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#MuslimBrotherhood #Sununu #Shaheen

►1928: Started in Egypt by Hassan al-Banna

►1950s: Said Ramadan(his SIL) became prominent leader, developed close ties w/ CIA & Eisenhower

►1936: MB founded in Lebanon

►NH run by Lebanese Arabs (MB?) for 40 yrs…
Christians in name only.

Gov. Chris #Sununu's grandfather named after Prophet in Quran —John Saleh Sununu.

Has #MuslimBrotherhood been playing the long game?
Obama is tip of the iceberg.
#MuslimBrotherhood leaders, including Said Ramadan, with Eisenhower at White House Oval Office in 1953.

CIA-backed from the 1950s.……
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“On April 17, 1961, 1,400 Cuban exiles launched what became a botched invasion at the Bay of Pigs on the south coast of Cuba.”

It’s actually much more complicated than this headline portends.

I will dive more deeply into the CIA/mob’s role in Op Mongoose.
First read this article for a sanitized overview.…
Read this white paper for a deeper dive.

Pg 29 onward to see where the op went sideways re issues about the planes issues (nosecones didn’t match Cuban planes) & Kennedy’s order to call off the air support for the Cuban exiles waiting on the beach head.…
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Hey folks,

I will be doing a series of threads focusing on Global Organized Crime, & how it all relates to numerous US scandals & of course it’s players.

This shadowy consortium has been referred as “The Octopus”, the “Deep State” among others.

First up Paul L.E. Helliwell
📌”One significant organizer of the post-war global drug connection — between CIA, organized crime, and their mutual interest in drug-trafficking — was former OSS officer Paul L.E. Helliwell.”…
📌Post WWII, Helliwell was head of the Special Intelligence branch of OSS in Kunming, and later an officer of OPC and the CIA.”…
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1. Barr is Stonewalling and could be charged with obstruction.:
What's he's trying to hide?
Here's the categories:

Grand Jury Rule 6(e): Pure stonewalling, He can ask the district court to order release.

Sources and Methods: That material was likely in a separate annex
2. as @RepAdamSchiff just confirmed on @maddow This is almost certainly a ruse.

Ongoing investigations: They need to remain secret but unlikely that this material is in the main report. Again, I can't imagine
3. Mueller not foreseeing that and created an annex.

Executive Privilege: It sounds like POTUS publicly waived executive privilege but the language that the White House deferred to the AG is troubling but would likely be subject to judicial review.
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What the mainstream media won’t tell you about the man at the centre of the US-backed #VenezuelaCoup.
#rte #BBC #UTV #ch4 #VM1 #Tg4 #Newstalk ...
An uncritical MSM with no memory is critical for US foreign policy ...
None of them remember the WMD'S anymore ...
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So when is the CIA going to activate the Colombian-based proxy (mercenary) forces inside Venezuela pretending to be yet another home grown coup? It's like a slow motion #BayofPigs.…
The history of "Self Defense" groups is fascinating. Even the FARC began as a self defense brigade waaaaay back after WW2. It took decades for Colombia to end the brutal fighting now they are being reinvented by the CIA in Venezuela.
I spent time with the leaders of the FARC, the AUC, the military, police and government understanding how they had at war for so long and the root causes of the violence. Much of it caused by outside agitators. My best line to Mono "Stop pumping that Marxist sunshine up my ass"
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On this day in 1961, the CIA sponsored an invasion of Cuba at #BayOfPigs. The invasion kicked off the US’s 6 decade-long effort at regime change against Castro’s Socialist government. The botched invasion killed thousands of Cuban citizen militia members & civilians. Image
The CIA recruited right-wing Cubans in Miami for their operation & ran their training in Guatemala, where the US had conducted a coup 7 years prior. The CIA—which allotted $46 million for the operation—transported people, supplies, and arms from Florida.
The operation started with CIA trained pilots bombing airstrips in Cuba, then 2 days later the invasion began, but like many CIA operations, it was badly organized & poorly planned.
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