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"Eight ways the House select committee is changing the conversation on Jan. 6"

A thread of the @JRubinBlogger article:…
"Unlike many in the media and the White House, they made clear this was an attempt to overthrow democracy."

"As Cheney said, “These text messages leave no doubt ... multiple Fox News hosts knew the president needed to act immediately.”

And they leave no doubt about their cringeworthy pandering to Trump and his base, whom they helped radicalize."…
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"Meanwhile, the amateurish “stop the steal” efforts of 2020 have given way to an organized nationwide campaign to ensure that Trump & his supporters will have the control over state and local election officials that they lacked in 2020"

"Those recalcitrant Republican state officials who effectively saved the country from calamity by refusing to falsely declare fraud or to “find” more votes for Trump are being systematically removed or hounded from office."

"Today’s arguments over the filibuster will seem quaint in three years if the American political system enters a crisis for which the Constitution offers no remedy."

#EndTheFilibuster Pass the #FreedomToVoteAct
Protect American democracy…
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No ties to Russia.

@LeaderMcConnell & trump, letting the staffer take the fall. They all took dirty Russian money stolen from the Russian people and laundered it through the RNC & their PACs. - and through the NRA. Remember Buttina?
Why else would Michael Cohen be made Co Finance Chair with Broidy for the RNC? Why was trump getting thousands in monthly payments from the RNC? Why was Pence's nephew receiving monthly payments from the RNC? They're all guilty.
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1/ @SykesCharlie is correct to note that while he is still their party leader, the crazy in the GQP has metastasized beyond Trump.

With the orange shit stain's defeat, and the aftermath of 1/6, the Republican party had a choice... Repudiate Trumpism, or double down on it.
2/ What did they do? They consciously chose to triple down.

They are fully aware how far they traveled into the mud pit with Trump, it would take decades to properly fix. They know it would take an enormous amount of work for sane/intelligent Americans to trust them again.
3/ Thus, for the complicit GQP, it's easier to continue placating to the cult they radicalized.

You have cowardly self-serving disappointments like @NikkiHaley, who rebuked Trumpism after 1/6, but immediately recanted when it was not received well by the base.
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Former Guy profoundly altered our system of government. Though he was no Washington or Lincoln, Trump, with the help of #GOPComplicitTraitors amended the “informal” Constitution in at least 5 significant ways.

Amendment 1. No president shall be removed from office for treason, bribery or any crime or misdemeanor should a partisan minority of the Senate choose to protect him. Impeachment was intended to be a check on presidential misbehavior;it’s now more like a partisan permission slip
Amendment 2. Congressional oversight shall be optional. No congressional subpoena or demand for testimony or documents shall bind a president who chooses to ignore it. From now on, if the president stonewalls Congress—well, too bad for Congress.
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As I work on threading the 2020 #DemPartyPlatform for Twitter users, I often think about how the republicans this year did not meet (even virtually),hash out,debate or draft a 2020 platform of their own.What kind of major political party chooses this path? #GOPBetrayedAmerica
What does this say about the
Republican Party of today? Are they unorganized? Unmotivated? Unable to come to consensus? Unsure? Useless? Corrupt? Sycophantic? Why don’t we ask @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell? He’s been sorta quiet on the matter. #GOPBetrayedAmerica
A Platform is an essential document;a blueprint that envelops & embraces the party’s values,principles, plans, proposals & priorities. All we know about 2020 Republicans: they completely support the 45th president & his agenda even tho he has been impeached & removed by voters.
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A mob led by local Muslim clerics destroyed a Hindu temple in Southern Pakhtunkhawa Karak, Pakistan. #Hindus & #Christians persecuted in Pakistan & #JoeBiden gives money to #Pakistan

#MAGA #StopTheSteaI2020 #Trump #BeijingBiden #GOP #BidenCheated2020 #FightForTrump #Bhagavadgita
This temple burnt today was built in 1919. Closed by locals in 1947. Was restored in 2015 on orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan

