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If you care for #PedsCICU patients or #CHD patients in the #PedsICU & aren't engaged with PC4, the outstanding recap of the #CardiacArrestPrevention project results by @bubblesdadee is one great example of how you can change your practice & outcomes as a @pc4quality center! 1/3
Significant reduction in #cardiacarrest by this #CollaborativeQI project lead to many lives saved! It's possible to #PreventCardiacArrest! Over 110 of our PC4 family participated in today's call to review the results, which were previously presented at #AHA19 @AHAMeetings!
Thanks to @TheCHF for their generous support of PC4 & @CardiacUnited for helping us collaborate to change the paradigm in #CHD research! 3/3
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Listening to superstar @UCSF faculty Sanket Dhruva at #AHA19 presenting amazing study indicating Impella device may be causing harm; extremely expensive device, used commonly, but lacking clinical trial evidence. This is a very important study. I was honored to be part. @YaleMed Image
@UCSF @YaleMed Large, national real-world evidence trial showed growth in Impella device but the device is associated with higher risk of bleeding and death. Good adjustment performed. Shouldn’t we suspend use until better evidence suggests otherwise. #AHA19 @YaleCardiology
@UCSF @YaleMed @YaleCardiology This device was sold starting in 2008, but w/o any reasonable trial evidence. Costs are massive, & this study suggests harm accrues. Observational studies have limitations w/respect to causal inference, but we lack trial evidence at this point. Shouldn’t that be mandated? #AHA19
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So #ISCHEMIA #AHA19 will take time to digest; lots presented and no peer-review pub or @medrxivpreprint yet. There is often drift from the big presentation to the publication. We should resist a rush to judgment. Yet…
@medrxivpreprint A couple of things occur to me from the presentations…reinforces the prior evidence that patients w/stable ischemic heart disease have little to lose by deferring procedures. The medical therapy strategy seems safe. The procedural strategy is not saving lives or events, to date.
@medrxivpreprint It seems to question value of myocardial perfusion imaging in patients w/stable ischemic heart disease. In aggregate large costs…and not clear, in many cases, what it is adding if the procedures are not saving lives or events. Combine that w/STICH, and the question gets bigger.
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Results of ISCHEMIA-CKD with Dr. Sripal Bangalore #AHA19 #Nephpearls
via @YouTube
ISCHEMIA-CKD: Among patients w/ stable ischemic heart disease & stage 4-5 CKD (53% were on dialysis), an initial invasive strategy of cardiac cath. did not lead to a ⬇️ in clinical outcomes vs an initial conservative strategy #AHA19 #Nephpearls
👉🏼… ImageImageImageImage
ISCHEMIA-CKD: Some caveats 🤔 to consider:
📌 The results do not apply to patients with recent ACS, unacceptable angina despite maximal medical therapy, or significant heart failure because they were excluded
#AHA19 #Nephpearls Image
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No difference in primary endpoint #ISCHEMIA #AHA19 #EAPCI #ACCIC
Main driver of events MI
Single vessel
Proximal LAD
No heterogeneity
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Red or Green?

