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🦊𝗦𝗰𝗿𝗶𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗘𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘀 𝗶𝗻 @CryoftheFox .

In the pre-production phase of our student project, I've created multiple Scripted Events. Let's take a look at some of them! :)


#buasgames @BuasGames #indiedev #CryoftheFox #gamedevelopment #gamedesign #UE4 #gamedev
Here you can see a quick little animation that is meant to invoke fear to the player. These little scary suprises help us increase the tension of the section.
Here I rotate the camera with the corner to make sure that the player always notice the prey they are hunting. This quick glimpse of the prey invokes curiosity and makes you want to run after it.
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1/6 A year and a half later, I finally finished my black hole project. #madewithunreal and now powered by #Niagara, this shader/sim implements physically correct gravitational lensing, which bends the light in all kinds of groovy ways! #gamedev #realtimevfx #astronomy #UE4 #UE5
2/6 A weird phenomena of gravitational lensing is the photon-sphere. @ScienceClic hooked me up with the equations I needed to represent this. When done correctly, zooming the camera in yields the same image repeat over and over to infinity (it gets small though)!
3/6 The accretion disk was my main focus this time around. I ended up learning how to write fluid solvers because I didn't want a static texture that was just warping around the event horizon. I wanted something alive, dynamic and violent.
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some people asked have me for a breakdown of this effect, so here goes! (1/6)

#VFX #UE4 #realtimeVFX #gamedev #Arcane
the lightning is a very simple hand drawn spritesheet (8 frames) that is then playing over a sphere for the volume and twisted UVs for extra movement. the same sheet and material is used for all the spark elements with all variation done within the Niagara systems.

the floor effect is very straightforward. sine wave with animated distortion texture. using a smoothstep on the values and lerping between two colours (which ended up being this blue/purple and black). then the same again for the bright edge. all on a flattened disk mesh.

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🪐How I made planets for my game.🪐
(links below)
#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #UE4
I used 3 spheres, the left one have inverted normals. Scale them differently to get better results Image
Glow shader (for inverted sphere) Image
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Something else I worked on on Weird West (@WolfEyeGames) is the hiding of walls/floors/etc between player and camera. Roofs dissolve out completely based on some more-involved-than-you'd-think traces, walls dissolve (using TAA dither) from ankle-height up in a plumbob shape #ue4
Initially I was not using a plumbob shape and just trying to math my way out of the problems that come with using a cylinder, this is better and was a suggestion from @kurtruslfanclub (DSD's does that) Image
That shape reduces a lot of times close to the player character where bits of wall off to the sides of the player would be hidden incorrectly (using a cylinder shape). I do also spheremask a small area right around the player for if you're right up against a wall
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Been a while, Omen Smoke Material;
#VFX #RTVFX #VFXFriday #Art #Valorant #Ue4
Not as good as it could be, spent maybe 40 mins on it
For anyone wondering what the material looks like
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Just some after work noodling
For those wondering how to do this: the mesh was pre-fractured in Houdini, and each segment has its local pivot position encoded in additional UV channels. Those values are then reassembled into a position vector in the material, and used for the location-based effect.
The animation is driven by a simple sphere mask between the pivot position and an effector (i.e. a vector parameter), controlling how much each piece should shrink and be colorized.

In this example, the effector is just a point moving along a line.
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Watched the GDC talk from John Edwards on sand rendering in Journey & took a stab at implementing a sparkle effect in #UE4 (short thread)
Needed a sparkly normal map to compare against the camera vector, here's how I built one in Substance: Image
And here's how I sampled it in a surface material. Note that this plugs into emissive & as a result isn't physically correct. Also to get nice pronounced sparkles, I had to switch from Temporal AA to FXAA & boost the bloom in my scene. Image
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В этом месяце на портале Unreal Online Learning добавилось три новых учебных ресурса.…

#UnrealOnlineLearning #UnrealEngine #UE4
1. Создание системы сохранения и загрузки на Blueprint'ах.…
2. Углубленный взгляд на инструменты для художников для работы над окружением…
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A #gamedev thread on Nintendo Switch input latency for @UnrealEngine (#UE4) games.

Featuring @DreamscaperGame, our #indiegame leaving Early Access in August. It is a deceptively simple game that uses low-poly models & textures but hi-fidelity shading and post-processing.

