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Hydrogen '2x as powerful a greenhouse gas as thought before': UK govt study

Global Warming potential (GWP) of #hydrogen is between 6 & 16, 11 the ave — GWP of CO2 is 1. Previous 2001 study put GWP of hydrogen at 5.8…
“Any leakage of H2 will result in an indirect global warming, offsetting greenhouse gas emission reductions made as a result of a switch from fossil fuel to H2,”

"much smaller molecule than #methane.. much more easily leak from existing #naturalgas pipelines if used to carry H2"
report does not take into account GWP of PRODUCING hydrogen, only impact of H2 released into atmosphere

electrolysis production of H2 wld result in 9.2% leakage frm “venting & purging”, but this wld fall to 0.52% “with full recombination from purging & crossover venting”.
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The Russian #Ruble (RUB) is poised to become a dangerous global currency & here is a 🧵 explaining why.

The Central Bank of the #RussianFederation just profoundly altered the international trade & monetary system by linking the Russian ruble to both gold (XAU) & commodities.
By offering to buy XAU from Russian banks at a fixed price of 5000RUB/gram, the Central Bank of Russia has ties the ruble to XAU. And by extension, to the dollar (XAU is traded in U$D)
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President #Putin’s Full Remarks at the #Oil for #Ruble announcement | The Vineyard of the Saker

#Russia #oil #gas #commodities…
“Today I have signed an Executive Order that establishes the rules for #trade in Russian #NaturalGas with so-called unfriendly states. We offer counterparties from such countries a clear and transparent scheme. To purchase Russian natural gas, they must open ruble accounts…”
What we are witnessing here (potentially) is nothing less than the gradual conversion of the Russian ruble from a “soft” to a “hard” currency. Students in my international business class will appreciate the significance of this.
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1/8 Russia is demanding that European buyers pay for their gas in roubles. The driver for that is the freezing of #Russian foreign reserves and the #sanctions on the central bank.
#SanctionsRussia #NaturalGas #EnergyCrisis
2/8 Nominally, buying Russian gas is not banned, but that supposes that Russia will accept currency instruments it can't sell to support the rouble.
3/8 Hence the strange-sounding alternative to straight rouble payments that Russia has proposed: Gazprom's clients would open rouble accounts with Russian banks, but still pay in EUR or USD.
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#G7 rejects Russia’s demand to pay for gas in #rubles
- #Putin announced last week that Russia would demand that “#unfriendly” countries pay for #naturalgas (#LNG) only in Russian currency from now on.… ImageImage
Russia’s #ruble payment plan leaves European gas buyers confused | 23 Mar, 2022
- “We can't predict at this moment what specific implications this will have for the gas trade,” Kehler
(it produces new flu waves called Covid19 producing billions in profits) ImageImage
#Credibility of #dollar and #euro ‘destroyed’ – Putin | Mar 23
- Moscow will use #rubles in #gas deals with “hostile” countries, the Russian president says. Image
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In May of 2021, @EconTodd made a note of that morning's @WSJ headline during his interview with @stefan_wieler of @axpo — Russian troops had amassed on #Ukraine️'s border. Buchholz asked Wieler what that could mean for #gas and #oil prices.
@EconTodd @WSJ @stefan_wieler @axpo You can listen to his episode here for a little refresher:
Around the 20 minute mark, @stefan_wieler remarks on the lack of real-time #data in the #commodities space and the difficulty it creates for the #globaleconomy at large.
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What is the impact of the rapidly evolving #UkraineWar on #supplychains? We've published @Flexport reports on the topic. First #airfreight where the issues are routing, capacity and sanctions (1/6)…
The main issue for #airfreight is route changes. Airspace closures are forcing more jets through narrower routes, which has added c3% to Asia-Europe transit times. (2/6)
For #supplychains more broadly the main issue is pricing of commodities with oil, natural gas, wheat and selected metals all having gotten more expensive. That's come as supply chain #inflation had already been rising. (3/6)…
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A Alemanha sinalizou uma reviravolta nas principais políticas energéticas neste domingo, flutuando a possibilidade de estender a vida útil do #carvão e até mesmo das usinas nucleares para reduzir a dependência do #gas russo⤵️
A principal economia da Europa está sob pressão de outras nações ocidentais para se tornar menos dependente do gás russo, mas seus planos de eliminar gradualmente as usinas a carvão até 2030 e fechar suas usinas nucleares até o final de 2022 a deixaram com poucas opções⤵️
Em um discurso histórico no domingo, o chanceler Olaf Scholz definiu um caminho mais radical para garantir que o país a seja capaz de atender ao aumento do fornecimento de #energia e diversificar para longe do gás russo, que responde por metade das necessidades energéticas⤵️
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BREAKING: A gloomy, overcast day in #Kiev. #Ukraine's capital stands precariously at the edge of #war. #Russian president Vladimir #Putin declared a military offensive earlier today. There are reports of shelling, air strikes and casualties across Ukraine. A developing 🧵. 1/
Speaking to @SkyNewsBreak, a former Vice PM of #Ukraine warned that Putin won't stop at Kyiv. She reported shelling and bombing in Kyiv, where she resides, and appealed for swift, decisive action from the West. Notably, she mentioned the #SWIFT payments system as a tool. 2/
No one can doubt the resolve of the Ukrainian people in the face of adversity. But their #military is no match for #Russia. So cutting them off from the SWIFT payments settlement system could force the Russians into stepping back. But will the #US and #EU take that step? 3/
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What's going on with Russia and Ukraine?

