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#OODA loop: Observer, Orienter, Décider, Agir.
Stratégie de décision initialement #militaire, utilisée chez les pilotes pour gagner un combat.
L'idée, c'est de trouver un avantage, être plus rapide pour détruire la #boucle du mouvement de l'ennemi. Citée par Robert Malone..⏬1/8
Les 4 étapes de la stratégie #OODAloop:
Observer, Orienter, Décider, Agir.
#Observer: rassembler des données, vérifier leur pertinence. Suivre les tendances, les infos des réseaux, identifier si l'autre est ami, ennemi. Selon la qualité de vos datas, vous aurez l'avantage.. 2/8⏬
-#Orienter: décider de votre point de vue. Quelle est votre perception du monde. Si un avion n'est pas orienté correctement, vous ne pouvez pas descendre votre ennemi.
-#Décider: voir quelles sont les options disponibles. Un pilote décider de monter, s'enfuir ou viser.. 3/8⏬
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Ein warum auch immer auftretender #Blackout, stellt mit anhaltender Dauer ein stetig eskalierendes, nicht beherrschbares Ereignis von katastrophalen Ausmaßen dar, das nicht beherrscht, sondern maximal gemildert werden kann, WENN ausreichend Vorbereitungen getroffen wurden!
Das habe ich mir nicht ausgedacht, sondern entstammt dem Bericht des Ausschusses für Bildung, Forschung & Technikfolgenabschätzung im Deutschen Bundestag von 2011.
Seitdem ist die allgemeine Abhängigkeit von Strom sogar noch deutlich gestiegen!


Ich erhebe KEINEN Anspruch auf Vollzähligkeit, 100%ige Richtigkeit oder DIE passende Lösung für jede Situation & jeden Haushalt!

Der Thread soll zum selbstständigen Denken & auf die eigene Lage abgestimmtes, individuelles Handeln/Improvisieren anregen!
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Well... that requires a clarification. Lest people think the #German government hadn't spent two decades working on the country's demise.(/) @Halsrethink @ektrit @jeuasommenulle @nglinsman @Ed___________0 @petunianelsole @LorenaLuVi @andrepaltry @AlessandroPonz4 @eshow1969
"Competitive advantage" comes from "Competition", i.e. trying to be on average better or at least adequate in a game where may players are involved and where everyone sees everyone else. Think "bicycle race". (/)
But it is not enough to be adequate on a STATIC framework: there are ups and downs, hills and turns. So there is an element of foresight and tradeoffs needed. Time lags are also EXTREMELY important. Look up #OODA Loop for reference. (/)
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When your #OODA is fkd...
1/ U send out defenders on tv & it's like they're working for your opponent #MoggTV
2/ U try to defend yourself in panic & blow up credibility of your own 'inquiry' giving lobby justification to dismiss as 'whitewash'
#🛒 #RegimeChange
When your #OODA is fkd...
3/ Your best line of defence is ... catastrophic, and the more media you do defending yourself the more you destroy your own support & hasten the inevitable #RegimeChange Image
When your #OODA is fkd...
4/ Your defenders accidentally admit to so much crime going on it would swamp the police if investigated, while thinking they're helping #RegimeChange Image
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@OpenAI’s GPT-3 beta is literally mind-blowing. See the Davinci-Codex model in action below, writing Python code that runs flawlessly on an RP2040 microcontroller board from @Adafruit. Is this the future of learning to code? A thread (1/n)
I do wish I was a better coder (started late), but still find it very rewarding being able to write even the most basic scripts and programs. Learning how stuff works, building things, writing code, and taking things apart is the #1 way to develop #techne h/t @kevin2kelly (2/n)
In the Codex demo, OpenAI’s CTO @gdb said that coding is essentially two things: 1) the high-level cognitive aspects of understanding a problem and architecting a solution and 2) low-level implementation that maps a small piece of functionality to code. (3/n)
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The transformation of the firm when transaction cost plummets and potential grows at the edge (a thread)

What is happening in the context of organizing?
1) transaction cost plummets thus elements of the workflow that can be leveraged from outside a firm become more and more compelling (the ratio between transaction cost and interaction value plummets)

2) As potential grows at the edge many small players become able to provide services vs one big player
3)Contracting cost declines and contracts become abstracted and standardized through technological means (e.g. smart contracts)

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THREAD: Yesterday I gave a talk at #ITechDays on #Security approach in a #Cloud with #Azure context.
Here is key points and promised links and references.
DISCLAIMER: I'm MVP and RD but it isn't based on NDA info. My opinions only.
It might be wrong. You are warned.

