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1/ Hey frends! Have you heard the news? @PythNetwork is now officially live on the @injective #mainnet, bringing a whole new level of possibilities for #dApps and the #Injective community!
Let's dive into what this integration means and how it impacts the world of #DeFi🌐
#INJ Image
Pyth is an #oracle network that revolutionizes the way real-world data is brought #onchain
Through its innovative low-latency pull oracle design, Pyth publishes continuous real-world #data, inc. prices, for various markets spanning equities, #commodities, forex pairs & #crypto
With this integration, #Injective #dApps now have seamless access to #Pyth's #onchain #data, empowering #developers and users alike to leverage real-world #asset information within the #blockchain environment. This is a game-changer for Injective's #ecosystem! 🆙
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Are you a #CosmWasm developer?

This is what happened this week in the Cosmos you should be aware of:

@axelarcore's General Message Passing (GMP) is now available between EVM and Cosmos-based chains.

#CosmWasm 1.3 is on its way and with it a few additions to our beloved structs Addr, Uint* and Decimal* 😎

The Atom Economic Zone is getting traction with 3 proposals:

#790 -> Adopt Liquid Staking Module on the Hub: PASSED
#792 -> Launch Neutron with Replicated Security: PASSED
#794 -> Launch Stride with Replicated Security: Voting (99% passed)

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1/🌐 As #Web3 goes multi-chain, #interoperability becomes vital.

Will @Polkadot's soon-to-be-released XCMP or @cosmos's IBC emerge as the dominant protocol?

In collaboration with @d1ventures, we try to answer this important question through a UX lens for end-users. #XCMP #IBC Image
Note: XCMP = Cross Chain Message Passing, IBC = Inter Blockchain Communication
2/🔗 #XCMP is @Polkadot's native protocol for interchain communication using XCM format, while #IBC is @cosmos's general-purpose protocol, enabling communication even between blockchains with different consensus mechanisms or token economies. ImageImage
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Union Finance Minister Smt. @nsitharaman met Mr. Hayashi Nobumitsu, Governor, Japan Bank for International Cooperation #JBIC, on the sidelines of the 56th #ADBAnnualMeeting, in Incheon, today. (1/5)

@IndiainROK ImageImageImage
FM Smt. @nsitharaman encouraged engagement of JBIC with Indian financial institutions such as Exim Bank @IndiaEximBank, NIIF and lending banks to leverage the strength and complementarities of both countries for facing local, regional and global financial challenges. (2/5)
FM spoke of GoI intiatives towards facilitating #investment, like #PLIs scheme, #NIP, reforms in #GST & Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code #IBC, among others & hoped JBIC will use this enabling environment as an opportunity to expand marine products & seaweed processing in India. (3/5)
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🌊 Dive into the depths of BLUE, the heart of the #Kujira ecosystem! A realm where serenity meets DeFi power. Explore staking, governance, swapping, bridging, and the mystical USK stablecoin. Uncover the lore of BLUE! 🐋 #DeFi #BLUE #GrownupDeFi Image
1/19 🌐 BLUE Dashboard: Embark on a journey through real-time data on $KUJI token price, fully diluted value, liquid supply, 90-day revenue, block details, total & staked KUJI supply, vesting schedule, and total USK supply. #Kujira #BLUE Image
🌟🌟 Note the vesting. 🌟🌟

We have 0% inflation, and kujiran's do not get diluted. Fees are earned via all platforms like #BOW, #FIN, #BLUE, #ORCA, #GHOST and $KUJI stakers are awarded staking rewards 100% earned from fees/airdrops.
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This will be a 3 part thread on @nolus each part daily 😁

1st- what the chain is

2nd- why #Nolus is different


Keeps it more simple.. 🫡


#Cosmos #Crypto #Defi #IBC
Firstly Nolus is a #Cosmos SDK built chain using the Tendermint BFT consensus (Byzantine-fault-tolerant)

Making it a Proof of stake Network

Interoperable using #IBC
(Inter Blockchain Communication)

Nolus is a Defi leasing Protocol that allows you to lend or borrow on the Platform.

