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Que faut-il pour postuler en #BTSSIO ?
Après la lecture de quelque 370 dossiers, mes collègues et moi faisons le même constat : peu de candidats ont su montrer leur motivation.
Alors pour les prochaines années, ce fil veut favoriser de belles candidatures, dans toute la France.⬇️
La première étape est de bien se renseigner sur les métiers de l'informatique. Nombreux sont les #gamers qui s'imaginent coder le nouveau #DeusEx, #Skyrim ou #LOL.
Mais ce n'est pas parce qu'on aime conduire des voitures que l'on doit devenir garagiste : pareil en #informatique
Les #BUT et #BTSSIO ou #BTSCIEL sont des diplômes difficiles dans lesquels vous ne verrez que les entrailles de logiciels beaucoup moins séduisants que les jeux.
Pire, cela demande des capacités d'abstraction importantes. En prog, le spectacle pendant 2-3 ans sera ça :
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#Nano $XNO Instant transfer without fees.
#PAW $PAW Instant transfer without fees.
#Solona $SOL Fast transfer with low fees.

@sendnano 0.000133 to first 133 people who likes, retweets and follow me
Iranians have been hostages of the Islamic Republic for 45 years. In all these years, many people of different ages and genders were arrested, tortured and executed by the government for wanting a normal life.
Five months have passed since the beginning of the revolution.
In the last five months, massive demonstrations have been taking place throughout Europe and other countries to support the people of Iran who started the revolution with the slogan of women, life, freedom.
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Some thoughts on #Nano $XNO. It's one of the most interestingly-designed crypto projects, though I think its incentive problems will keep it from reaching mainstream adoption.

Let's dive in! 🤿

First, even though I'll be saying some critical things, I'm grateful Nano exists: it needs to in order to provide a contrarian position to existing crypto assumptions.

Nano proves you don't need to do things the same as everyone else in order to make something that works!

Nano operates on maximizing two key principles: fast and no fees. Everything is designed in order to make sure you can send money quickly without paying fees or inflation.

And this is achieved by a unique and barebones structure. But it does actually work!

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The U.N. is a happy organization?

This happynwo site is now the forwarding address for: (which was a blank site in 2020 with only "Ⓒ Copyright New World Order Project 2020" at the bottom.)

Ha! Found it. Image
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World Economic Forum founder's right testicle, Yuval Noah Harari #WEF Freewill? Well, "that is over" according to this jizz rag.
It's Mr. ball bag himself, Kuck Schlob-a-knob. Image
Won't play?
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Multiplexed barcoding of cells:

Fluorescence Polarization Spectroscopy…
I fucking knew it. That's just wonderful. 😑
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If you haven't heard and learned about CSRQ-SM software yet, your alt media or so-called resistance info source isn't what they want you to believe, they aren't on the side of the people. Period. It's that simple. And chilling. 🧵

We're a few steps away from their slogan "you'll own nothing..." to become reality‼ To eventually stop CSRQ - this Great Reset financial and social score software/system - to be deployed in our very near future, much more people would need to be aware of its existence‼ Image
Much more people would need to be aware of its existence, testing, about the classes within, and majority of Sovereigns already massively moving their fiat money onto their accounts with USDR currency. Mind blowing evil & bloody nightmare‼
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1/ Right now, each #bitcoin 'produced' by mining generates, on average, around $3,226 in losses to miners:

Bitcoin Average Mining Costs: $20,095
BTC/USD: ~$16,869

And the mining net negative has been a reality for a few weeks in a row.
2/ When considering this quick accounting of around $3,226 of losses for each new BTC put into circulation and that every 10 minutes, 6.25 BTC are issued, we are talking about an estimated loss of $120,975/hour.

Draw your own conclusions about this... 🤷
3/ This Wednesday (21st), another large mining company demonstrates the difficulties faced in the activity, as Core Scientific filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the USA.

