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In the Ghetto

"Freedom of speech, not freedom of reach"

Soon more Twitter users will experience the ghettoization lab leak theorists experience regularly. They don't need to suspend you, if no one can see your tweets.
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@franceinter Logique bande de crétins "bien diplômés" sans COMPRENDRE car sans SAVOIRS #Tekhne...
TOUT est relatif! 1er SAVOIR philosophique!
Encourager le communautarisme dit "positif" entraine AUSSI TOUJOURS son opposé!
Voilà pourquoi la France était UNIVERSALISTE!

@franceinter Combattre le racisme par la discrimination dite positive ne fait que amplifier le racisme (surtout de la part des "bien discrimnés" oubliant qu'ils l'ont été)!
@franceinter Prétendre combattre le masculanisme par le féminisme (en embauchant de femmes car femme plutôt que des GENS COMPETENTS (et vice-versa)) ne fait qu'amplifier les deux!
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Hot Take:

Twitter will be more valuable than Facebook & TikTok combined in 36 months.


Let me tell you🧵👇

@elonmusk #x #vine
#1: Payments through I think something big is brewing with where Elon is going to add payments through Twitter.

Payments are in his blood and he had big plans for it with Paypal, before they sold it. See cards here Elon and Peter
#1 continued. When Paypal was sold, (his original idea went with it). In 2017, Musk worked out an agreement to buy back from Paypal for a rumored 7M.

Originally Paypal was supposed to be a radically different company, where..
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After yesterday's Nobel celebration we are back on track . I believe I promised something on #data #analysis
A thread 🧵on how we extract the data from our #robot beamtime @desynews @p021_desy and how we figure out the #arrangement of #atoms in our samples /@RPittkowski 1/6
We get these beautiful 2D images from where the #scattered #X-ray beam hits the detector plate. What you see below is the scattering recorded for LaB6 - not surprising that we use it as a standard for calibration when you look at the beautiful #rings 2/6
By radial integration we get a 1D diffraction pattern, which shows distinct Bragg peaks for each ring on the 2D image. I made a very boring #GIF where you can see how the #rings relate to #peaks in the pattern 3/6
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Granath VS Wright Day 🔥3🔥 Master Thread.

Exam of Granath & Wright.

PLEASE RETWEET. I'll be live tweeting as it happens today.

Busier day today. Probably twice as many people in court as the first 2 days.

Granath walks to stand.

Judge: "Please remain standing for a little while."

Curiously long delay, imo. Still standing...
First time hearing his voice. He says he's a writer for Citadel21 Magazine. No mention of being Blockstream's account manager at Seetee...

Judge explaining his obligation to the truth on his "honor and conscience."

He affirms.

Judge: "Files are HUGE for our computers..."
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Proper wallet segregation can significantly mitigate the risk of your precious NFTs and crypto being stolen. Here's how I recently reorganized my wallets, utilizing ENS for easier management.
First, GET A HARDWARE WALLET. If you don't have a hardware wallet, stop reading this, buy one, and FUCKING USE IT. Read… from @_PPMan_ to learn more.

That said, hardware doesn't mitigate all risk--not even close. Having separate wallets will help, though.
To create a separate "wallet" (which is just a separate address), click "Connect Hardware Wallet" from the MetaMask dropdown, choose your device, and select any address. Congrats, you now have an isolated wallet! ImageImage
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➡️ Del 25 de abril al 1 de mayo ⬅️
🎥 Salas de Cine y Plataformas. 📺
Estas son nuestras recomendaciones:

🟣 Alcarràs
🟣 X
🟣 El asedio de Silverton
🟣 Las 7 vidas de Léa
🟣 Ozark
🟣 Undone
🟣 Bang Bang Baby
🟣 Clarice
⬇️ (1/2) ⬇️
🟣 James Bond Sin Tiempo para Morir
🟣 Mayans M.C.
🟣 Barry
🟣 El bebé
🟣 Made for love
🟣 Pares y Nones
🟣 Las luminosas
⬇️ ¡Tráileres y Sinopsis! ⬇️
🟣 Alcarràs
➡️ [Cine]
➡️ 2h
Después de ochenta años cultivando la misma tierra, la familia Solé se reúne para realizar juntos su última cosecha. #vidarural #Familia #drama #alcarras
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#Ableg News 🧵

There’s no “Good News Weeks” in Alberta; only slightly less awful weeks under the @UCPCaucus:

🤦🏻‍♂️- Kenney’s expensive referendum was useless (Story #1)

👨‍⚖️- Provincial Lawyers Threaten To Strike (#5)

📉- More Bad UCP Polls! (#X)

Here’s XX Bad News UCP Stories!
#Ableg News 🧵

1. Despite spending $10,000,000 in taxpayer 💰, Kenney’s “Equalization Referendum” had 0 influence on Canadians' support for the program, revealed a new national survey

This 100% goes against Kenney’s claim his referendum sent a “powerful message” to Canadians🤦🏻‍♂️
#Ableg News 🧵

2. Dr. Verna Yiu was fired by Kenney’s AHS Board, shocking health workers who admired her calm, compassionate leadership

Critics say she stood in the way of Kenney privatizing health care + supported COVID-19 mandates. Multiple UCP MLA’s publicly attacked her
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Do you all know of Christian colleges that meet need? Not "help you get loans to afford it" or "apply for this competitive scholarship" but actually prorate tuition to match FAFSA expected family contribution?
In unrelated news, my daughter is a senior & we're in full swing of college mailers/applications, etc. It's been fascinating to see how different schools approach financial aid & who their target student is.
E.g. One flier from a Xian school advertised itself via 3 main bullet points:

>95% career outcome rate
>alumni earnings top 12%
>#X Best Career Services Office Nationally

The accompanying text was about the value of studying in community with others who share your values.
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how is #Coinbase launching #NFTs going to x100 your portfolio!?
first off, we need to understand what #coinbase is and what it means to the #nft/#crypto world.
then you will know how their entry will literally change your life if you are in #nfts now.
so pay attention 🚀
0.1 coinbase

is one of "the easiest place to buy and sell crypto". if #robinhood was for stocks, then #coinbase is for crypto.
$coin - $249USD/share
market cap - $52 billion
2100+ staff
+68,000,000 users...

for comparison
#twitter market cap is $49 billion... ImageImage
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The way AI transformers work reminds me of the 1990's.

