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I've been mostly absent during the Dems nominating process because, frankly, I knew that those whom I could possibly vote for to nominate in place of @HillaryClinton totaled zero.


I still believe that Clinton should have remained the Democrats de facto nominee in 2020.
I will always believe that it sends a terrible and destructive message to allow foreign agents, a rival candidate, and a rival party conspire against any rival candidate or party to steal an election.


I think that message became doubly so in 2016.

That nobody in the slate of 2020 nominees was able to forgo their own egos for sale of nation and party became unbearably depressing.

By refusing to fight for Clinton, the Democratic party and every nominee that ran, have made the political future of this nation much darker.
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The next 18 months are going to be filled with stories like this.


While the story itself is essentially true, it is the narrative bend that rings hollow, and it will be the underlying current of Trump's media coverage for 2020.

In fact, that narrative is being shaped in real time, right now.

It is a fiction of "Trump the Underdog." And of "Trump the man whose own hubris is what kseps him from true greatness."

There will be profiles documenting Trump's loneliness and his fears of loss.

There will be stories of exasperated staff members worrying about their boss.

But it will all be bullshit.

The things they will write and report on will have had always been true, but they will be told differently.

Trump, mob criminal, will be recast as a tragic hero.

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Every candidate has flaws, Hillary has plenty. Every campaign makes mistakes, even those that win. And it's ridiculous to argue otherwise.

But that's not the point.

Let's talk about all the ways people talk about how Al Gore fucked up 2000 or John Kerry 2004.

People don't have those conversations because blame for the loss in 2000 was almost immediately shifted, and rightly so, to the Supreme Court, and, they Swift Boated Kerry, am I right? Oh, and Americans don't like to shift Administrative gears in the middle of a war.

There are very few conversations people have about why any Presidential candidate loses an election. Because in a contest of two there is always a loser. It's ok, therefore, for men to lose an election. They've been doing it for over 200 years.

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AGAIN, Warning: This thread is likely to trigger known social media ailments inc, but not limited to, faux outrage, mad Bros, gaslighting, and more. Those experiencing such will be ignored and/or laughed at.

Now, let's talk about how we're already fucking up 2020, part deux.

Yesterday I explained why I believed our overcrowded candidate field for 2020 is not good thing. In this thread I will focus on what I think the candidates themselves are getting wrong.

Hold on to your hats kids, this might get a little bumpy.

1. I belong to the largest and most dominant political coalition in the United States. And we are being ignored.

It is a real tragedy, because it signals that the candidates are either buying into the negative propaganda out there, or they lack confidence.

Neither is good.

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The campaign ended.

Election day happened.

But, among other things, the media played a pivotal role in convincing many that Trump was credible, viable, and acceptable. They showered him w/ free & constant attention, and largely let him control his own narrative.

They provided cover for him constantly & silenced his critics, including @HillaryClinton, by either ignoring them, ridiculing them, shaming them, or through good old fashioned gaslighting.

Especially when it came to matters concerning Russia.

It was pathetic & devastating.

This, while also giving Bernie Sanders a free ride. I mean all of the stuff we are talking about in terms of his treatment of women was thede in his history.

Sanders had the biggest gender pay gap in the entire Senate in 2011. He never hired a single POC until 2014.

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It gives me hives. My blood pressure starts to climb. My mouth will sometimes go completely dry.

It's crazy I know, but there it is...

The thought that after everything we have been through, that she's been through, that another woman will get recognition as "First."

2020 gives me a sour stomach, and it's only 2018. And yet from this distance I can see that @TheDemocrats are going to get the tone wrong in two years.

Nothing new.

In my dreams 2020 would be a taking back of 2016. It would be an acknowledgment that we / #SheWon.

The convention would be as much about thanking @HillaryClinton as it would be her leading the mantle to whomever we nominate.

She would be introduced as the legitimate President of the United States, and she would introduce the nominee and pass the mantle to her / him.

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So, I think we have well reached that point in our story when we start looking to those allies in the media we relied upon in 2015/16 to help correct the record and who helped get the word out about Russia to now publicly ask their MSM colleagues to admit their many errors.

This has to happen eventually or else the press will forever be doubted and it will leave the door open for this to happen again, and, no doubt, far sooner than it should.

Their mistreatment of Clinton and promotion of Trump were pivotal in advancing Russia's goals.

The street warfare tactics and condescending approach so many of them took with, not only declared supporters like @tomwatson and @peterdaou, but even with those presumed to be, like @JoyAnnReid and @joanwalsh (Walsh eventually declared her support), was insidious and wrong.

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How do you solve a problem like @Politico? Who, in tandem with its MSM cohorts from both old & new media, continue to engage in misogynistic propaganda intended to bend the narrative arc where they wish?


How Do You Solve a Problem Like Hillary?

We're here again?

Damn! It never happens that just before something major like, say important midterm elections for instance, that some media outlet will publish a piece about how awful @HillaryClinton is and much we @TheDemocrats hate her and wish she'd go away.

And I've never written a thread about how toxic and onvious that bullshit is and I've never had a bunch of bunny rabbit dumbasse fill my comments with sage pieces of advice about "moving on" and focusing on what matters."

No, this shit never happens.

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It is NOT A FUCKING COINCIDENCE that certain members the House @GOP's Judiciary Committee are attending a closed door meetings about @HillaryClinton's emails.


Because, like us, they have come to the same conclusions as the rest of us have.

#SheWon & they're panicking.

They are engaging the same strategy that they always do when it comes to @HillaryClinton.