It's not the first, not the second, and probably not the last.
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1/ Neste momento, cada #bitcoin 'produzido' com a mineração gera, em média, cerca de US $3.226 em prejuízo para os mineradores:

Bitcoin Average Mining Costs: $20.095
BTC/USD: ~$16.869

E o net negative de mineração já é uma realidade há algumas semanas em sequência.
2/ Nesta quarta-feira (21), mais uma grande mineradora demonstra as dificuldades enfrentadas na atividade, já que a Core Scientific deu entrada no processo de falência pelo capítulo 11 dos EUA.

Não é a primeira, nem a segunda e, provavelmente, não será a última.
3/ A cada novo evento deste, mais a rede do #bitcoin tende para a centralização.

É assustador pensar que uma rede de mais de $300 bilhões USD de capitalização possui Coeficiente de Nakamoto (NC) igual a 2. Com 2 entidades sendo responsáveis por >52% de toda a hashrate produzida.
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A thread of ten writing tips for anyone doing #NaNoWriMo (or anyone not doing #NaNo! You can write any time you want).

1) Have an ending in mind. This is the number one tip I give when asked for writing advice. You don't need to plot out the whole book (I don't) but having a
solid direction in mind will help keep you on track, and it's really invaluable for the kind of books I write - the kind that require you to drop hints for the readers. I know crime and thriller writers who don't plot at all - @lisajewelluk is one I believe - but I think they're
a rare breed and most of us want to travel with a destination in mind, even if the route we take is a surprise.
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1/ I've been trying to understand more about the #LightningNetwork from a user experience point of view, as I see many enthusiasts openly advocating the tool as a real scaling solution while using #BTC as money for everyday life — trying to get new users on board.
2/ I have a keen interest in using decentralized money for everyday activities, and when I talk to people who are looking for the same (or living it in practice), their experiences involving lightning are usually pretty negative.

Among the negative reports I see, mainly ⬇️
> Custody;
> Theoretical vulnerabilities;
> Dependence on intermediaries for routing and tendency to centralization;
> "Voucher" system;
> Payments that are not completed;
> Lack of routes between channels;
> Higher fees than expected;
> Lack of liquidity for higher values;
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1/ Venho tentando entender mais sobre a #LightningNetwork de um ponto de vista de experiência do usuário, já que vejo muitas pessoas defendendo abertamente a ferramenta como uma solução real de escalabilidade e uso do #bitcoin como dinheiro para o dia-a-dia.
2/ Eu tenho um grande interesse no uso de dinheiro descentralizado para atividades corriqueiras e, quando converso com pessoas que estão buscando o mesmo (ou vivendo isso na prática), as experiências envolvendo a #lightning, normalmente, são bastante negativas.
3/ Então, na minha percepção, existe uma contradição entre:

A) muita gente defendendo o uso da tecnologia, sem tantos relatos de uso real;

B) muita gente que usa, relatando que a experiência é ruim e não é uma solução viável.

Minha própria experiência foi negativa.
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After yesterday's Nobel celebration we are back on track . I believe I promised something on #data #analysis
A thread 🧵on how we extract the data from our #robot beamtime @desynews @p021_desy and how we figure out the #arrangement of #atoms in our samples /@RPittkowski 1/6
We get these beautiful 2D images from where the #scattered #X-ray beam hits the detector plate. What you see below is the scattering recorded for LaB6 - not surprising that we use it as a standard for calibration when you look at the beautiful #rings 2/6
By radial integration we get a 1D diffraction pattern, which shows distinct Bragg peaks for each ring on the 2D image. I made a very boring #GIF where you can see how the #rings relate to #peaks in the pattern 3/6
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1/ 🧵@elonmusk brings the discussion about #dogecoin block time and block size, and the #Nano community goes wild. Here is why? Before we start, let's talk about two companies, Kodak and Dyson. "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
2/ Steve Sasson, the Kodak engineer who invented the first digital camera in 1975, characterized the initial corporate response to his invention this way:

"But it was filmless photography, so management’s reaction was, ‘that’s cute—but don’t tell anyone about it."
3/ Dyson's story:
When James Dyson introduced his invention of the bagless vacuum to investors and brands, they thought it was bad because they couldn't sell more bags. Bagless will kill their business model.
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Alguns comentários sobre o artigo do @PeriniBruno no @Estadao @EstadaoEconomia publicado esta manhã com o título: "Por que o #bitcoin será cada vez mais adotado pelas pessoas".