Now, we had a couple of goals for Dreamscaper:

1) Launch one of the best-looking third-party titles on the platform.
2) As an action game, everything (especially parry/dodge) needs to feel responsive.
3) Let players control the trade-off between fidelity and performance.

RE: 1 & 3 - Working with my insanely talented friend @paulsvoboda we decided that, by default, we would first get the game running at near-native resolution with the highest fidelity possible at 30 FPS. We are extremely proud of how far we've pushed the device's hardware.

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Incoming #leveldesign update on the @PlayApex map I’ve been building in #UE4. I've been looking at how the LD in Arenas support the combat loop and tried to match that a bit more.

Here's an updated top down. *Some small changes noted below aren't added. 1/12
So, none of these Arena maps are created equal. I also dislike turning maps into formulas but kind of have to if I am going to rationalize things without the resources or people to test the map. I might be way off with some of this stuff. 2/12
Okay so, looking at the existing layouts there's somewhat of a 3 lane structure. When you head L or R from the spawns you have a mostly safe path that connects to a point of interest. 3/12
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A new year and a new Mapcore challenge thread! This time the challenge is to recreate a scene or a part from a Counter-Strike map in a futuristic style. The first thing that came to mind to reference was Another World... #gamedev Image
I feel that taking an iconic level like Dust 2 and doing a completely different take on it would be good fun. I don't want to spend too long on it though, so I've picked one specific area to work on; Site B tunnels/car. #gamedev Image
First thing is to refamiliarise myself with the reference material and grab some shots that speak to me. So I put together a small collage/ref sheet with some of the areas I'd like to riff off. #gamedev Image
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Some cloud experiments continued from #UE5 #PS5 demo; here showing Flowmaps-3D function from 4.26. The Clouds are made from Curve Assets + hand painted density & flowmaps. Paint thunderstorms! Now as twitter video. Examples will be included in 4.26

#UE4 #realtimevfx #cloudscape
Some details: Cloud rendering w/new VolumetricCloud component by @SebHillaire for 4.26.

Clouds painting is a 2d map with RGBA colors. The curves also form an RGBA texture, so depending on which color you paint, that decides which curve profile to use.

Curve DF:
Because the curve profiles get converted into SignedDistanceFields (could get similar result by blurring too), when painting density, the density determines how far along the curve you are for each point. So just adjusting density of the mask gives (cloud compositor here):
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Hey #VirtualProduction enthusiasts, time for a #UE4 tweetorial.
Surely you have seen the new Live Link Face App. You need a character with a set of blendshapes that match with the 51 produced by ARKit.
What happens when you don't have as many blendshapes, or with different poses.
2- Into the Permanent Free Collection in Unreal Marketplace you can find the Stylized Character Kit: Casual 01. A great asset but with a limitation. Instead of 51 morph targets only has 7. And not based on specific muscle movements but on emotion poses
3-You can read the documentation to know how to configure and use Live Link Face App.
But in THIS CASE the 1rt problem is how to recognize what "Blend Shape" should move my few morph targets?
There is a plugin: Live Link Curve DebugUI, you can use it to view the curves and values
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this technique to render realistic smoke / cloud super FAST is not as well known as I thought so here we go
(a thread)
#UE4 #gamedev #techart #vfx #realtimevfx
we know the smoke / cloud simulation must come from *somewhere*, like Blender or Houdini simulation. when we make a flipbook, the most traditional way is to BURN EVERYTHING we see as end result on the sheet. but that feels a little dry doesn't it
one way to get more gold outta the simulation: bake out the normal. although normal doesn't work well with volumetric rendering, you can do it if you want and it does add some details to the result (example from Houdini)
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I’ve seen a lot of threads about how hard it is to get a job in VR. I would love to help in any way I can. I’m blocking tomorrow 10am-12 noon to do Zoom calls with people interested to get in the VR industry or advance in the industry. DM me if you want to connect. #VR #VRJobs
I know it is a US holiday tomorrow. I’ll be happy to do this again later on a non-holiday if there is interest.
The 1-on-1 sessions got booked. Feel free to DM questions OR I am happy to #AMA on this thread AND I set up a Group Zoom call for 12:30pmPDT tomorrow to answer Qs on getting a job in #VR. If you work in the field & want to join in and answer Qs, pls do so!…
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1/4 | Video Playlist: Plan.City App navigation, postcode search and Daylight & Sunlight simulation.
3D Model by @AccuCities, powered by @UnrealEngine. More info:…

