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1) The Curious Cosmonaut Research team recently published an overview of all #IBC Chains. The article came out to 131 Tweets which we backed up into many (~75) transactions on the HUB, but why? #cosmsos #atom #osmosis #evmos #sifchain #stargaze #juno #sifchain #likecoin #akash
2) Medium can be modified and or censored. Twitter one day may be modified and or censored. The #Cosmos HUB, we believe, is one of the most resilent #blockchains in the entire industry.
3) By moving the content onto the HUB, we believe it will be permanent, immutable, censorship-resistant, recoverable, accessible anywhere, and potentially more.
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🧵on all IBC connected chains in Cosmos and how we came from no #IBC to around 48 active IBC chains and 70%+ in developer growth in 2021. We explore all #Cosmos IBC chains in an easy to digest thread. Or through Medium… #IBCGang #ATOM @cosmos
2) #Cosmos has been having rapid growth over the last couple of years. To give a little context Inter‐Blockchain Communication protocol (#IBC) was only approved on March 29th, 2021 from governance proposal #41.
3) According to a report by Electric Capital Cosmos had a 70% growth in developers in the #Cosmos ecosystem in 2021. This will only continue to grow as Cosmos technology improves and more tools come such as EVM-based chains.
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1 - An emerging player in interoperability is @ComposableFin who unites the #IBC, #EVM, & #XCM ecosystems. Connecting the fragments that today make up DeFi, Composable aims to achieve composability through a system wherein the whole of DeFi is greater than the sum of its parts 🧵
2 - At the core of Composable's innovation is its Cross-Chain Virtual Machine (XCVM). Through natively cross-chain smart contracts, true composability across multiple ecosystems is achievable.

This is a big, what they're setting out to do even exceeds @LayerZero_Labs's offering
3 - As solutions like LZ's achieve interoperability via trusted relayers & oracles, it's through a reactive approach that smart contracts on different apps/chains can interact. Since devs still need to choose a "home", it forces them to have to make a difficult decision
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You have a Keplr wallet and want to understand how to claim your LUNA 2.0?

Here's a step by step thread that explains everything 🧵

Please, RT & share this thread to help other Keplr users get the money they deserve 👇

#Cosmos #IBC #UST #LUNA #airdrop
1. Check if you receive an airdrop

To check, copy & paste your LUNA address here:

You will see that:
👉 30% is FREE
👉 70% is VESTED
2. Go to your Terra station extension and click on "Add a wallet"

👉By doing that, you'll be able to import your Keplr wallet on Terra station
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#DataPoint | Six years since the implementation of the #IBC, the resolution process continues to be mired in problems of systemic delays and steeper haircuts. (1/5)
#DataPoint | This chart shows the share of companies that were liquidated, approved, settled and withdrawn among the cases for which the resolution process was completed. (2/5)
#DataPoint | This chart shows the number of days taken to complete the resolution process. (3/5)
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#Comdex zincirinde çıkacak olan ve IBC varlıkları ile aşırı teminat yoluyla oluşturulacak stabil koin #Composite $CMST için testnet tarihi belli oldu. Hadi gelin $CMST in basım/yakım mekanizmasında $HARBOR ve $ATOM $XPRT $CMDX gibi #IBC varlıklarının rolü ne olacak bakalım 🧵👇
Öncelikle aşırı teminat (over collateralized) yoluyla oluşturulan stabil koinler nasıl çalışır: Siz elinizde $Eth gibi kripto varlıkları gidip teminat olarak yatırır ve karşılığında $Dai gibi bir stabil varlığı mintleyebilirsiniz.
Bu mintleme işinde verilen teminat oranı 1 den daha büyük bir oran olur. Bu sayede teminat varlığın düşüşüne karşı bir koruma alanı oluşturulmuş olur. Bu tip stabil koinler arkasında gerçek dünya varlığı yani Fiat dolar rezervi veya emtia gibi varlıklar bulundurmazlar.
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1 - @archwayHQ is an #IBC CW-enabled incentivized smart contract chain. Aiming to increase equitability in its ecosystem, Archway reshapes how value's created & shared across blockchain ecosystems, opening up a new kind of a developer-centric economy.