Espero poder trazer um debate saudável sobre o assunto para quem interessar. 1/
Como produtor de conteúdo e redator, eu gosto muito de receber feedback sobre o que escrevo.
Adoro receber feedbacks positivos, mas minha evolução profissional se dá principalmente onde existe conflito, pois me motiva a melhorar e me permite aprender coisas novas. 2/
Eu também acredito que, como divulgadores de informação em uma área de conhecimento ainda com grande assimetria de informação, o aprendizado constante é essencial para trazer informações corretas e educar pessoas que buscam entender melhor o universo #cripto e #blockchain. 3/
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Entenderam porque #nano é importante?
Já vi muita gente dizendo que o #Pix mata o use case da $XNO, o que é um absurdo.

Centralização e liquidez injetada não substituem dinheiro descentralizado peer-to-peer.
E sim, isso vale para seu canal #LN custodial que precisa de roteador.
Casos como este demonstram a importância de um dinheiro descentralizado, auto-soberano, ponta-a-ponta e que não depende do fornecimento de liquidez de terceiros.
#nano resolve todos estes problemas, sendo um dinheiro extremamente eficiente, sem taxas e com confirmações em menos de 1 segundo (parecido com o pix, mas diferente).
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There's a lot of questions about #cassie, what is the significance, why is it cool, what does it demonstrate, how is it #web3. Even moreso since the #radflix demo dropped & the exposure it got on various socials etc so here is a thread...
Hopefully yall know by now that it is primarily a research network. It started as a collection of radical ideas around #consensus, #sharding, #blockchain and #cassie is the embodiment of those ideas to demonstrate viability. But it has now become so much more...
It is technology that can do things that were said to be impossible. Technology that can do things other L1 tech hasn't even dreamt of trying to do. It is a technology which is being used to show proof of potential on all the *hardest* things first...
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Thread 🧵 on the #nano demo at our event yesterday.

The Kappture/NANO integration is native. We don't use third parties. Our system derives a unique address per tx from the merchants 'master' public key which we hold for our clients.

$XNO #cryptocurrency #adoption @Kappture1
The assets remains under the merchants custody at all times. Kappture doesn't hold the private keys.

We are looking at ways of protecting merchants from asset volatility without slowing the tx, counterparty risk, and fees. This remains the biggest barrier to merchant adoption.
My team are investigating how we can implement consumer-offline NFC transactions. @EMVCo based solutions have this and they are the benchmark we're working to.

Merchants are genuinely excited by this tech. They just need a turnkey solution from a provider they trust.
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Pessoal se perguntando por que o preço de 1 BTC (e o mercado como um todo) caiu tanto assim "do nada", já que até agora ainda não surgiu nenhuma notícia "relevante" para justificar a queda e os "fundamentos continuam os mesmos".

São vários fatores que podem ter influenciado.+
Uma pressão vendedora tão forte que desencadeou uma sequência de outros eventos, como "panic sell" (venda por pânico), insegurança, dúvida, final de ano chegando, natal, posições longs sendo liquidadas, etc.

Difícil saber qual foi o gatilho para todos estes eventos, mas vale+
lembrar que não é preciso ter um.

Aparentemente o que aconteceu foi uma queda de preço partindo do #Bitcoin e levando todo o restante do mercado junto, por puro comodismo e comportamento de manada.