Entire cardiology world is enthusiastically waiting to know the answer in 10 mins
#AHA19 ImageImage
And now results of $100 million #ISCHEMIA trial Image
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@boback @JDNewmanMD @CircOutcomes @iamritu @bnallamo @MikeTPhD @ADAlthousePhD @denniskomd @SVRaoMD @rallamee @rajkumar_chris @GreggWStone @KAlexanderMD @jspertus 22/ We are also seeing disparities by race, gender, age, and location... Women were likely to reach goals @drstaceyrosen @ErinMichos - why? Also non-whites more likely than white participants to achieve LDL-C goal at 1 year, converse to other studies.
@boback @JDNewmanMD @CircOutcomes @iamritu @bnallamo @MikeTPhD @ADAlthousePhD @denniskomd @SVRaoMD @rallamee @rajkumar_chris @GreggWStone @KAlexanderMD @jspertus @drstaceyrosen @ErinMichos 23/ Older adults had higher odds of attaining LDL goal, but lower odds SBP goal. North America had greater odds of reaching LDL and SBP goals compared to other regions.
@boback @JDNewmanMD @CircOutcomes @iamritu @bnallamo @MikeTPhD @ADAlthousePhD @denniskomd @SVRaoMD @rallamee @rajkumar_chris @GreggWStone @KAlexanderMD @jspertus @drstaceyrosen @ErinMichos 24/ Finally no association b/n medication adherence & treatment target. Adherence to lipid lowering or antihypertensive medication did not increase the likelihood of meeting LDL target (OR 0.97, 95% CI 0.83-1.14) or SBP target (OR 1.00, 95% CI 0.84-1.20) @venkmurthy @iamritu
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1/Lot's of angst about #ISCHEMIA and what it will mean for cardiology practice. For me, a positive trial is likely to mean more for changing my practice than a negative one. I'll try to explain (Thread). #AHA19
2/I was trained by conservative cardiologists in the post-COURAGE era. I don't offer PCI to stable patients with the idea that I am going to make them live longer or reduce hard endpoints. We offer PCI to stable patients for one predominant reason - symptoms despite meds.
3/However, it is VERY common for patients to be surprised that walking around with a blocked artery is safe. Even after a clear conversation about what the benefits of elective PCI are, post-PCI patients will often say, "Now I can walk around without worrying...".
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Heading to Philly for #AHA19?

Interested in learning about #CMD?

👇 Here is complete list of #CMD sessions @AHAMeetings 👇
Session #1
Diagnosis and Characterization of Coronary Microvascular Disease:
Role of Imaging

Nov 16, 7:15-8:30 AM ImageImageImageImage
Session #2
Microvascular Coronary Disease: Update for the Practicing Clinician

Nov 16, 7:15-8:30 AM ImageImageImageImage
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On behalf of @American_Heart CLCD/CVRI Cardiac Imaging Committee, I would like to invite you to join us for this great & unique educational symposium at #AHA19:

⚡️ Diagnosis & Characterization of #CMD: Role of Imaging ⚡️

@AHAMeetings @VTaqMD ImageImageImageImage
We will have a great & diverse group of national & international experts (60% ♀+ cardiologists + radiologists) covering all imaging modalities: @VTaqMD @DorbalaSharmila @chiarabd Carl Pepine & Ornella Rimoldi. This is a unique opportunity for an imaging focused session on #CMD
Dr Pepine is teaching us about invasive imaging role in Dx of #CMD
#AHA19 Image
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I’m seeing way too many white people critiquing Native American intellectuals for their continued calls for @ewarren to do better. You are extremely in the wrong on this issue and here’s why. A thread.
Yes, Warren has issued some soft apologies for claiming Native identity and then trying to prove it with a DNA test. But the harmful “evidence” and defenses are still up on her website.
And once she takes that down, her apologies need to be the start of a conversation — not the end of one. And this is not “just a Native issue.” White feminists striving for intersectionality should be paying attention here too.
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With #AHA19 out of the way, the new year has begun for #twitterstorians. If one of your resolutions is to do research more effectively, here are my methods videos from 2018. In this thread, I'll break down the videos w/ separate links for each section
Using the library. This also introduces the color-coding scheme that undergirds keeping my entire approach to organizing research materials.
Keeping up on books in your field.
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I'm running late and missed the first presentation, but I'm now at: Campaigning for the Lord's Kingdom: Evangelical Political Loyalties and Legacies in Late 20th-Century America #AHA19
Allison Vander Broek, from Boston College: I want to explain how right-to-life movement recruited evangelicals. 1 worked to resolve tensions with Catholics. 2 made movement broad, welcoming to all faiths. 3 acted on belief evangelicals were allies, just didn't realize it #AHA19
.@AlliVanderBroek: Right to life movement worried that opposition could marginalize them as "just for Catholics." Inside movement, concern Protestants were just a "front" for basically Catholic movement #AHA19
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Next up: #AHA19
.@MalcolmBFoley: Race is fraught in the tradition called evangelicalism. By that I mean, people don't like seriously talking about. #AHA19
.@MalcolmBFoley: In the book Rope and Faggot, Walter White wrote that it is inconceivable the reign of lynching could have happened under any other religion than Christianity. Is it true? Are they linked in an important way? #AHA19
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Now at #AHA19 #s115 #HHaiti on "Saint-Domingue and Disciplinary (Dis)Loyalties: Literature and History" with @Soccerpolitics, @JohnGarrigus, Julia Prest, Yvonne Fabella, and Logan Connors. Here's the theater database @soccerpolitics just mentioned:
#AHA19 #s115 #HHaiti

@Soccerpolitics starts with a broad question, "What is it that we know about Saint-Domingue? What do we still need to know?"