My deep dive 🧵 is here 👇
2 - Archway believes that an active & engaged dev community is the most important determinant of long-term success for a smart contract platform. Yet in today's ecosystems, individual contributors & builders rarely capture much of the network-level value they help create
3 - Identifying this key flaw, Archway presents a system where developers who build and launch impactful dApps, earn a proportional share of network fees + rewards. This shared earning model enables dApps to access recurring rewards & participate in the upside of their protocol
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1./ Adding some $EVMOS to my portfolio. Why? 👇

@EvmosOrg is both #IBC connected as it is #EVM compatible. This means dApps written in Solidity (the @ethereum coding language) can launch in @cosmos ecosystem without having to change their code!
2./ Why does this matter? Well, just compare the number of protocols of the top-5 EVM compatible chains with the top-5 non EVM compatible chains. I think @EvmosOrg could be the trigger for many protocols to start migrating to @cosmos.
3./ I've been told protocols like @AaveAave and @compoundfinance are already working on this.

This would not only be a boost in #IBC connected protocols, but also in the number of users.
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மோடி மல்லையா, நீரவ்மோடி மாதிரி கடன்காரனுங்கள எல்லாம் தப்பிக்க விட்டுட்டார் பாத்தீங்களா - எட்டு வருஷமா காங்கிரஸ், தி.மு.க சொல்ற முக்கியமான குற்றச்சாட்டு -

இருபது முப்பது வருஷம் திருடித், திருடி சொகுசா வாழ்ந்த ஒருத்தன் இருக்கற எடத்த விட்டு, சொத்தவிட்டு, சொந்தங்களவிட்டு
பொறந்த நாட்டை விட்டே ஓடறான்னா அதுக்கு என்ன காரணம் இருக்க முடியும்? -

நம்மள்ள பலர் நம்ப ஊர்லயே பாத்திருப்போம் ஊரச்சுத்தி கடன் வாங்கி, திருப்பிக் கட்ட முடியாம ஊரவிட்டு ஓடிப்போனவங்கள, அது எவ்வளவு அசிங்கம், அவன் செத்ததுக்குச் சமம்னு நாம நெனைப்போம் -
இது மல்லையாவுக்குக் கெடையாதா?-

இருக்கு, அப்பறம் ஏன் ஓடிப்போனான்?-

அதான், இருபது முப்பது வருஷமா சொகுஷா வாழ்ந்தவன் திடீர்னு ஓடிப்போறான்னா இங்க அவனால இனி திருடி, ஏமாத்தி பழயபடி சொகுசா வாழ முடியாம தடுக்க யாரோ அல்லது ஏதோ புதுத் தொல்லை வந்திருக்குன்னு அர்த்தம்-
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Today was another good day for @SecretNetwork - $SCRT

Proposal #85 passed increasing the active validator set on the Network from 70 - 80

This does not immediately increase decentralization but it does bring in members contributing to code and infrastructure

An introduction 👇

@crypto_crew is a validator organization running on multiple chains like $DVPN $STARS $ATOM $OSMO and now $SCRT.

They helped with relaying #IBC transactions on Secret since September 2021 and are now finally joining the set.

#IBC is free for users because the relayer itself pays the fees. @crypto_crew has been paying fees for users for months without getting commission as a validator to recoup those costs.

We are happy to see them join the active set and get support from the ecosystem.
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@osmosiszone stakers will soon be asked to vote for a bridge provider to connect #Osmosis to #Ethereum and other EVM chains as well. Here’s why I think @axelarcore is a top contender 🧵
1- Saying the team is qualified is an understatement

Co-founder @sergey_nog was a founding team member at Algorand and @MIT PhD. Co-founder @yorgosv_ graduated from MIT as well, and got a gold Medal at the International Math Olympiad.
The other 25-ish employees area mostly PhDs with world-class cryptographic experience.
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#Cosmos vision as the internet of blockchains is extremely compelling. Here's why I think its likely to succeed, and why #IBC protocol is superior to other bridging options🧵
Most people are aware that #IBC integration comes close to "out of the box" for the Cosmos chains, and there's a ever-growing number of them, including hugely popular chains like #Terra, #Cronos, #BSC etc.
However, #IBC can be integrated with non Cosmos chains. @interchain_io is currently supporting teams on
Polkadot & Kusama , Near & Harmony to bring their ecosystem to Cosmos
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1) Follow up on the recent thread where I've written a run-through the #CosmosEcosystem. Let's dive a little bit deeper into the history of @cosmos and where it all started.