E o que pode ter derrubado o bitcoin, se os fundamentos continuam iguais? +
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I'm loving this new #Nyano meme and keep seeing the same questions so thought I'd help out a bit and dispel some myths. A thread 🧵👇

1. What is Nyano?
Nyano is #Nano. Just like Satoshis are Bitcoin. Nyano is just a small amount of $Nano, like 1 cent is 1/100 of a dollar.
1 Nano is 1 million Nyano just like 1 dollar is 100 cents.

2. Is Nyano going to be its own memecoin?
Nyano will never be its own coin anymore than satoshis would ever be their own coin.

3. How do I buy Nyano?
Easy! Just buy Nano and you'll have Nyano.
Just like when you buy Bitcoin, you have satoshis.

4. What's up with these new apps I'm hearing about?
Some Bitcoin wallets show values in satoshis. Nyatrium and Nyault (forks of Natrium and Nault) will show Nano values in Nyano, instead of Nano, and have the Nyano art work.
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Olá, @jovemnerd. Tudo bem?
Esta é uma thread apenas para você, em resposta à excelente matéria que publicou sobre #Criptomoedas e o fim do mundo, neste link aqui:…

Compartilho alguns pontos de preocupação e gostaria de falar mais sobre o assunto. Segue! +
2/ Gostei bastante da matéria, pois mesmo sendo feita por uma página de fora do universo #cripto, ela contém muitas informações relevantes e é notável que foi feito um estudo à fundo sobre o tema.
Diferente de algumas críticas parecidas que vemos fora da nossa "eco-chamber".
3/ Apesar dos fatores ambientais com o gasto energético serem ignorados por boa parte da comunidade de criptomoedas (principalmente entre as maiores como #Bitcoin e #Ethereum), existem outras comunidades que compartilham da mesma preocupação e já criaram soluções "eco-friendly".
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1/ Up next in #cryptothoughts, in which I take a closer look at some of the projects in the crypto/blockchain space that have me beyond excited, is @nano. I've been wanting to cover #nano for a while now, as this project truly embodies what the #crypto & #blockchain ethos is all
2/ about. One of the fastest-rising crypto-assets throughout the broader ecosystem, #nano takes the problem of sending money in a cheap, quick, & secure way & flips the concept on its head. With zero fees (I repeat, ZERO fees), Nano is infinitely cheaper to transact with than
3/ other crypto-assets, let alone the price gouging traditional wiring services. And on top of that, transactions are completed faster than two people sending messages over WhatsApp. And my favorite part, there is absolutely no incentive to move towards a centralized model. Is
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Nano is the nerdy kid at school that doesn't go to parties but flies high when they leave, says George Coxon, Director of the Nano Foundation ⋰·⋰ 🦋🥦

Listen to @ThatTechShow_ podcast 👉…

$NANO #nano @nano
@ThatTechShow_ @nano George Coxon is clear in her belief that $Nano is the best digital money. "If anyone does it better than us, we will join them."
The funding of the $Nano Foundation has been kept "as pure as possible", causing "scary times" during the bear market.

To the extent that they planned to close the Foundation this year as things were so tight. But the price of #Nano rose and they stayed careful with funds
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1/4 Pessoalmente eu acredito que agora seja um ótimo momento para comprar a criptomoeda $NANO.

Mas todos que queiram investir devem antes fazer suas próprias pesquisas e entender em que estão investindo.

Me coloco à disposição para tirar dúvidas.
2/4 Nesse momento o preço da $NANO está em $4.57 ou R$23,40.

A primeira vez que falei sobre #NANO aqui no facebook, seu preço estava el $1.20, valendo aproximadamente R$6,90.

Ela alcançou $17 (aprox R$91) há pouco mais de 2 meses.
3/4 Eu acredito que chegamos em uma região de suporte importante antes de retomar o movimento de alta.

Que foi a mesma região de suporte durante o ataque spam que já foi resolvido.

Os fundamentos estão positivos e graficamente também está indicando uma reversão.
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