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The wordsmiths of @VOANews, @RadioFreeEurop, @CNN & @StateDept & many others, deal constantly in deception & omission... & endless hypocrisy.

What is their relationship w/ the @CIA? How accurate is their global narrative? What is their ultimate goal?

Carefully crafted lies are the common currency of @VOANews, @CNN @RadioFreeEurop, the @StateDept & all other propaganda agencies of the USA. Endless hours are spent seeking the most convincing lies that will most effectively manipulate minds.

Across all these platforms a semi-uniform fantasy factory exists whose purpose is to hone fictions into as believable mind-manipulating narratives as humanly possible.…

@VOANews @RadioFreeEurop @CNN @StateDept @StateDeptSpox
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"During the call, KISYLAK asked FLYNN to set-up a VTC between President-elect Trump & Russian President PUTIN on January 21st"

"FLYNN volunteered that after the election, he had a closed door meeting with Kisylak & Jared KUSHNER at Trump Tower in New York City"

“FLYNN explained that other meetings took place between the TRUMP team and various other countries took place prior to the inauguration, and were sensitive inasmuch other countries did not want the then current administration to know about them.” #MbZ

"FLYNN described SERGUN as someone the U.S. could work with."

📌1/3/16: Igor Sergun, the head of Russia’s secretive GRU military intel service died of unknown causes just weeks after reportedly being sent to Syria to negotiate with President Bashar al-Assad.
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The greatest achievement of Western propaganda still has to be the myth of a June 4, 1989, Tiananmen Square massacre, with talk of hundreds if not thousands of protesting students mowed down by military machine guns.…
'the crowds attacked the buses as they entered Beijing, incinerating dozens of soldiers inside, and only then did the shooting begin.' (and NOT in Tiananmen Square)
'Reuters refused to publish a photo of a charred [policeman/soldier] corpse strung up under an overpass — a photo that would have done much to explain what had happened.'
(still, not in Tiananmen)
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Interpol red notice: global arrest system at risk of abuse | AFP | Sandton Chronicle…
Sounds Like #USA #TSA, No? Hundreds of Thousands Listed, Including #Journalists & #Activists Just ... Because. Oh, and the reasons/grounds: always classified. So you can’t be told why. Hallelujah!!
BTW: Were there any “Red Alerts” for #USA #CIA #BlackOps #Renditions via #GhostPlanes throughout the globe, including #EU? Hmmmm. Didn’t think so;-)
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1. In 2013, #EricSchmidt, CEO @Google & #BillRichardson visited #NorthKorea together.

Although it was 'cleared' as a '#HumanitarianMission', there was another more sinister purpose. Notice that these are #NK soldiers in the photos - clearly in some kind of 'Ops' room. #QAnon
2. During their #NorthKorea visit, this video was taken. Notice how @EricSchmidt controls the conversation as they walk around.

@Google was there to show-off new servers they had set up. Why would the #US be helping #NK - a hostile threat? #QAnon

3. Computers are clearly a powerful weapon that would only help #NorthKorea further their #Agenda and increase the #NK threat level against the world. #QAnon
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