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#LINK (enter at $22/$23 & hold for 12 weeks minimum. This is my play and not a RECOMMENDATION)

Do not buy what you do MKT know.

ChainLink White PAPPER
Oracle provides connectivity between on chain and the outside world to make smart contracts more functional.

ChainLink has a bright future. Still early anyways.
#LINK Iโ€™m in at $22.03 today.
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$Band vs $link dep dive.

In many if not most use cases band protocol will be used ALONGSIDE that of #chainlink. $Band has a stronghold in South East Asia and will also generally pull it's data from different sources than link.
They are both working on verifying data validity right now but to answer the question plainly, there is not going to be one #Blockchain solution in any of the fields to rule them all, this is a perfect example of two block chains that will work in tandem with each other.
$link has seen mass adoption and band has a long way to go, but by the look of who is invested in #Band (sequoia capital) and the fact that they are already being used in conjunction with each other, I see a bright future for this #chainlink ally! (Not competitor).
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#Tether/#kraken/#USDC/#BUSD/#HUSD Watch!

We really need a sweep, i'm losing too many characters here on the intro.

Tether's up to $24,8 billion supply - lackluster to say the least. Volume's cratered.

#Fintwit #bitcoin #BTC $BTC #ETH $ETH #USDT $USDT $USDC $BUSD $HUSD
Their lack of printing has to be compensated somewhere.

Well, it's not #BUSD. That has been going sideways.

$BUSD volume's cratered the same.

MEANWHILE; I wonder when #Tether/#USDC called upon BUSD's dollar reserves to make due. Also no weird price floor action here, nope.
It seems to be #HUSD that's covering for the pack, as it's the only one of the #Stablecoins still going up in marketcap. Considerably, too.

AND, as opposed to $USDC, $BUSD and $Tether - $HUSD volume has EXPLODED!

As i said. #Huobi = the Asian connection.
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#Tether watch!

๐Ÿšจ IT'S TIME! ๐Ÿšจ



#Fintwit #Tetherscam #bitcoin #Ethereum #BTC $BTC #ETH $ETH #USDT $USDT #XRP $XRP #USDC $USDC #BUSD $BUSD #HUSD $HUSD
Once it's fullscreen on desktop, rightclick > view image and twitter should show the full format. It's on my website as backup. The short of it:

ALL stable coins are backed by the SAME reserve! EVERY stablecoin shows mainly or even ONLY *Tether* flowing into it!
The USDC Audits are *FRAUDULENT* just like the 2018 Tether audit was. It reads exactly the same as the Tether audit did, only a bit more refined, and they found a willing criminal organization, Granton & Thornton, to run cover for them. It's no coincidence it started October 2018
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#Tether watch!

Yknow what. I think i've located Tether's missing billions.

So far, we've only *assumed* $BUSD and $USDC went up because of organic demand.

But... They didn't. It's Tether, again.

#Fintwit #bitcoin #Ethereum #BTC $BTC #ETH $ETH #USDT $USDT #BUSD #USDC #Binance ImageImageImageImage
Also i have questions why $USDC used to fluctuate so much, and then suddenly, stabilized. Same pretty much goes for $BUSD.

Well, they're supposed to stabilize, as stable coins right?

Well... yeah... But because of #USD... Not other #crypto. ImageImageImage
I think you can feel this coming!

Wait for it!



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Something Iโ€™ve become obsessed with recently that I donโ€™t hear a lot of noise about is the activity around the #Chainlink dev address:


We say Sergey betray, but has anyone calculated how much actually hits the exchanges? Its not much!
I have a theory that this wallet may directly predict the latest date at which staking will be released. It appears most of the tokens distributed are going to node operators as subsidies for the high gas fees they have had to pay to keep the network running flawlessly.
Once this address has been depleted in 11 weeks, I believe that shortly before or at the same time a couple things will have occurred:

1) Arbitrum will ship their L2 product
2) TS, OCR will be operational and proven

Both of these will reduce the cost for node operators.
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And we are live with the first meeting of 2021 with TM Shilpa Gupta. (A #Live Tweet Thread) Theme: Year 2021: Every Cloud has a #silverlining

SAA TM Shilpa begins with a pleasant welcome and New Year wishes.
She congratulates the new EC, states the mission of #Toastmasters, and states the rules of a general #meeting
The newly elected President (TM Sanjeev Gupta) is on the Virtual Stage
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#ICYMI Ep. 1414 The Most Explosive Revelation Yet In The Biden Scandal - The Dan Bongino Showยฎ @dbongino - We Like Angry Dan!, Biden Office Mates Scandal, Hunter Biden & Uranium Scandals Linked, Democrats Hide China Espionage with Russia Hoax, & Moreโ€ฆ
Order Dan Bonginoโ€™s @dbongino #1 Best Seller โ€œFollow the Money: The Shocking Deep State Connections of Anti-Trump Cabalโ€ for account of troubling connections between the anti-Trump lunatics. @dbongino #BestSeller #ObamaGate #DrainTheSwamp #MAGA2020 #Ad
EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Called His Father And Chinese Business Partner โ€˜Office Matesโ€™ In September 2017 Email