Entire #Pakistan only has 30 functional #Temples

No place for #Hindus & #Christians

@HinduAmericans @BharadwajSpeaks @OpIndia_com #bhagavadgita4all
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FLASH: Georgia To Conduct Statewide ‘Signature Match Review’ Of Absentee Ballots after weeks of pressure from @realDonaldTrump and his campaign

#BidenWillNeverBePresident #MAGA #SteveBannon #StopTheSteaI2020 #WarRoomPandemic #Trump2020 #HunterBiden #CCP…
GEORGIA:The @GaSecofState said in the press release announcing the signature match audit that they’re working to “secure the vote in the Peach State”

#BidenCheatedAndGotCaught #HunterBiden #Trump2020 #MAGA #SteveBannon #WarRoomPandemic #StopTheSteaI2020… ImageImageImage
Justice Caught Admitting Why He Really Refused Election Fraud Case

#SCOTUS scared of riots

"Truth is God and God is Truth - #Bhagavadgita".

Can anybody defeat God

#BidenWillNeverBePresident #MAGA #SteveBannon #StopTheSteaI2020 #WarRoomPandemic #Trump2020 #HunterBiden #CCP
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#Mnuchin "Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republicans are preparing to sabotage the country in order to gain political advantage from the destruction they cause." @tomfriedman @NicolleDWallace @SteveSchmidtSES @Forbes @WSJ @SenateDems @SpeakerPelosi @MarkWarner
Just to decode Thune’s remarks for you: “Spending” means cutting spending, “entitlement reform” means cuts to programs such as food stamps & Medicaid, and “growth & the economy” means hampering growth and sabotaging the economy. @SenateDems @johnthune @JoeBiden @WSJ @Forbes
By attacking America's economy, they take food off families’ tables, force cutbacks in state & local services, punish small businesses & create a vicious cycle of austerity & anemic recovery in the rest of the country, hoping Americans blame Biden for all of it. @SpeakerPelosi
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@BrentAllpress @Tentoads4truth @elliemail this is a tweet thread from #auspol I copied from twitter that has since gone missing I saw in my archives, from just last year. You are going to have to research what it is saying but would never alter stuff.. but someone has had it removed.. it could even be one of yours, Brent Image
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Worth a share...

“A day in the Life of Sue Republican

Sue gets up at 6 a.m. and fills her coffeepot with water to prepare her morning coffee. The water is clean and good because some tree-hugging liberal fought for minimum water-quality standards. (1)
With her first swallow of coffee, she takes her daily medication.

Her medications are safe to take because some stupid commie liberal fought to insure their safety and that they work as advertised. (2)
All but $10 of her medications are paid for by her employer's medical plan because some liberal union workers fought their employers for paid medical insurance - now Sue gets it too. (3)
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People are always trying to understand Donald Trump, why he attacks public servants like Dr. Faui or MI Gov. Whitmer, slyly whips up so much anger they face threats on their lives. You can't understand Trump, until you accept that he is the Devil. #TrumpCrimeFamily #TrumpIsEvil
This possibility - Trump maybe being Satan - is explained by Albert Brooks' Broadcast News character:

“What do you think the Devil is going to look like if he’s around? Nobody's going to be taken in by a guy with a long red pointy tail."

As Brooks says, "I'm semi-serious here."
"He will be attractive...He’ll get a job where he influences a great God-fearing nation. He’ll never do an evil thing...He will just bit by little bit lower our standards where they are important." #TrumpLiesPeopleDie #GOPBetrayedAmerica #Trump #TrumpPence2020
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@senrobportman Sir I’m watching you right now and I got a measly $107 this week. I received unemployment, went back to work, got laid off again because we are back to phase 1! How IS 107 going to feed my family, take care of my children when I don’t get any government assistance!
You sir are a millionaire and you were lying to all of the American people standing on that podium! Also my husband is a fire captain with 20 years experience facing layoff! There are people mooching but the ones that need this have families to fucking support!
Layoffs are still happening daily. Schools are still closed. You guys are a joke, i can’t believe we put faith in y’all to have the Americans back. You guys are millionaires, dangling money over our heads. What about the ones that made more than $600 a week? #GOPBetrayedAmerica
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Feels like an opportune moment for an evergreen Police Brutality Thread Alert 🚨... #GeorgeFloyd #BLM #SayHisName #ICantBreatheAGAIN
Circa October 2014: Racism and Darren Wilson Supporters: Not a Coincidence. | via @docrocktex26…
Circa October 2014: "He Reached for My Gun," and Other Fantasies Invoked by Police Who Kill Unarmed Black Men | via @docrocktex26…
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Okay, so let's take a moment to summarize. Trump-