Pic (cc) Image
John Boyd defined #OODA loop. It is not strongest or best equip who survive.
Rate of adaptation to change matters.

How it applies to #security? Image
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Erm. Sounds like @thetimes has been talking more to Tony than Dom. The 'proposals' (actually a consultation response) are an incoherent mess.

@DCMS never once mentions GP registration - for which proof of #ID is not required; #NHSnumbers work fine...… Image
...and while eliminating a bunch of "#PapersPlease" checks might be welcome, it won't if replaced with #GovernmentID checks; digital signatures have existed for years.

Successive Gov'ts have abjectly failed on #AgeVerification, despite what's available:…
And, if this *is* a Cummings 'master plan' then he's literally fallen at the first #OODA step:

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#OODA loop.
The analogy of charioteer controlling 5 horses in battle may help.
- The field in front = Area of Responsibility.
- The horses = forces at contact
- Charioteer takes feedback from all 5 horses, aligns their effort and ensures their energies are synergised. (1/n)
- The charioteer here is empowered, and a decentralised decision-maker in the #TBA.
- Over the charioteer is the chariot commander, who coordinates with other chariots, lets call it #OODA at the theater level.
- Over him is another strategic commander.
#OODA an aggregation of #SituationalAwareness at the #TBA, #theater, up to Central HQ, consisting of feedback going up and directions flowing down, to be converted into execution at each stage.
Remember that the whole picture won't be available to all, nor is it desired. (3/n)
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Just read this mind blowing piece of work on "Neural Annealing"…

There are some profound, incredible implications for individuals in here, but it also draws some threads of belief I have about teams and organisations together... \1
We can simplistically view the brain as a hierarchical organisation of overlapping systems. These subsystems exchange information and energy at varying frequencies and act as whole to adapt to its environment by minimising free energy (equivalent to surprise) \2
We can apply exactly the same lens to an organisation: hierarchical system of overlapping teams which exchange information and energy at varying frequencies and acts as whole to adapt to its environment by minimising free energy (evolving a sustainable business) \3
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/18/2020-2…

Decision-Making in a Time of Crisis – O’Reilly…

#DecisionMaking #crisis
Impacts of multiple stressors on freshwater biota across spatial scales and ecosystems | Nature Ecology & Evolution…

#impacts #scales #ecology #freshwater #ecosystems
Responsible Investment needs a bigger toolbox - Preventable Surprises…

#investment #toolbox
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1/ Heads up!

I'm preparing a guide to fixing organisational problems in scaling software development teams.

I'd love to talk to you if you're a founder or leader dealing with this! Things I'll cover (feedback welcomed):
2/ A decade plus programming/team building and leadership experience across start ups, global mega banks and sizes inbetween.
3/ A shit ton of research on complexity, psycology, climatic changes in our industry and how the best teams in the world operate. Many of the best resources here have come from people not so much in the public eye, or misunderstood now. Boyd, Musashi, Goldratt and more.
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Just took some time of new year so far to finish a book I started - Boyd:… - man, this is a story (with some flaws most likely but anyway - good read). I will take some time to dump some thoughts 1/n Image
First of all it is a great story on personal level - if you know someone in Holywood or at Netflix let them know, it might be hell of the movie or series about everything which is described in the book about military, fighters, air force, politics - it has it all

It would make also a great movie focused on a single person as John Boyd. I would watch it (if it counts, I already pay Netflix so probably not in their target for new subscribers
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1/ @DavidCHoll asked the other day about translating strategy to execution, and why that's such a challenge.

Here's what I think.
@DavidCHoll 2/ There is a necessary and natural boundary between the long term strategic goals of an organisation and the short term projects and tasks that are performed in pursiut of those goals.
@DavidCHoll 3/ @HiredThought, @madplatt and I did a podcast epidode which touched on this a week or so ago (out soon). Sun Tzu and eastern philosiphy has some clues on why this is the case. Western thought tends to want everything linear, but there are people who have figured it out.
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