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Technology works on the perpetual & exponential growth of everyone's capabilities.

When it doesn't, what occurs (?)

Where are the Capabilities being directed, for what type of purposes, & what are the capabilities Consequences (?)

It would seem.. #atoms like particlar orders.
It's fascinating to see how technology is shaping our lives & the world around us, but we need awareness of the laws of nature that dictate how reality interacts & comes together to form complex structures.

Y = Consequences (Our meduim)

Technology fuels our realities perpetual & exponential growth of capabilities, leading to a world of magnificent possibilities.... however...
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After yesterday's Nobel celebration we are back on track . I believe I promised something on #data #analysis
A thread 🧵on how we extract the data from our #robot beamtime @desynews @p021_desy and how we figure out the #arrangement of #atoms in our samples /@RPittkowski 1/6
We get these beautiful 2D images from where the #scattered #X-ray beam hits the detector plate. What you see below is the scattering recorded for LaB6 - not surprising that we use it as a standard for calibration when you look at the beautiful #rings 2/6
By radial integration we get a 1D diffraction pattern, which shows distinct Bragg peaks for each ring on the 2D image. I made a very boring #GIF where you can see how the #rings relate to #peaks in the pattern 3/6
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1) Lucretius argues for the existence of 60 BC:

"Things cannot be created out of nothing or reduced to nothing. You may distrust my words since atoms cannot be seen with your eyes? Think however of all the tiny particles you do not see, but which we know must exist.."
2) "First of all the raging wind that whips the sea, overturns ships and scatters clouds. Sometimes it races across plains in a whirling tornado and knocks flat trees with a furious howl and menacing roar; all invisible particles of wind sweeping the land, sea and clouds..."
3) "Your clothes left by a surf-beaten shore grow damp. The same clothes, spread out in the sun, become dry. But did we see how the water soaked in, or how it departed with the sun's heat? The water must be distributed into tiny particles which the eyes cannot possibly see."
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1/13 Today in @cosmos:
✅Stargate Testnet Gaia tag was updated to 1a. Testing is ongoing ⏩…
Make sure you keep up with the Stargate upgrade ⏩…
and check out the website for upcoming events ⏩
2/13 Today in @cosmos:
✅Starport v0.0.10 by @tendermint_team was released! Check out the new features and how easy it is to build a @cosmos blockchain ⏩…
To try out Starport, go to… and check latest video 🎥
3/13 Today in @cosmos:
✅did you miss @AltheaNetwork 's dev call on Peggy, the @cosmos <-> @ethereum bridge & the latest updates shared by the team? ⛩️
Rec here 📽️
✅Next call: Intro to Peggy on Hub, Wed Sept 2nd, 11am PDT. Join 🎥
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1/9 Today in @cosmos:
@cosmos Hub & Spoke newsletter is out! Stargate, Interchain accounts, liquid staking, and more! Give it a read here 👉
✅did you miss the discussion on Liquid Staking? Watch the replay here 🎥…
#todayincosmos Image
2/9 Today in @cosmos:
✅new #IBC docs by @fekunze and #IBC team are out! It now contains a section on how to integrate the "default" IBC configuration ( #IBC and #IBC-transfer modules) as well as how to create your own custom #IBC-APP module Browse here ⏩…
3/9 Today in @cosmos:
@terra_money introduces @anchor_protocol, a new yield solution powered by liquid staking derivatives, which is planned to become the building blocks of reliable passive income
Read more about it here⏩…
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