Back in the 90s in Gnome-land, PNG was not in wide use yet, and we needed some sort of transparency for images. So we used a library that faked it by using an uncommon color to mean "transparent" 1/
The uncommon color was some sort of magenta, and the idea was "nobody in their right mind would ever use magenta on an icon".

So magenta became the color to indicate "this pixel should be transparent".

This worked with all existing paint programs 2/
You could tell immediately there was a coding mistake when you saw an icon on the desktop with magenta on it. It was a clever hack that serves us for a few years until alpha channels became pervasive.
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😃😜గోదారోళ్ళ కితకితలు😃😜

ఇందాక కాతంత పనుండి రాజమండ్రెల్లాక...

మా పెద్దమ్మ పోనుచేసిందండే....!!!

ఒరే...బుజ్జే ఎక్కడున్నావురా?

నేను రాజమండ్రీలో వున్నాను పెద్దమ్మా !

వచ్చీదప్పుడు హార్లిక్సుపొట్లవోటి అట్టుకురామ్మా!!!

అలాగే...నాకో గంటడద్ది...వచ్చీదప్పుడు తెత్తానులే..!!
షాపులోకెల్లి హార్లిక్సు పేకెట్టిమంటే...

మదర్ హార్లిక్సోటే వుందండి...ఇమ్మంటారా?

మా మదరికి కాదండి..మాపెద్దమ్మకి..

పెద్దమ్మ హార్లిక్సివ్వండి..!

పెద్దమ్మ హార్లిక్సులు...

పిన్ని హార్లిక్సులు..

ఆంటి హార్లిక్సులు వుండవండి..

కావల్తే ఇదట్టుకెల్లండన్నాడండే...
తీసుకుని ఇంటికొచ్చేక డౌటొచ్చిందండే!!!

మదరార్లిక్సు పెద్దమ్మకిత్తే సరిగ్గా పంజెయ్యదేమో అని!!!

కానీ మనవేమన్నా తెలివితక్కువోల్లమేటండే!!!

ఎమ్మటనే మాపెద్దమ్మ కొడుక్కి పోన్చేసిరమ్మని...

ఒరే అన్నయ్య ఇది అమ్మకిచ్చేయరా!!

అలాగే వచ్చేవుకదా!!!

నువ్వే ఇచ్చేయొచ్చుకదా!!!
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Twitter's search isn't actually bad, even though I still can't find my old tweets.

Anyway, here is the search page for every tweet I've ever made with the word "aerosol":…

Go to that page, chg the username/search term (in the box), and voila, new search!
Grr. Twitter truncated the URL.

Right click the blue link, or remove the space from this:

twitter .com/search?q=aerosol%20(from%3Ajmcrookston)&src=typed_query

Idea: Go to the page, then bookmark it for easy access.
Advanced search page can be accessed directly here:…

You can also run a search, and in the results page use the three dots to the right. Tricky to find.
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Analysis: #NYSE $X

Case 339 #United_States_Steel Corporation

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#X 1/4
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: Price traded to a new all time low of 4.54, Mar. 2020, but failed to close below the 17 year #trendline support. Watch the #SMA 20 closely as it had acted as #support since .....

X 2/4
..... July 2016 then closed below in Aug. 2018 with price unable to trade back above - currently at 13.56.

X 3/4
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#POCUS teaching case: #Dialysis patient c/o sob, reports weight gain. BP low to begin with (~100-110 mmHg systolic) & drops further during ultrafiltration. Dr. X performs IVC #ultrasound at the bedside and sees this 👇 - probably volume depleted? See #thread
#MedEd #nephrology
2/ Dr. X orders to stop ultrafiltration. BP stabilized a little bit.
All done?
Wait, something doesn't make sense. Why did the patient gain weight? (usually #dialysis patients know their dry weight well). Why sob?
In the meanwhile, radiology tech performs chest #X-ray 👇
3/ That's not good. Diagnosis is apparent but lets get Dr. Y who does more than just IVC #POCUS
Subcostal view 👇
Significant pericardial effusion
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ثريد - "قوام الساعة الزجاجية لماذا عليك البحث عن الفتاة الاصغر؟"
لنبدأ مع قوام_لساعة الزجاجية ، "الأثداء الممتلئة" ما هو سر إنجذاب الرجل غريزيا لهم ؟ هل هذه التفضيلات ذات اصل بيلوجي للرجل ؟ هل عمر المرأة وصحتها له علاقة بتفضيلاتك؟ كثيرا ما تشاهد هذا الرسم البياني فماذا يعني؟
لابد انك لاحظت عزيزي الرجل انجذابك القوي للقوام بشكل الساعة الزجاجية أو (صدر ممتلئ / خصر صغير / حوض كبير) و لم تعرف ما هو سر اشتراك الغالبية الساحقة من الرجال في هذا الانجذاب الغريزي القوي...
للموضوع اساس بيولوجي مرتبط بغريزة البقاء و التناسل ، و هو مبرمج في عقل الرجل منذ مئات آلاف السنين... لكن كيف ؟ السلوك البشري مدفوع بعدة غرائز أساسية تختلف أولوياتها حسب درجة الأهمية..
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