Which means locking in collateral in a smart contract to receive a loan.

You’ll be able to borrow up to 150% on your original down payment.

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I’m going to try and give a fair prediction for $ATOM

Last bull $ATOM under performed
While creating one of the most fundamental achievements in crypto to date

Creating the #IBC protocol (inter blockchain communication) allowing an interoperable ecosystem

In the last bull market the overall crypto market cap hit 3.2 trillion

$Atom at its ATH hit around $12.6bill market cap giving $Atom a price of $44.5 roughly per token

While chains in general without much achievement grew to 25bill plus

(Some would say down to marketing)

So taking into consideration $Atom is more exposed to the general crypto market

Future forecasts have the crypto market cap around 5trillion by 2025

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⚡OKT Chain Testnet with potential airdrop

The project recently added a new network "OKT Chain" and in honor of this launched a testnet to be eligible for a possible airdrop

💲Raised: TBA from CoinMarketCAP, OKX, Multichain, Huobi, ArbSwap

A Thread🧵
#OKX #OKXWallet
@OKCNetwork is an EVM-compatible blockchain built on #Cosmos, focusing on true #IBC interoperability & maximized performance
What to do?
- Go to the website and register on the exchange
- Install and create a wallet (do not forget to save the seed phrase)…
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💎@BanklessHQ’s podcast with @cburniske is a gem.

I’ve summarized the key points and added a suggestion for Chris at the end.


🧵From a 22k word transcript → 1.6k word thread
🎙️Chris Burniske talks about his conviction in #Ethereum during 2018-2019 bear market. Despite negativity & loss of faith, he & @placeholdervc continued investing in $ETH & its ecosystem.

#Crypto #Investing
🚀Projects backed by Placeholder include zkSync, Balancer, and Uma. Chris highlights that they found amazing valuations and top-notch teams in the #Ethereum space, with less competition from VCs during that time.

#DeFi #CryptoProjects
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#EVM & #IBC are two of the most important innovations in crypto. EVM has gained the most adoption as an execution layer, IBC seeks to gain the most adoption as an interoperability layer for blockchains. In this thread we will discuss which has more potential...🧵 Image
First, wtf is EVM?
Ethereum Virtual Machine is a critical component of the Ethereum network and has become a dominant force in the world of crypto. Devs can write and deploy code on EVM compatible blockchains, powering decentralized applications and automated financial contracts. Image
It has largely contributed to the success of many EVM compatible chains such as BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, and Fantom. Leveraging EVM have had significant benefits from it due to smart contract protocols porting their dapps on these chains due to being faster & cheaper. Image
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1/ We are one week into #GameofNFTs 🎮

#Interchain NFT transfers are happening as we speak, during the stage 1 of the incentivized testnet!

Our participants are every day one step closer to unlocking #NFT interoperability!

Let’s explore some of the tools being built in #GoN 👇
2/ @OmniFlixNetwork built a GUI that allows community members to try Interchain NFT transfers:

With great enthusiasm many #Cosmonauts experienced first-hand the dawn of NFTs interoperability powered by #IBC
3/ @ping_pub and his team realized an explorer:

And a faucet: 

@Steve_TCNetwork launched with his team an explorer:
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How Sei order engine reduces MEV?
[#SeilorRabbithole series]

0/🧵 The “Seilor rabbit-hole series” is a deep-dive on the 3 major Innovation breakthroughs of @SeiNetwork
1. Native Order Matching
2. Market-based parallelization
3. Twin-Turbo Consensus…
1/ 🧵 Why MEV holds back Billions in liquidity?

“Maximal Extractable Value is the process of maximizing economic value from block production, by including, excluding, and changing the order of transactions in a block”.
2/ Front-running bots/validators are considered Bad MEV while liquidators/arbitrageurs are good and needed for a strong #DeFi economic model.