This thread also covers @osmosiszone & @EvmosOrg.


2) Blockchain software architect Jae Kwon founded Tendermint in 2014 and created Tendermint Core, a blockchain engine that creates Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithms. Ethan Buchman went on to refine the Tendermint consensus algorithm that now powers #Cosmos.
3) The two Tendermint co-founders published the Cosmos white paper in 2016 under the name: A Network of Distributed Ledgers.
The ICO of the $ATOM token in 2017, was incredibly successful raising 16.8 Million USD.
Tendermint, one of the core contributors building…
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1 - @AndromedaProt is an ambitious, early-stage protocol intent on building the "Wordpress of blockchain applications." A @cosmos / #IBC project, Andromeda seeks to eliminate many of the barriers currently impacting #Web3's rate of adoption. My thread🧵on Andromeda starts here 👇
2 - Whether you’re a user, developer, or anything in between, you’ve likely been impacted by at least one of Web 3’s problems today. As businesses and other large scale entities explore Web 3 adoption, the existence of many of these issues make integrating difficult to justify
3 - Identifying these barriers which continue to stunt migration to Web 3, Andromeda seeks to provide an interface to enable users to easily and effectively design smart contracts & systems without code. By doing so, they can solve many problems the space's struggling with
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1 - As I prepare my portfolio for what I believe to be the next leg up for the #cryptocurrency market, I want to detail my concentrations & strategy. Below's an overview of my allocations + how I'm positioning myself to capture the most significant market opportunities that exist
2 - Position: $LUNA

With the continued strength of $UST as well as its promise to expand further with @CurveFinance's 4Pool, LUNA's tokenomics remain solid. This combined with the increased demand from the $BTC purchasing makes LUNA a strong play for the foreseeable future
3 - Position: $FTM

IMO, Fantom offers the best DeFi experience in #Web3 today. Between the yield opportunities available + the emergence of strong ecosystem assets, FTM looks oversold. With the network upgrades on the roadmap also, there's no shortage of reasons to be bullish
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1) Why the #CosmosEcosystem? A run-through...🧵

$ATOM powers an ecosystem of blockchains designed to scale and interoperate with each other. The team aims to create an Internet of Blockchains, a network of blockchains able to communicate with each other in a decentralized way. Image
2) $JUNO is a Layer 1 platform built on top of Cosmos. It is a sovereign public blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem, which provides an environment for deploying interoperable smart contracts. To make a long story short, It's heaven for building decentralized applications.
3) $OSMO Osmosis is a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain that people can use to create liquidity and trade #IBC enabled tokens. The Osmosis blockchain is made up of free, public, and open-source software.
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I've been studying @blknoiz06 for the last week.

Here are the top things I've learned from him. 🚀

A thread 🧵 👇 "imagine letting n***** outwork you"
1. His background

He's a trader, researcher, analyst and shares his profound views on Substack and #Twitter @blknoiz06

Held #Altcoins when they crashed during the last cycle and wasn't all in crypto afterwards, until he realized how much money he was leaving on the table. 💰
He missed the #DeFi summer, because he wasn't paying attention in Bear🐻. As he saw the 2017 cycle, he wanted to fully take advantage of the next bull run🐂.

He nailed all the trades in 2021: @AxieInfinity, @solana, @avalancheavax, @harmonyprotocol, @terra_money
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@Ronin_Network is now on the top of crypto hack leaderboard at 625M. The new emerging narrative is bridges but it will take some time and pain until we get it right. Let's look at bridge tech and different designs. MEGA THREAD! 🧵👇

1/Blockchain bridges work just as bridges in a physical world just instead of connecting two physical locations they connect two blockchains. Bridges facilitate communication between blockchains through the transfer of information and assets.
2/Interoperability drives innovation. More specifically:
- Greater productivity and utility for existing cryptoassets
- Greater product capabilities for existing protocols
- Unlocking new features and use cases for users and developers
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Here we go #Coffeegang! The @Fortisoeconomia TLDR…

What a ride learning about $FOT has been! 🎢

*Sips Coffee*

Are you ready to add some #Airdrops into your morning Coffee? 🪂☕️

Let's go #Cosmonauts, into the Castle!🏰


1/22 ☕️🧵
🚨I’m going to be as real as I can be here, anything that you invest into this project EXPECT it to go to $0.00!