@JohnGarrigus comments on how much MORE there is at the AHA on Saint-Domingue / Haitian Revolution than in the 1980s.
#AHA19 #s115 #HHaiti

@JohnGarrigus - more people are recognizing the importance of Saint-Domingue, the plantation machine. (PS, Garrigus and Trevor Burnard co-wrote a book by that name comparing Saint-Domingue and Jamaica.)
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THREAD: What does a job interview and an animal shelter have in common? Read on…

#AHA2019 #Twitterstorians (to @kevinbaker...since you mentioned it...and also, (@Historiann @GordinMichael @elmilam @TheTattooedProf @STS_News who might enjoy it as well)
Around 2002, I made the short list for a history of science position for a major school which has an amphibian for a mascot. It was a good job. I knew the chair of the search committee and viewed them as a mentor.
But....his mentor had never advised students.
And it was my first real interview.
I had no clue.
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Time for the next #HHaiti panel! First up is N. Frédéric Pierre, " Haitian Statesmen and the African Presence in Jean-Jacques Dessalines' Empire" exploring questions of Black statecraft #AHA19 #Haiti
Pierre looking at some of the intellectual/historiographical background, showing that the Atlantic turn on the French Revolution started in the 1930s, not the corps. French scholars chose to ignore Cooper's work. #HHaiti #AHA19
Herskovitz' Life in a Haitian Valley (1937), emphasized Haitian Africanness, doubled-down on by Jean-Price Mars. #AHA19 #HHaiti #Haiti
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I appreciate @NathanHDize for covering the live tweeting for #AHA19 #s71 #HHaiti

My slides are available to view at:…
#AHA19 #s71 #HHaiti

Next up is @DrEricaJohnson, working on the work of priests and other religious figures as intermediaries during the Haitian Revolution — go betweens keeping communication open between the colonial state and insurgents.
#AHA19 #s71 #HHaiti

@DrEricaJohnson is assistant professor of History at Francis Marion University. Her book Philanthropy and Race in the Haitian Revolution is here — if you have a university library, ask them to order!…
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For those headed to #AHA2019 for job interviews. Some common questions to help you prep (based on a workshop I attended years ago). Add your own!
The classic: How did you develop your dissertation topic? How did you become interested in it? Tell us about your diss. Explain to us how your writing sample fits into the rest of your diss.
What can scholars not in your field learn from your dissertation? Or explain your work as you would to an undergraduate. In other words: So what? What's the significance?
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Listen up, job candidates at #aha19 and #mla19: I have been thinking about a tweet in which someone said some version of: "I don't know anyone who has ever had a good experience at an @AHAhistorians interview." I have interviewed, and been interviewed, and here is what I know.
I always get charged up for interviews. I am hugely competitive, and so I always see them as an opportunity, not a hurdle. And one crucial thought is: you will fail at most interviews, but you have a *chance* to succeed at every one.
I am not sure a conference job interview is ever a comfortable space, because each interview is a challenge. By definition, a challenge *is* uncomfortable, because you are doing something you cannot prepare well enough for. This is often harder for a good student, like you.
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Everybody getting ready for #AHA19? This is your @AHAhistorians program chair speaking, with some hints for how to have the best meeting ever. Some of you are old hands – for others this is your first meeting! Let’s get started.
First, we are going to Chicago, people: it’s going to be cold, but not legendary Chicago cold: mid 30s to low 40s, and I am seeing no precipitation until Tuesday. This is good news: no need for boots or extra layers. Put boots in your car in case there is snow when you return.
I am seeing some fashion anxiety on line. Anyone who knows me also knows I cannot help you with that. BUT: #1 rule, whether you are interviewing or not, is be as comfortable in your skin as you possibly can be. Because this is about yr. mind, not yr. appearance.
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