#HunterBiden #Emails #Expose #CCP #Linkโ€ฆ
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Ain't it funny that most females are so judgemental towards prostitutes yet they be doing the same. Ladies, you offer sex to show him you love him. But when he wants to offer the same, he's suddenly a "fxckboy". You actually expect money/gifts from him yet you didn't do the same
You even start calling him "broke" saying all he wants(ed) is sex, like did you offer him money/gifts & he refused? Sex must be repaid with sex & money/gifts with money/gifts. Why should your pussy be more valuable than a dick, they're all sexual organs
Sex is a mutual thing, you both enjoy it, actually you more than him, cause a man only enjoys it those few seconds of coming, all those other minutes of digging, you'll be the one enjoying. So stop selling sex expecting money/gifts like you're doing him a favor...
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๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿฟ ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿฟ ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿฟ

@RoryStewartUK IF YOU ARE ACTING AS @Number10press #PrimeMinister OF @GREATBritain THEN I NEED TO BRING TO YOUR ATTENTION THE PAST 6 YRS OF '#Corruption THAT HAS LEFT ME IN THE WORSE SITUATION BECAUSE 5 #leadership @David_Cameron @theresa_may
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Women can blame men all they want, when they leave. But sometimes it's not the man or his intentions, but your attitude & mentality. A pretty face, wet pussy, fat ass & all those other physical features, isn't the end to all everything a man wants in a woman. Men want more.....
That wet pussy, pretty face, fat ass is good if he's looking for a fuck buddy or a 1 night stand. But thode qualities aren't enough to have a sensible man invest for a long term. "He only wanted to fxck" is an excuse used by women who have nothing to offer besides sex....
Because women feel like once a man has had some of that pussy, he won't see past that & see her shortcomings. 99.9% of the time it's those shortcomings that makes a man leave. For an alpha male to commit you must offer something more than your body/sex.
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Fellas, never commit EXCLUSIVELY to a relationship with a woman until she PROVED herself over time through TIME & CONSISTENCY.

99.9% of the time, you meet with a woman, either some guy did hurt her - so she's looking for someone to heal her (rebound guy) or make the ex jealous.

Next thing you've caught feelings, the ex comes back & boom she leaves you sounding like a broken record...
Or she's simply bored - she wants an ego boost. A lot of these women will get into a relationship with you so you can be a consistent source of esteem & validation.

You really shouldn't want anything with someone who isn't happy herself, it's not your job to make her happy...
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Nothing turns off a woman more than a needy man. The one who professes instant adoration & obedience. Men do this, assuming it's how to get sex & affection. However, women reject men who can't control these needy behaviors & verbal niceties
The blue pill conditioning nice guy will constantly do this, deductive reasoning tells him that if he builds her up, becomes less so she can become more & does what she wants instead of what he wants she will be sexual with him...
And that's messed up cause a woman isn't attracted to a man that tries to please her. She's attracted to a man that knows how to please himself. And that makes her want to please him as well....
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What to do when she pulls back:

Oh yeah, every woman no matter how much she's into you, at some point she'll pull back - text you less, ignore your texts, canceling dates. She'll withdraw the attention & availability.
Why does she do that:

Most of the times, it's a shit test - she's testing to see if you're truly high value. To see if you won't plunge yourself into a hole of neediness. Because 99.9% of y'all the moment she pulls back, y'all become needy - start over texting & calling...
Other reasons:

โ€ขthere is someone new & exciting in her life (women are like kids, they get excited over the new toy)
โ€ขshe wants to establish dominance (she wants you to submit to her, yes to turn you from a wolf into a domesticated mut)
โ€ขher girlfriends are influencing her
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Social media
Fast food
Video games

What it really is:

Artificial sexual experiences
Artificial entertainment
Artificial social experiences
Artificial food
Artificial adventures

Open your eyes, you're being programmed & you don't even realize it
You're living the reality that you see on sci-fi movies - simulation theory is now a reality

Getting your dopamine hits from your digital consumption is never going to fulfill your needs

Just like drugs you're going to need more to inorder to reach the highs
PS1 now PS5 (the promise is the graphics get better aka the simulation experience is better)

You're being programmed to get your dopamine hits from cheap, synthetic experiences whose goal is to make you an addict

An addict is a consumer

An addict is sheep
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Every black woman believes she's a queen. But then do queens:

