words make a difference.

@choo_ek @physicianwomen @darakass @gitapensa
The result of a bullet ricocheting inside the skull and destroying the brain on CT scan. The worst trauma I have seen. GUNS ARE A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE – Gen Geller MD, NY #docs4gunsense @drgenngeller
The damage a bullet does to a 1 year old brain as it ricochets back and for. The guilt the family feels. The sadness we all feel.
Melissa Miller MD, Missouri
Peds EM #docs4gunsense
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1/3 #Pulse has 100 Cr turnover in 1st yr with ZERO marketing spend.That's a whopping 5.5% share in 1800 Cr candy mkt Image
2/3 How did DS Group do it? It was 2yrs of research & a unique consumer insight that did the magic - aam panna with a masala blast
3/3 Should definitely be the case study of the year……
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