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Watched #SarpattaParambarai yesterday night along with my Dad. Both of us loved it. I have never seen my Dad enjoying a movie like this in a long time. That's the testament to @beemji's effort in the movie. He has delivered one of the finest sports films in Indian cinema. 1/7
@beemji is a fluent, evocative filmmaker who ensures that the movie is well written, expertly staged & beautifully edited. The rise, fall & rise of Kabilan reflects #PaRanjith's own career. #SarpattaParambarai is realistic, raw and gritty and will be a gem among his films. 2/7
@arya_offl as Kabilan has given one of the best performances of his career. Whether it's the boxing sequences, training montages or emotional scenes, he scores in every aspect. #Arya is ripped, riveting & #SarpattaParambarai will be a crowning glory in his filmography. 3/7
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How the myth started..

Now reading the book by @bennedose Image
This is how the #ThaparHabibClan and their more famous international counterparts take into advantage most gullible people who read their books , who do not know a word of #Samskrta , forget knowing anything from #RgVeda!

#justsaying Image
This is exactly how the #ThaparHabibClan has perpetuated a myth of "repeated mention of killing of Dasyus in the #RgVeda".

I showed in another article how dubious was that by similar means. Image
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Atlantis #Nusantara Indonesia #Sundaland

Sebuah #Thread singkat: Pembentukan Laut Jawa

1~5 : Last Glacial Maximum , 21.000 Thn lalu.
Atlantis #Nusantara Indonesia #Sundaland

2~5 : Awal Masa Dryas Muda , 13.000 Tahun lalu
Atlantis #Nusantara Indonesia #Sundaland

3~5 : Masa Akhir Dryas Muda, 11.600 Tahun lalu
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October 19, 7pm EST - finally starting to read the Kindle version of "Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon".

Taking notes. If something shockingly new grabs my attention (that others overlooked) I'll post it as a reply to this (mostly to remind myself).

In the preface, Hibberd outright explains that the book contains "fifty" new interviews with cast & crew - by which he means each paragraph blurb, but I don't begrudge that: even one paragraph can contain revealing, vital info. Also admits he re-used some prior articles.
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Weapons weren’t invented by @RSSorg !
It was the Vedic Aryans who invented iron & steel, they used iron tipped arrows- but the ethical Aryans prohibited smearing them with venom.
It was Hindus who introduced the world to iron & the Arabians forged them into daggers & swords!
The Swords that Arab smiths made with the metal cakes we exported to them, had a mottled pattern called, “muhammad’s ladder”!!!
Fascist ideology of hate and violence @RSSorg & @narendramodi ‘s !?

We believe in “ अहिंसा परमो धर्मः”
but we have also believed & practiced:
“ धर्म हिंसा तथैव च:”
The ‘Shastra Pooja’ is the reminder:
‘धर्म हिंसा तथैव च:’,
‘धर्म पर और राष्ट्र पर कोई आंच आ जाये तब धर्म की रक्षा की लिए की गई हिंसा ही सबसे बड़ा धर्म है’ ।
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Boa tarde. Posso passar na timeline de vocês tentando clarear um pouco a belíssima cena final do episódio de ontem de #GameOfThrones? Tô desde ontem mergulhando em possíveis explicações pra #Arya e o cavalo branco. Quem quiser, só seguir o fio.
#GameOfThrones tem uma característica: nada é por acaso. O cavalo branco do menino Harry Strickland, da Companhia Dourada, foi um dos focos principais dos momentos de tensão pré-ataque do Drogon. E pós também, já que ele apareceu caído no chão depois, provavelmente morto.
Reparem também, na foto que abre essa thread, que o cavalo que #Arya encontra no fim é IDÊNTICO ao do Strickland. E as lesões laterais dão a entender que ele tava bem machucado. Ou talvez morto. E teria ressuscitado pra encontrar a nossa Stark favorita?
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Si se sentían decepcionados con que Arya haya sido quien mató al Rey de la Noche en #GameofThrones, deben saber que en cuanto a historia no es un hecho tan descabellado. (Abro hilo)
8.000 años antes de que Aegon el Conquistador llegara a los Siete Reinos, se dice que una profunda oscuridad sumió al mundo. Fue la figura de un legendario héroe, llamado Azor Ahai quien combatiría a la oscuridad de "El Gran Otro", el enemigo de El Señor de la Luz, R'hllor.
Para acabar con la oscuridad, Azor Ahai necesitaba fabricar un arma digna de tal tarea. Por eso forjó una espada durante 30 días. Sin embargo, al templarla con el agua, esta se rompió.
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