🚨That's as clear as I can get about the RISK FACTOR we are talking about here!

🚨I DO NOT think this is a scam project but it’s MEGA HIGH RISK!


🥄The task of the $FOT token is to reward the behavior of the participants of Fortis and other connected Ecosystems.

🥄$FOT is also the Governance token of the Fortis Ecosystem

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Hey guys, I’m all for NFTs and IBC, so i’ve been looking into @AssetMantle and can’t wait to see how interoperability and NFTs will change the game!

Here’s a little thread on @AssetMantle
2/ AssetMantle is a framework, built by Persistence One on the Cosmos ecosystem, for NFT marketplaces that provides all the elements required to create individual marketplaces and the creation (minting) of interoperable NFTs that flow between different blockchains.
• Interoperability: It facilitates the minting of NFTs on Cosmos that flow between blockchains unlike other marketplaces.
• Support for asset creation.
• Decentralized Exchange for NFTs(Mantleplace): For buying, selling and bidding NFTs.
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RDV à ne pas manquer chaque dimanche le stream de @sam_jdc dans la dernière édition j'ai constaté l'intérêt mais aussi l'inquiétude autour de l'écosystème @terra_money de la parts de personnes qui ne voient #TERRA que par le prisme @anchor_protocol
Pour répondre à la question posé pendant l'émission : à quoi sert $UST à part faire du #yield sur @anchor_protocol ? Ne vous arrêtez pas à la devanture de la boutique avec ce joli néon bleu affichant cet énorme et trop beau pour être vrai 20%
Pour répondre à la question voici une liste non exhaustive des usages de $UST car concrètement UST sert à tous dans l'écosystème et s'étends à tous les autres
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GM #Coffeegang!

@JACKAL_DAO is on the Radar for an #Airdrop to #Cosmonauts but what do we know about it? 🤔

*Sips Coffee*

They are still in development and don't have full doc's yet but here's what we know!

1/x ☕️🧵

🥄Hot Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Computing with Akash.

-This is a compliment rather than competition to Akash Network.

🥄Hot Cloud storage held on the Jackal P2P Network which is incentivised by the $JKL Token

2/x Image
🥄Bridging Secret Network with Filecoin to provide a cold storage solution.

🥄Incentivized data storage with Filecoin makes it a good choice for the network.

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1/ How do you choose the best validators in the #Cosmos Ecosystem?

A 🧵with my complete guide.

2/ You’re funds are at risk when you're (Superfluid)staking your #Crypto, which is why a Trustworthy validator is so important.

Their system needs to be running smoothly 24/7 otherwise your staked funds could be decreased.💸
3/ Try to have multiple validators in order to minimize slashing risk.

Slashing Risk = If your validator doesn’t uphold a 98% - 100% system uptime they will get penalized and a percentage of funds are taken away from everybody who stakes with them.💀
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🌍 The #TerraEcosystem has a lot going on!

🔔 Keep up to date with the latest
@terra_money news 👇

1🔸@OutletFinance is launching a native Terra wallet within the Outlet App.

2🔸$LUNA is coming to Dual Investment.

3🔸@leap__terra is now live on

⤵️ Image
4🔸 is the new community-led documentation site for anyone building on Terra is live.

5🔸@kinetic_money lockdrop starts on March 30.

6🔸@InjectiveLabs is now integrated with the Terra bridge.

7🔸 Community Spend Proposal 323 to provide additional $UST liquidity for @ZigZagExchange has now passed.

8🔸$LUNA and $UST were listed on @AbraGlobal wallet.

9🔸@falcon_wallet launched beta.

10🔸@osmosiszone superfluid staking active for  $LUNA / $OSMO and $UST / $OSMO.

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