#UE4 #UE4Study #London #3dmodeling #UrbanPlanning #architecture #app Wide area view of 3D Model ...
2/4 | Navigating Plan.City. Drone Mode, First Person & 3rd Person navigation.
3/4 | Postcode Search in Plan.City.
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1/6 How are 3D city models used by the industry? 5 City models User Case Studies (videos) using our 3D London and 3D Dublin models.
Avison Young's Digital Dublin

#Dublin #planning #UE4Study #UE4
Anstey Horne uses Unreal Engine 4 app to develop custom planning tools

#London #3D #rtpi #UE4Study #UE4 #placemaking
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If you want to nicely fade out an object close to the camera in #UE4 just set the Material to Masked and run a Distance Blend into a DitheredTemporalAA node. It's a commonly overlooked technique that efficiently adds polish and it's only 4 nodes! #UETips
If you're looking to fade out an entire object or fade between LODs then use Dithered LOD Transitions with a simple checkbox. Really helps foliage!
One little "gotcha" that might pop up from using camera based fading is that shadows will now *also* fade out when close to the object. You can use a ShadowPassSwitch node to get around that.
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If your characters have the same general skeleton, but different proportions, don't feel like you need to make new animations. You can use Runtime Retargeting in @UnrealEngine to automatically scale selected bone movement in the animation. A little hidden away though! #UETips
Remember to keep your bone rotations the same wherever possible, just try and change translations. You can even add additional bones, like pony tails! A really useful way to debug it is the ability to show the non-retargeted animation underneath the existing one like this.
If your characters have different skeletons, but they look like they should still generally work, you can check out the Animation Retargeting in #UE4 which will then try and match the two together. Results may vary! Info for that is available here.…
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Creating an outdoor environment is both easy and hard. Getting the basics down pat is easy but if you want to make the best possible scene you're going to need to want to learn to use some of the systems built to handle them within @UnrealEngine. Time for a tweetorial! #UETips
Creating an outdoor environment doesn't start with the world, it starts with the project settings. Head to Project Settings->Rendering. Static lighting? Kill it. Having it enabled while using dynamic lighting adds overhead and you won't want lightmaps for a world that big.
We're going to have a whole lot of foliage and that would normally mean overdraw but we can enable an Early Z Pass. It works by caching the pixel distance in a pre-pass to skip occluded primitives. Setting "Mask Material only in early Z Pass" *really* helps with dense foliage.
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Code doodlin'.

Sprinting, Crouching, Double Jump, Sliding. Hard to differentiate without sound, but anims are slightly modified for each state.

Double Jump allows changing direction on second jump. Slides end in a crouch, or can launch you if jumping while sliding.

Programming is often about building stuff you've never built before (and giving time estimates!).

Let's look at how one might go about building a gameplay feature for a first person game - wall running in #UE4.
The first thing I do is come up with a general idea of what it needs to do. This might involve researching existing games, or looking at what you currently have and decide what isn't good about it.

It doesn't need to be the complete list of features, just a direction to go.
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Ever wondered how to define your own Data Validation rules with Editor Utility Blueprints? Here's an example to validate that material asset names are prefixed with "M_".

@UnrealEngine #UE4 #GameDev #Tutorial
1. Enable the Data Validation plugin and restart the editor.
2. Add bAllowBlueprintValidators=true to DefaultEditor.ini

(And optionally enable validate on save and cook by setting to true)
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It’s Saturday, so we’re gonna talk game tech! Binding of Isaac. No Man’s Sky. Killsquad. Different on the surface but, under the hood, a common approach. Today, we deep dive on procedural world generation for games! #gamedev #indiedev #IndieGameDev #indiegames #UE4 #unreal
If you want replay value, procedural is the way to go. Instead of building everything by hand, and enjoying it once, in a procedural approach you start with primitive elements, and rules to combine them, to build a game you can replay with a different experience every time.
This can be more or less complex. On one end, enter @NoMansSky, where everything is procedural, from plants to full planets. Here the load goes on the “rules” side, with exotic math paving the way. Wanna know more about it? This article is a great start:
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