@JacobShap breaks it all down for us

- Russia does not want to fight a war, but in order to force political and security concessions, it must convince the West that it’s prepared to fight.
-The implications of a full-scale Russian invasion would impact #oil, #naturalgas, #fertilizer, nickel, and wheat prices

-Russia has deployed over 100k soldiers to its border. According to the DoD, Russia is ready to invade with the goal of conquering the entire country
-According to Reuters, Russia has even shipped blood and medical supplies to the frontlines.

To counter the threat, the US has placed 8,500 troops on “heightened alert” (That’s less than 10% of Russia’s deployed strength… Putin must be terrified).
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In states where Utopian politics fought clean #naturalgas pipelines (to prevent those mean pipes from hurting us(

The PJM states are burning 3 Gigwatts of #Oil (and a bunch of coal too)

The North East is burning nearly 3.5 gigawatts of #oil

NY state looks like its burning...
...around 2 Gigawatts of #oil today (its very hard to tell because the NY ISO hides the information and hates admitting the failure of its Utopian plans).

Rounding up with data that's hard to get its fair to assume that close to 10 *gigawatts* of power around the Marcellus...
Natural gas mega field is from dirty #oil for power burn (including the NE ISO burning Residual Fuel oil which is the dirtiest kind) all because a few short range interstate pipes were stopped by Utopian politicians and Math and Physics ignorant activist groups.
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[#NATO war propaganda]
US orders families of #Kyiv #embassy staff to leave Ukraine | Jan 23
- In a travel advisory published on its website, the State Department said that there were reports Russia is planning significant military action against Ukraine.…
The #misinformation spread by the British Foreign Office is another evidence that these are the #NATO countries, led by the Anglo-Saxons that are #escalating tensions around #Ukraine | Jan 24
-We call to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense…
[War criminals: #NATO-#ISIS-#AlQaeda-#CIA]
We call on the British Foreign Office @trussliz to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense and focus on studying the history of the Tatar-Mongol yoke” a representative of the Russian FM told | Jan 22…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/13/2022…
Inside the multibillion-dollar, Silicon Valley-backed effort to reimagine how the world funds (and conducts) science – Endpoints News…

#ScientificResearch, #ResearchFunding, #FundingFlows
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/05/2021…
A Nitrogen Shortage is Brewing, So What Will it Take to Cure The World's Fertilizer Deficiency?…

#NitrogenFertilizer #NaturalGas #prices #shortages #CropYield #projections
Scientists Concerned About New COVID-19 Variant Detected in South Africa With High Number of Mutations…

#COVID19 #evolution #variants #detection #transmissibility #virulence #PublicHealth
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High European gas prices has many reasons but one factor seems to be Gazprom's low storage fill in Europe. Is that really true? Let us look at the facts of @Gazprom's storage situation in Europe. 1/...

#EU #NaturalGas
Friendly reminder: The EU imports 33% of its natural gas consumption from Russia, i.e. Gazprom! So if gas is short in Europe, Gazprom does matter. 2/...
So can we measure the storage percentage fill of Gazprom? Yes, once we identified its locations. Specifically, they are Rehden, Etzel, Jemgum, Katharina in Germany, Haidach in Austria, Bergermeer in NL, Damborice in Czech & Banatski Dvor in Serbia. 3/..

Source: Gazprom
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Let's look at the EU gas situation (ex Serbia, Ukraine, Norway, CH). Overall, the seasonal %-fill for EU members (below) is lowest in a decade (yellow line). That will not change as we show below. Train left the station.

#NaturalGas #Europe
Meanwhile, the withdrawals of natural gas are coming in seasonally the earliest in a decade! Again, yellow line. If that trajetory (in GWh/d) remains, EU gas prices will hit record soon again. IMHO, a likely. We will see.
So is the gas coming overproportionally in? Answer: no, overall injection rate (in GWh/d) is in fact seasonally low. Only 2011 & 2012 were lower. However, ...
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⚡️China diz que cortes de #energia não atingirão as casas no inverno

A agência de planejamento da #China disse na 4ª-feira que o fornecimento de eletricidade será alto o suficiente para aquecer casas no norte do país durante o inverno, em meio a uma crise energética nacional...
que resultou em cortes de energia em algumas áreas. Zhao Chenxin, que chefia a CNDR, também disse que honraria suas metas de redução de carbono ao mesmo tempo em que aumenta a produção de #carvão para atender ao aumento da demanda por eletricidade.
“Ao todo, temos as condições, os recursos e a capacidade para garantir o fornecimento de aquecimento para o inverno”, disse Zhao. Enquanto as residências pagam um preço padrão para aquecimento e eletricidade, as fábricas pagam dentro de uma faixa que é 20% maior ou menor do que..
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⚡️Energia: O Rally Continua