โ€ขdefend obesity in the name of body positivity rather than actually eating healthy & working out (check the statistics - black women contribute the highest number of obese people)
โ€ขcelebrate being baby mamas instead of being wives (how can queens be celebrating giving birth to bastards. What's there to celebrate raising a child alone without a male figure? Ain't it funny that they complain about black men yet they're the ones raising them?)
โ€ขcelebrating "WAP" aka hoe culture instead of respecting their bodies (again observe, the most over sexualized women are black women. They're degraded but they're convinced through mainstream media that it's empowerment. The results - unwanted pregnancies, STDs...)
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Alphas are in control NOT controlling

Never ever control your woman, give her freedom

How she behaves with that freedom will show you whether she respects you or not

The goal isn't to vet her obedience but her character
If it means you're going to risk jeopardising the relationship by allowing her to act freely in questionable situations, then that's a cost you should be willing to pay.

Because you want to see her integrity & devotion to you.

Not her ability to obey
Besides, develop yourself to become independent. Be in a position that no matter what she does, if she leaves or cheats, you can walk away & not feel any sense of loss. There is power in nonchalance.
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Think we're getting close to the end boys.

And that's why you take screenshots.

#tether #BTC #fintwit #link #Ethereum #bitcoin #FRAUD
Ahhhh there we go it's back.

Nevertheless, that's yet another glitch to add to the pattern.

Keep in mind that they've been playing with underlying data now! Otherwise stuff like this won't happen!
I'm just gonna go ahead and say that's a pretty major thing to happen to the number 3(!) crypto currency.

At that point, and *certainly* with a market cap of nearly $18 billion, your automated systems are *on point* or something's up.

And since i dunno how long it will stay up:
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A father said to his son: "You've graduated with honors, here is a car (Nissan Skyline R34) that I bought years ago, it's old. BUT before I give it to you, take it to the USED CAR STORE & tell them you want to sell it & see how much they offer you...
The son went to the USED CAR STORE, returned to his father & said: "They offered me $1000 because it looks very worn out". The father said "Now take it to the PAWN SHOP"....
The son went to the PAWN SHOP & returned to his father & said: "The PAWN SHOP offered $100 because it's a very old car". Then the father asked the son to go to a CAR CLUB & show them the car...
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"I'm celibate" means:

โ€ขshe's not attracted to you BUT down to use you

โ€ขshe's trying to manipulate you (selling purity, a good girl)

A truly celibate woman wouldn't even be on the market for you to even know that
A woman who was truly celibate wouldn't even entertain you in the 1st place. Celibate women remove themselves from the market & shut out men completely. "I'm celibate" is a con game. You're being played with that bs "i'm just not into sex, my spirit bla bla"
These "celibate" females had sex with a ton of guys & have nothing to show for it, so now they want non-sexual attention & benefits to feel better about themselves. Get stepping bro once she gives you that I'm celibate bullshit!!!
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Wanted to make a post for the (cow)boys ^_^.


That said, here's some credible info for once.

Here are top 10 Alt coins (Iota = "control")

The pattern reveals all....

$ETH $USDT $XRP $LINK $BCH $LTC $BNB $ADA $EOS #Fintwit $BTC #Bitcoin

#Tether's pumping up #bitcoin due to it being perfect for the scam, but they can't put all their eggs into one basket. They've bought some Alt Coins too, so those will follow the same pattern as Bitcoin.

Naturally, #Ethereum is 2nd in line.
So, the same pattern that reveals the #bitcoin scam; A Parabolic curve up combined with a continual Reduction in Trading Volume as measured in Trades; Also reveal which other coins are affected by the same scam.

Lined up side to side by Unaffected #Crypto; the pattern is obvious
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Fellas, you can't compete against history. Avoid women coming out of long term relationships. These women will still be attached to their exs & they only get back in the dating game for 2 reasons.

1. To get their minds of him
2. To get him jealous

Either way you're being used
Don't try to be superman & take on the challenge of trying to prove to her that you're better than her ex. None of it matters if she still loves him (she obviously does, if a woman has been with a man for a long time, they got history)...
A woman would rather give her ex a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th chance instead of becoming serious with the unknown. It doesn't matter how good you treat her. You're competing against her memories & what she's familiar with. Women will always go back to their default settings...
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Know this, most females are all talk when it comes to coming over your crib. They'll tease the idea until they have you begging & convincing them to. But here's the thing, there's no convincing that should be done, either she wants to or doesn't want....
And don't even be butt hurt when she doesn't want to. Why? Because you're an alpha male, you spin the plates. Always have more than one woman coming over, not all of them are gonna cancel/flake. Yes, it's always a numbers games with women, abundance mentality >>> oneitis...
At the same time, most guys make this mistake, being over excited. Yes, never show a woman that you're excited by her presence, you come off as desperate. Someone who never gets pussy. So don't over text once the day has been confirmed. Even if you're excited NEVER show it...
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