It's nauseating how aggressively predictable it all is, and how calculating, not to mention cynical and evil too.

Of course, the idea of men like @DevinNunes sitting in judgement of @HillaryClinton in any capacity now seems even more utterly ridiculous than it did before.

No amount of Clinton focus or deflection will possibly erase the sins and hypocrisy of the @GOP.

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I have considered it my mission, while here, to defend @HillaryClinton against the insidious and unfair attacks against her and the campaign she ran for President in 2016.

Today that mission shifted.

It is now my mission to insist on public acknowledgement that #SheWon.

Those who know me well, know that this has always been my belief, but today that belief was verified in too many ways to ignore.

@HillaryClinton is the legitimate President of the United States.

Whether she ever assumes the office or not, history must tell the right story.

It must say loud and clear that a woman won, and that Americans chose her.

She was not a weak candidate who was beaten by worst candidate in history.

Instead she was so formidable a candidate that it took the epic effort of a global conspiracy to keep her from office.

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What I know for sure: @HillaryClinton would have done as President what she has done in every job she's held and every office to which she's been elected or appointed, her best.

She would've worked harder, known everything, tried to be everywhere, and took nothing for granted.
She would have tried to work with political adversaries to find common cause, went through every shade of yellow pantsuit mace and taken more insta-naps than any other President in history.

She would've been kind, aware of her place in history, & arrogance free.
She would strengthened our alliances and made Putin feel the way she always has, which is to say small, weak, and unequal.

She would have been patient with Bernie, ignored the Donald and she would have been an even bigger inspiration to little girls everywhere.

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Conservatives can't let it go. They can't accept that they are wrong, and that they've always been wrong about @HillaryClinton.

Despite having been investigated several times by the most partisan and relentless individuals imaginable.


No thing.

No thing there.

And the people investigating her have wanted, often (it seemed) needed, to find SOMETHING.


Take one part speculation and two parts innuendo and top it off with a pile of manufactured anger and moral shock and you have the basic recipe for every Hillary "scandal."

If you think that Ken Starr, Trey Gowdy, and probably even James Comey wouldn't have given their life's blood to find that thing to bring her down then you are being wilfully ignorant to the obvious reality.

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I know I talk a lot about @HillaryClinton.

I know.

But there's a reason.

Too few political figures in our country seem to understand the processes underway right now better than she does, and if they do, they are not saying so out loud.

She matters, because she is right.

She matters because she has almost always been right about everything.

She matters because she is willing to say what no one wants to hear, despite being criticized relentlessly for doing so.

She matters because she did not lose the 2016 elections either fairly, or in fact.

She matters because she stood up to Trump and to his face told him and the world exactly who he was and what he would do.

I want to thank @Alfree7619 for providing the following clip.

I want you to watch it.

Consider it your daily civics lesson.


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They want her to go away:

"@HillaryClinton's High Profile Is Hurting the Democrats"
- @TheAtlantic
1 May 2018

"Hillary Clinton Needs to Move On."
- @politico
11 February 2018

They want her to shut up:

"Urge Hillary Clinton to Stop Talking."
- The Daily Mail
12 May 2018

Almost everyday someone, somewhere, is wringing their hands about something the former Democratic nominee for President has done or said.

The amount of ink spilt concern trolling Hillary Clinton's every move since 9 November 2016 is nauseating on a real physical level.

The game being played, of course, presently, is one of futures. It began almost as soon as the immiediate dust settled in 2016. The loss was her's & her's alone they lectured, and if she keeps recklessly blaming Russia then Democrats will lose & continue to lose.

Except no.

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There is a reason that so many Americans felt that something was wrong on #BlackTuesday.

A reason for that sense that we had not, or at least could not have, made that decision.


What happened was UnAmerican.

What happened was impossible.

What happened was wrong.

There was nothing in any of the numbers that indicated it would or could happen.


In those last days Clinton's crowds were increasingly larger and more energetic.

The Obama's stood and asked a receptive, grateful America to place their faith in her.

Black folks stood up to the bullying efforts of their own State and Local governments and refused to be turned away. They endured hours when it took whites in neighboring districts minutes.

They stayed in line.

Black women sang,

"And I shall not be moved..."

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My mother was not an educated woman, but she was smart enough to know her own limits and she trusted science and medicine and respected higher learning.

She aldo had incredible instincts which she passed down to me.

My mom never saw Trump for anything other than what he was. 1/
It never occurred to her that he could win an election against a women like @HillaryClinton fairly.

In fact, she was convinced he could not. Not in a just world.

She was worried about it as early as Dec 2015.

"If Trump wins the nomination he'll draw blood to beat her."

I held back telling her about Russia as long as I was able.The media were not talking about it (at all) so I thought I had time. It was one of her home nurses who broke the news. He was an old school Democrat & he & his wife were devoted to Clinton.

My mom was so angry.

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1/ The constant relitigation of a primary that Bernie Sanders never should have been allowed to run in is not endearing me the man.
2/ It's actually forcing me to question my ability to support a party that refuses to learn from it's own mistakes.

It's incomprehensible.
3/ That Democrats continue to allow an insurgent, non-affiliated white man control the narrative is frustrating and confusing.
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Replete w/ ridiculous hot takes by my new pal @JaredHuffman this new hit piece... 1/

Dems dread Hillary's book tour
by @IsaacDovere & @gdebenedetti for @politico is exactly what you'd expect before anything @HillaryClinton does.

So predictable. 2/
It's so predictable it's really almost boring.

The MSM will cheer this, of course, but let's go & thread this apart shall we?
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