1. Did nothing to prepare for #coronavirus in January or February 2020,
2. Gave away our 17.8 8 ton, $8 billion stockpile of PPE to China on 2/7/2020,
3. Dragged his feet to replenish the supply, and never enforced the national defense production order to increase our own production once he gave it,
4. Hoarded the PPE once the started to obtaining it while stealing supply orders from the state,
5. Played favorites distributing PPE, ventilators and aid to red states as political gifts and favors while choking off blue states that were hit the hardest,
6. Never provided adequate supplies of PPE or ventilators to hospitals,
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📬 @realDonaldTrump’s plan has always been to burn down the administrative state so that it can be privatized by his cronies. It’s exactly what happened to Russia under Putin. He wants the USPS to fail. #AmericanOligarchs
⚠️@realDonaldTrump wants to privatize EVERY aspect of our infrastructure. That way, no matter who is President, he and his family and friends own our intel, USPS, education, warfighters, federal land etc... America is being sold to the highest bidder.…
🔥Remember, @realDonaldTrump had a plan to steal the nations resources BEFORE he was President...👇
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The GOP is lying to you. Trump is lying to you. Trump's campaign is lying to you. Mike Pence is lying to you. Trump's acolytes are lying to you. Fox News is lying to you. Big, obvious, easily disproved lies.

People are dying while they play games and enrich themselves on the back of a national crisis.

If you can't see that or don't understand it, it's simply because you don't want to. All the information is available. The facts are out there.

The truth is available to anyone who bothers to look for it.

History will not be kind to the sycophants and gleefully misinformed masses who sow division and hate and fear and amplify propaganda and bully while their countrymen suffer and die.

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Trump & Coronavirus; A Portrait of Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Jan 20: 3 dead; 200 infected.

Trump Jan 21: It's "totally under control... it's going to be just fine."

Jan 22: 17 dead, 550 infected.

Jan 24: 26 dead, 830 infected.

World Health Organization Jan 30: Coronavirus is a "global emergency." 170 dead. 7,711 infected.

Jan 31: New infections confirmed in 4 additional countries.

Trump Jan 31: "Working closely with China and others on Coronavirus outbreak. Only 5 people in U.S., all in good recovery."

Feb 1: New infections confirmed in eight additional countries. 259 dead, 11,791 infected.

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Hey what kids did Sanders put in cages?

What 16,000 lies has Warren told?

What government jobs did Buttigieg give to members of his family?

Which of Klobuchar's mistresses did her lawyer pay off during the campaign?

When did Biden run a full page ad advocating the death penalty for five innocent teenagers?

Which countries did Bloomberg solicit for illegal campaign assistance?

How much was Sanders fined for fundraising fraud - twice?

How much taxpayer money has Warren spent golfing at her own resorts?

How many trillions has Buttigieg added to the national debt with handouts to millionaires?

Which fake university run by Klobuchar was forced into a $25 million settlement?

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What really strikes me as hilarious - not really hilarious, except maybe this compartmented part - is that @MittRomney appears to be the only ACTUAL religious GOP senator. He mentioned that he took his oath to do impartial justice before God. And as much as he wanted to (Contd)
Stick with the party but truly feared doing so would go against the oath he took in front of #God. Now I’m not a religious person by ANY stretch of the imagination, but to me that’s impressive. The whole magic underwear thing aside, that man truly took his oath seriously (Cont’d)
And saw what every rational, non-partisan, flag waving person saw, and voted to convict. The #GOP has absolutely zero right now (and far LONG before this, but that’s a different point) to claim to be the party of #Christians. It’s obvious that every other person from that (contd)
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