Sei is trying to minimize bad #MEV with frequent batch auctions (FBA) and maximize good MEV with an off-chain flash bots-style auction. Sei MEV Illustration by Delphi Digital
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The next big thing for #crypto? Interoperability. In order to truly connect the entire world, different blockchains need to be able to exchange data and assets.

In this thread, we'll take a look at how close we are to achieving it, and who is helping us to do so!

While there are dozens of Layer 1s solving a myriad of different issues, you can't use both simultaneously or easily. A #web2 equivalent of it would be having to use one browser to access Google Docs, and another one just to purchase something on Amazon!

The worst part is that in order to use different chains, you have to send your liquidity around with either:

a) On-chain bridges, which are relatively unsafe (look at how many exploits we've had last year!)
b) Using centralized exchanges and spending unnecessary fees.

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Is #Polkadot $DOT still alive?
Is the “Ethereum Killer” narrative still valid?
What's new with the protocol that was supposed to replace #Ethereum?

Thread 🧵👇

When #Polkadot launched in the second half of 2020, you could hear that we are dealing with the real successor to #Ethereum.…

The #Polkadot $DOT narrative was so strong that there was a temporary trend of pumping and getting excited about all projects that had anything to do with Polkadot.
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The moment is here!

Our shopping list of 2023:

⚛️ Generational: $ATOM
⚛️ Real yield: $KUJI, $SWTH
⚛️ Modularity: $TIA, $DYM
⚛️ Money printers: $EVMOS, $TORI
⚛️ App & consumer chains: $GNOT, $SEI, $ARCH, $NTRN

Before we dive into the shopping list, let's get two things right from the get go.

First, recap what a shopping list is.

Second, review narratives.

Our shopping list strategy is based on the idea that every year there are big spikes up and down in the markets, where you don't have time to research individual assets “on the fly”.

If you try, you will most likely miss a buying opportunity.

Instead, have a plan in hand.

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#cosmos week 6 of 2023 Feb 7 - 13:

1️⃣ Sushiswap is entering Cosmos
2️⃣ Avalanche is connecting with Cosmos
3️⃣ Stride is now live with $stLUNA
4️⃣ Keplr introduced the Validator Dashboard!
5️⃣ Stride will add $stATOM & $stOSMO to Umee

1️⃣ Sushiswap is entering Cosmos

@SushiSwap has acquired Vortex protocol, a @SeiNetwork product.

“This acquisition is a direct partnership between the SEI, Vortex, and Sushi teams to help bring to market the first fully on-chain perpetual DEX via Sushi”

2️⃣ Avalanche is connecting with Cosmos

$AVAX native #IBC integration into #cosmos is coming with @CosmosAVAX, enabling the first Cosmos/IBC subnet.

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#16 @prism_protocol
Splitting tokens into yield & principal, enabling fix yield & yield trading

In this thread
1. TLDR of what is Prism
2. History of Prism
3. How does it work
4. What does it enable, what strategies you can do
5. Prism #airdrop, #cosmos
6. Summary


Prism is a Cosmo L1 blockchain that enables users to break their yield bearing assets and break it into Principal token (PT) & Yield Token (YT).

PT & YT can be redeemed at mature date & trade freely. Allowing speculation on yield price.
History of Prism
Prism was initially built on the @terra_money network with its PT & YT around Luna which hit 800m TVL at peak with 70m liquidity it’s native AMM.
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1/789 $atom is and will always be the bluechip/flagship/ $btc coin of the cosmos ecosystem. Without cosmos hub there would be nothing.
2/789 But what about $btc entering cosmos? $btc doesn’t have governance, the community to decide the future of the hub, the ability to attract so much interest. Drama is a feature. $btc is $btc. $atom is $atom.
3/789 The potential for $atom is much greater on an investment scale because math. $atom is a testament to #ibc and now it’s up to us to push it forward. Less bitching, more involvement.
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2022 Recap🎊

This Crypto Report by @coinwirehq and @tkdotventures is a treasure trove!🤩💰

Infographics, stats, deep metrics analysis everything is ready for you✅Seek ALPHA here 👇…

