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Ever wondered how to define your own Data Validation rules with Editor Utility Blueprints? Here's an example to validate that material asset names are prefixed with "M_".

@UnrealEngine #UE4 #GameDev #Tutorial
1. Enable the Data Validation plugin and restart the editor.
2. Add bAllowBlueprintValidators=true to DefaultEditor.ini

(And optionally enable validate on save and cook by setting to true)
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It’s Saturday, so we’re gonna talk game tech! Binding of Isaac. No Man’s Sky. Killsquad. Different on the surface but, under the hood, a common approach. Today, we deep dive on procedural world generation for games! #gamedev #indiedev #IndieGameDev #indiegames #UE4 #unreal
If you want replay value, procedural is the way to go. Instead of building everything by hand, and enjoying it once, in a procedural approach you start with primitive elements, and rules to combine them, to build a game you can replay with a different experience every time.
This can be more or less complex. On one end, enter @NoMansSky, where everything is procedural, from plants to full planets. Here the load goes on the “rules” side, with exotic math paving the way. Wanna know more about it? This article is a great start:
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Thread 1/?

#Texture #gameart breakdown of #BreathoftheWild
Some cool things like why their normal maps look weird

These are the source files ripped from the WiiU version (I dont condone such actions) but it is cool to see behind the scenes ;)

#gamedev #polycount #unity #ue4

So why do the normals look weird? Normals look green because they removed all normal info from the blue channel and instead store their glossiness map there. So normal maps need just R & G channels? No.

(second pic is smoothness stored in B channel of normal)
So this trick is not really new, examples can be found in valve games and things like quake. So it is possible to calculate the blue channel of a normal map when you only have R & G. So there are many games that calculate B in the shader.
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1/ Hey #gamedev friends, time for a #UE4 tweetorial.

Let's beef up our attacks! Time to make some HIT SHAKE.
2/ In #gamedev there are a handful of techniques we can use in order to heighten impacts.

We are probably familiar with screen shake, hit lag, and hit flash. But more rarely employed is hit shake.

So what is hit shake?
3/ Hit shake is where we take an actor being hit and rattle it back and forth at a high frequency.

Commonly employed in games of the 80's and 90's, it seems we don't have too many examples of this lately.

(I am sure you will let me know of those I have overlooked!)
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Hey #indiedevhour! We wanted to do a little series on assembling characters in Shores Unknown. This week we'll talk about general setup and character material. With screens & gifs!
But first, here's a gif of Birgit, because she's cool and owns an inn.
#gamedev #indiedev #lowpoly
Among the goals we had early on, one was to have as few repeatable, reused characters as possible in the game.

Pictured: one of the two debug "preview" levels where we test our freshly assembled dudes and dudettes.
Inside the project in #ue4 we use a data table we call CharacterStatics which is used to store every unique character look. Right now, about half-way into completing the main story content of the game, we're sitting at 223 entries in this table.
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And that's a wrap for my first (and hopefully not last) trip to Valve HQ.

Thanks particularly to the Hardware & @SteamVR cabals for the hospitality and gifts to bring home down under, good thing Macy's was having a luggage sale!

My thoughts whilst there follows... (thread)
Disclaimer: These are just my personal insights from a short 2-week stint onsite. So please take them with a grain of salt.
With the #StoreWars, was a bit anxious on how a #UE4 dev and community lead will be welcomed.

Glad all my fears were unfounded. Valve engineers are more about the tech and not politics, which is refreshing. Not felt with kindred spirit since my days at Intel way back when.
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Dynamic lights are expensive, using sprites with a modulate blend material you can multiply screen colors behind the sprite and use depth masking to fake a light radius, cheap and can work surprisingly well. #screenshotsaturday #UE4 #gamedev #indiedev
Using modulate blending, make sure you clamp the result in a range above 1 for this to work right. Modulate blending without depth testing is also great for various glow effects. #screenshotsaturday #UE4 #gamedev #indiedev
Here's a more practical example, core of the sprite is not being masked by depth so it's always visible, depth masked glows around geometry look pretty convincing as impressions of lighting. #screenshotsaturday #UE4 #gamedev #indiedev
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Hi Everyone, meet Bruffles. He's the first NPC character being developed for @linethegame. How did we arrive at this design & how will we get him in-game? Well, gather 'round & watch this thread as I detail the whole process. (Bruffles concept by the amazing @FromHappyRock)
For development, Bruffles is being used as a target for look development & animation/character exploration. At his core he teaches the player how to hill-slide, since that's his favorite way of moving through the world. He also allows us to explore how diverse our designs can be.
The design for what would eventually become Bruffles started with a sketch(attached) from my good friend Scott Flanders: He was helping out by doing lots of character lineup exploration for Line over a year ago.
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So, after going through nearly THREE HUNDRED games on my Steam Discovery queue, I have some examples of good and not-so-good game trailers. If you're in the process of trailer editing for your game, please consider the following.

A thread on indie game trailer does and don't.
Start off with one I don't think are that great 👎

Convoy -
Starts off with positive quotes from PCGamer, Subset Games & Vlambeer folk. Great, definitely have them in the trailer, but not at the front. I don't think the avg gamer knows these folks.
Beyond that, it was 8s of accolades, 5s of a ship crashing, and then the first gameplay we see is UI with lots of reading. Is this a UI driven game? I don't want to read in a trailer, I want to see what the gist of the game is - which I believe is 19s into the trailer! Yuck!
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The Occupation will be playable @EGX! To celebrate, we’ll be posting 14 fun things we’ve been working on super hard, starting next Tuesday!
Right! Small behind the scenes updates of our WIP inbound! If anyone has any questions about anything we're showing, feel free to ask! :)
(1/14) All characters know where the door handles are and we don’t have any of those pesky 2-way hinges! #gamedev #UE4
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