As #commodities energéticas estavam sob cerco durante o auge do impacto da pandemia, em todos os mercados. Em abril de 2020, o #carvão Rotterdam caiu para uma baixa de $38,45/t. O #crudeoil foi ainda pior, com o contrato spot operando a (-)$40,2...
Os futuros do #brent caíram para o valor mais baixo desde século, a $ 16,00 por barril. Enquanto isso, o #NaturalGas despencou para ao menor nível em 25 anos, a $1,44 MMbtu. Os combustíveis fósseis foram vítimas do desaparecimento da demanda, à medida que o vírus se espalhava..
A cura para os preços baixos das #Commodities são sempre os preços baixos, à medida que os produtores reduzem a produção, os estoques diminuem e os preços aumentam. Uma mudança dramática na política de energia dos EUA em 2021, sob a gestão Biden, alimentou a ascensão dos...
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Comecei a trabalhar com #Commodities em fevereiro de 2000; vivi na pele o caos do superciclo chinês, quando não conseguíamos atender a absurda demanda vinda da Ásia; neste período as cotações nas bolsas decolaram, #petroleo acima de $145, #soja 1800 c/bu, #milho 850 c/bu..
#naturalgas acima de 15000 $/btu e, não foram só as cotações na bolsa que subiram, mas os basis do mercado físico também decolaram; não conseguíamos entender como que a 🇨🇳 conseguia compra os produtos, com o custo de reposição absurdamente alta e margens incrivelmente negativas
O frete marítimo foi uma loucura, não havia oferta de navios, o combustível absurdamente alto; neste período fiz minhas primeiras visitas aos navios e os capitães nos alertavam que a situação era insustentável, pois o mundo estava avançado a base de crédito avalancado
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Prof. @BalmacedaEnergy on #NordStream2's socio-economic effects: "If the volume of #naturalgas in #Ukraine’s pipeline system goes below a certain percentage of its capacity, not only it becomes harder for the natural gas to move forward in the pipeline....…
...but harder for the country’s domestic natural gas supply system to work properly as well. So #Gazprom’s reassurance that some level of transit will continue is not reassuring. A pipeline filled to 50 percent volume will have a very hard time working." @ColumbiaUP @CUPPublicity
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É grave a situação energética no UK. O governo está conversando com várias empresas, fornecedoras de #naturalgas, para encontrar alguma solução, pois há o risco de faltar alimentos... 🧵

O gráfico da sazonalidade, mostra a gravidade no aumento dos custos de #energia
Muitas indústrias, frigoríficos, distribuidoras de alimentos e indústrias de refrigerantes, estão "fechando as portas" devido ao alto custo de energia, que chegou ao ponto de inviabilizar a operação; só este ano, os preços do gás natural triplicaram de preços...
A produção de aves e suínos deve começar a cair já neste mês e o preço da energia para a população deve aumentar 12% - a inflação por lá, saltou para 4,1% no mês passado; maior valor em uma década...
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A thread on today's crazy high #naturalgas prices, with a few thoughts on long-term implications:
Gas prices have been on a wild ride of late. Several price benchmarks are sky-high. In Europe, the main spot price benchmark (the “TTF”) is a whopping €50/MWh ($17.5/MBtu). That’s never happened before. Various indices tell us Asian spot prices are above $15/MBtu, too. Yikes.
These spot prices are telling us markets are tight. Lots of reasons for this, from factory output rebounding in Asia to aircon use during heat waves to high European carbon prices pushing more gas into the power stack. Storage is low. Supply is gummed up here and there.
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Onda crescente de sequestros e ataques a trabalhadores do #petroleo na Nigéria está minando as perspectivas de produção de longo prazo dos maiores produtores da África, relata a S&P Platts 🧵
O projeto de #naturalgas Assa North desenvolvido pela Royal Dutch Shell no estado de Imo, rico em petróleo, permanece fechado após um ataque no meio do mês que deixou sete mortos
Embora a Platts estima que a capacidade de produção de petróleo e derivados da Nigéria esteja dentro da largura de banda de 2,2-2,3 mbpd, seu fornecimento foi limitado a cerca de 1,7 mbpd ao longo deste ano
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Former gas pipeline engineer on last night's Ladysmith fire near the @FortisBC LNG tank storage: "Didn't ever suspect they were allowed to build an #LNG facility anywhere near population centres, let alone on the island... #LadysmithBC #bcwildfires
@FortisBC ..Engineer: "If LNG gets released, as we know, it forms an explosive vapour cloud that drifts around until it is ignited by something. In this case, it would be the forest fire... #LadysmithBC #LNG
@FortisBC .."The LNG storage tank must be kept cold. If not LNG can warm up, expand & burst the tank, releasing this vapour cloud. No water spray will make any diff. These facilities are being allowed w/o knowledge of LNG's dangers. BC doesn't need a disaster of that size to finally learn"
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