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#AACR20 Clinical plenary highlights the phase Ib study of RO7198457, an individualized neoantigen specific immunotherapy (iNeST) with atezolizumab. This represents a personalized immunotherapy approach that designs the agent based on likely neoantigens. #OncoAlert Image
#AACR20 TMB holds some value but it is likely a surrogate for neoantigen load, which may be the more important predictor. The challenge is that neoantigens are not shared between patients. iNeST is designed to expand neoantigen-specific T-cells in a specific patient. #OncoAlert Image
#AACR20 iNeST RO-457 is generated for an individual patient. Biopsy subject to NGS and bioinformatics used to predict neoantigens. Neoantigens encoded on two mRNA molecules (each with up to 10 neoantigens) and packaged in lipoplex nanoparticle formulation. #OncoAlert Image
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#AACR20 Final analysis of IMpower 150 (1L carbo, paclitaxel, bevacizumab, atezolizumab in NSCLC) presented by Dr. Mark Socinski, @fedcappuzzo @TonyMok9 @delvysra and others. Some interesting subset analyses in this trial. #LCSM #OncoAlert Image
#AACR20 A look at study design. Arm B was the four drug regimen which offered an OS improvement over Arm C (carbo/pac/bev, ECOG 4599). Here, we see comparison of A vs C (carbo/pac/bev vs carbo/pac/atezo). #LCSM #OncoAlert Image
#AACR20 In the final analysis, no significant difference between arms A and C (carbo/pac/atezo vs carbo/pac/bev), but the 4-drug regimen of carbo/pac/bev/atezo still offerering OS benefit. #LCSM #OncoAlert Image
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#AACR20 Outcomes in KEYNOTE-189 (1L carbo + pem + pembro in #NSCLC) by STK11 and KEAP1 status presented by Shirish Gadgeel. Analysis on a (sizable) subset of the ITT showed STK11mt/KEAP1wt 8.7%, STK11wt/KEAP1mt 13.5%, double STK11/KEAP1 mt 10%. #LCSM #OncoAlert ImageImage
#AACR20 STK11 and KEAP1 mutations associated with lower PDL1 expression and higher #TMB. #LCSM #OncoAlert ImageImage
#AACR20 Addition of pembro to chemo improved RR independent of STK11 and KEAP1 mutation status. #LCSM #OncoAlert Image
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#ASCO20 Excellent presentation by @HornLeora on the #TERAVOLT initiative - a global registry describing patients with thoracic malignancy and COVID19. #OncoAlert #LCSM Image
#TERAVOLT is such an impressive effort, spearheaded by @marinagarassino. Flurries of emails sent on March 15, 2020 and a protocol approved 5d later with 200 patients presented at #AACR20 and 400 patients at #ASCO20! Driven by passion and a deep collaborative spirit. #OncoAlert Image
#ASCO20 An interesting observation in #TERAVOLT was the association of steroid use and anticoagulation (at #COVID19 diagnosis, not as an intervention) with higher mortality in patients with lung cancer. Months ago, we would not have predicted this. #OncoAlert #LCSM ImageImageImageImage
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#ASCO20 Worth reviewing this presentation by @MLJohnsonMD2 on the phase II CITYSCAPE data of atezolizumab +/- tiragolumab. Tiragolumab is an anti-TIGIT (T-cell immunoreceptor with Ig and ITIM domains) molecule that prevents inhibition of T-cell and NK-cell activation. #OncoAlert Image
#ASCO20 Preclinical combinations show synergy with anti-PDL1 and anti-TIGIT. Full Phase I data will be at #AACR20. CITYSCAPE is a randomized phase II of 1L atezolizumab + tiragolumab/placebo in PDL1+ NSCLC. #OncoAlert #LCSM ImageImage
#ASCO20 Randomized 135 patients, 43% PDL1 high. Tiragolumab improved RR (37% vs 21%). In PDL1 TPS 50%+, RR 66% vs 24% (in PDL1 low, RR 16% vs 18%). Median f/u only 10.9m so need more time but the control arm does appear a bit worse than we would expect. #OncoAlert #LCSM ImageImageImage
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#OncoAlert #AACR20 More mature data emerging from China. This review by Dr. Zhang at Tongji in Wuhan discusses patients with cancer and #COVID19. Interesting to contrast these with data from US, Italy, Spain, France, etc - some trends just reflect patient populations served. Image
#OncoAlert #AACR20 In the Liang report from @TheLancetOncol, we saw 1% of #COVID19 patients had cancer. In this Wuhan report from 3 hospitals (1/13/20-2/26/20), it was 2.2% (25% lung, 14% esophageal, 11% breast), 30% stage IV. 60/40 split male/female. 71% community acquired. Image
#OncoAlert #AACR20 In 28 patients with cancer and #COVID19, 36% required mechanical ventilation, 29% mortality with 21% still hospitalized. For those discharged, median hospitalization 18.4 days. For those with severe events, median 7 days from COVID diagnosis to event. ImageImage
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#OncoAlert #AACR20 Long awaited data from TAK-788 (now mobocertinib) in #EGFR exon 20 #NSCLC - this is clearly an unmet need with poor outcomes achieved using standard EGFR TKIs or immunotherapy. TAK-788 has some promising features to help in this setting #LCSM ImageImage
#OncoAlert #AACR20 Dose escalation of TAK-788 (mobocertinib) established MTD of 160mg qday. DLTs were 1 case each of grade 3 diarrhea, grade 3 mucositis, grade 3 pneumonitis, and grade 5 (fatal) pneumonitis. Study then enrolled into 7 different baskets to explore efficacy. #LCSM ImageImage
#OncoAlert #AACR20 In patients with #EGFRex20 #NSCLC treated with TAK-788 at 160mg, RR was 43% (n=28) including ASV mutations and NPH insertions. mPFS 7.3 months. Responses independent of prior therapy. Certainly encouraging - need more numbers, longer f/u, full dataset. #LCSM Image
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#OncoAlert #AACR20 Overview of #COVID19 and cancer in patients @GustaveRoussy presented by @barlesi - 137 patients with COVID-19 also had a diagnosis of cancer. 20% breast, 15% GI, 10% lung. About 60% had active disease, 40% in follow-up / observation. ImageImage
#OncoAlert #AACR20 Most common symptoms were fever (47%), cough (46%), fatigue (34%), dyspnea (33%), anosmia (10%). Worth noting that only 20% had known contact exposure and 23% were asymptomatic. Also showing their testing rates - the more you test, the more you will find! ImageImage
#OncoAlert #AACR20 Radiographic changes with #COVID19 fairly common. Will need to see how these evolve with time and recovery. Outcomes to date: 25% with clinical worsening, 11% required ICU, 15% mortality (16% still hospitalized). ImageImage
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Missed #COVID19nCancer plenary in #AACR20 @AACR?
Here’s a thread to catch up on all the fascinating global research presented by:
@AACR @AACRPres #AntoniRibas #LiZhang @marinagarassino @barlesi #CarlosGomez #LouisVoigt #HongbingCai cc:@OncoAlert @COVID19nCCC @ASCO @ASH_hematology
#1: Chinese Experience by #LiZhang and #HongbingCai

