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A fabricated Crisis with an exception from Drug Trafficking Across the U.S Southern order.

Since 2012, the number of traffickers apprehended at U.S Southern border has steadily increased from 364,768 to nearly 500,000 in 2014.

From 2012 to 2015 the U.S Southern Border Patrol
has seized more than:

8.2 million pounds of #Marijuana

32,600 pounds of #Cocaine

34,000 pounds of #Heroin

17,600 pounds of #Methamphetamine

Unfortunately, despite the high volume of seizures, drugs are still finding their way across the U.S Southern border and have a
profound impact in many states along southern and coastal borders.

So my question is why are drugs still finding their way across the U.S Southern border ?

The answer is : The Radical Democrats
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THREAD about > “Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy”:
A Creepy Children’s Book About Satanic Ritual Abuse

Article about the Book
2- “Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy”:
A Creepy Children’s Book About Satanic Ritual Abuse

Article about the Book
3- “Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy”:
A Creepy Children’s Book About Satanic Ritual Abuse

Article about the book
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1 - A short #GovernmentShutdown thread. Patriots are in control.

Eradication (30-day furlough mark)
Truth (DECLAS)
Justice (Courts-martial joint jurisdiction)

2 - On 01.22.2019 "Reduction in Force" law activates allowing permanent layoffs of federal employees, i.e @DemSocialists/#Resistance. Normally, full-time federal employees, saboteurs or not, are nearly impossible to fire.


3 - As of this week, joint jurisdiction of U.S. Courts-marshal has been activated:


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1) A U.S. #Immigration thread.

Feb. 2018 @POTUS writes "Democrats Have Lost Their Way on Immigration"…

Jan. 2019 @POTUS writes Letter on #BorderSecurity to Congress, includes obstructed @SecNielsen crisis Presentation.

#BuildTheWall #WWG1WGA #MAGA
2) @SecNielsen attempted to deliver her humanitarian crisis Presentation during a meeting with Congressional leadership in the @WhiteHouse Situation Room. @TheDemocrats' leadership refused to let Sec. Nielsen present vetted #BorderSecurity information:…
3) In this meeting obstructionist @SpeakerPelosi forced a tense confrontation, interrupting Nielsen’s presentation on #BorderSecurity and Illegal #Immigration, telling her “I reject your facts!” @DickDurbin and other obstructionists followed in protest.…
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I’ve been drinking since I got home from work. Today I held the hand of a 35 year old #heroin addict & mother of two as she left this earth to hopefully find peace on the other side. I spent hours trying to locate her family. When I did locate them I wish I had not...
I’ll call her Jane. Her brother kept asking me about her car, which I have no idea where it is. Her mother told me she couldn’t afford to bury her & wouldn’t claim the body regardless of my assurances that she’s not responsible. Me & her bedside nurse are at her side as she dies.
I’ve been a nurse 22 yrs. I’ve been here before. In the room to hold her hand as she dies; out of the room to take a call because I’m still responsible for half the hospital. Bedside nurse has been here 6 months but she’s not green to this unfortunately. We’re both pissed...
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Thread for Committee of 300:

"the highest elected official of the land blatantly put U. N. law above the Constitution of the United States"

"the Gulf War, which our President plotted and planned"

"Our president lied" - p 48…

#Qanon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Qarmy
2) "Stop for a moment and consider how President Bush ordered the brutal slaying of 150,000 Iraqi troops, in a convoy of military vehicles carrying white flags"

"In another part of the front, 12,000 Iraqi soldiers were buried alive" - p 4…

#Qanon #WWG1WGA
3) "We, the people, let them get away with their vile lies"

"Tavistock Institute was elated at...destroying the self respect and self esteem of this once great nation"

"We have succumbed to...warfare waged against this nation by Tavistock" - p 49…

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Afghan war killed 2 children daily in 2010 - report…
Almost 100,000 people killed in Afghanistan since U.S.-led intervention in 2001: Report | Afghan Zariza… via @AfghanZariza
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Let’s vet it!!!

Is Christine Blasely (FORD) actually CIA?
This appears to be the original (unsure) source on this little tidbit...

If true, it doesn’t get much more #DeepState #NWO than this!!!

It means they are trotting out the offspring of ex-Nazi OSS officers, turned CIA big wigs (#ProjectPaperclip)!!!

Take a gander at GRAMPS!…
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
Aug 15-22, 2018
1. Ricky Johnston from Las Vegas admitted to receiving over 600 images of toddlers & children engaged in sexually explicit conduct. He was sentenced to 144 months in federal prison.

#childpornography #childsexabuse #RickyJohnston #projectsafechildhood…
2. Operation Darkness Falls results in arrest one of the most prolific dark net drug dealers in the world.
Matthew & Holly Roberts used the darknet marketplace to distribute #fentanyl #oxycodone #heroin #meth & other drugs.

#darknet #silkroad #alphabay…
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
Week of July 30, 2018
1. Las Cruces Man Pleads Guilty to Federal Child Pornography Charges.

#childpornography #projectsafechildhood #ICAC #NewMexico…
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings for July 10, 2018
1. University of Colorado Professor Pleads Guilty to Fraud

#OlegVasilyev #LosAlamosNationalLabs #UniversityofColorado…
2. Biopharmaceutical Employees Convicted of Insider Trading

#securitiesfraud #insidertrading #clinicaltrials #JasonChan #SongjiangWang…
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