⚛️#Cosmonauts #CosmosEcosystem $ATOM #CryptoReport2022 Image
Take a look at the content

This report contains all the hot topics and notable events of the past year including #BTC price preformans, Terra, ETH Merge, FTX, #NFT & Web3 Gaming, #DeFi apps, #L1 and #L2 solutions🥵

Let's dive in!🧵⬇️ ImageImage
2022 was a really tough year for crypto in general, but there are some Blockchains that suffered more than others and lost a big percentage of their value:

$FTM -93%📉
$SOL -92.7%📉
$NEAR -90.7%📉
$AVAX -89%📉
$DOT -82.6%📉 Image
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The Interchain’s #NFT capabilities open up whole new opportunities for #IBC developers and users.

Let's see what’s possible with Interchain NFTs👇
Interchain NFTs were developed by Bianjie, long-term contributors to the @Cosmos and @IrisNetwork ecosystems.

#NFT transfers leverage the Cosmos SDK NFT module (x/nft), a native module that allows users to conduct NFT-related queries and build NFT applications.
The newly released Interchain NFT Standard (ICS-721) is an application-layer protocol allowing NFT interoperability between IBC-enabled chains. Cosmos SDK chains and @CosmWasm chains are both supported.
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0/ @CelestiaOrg's modular #DA layer enables new network designs and makes spinning up rollups easier than ever before

a 🧵 featuring #RollMint, @dymensionXYZ, @Sagaxyz__, @EvmosOrg and @fuellabs_ exploring the modular future 🔮✨

(0/34) 👇
1/ I have talked a lot about modularity and how @CelestiaOrg's modular #DA layer marks the beginning of a new era in blockchain architecture

if you want a summary on that, check my thread below 👇

2/ what I want to show you today, is how these novel architectures that @CelestiaOrg enables could look like, how @CelestiaOrg makes blockchain development easier & more accessible than ever before and how the modular building blocks of the future fit together
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0/ There is one project in the entire crypto space that's a paradigm shift in the making involving cross chain defi and that is @THORChain. $Rune is one of the most fundamentally bullish altcoins of 2023. Let's expand on my thesis......🧵
1/ 2022 was full of bridge exploits, implosions and centralized exchanges collapsing due to lack of trust. To combat these issues, there is an on-chain version that lets you swap and earn yield off your NATIVE coins within your wallet without any bridge risks? That is Thorchain.
2/ What is it?
Thorchain is a liquidity protocol designed to essentially link all native blockchain assets in a decentralized market through its cross-chain bridge and ongoing liquidity pools that are rewarded and protected by validators using $rune token.
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1) Curious Cosmonaut Research is excited to launch our platform in open beta, the most comprehensive research platform in Cosmos after a year of stealth! Featuring over 210 articles and over 90 platforms/writers to start. Please follow, retweet, and share with other Cosmonauts!
2) The website can be found here, and some of the coverage from day one is listed in this thread.
3) @agoric - smart contract blockchain focused on JavaScript

@akashnet_ - decentralized cloud and computing

#ATOM/@cosmos Hub - hub of Cosmos working towards being the IBC center and security of the ecosystem
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Here are 10 ambitious roadmap and developments that seek to build the solution to trustless universal interoperability by leveraging @Polkadot and @cosmosibc everyone should know:

A 🧵#PicassoExplain
1️⃣ Picasso parachain and Pallets

Picasso is the infrastructure layer for enabling interoperable DeFi.

As an L1, Picasso functions as the center of cross-chain innovation and benefits from Relay Chain shared security and XCM connection to other Parachains.
→ Pallets Revolution

Cubic — a cross-chain vault standard
Apollo — an MEV-resistant cross-chain oracle
Pablo — a cross-chain DEX
Angular — a cross-chain money market
Instrumental — a strategy hub
Centauri — which forms the basis of trustless comm utilizing the IBC protocol
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