More evidence of increased prevalence of #Cancer among #COVID19, ~2% similar to what we found in our #metanalysis @ASCO_pubs #JCOGO here:…
#LiZhang described 35.7% required mechanical ventilation and significant risk factors for severe outcomes on #multivariate analysis was recent #cancertreatment and #consolidation on CT
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#OncoAlert #AACR20 Global registry of #COVIDー19 in patients with lung cancer led by @marinagarassino and @HornLeora, the #TERAVOLT registry: Thoracic Cancers International COVID-19 Collaboration. An impressive and rapidly executed, global registry. #LCSM ImageImageImage
#OncoAlert #AACR20 This registry included patients with thoracic malignancy and #COVIDー19. Enrolling rapidly and this presentation describes the first 200 patients entered. Comorbidity rate is high, as previously reported. #LCSM ImageImage
#OncoAlert #AACR20 Most patients with #COVIDー19 were receiving treatment (74%), which may reflect the patients seen by participants, though patients in follow up also at risk. Most common symptoms: fever (64%), cough (52%), dyspnea (54%) and fatigue (27%). #LCSM ImageImage
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#OncoAlert #AACR20 Results from phase II study of camrelizumab (SHR-1210, anti-PD-1) plus apatinib in #SCLC presented by Dr. Jie Wang. Camrelizumab is approved in China for Hodgkin lymphoma and has shown promise in HCC. Here, results from single arm phase II. #LCSM Image
#OncoAlert #AACR20 Stage I included three different schedules of apatinib delivery (camrelizumab is given IV q2w). The apatinib 375mg qday schedule was chosen for stage 2. Included chemo-sensitive and resistant #SCLC, using a 90-day platinum-free interval cutoff. #LCSM Image
#OncoAlert #AACR20 Patient characteristics reveal a slightly higher proportion of never-smokers (10/47, 21%). #SCLC strongly linked to smoking but can be seen in never smokers (4.5% in IMpower 133). Spontaneous transformation from #EGFR? Different outcomes in this group? #LCSM Image
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Here’s a closer look at TIGIT and its potential in #cancer therapy. This target is primed to gain more traction in immuno-oncology this year. (Thread below)

Key players developing anti-TIGIT therapies are $RHHBY $MRK $BMY $RCUS $ALPMY $BGNE $CGEN $SGEN $MREO $IVBXF & @iTeosTx
TIGIT is an inhibitory receptor expressed by activated T-cells, T-regs & NK cells

- Ligand for TIGIT (PVR) is expressed in multiple tumor types
- Activation suppresses T-cell activity
- Upregulated during PD-1 blockade

@Cancer_Cell paper (open access):…
A key TIGIT question is the role of FcƔR and antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC).

$RHHBY & $MRK support FcƔR ADCC benefit due to T-reg depletion & myeloid cell reprogramming. $RCUS states the opposite as this ADCC activity may also deplete T-effector & NK cells.
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