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I recently complained to the #BBC about the "#Panorama - Private #ADHD Clinics Exposed" documentary. Today I have received a response (screenshots attached) ImageImageImageImage
I outlined different issues with the programme in my complaint, as listed below (alongside the BBC’s response, and comments on the response):
Point #1: The methodology for the investigation is not credible; the reporter presents the NHS consultant with the information that he is a reporter investigating ADHD before the assessment is conducted, but withholds this information from the private clinics...
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Judging from the reaction to this... a lot of people care about ADHD diagnosis being represented fairly and accurately

It's almost like it's an issue you really shouldn't casually exploit and misrepresent for clicks, or something. Who knew?
For the record, I don't (as far as I or anyone else knows) have ADHD

But I have many individuals, who I value greatly and/or who are very close to me, who have recently been diagnosed ADHD, and you'd better believe I'll go to the bat for them in any context

Some may jump on this as a way to discredit me, to dismiss my critique of the #Panorama #ADHD investigation. Because I should, after all, be totally impartial, not influenced by defending people I care about?

To which I'd say...

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Here's the truth about broken #ToryBritain which our cruel Govt & the tax-avoiding billionaire-owned press are deliberately concealing from us, & trying to distract us from with their grotesque & divisive small boat obsession.

Thanks to @BBCRosAtkins & the @BBC #Panorama team.🙏
Full clip here.


Excellent #Panorama tonight - everyone should watch it.

Much more of this please @BBC. 🙏

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#Panorama reveals some of the deliberate destruction of UK by thirteen years of Tories. Tories intent to make it much worse. Brexit was designed as and is being enacted as a heist.…
After Brexit comes imposition of charter territories wherein all rights - workers' rights' tenants' rights, right to protest, access to justice, democracy - are absent.
To wreck a country so much there's needs to be a well-trained conman in charge. #Panorama…
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Tea is a social drink, so let's socially avoid it to make our point that the exploitation of women is totally unacceptable

Hit em where it hurts - bottom line!

Enough is enough.. take some responsibility
@Unilever @PGtips #lipton
#PANORAMA #bbc #unilever #Tea #Boycotttea
Over consumption is the problem.. we want more now and as cheap and quickly as possible (which means tread on the small people)..

We have to look at our own behaviour as well.
If large companies cared more about people and not making as much money as possible. Then they could have invested in the community so the ladies aren't so dependent on their job being the only one available.
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The UK has been in the grip of an invisible genocide, invisible to the rich and to the most of world
💀Ideological austerity and a death cult of extreme RW eugenics
💔300,000 people died needlessly 2010-19 from starvation, suicide etc.
💔Up to 210,000 people died due to covid.
The UN has called out @ConHome for its appalling treatment of disabled people twice.
Nothing has been done.
Many people suffer in the UK.
The world sees a still prosperous country because censorship is high.
There is much homelessness, despair & hunger, & deaths due to cold.
Asylum seekers, children,adults both, held in concentration camps & detention centres without an end date for their illegal imprisonment
while vilnerable refugees from non white countries livie in the depths of poverty on virtually nothing, forced into dangerous illegal jobs.
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The abuse shown in #Panorama is not shocking or surprising to those of us with experience of contemporary #InstitutionalAbuse in mental health services

Sadly, it resonates with ongoing interventions elsewhere in the UK

🧵:Some actions all MH professionals can take right now
Other victims have been consistently describing similar concerns in other areas. We must acknowledge this, and reflect on what it takes for victims' accounts to be taken seriously and acted on

We need to decide whether we are happy continuing to rely on undercover reporters
In our own services, we can't afford to just say, "This couldn't happen here"

Instead we must ask, "What measures do we need to prevent this happening here?"

And, "Would we know how to protect victims if we become aware of abuse either locally or in another area?"
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1. Mention of the child murderer #IanBrady highlights how much society wants to have ‘evil’ people out of sight & not to have to think about them unless they are watching or reading a fictional account of their atrocities as entertainment.
2. We can call him ‘evil’ all we want to explain his depravity, but courts & MH tribunals & clinical professional all judged him to be ‘mad’, not ‘bad’ regardless of his actions on many occasions. He was detained under the MH Act in a high secure MH Unit until his death.
3. #IanBrady himself fought to be discharged from his MH section several times, & he wanted to return to prison.
Secure MH Units hold many people who murder, & who may in fact have committed crimes as terrible as Brady, but they avoid media attention for some reason.
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Man kann #Panorama und @LambrechtO nicht genug danken für diesen sachlichen, unaufgeregten Bericht über grüne #Gentechnik.…
„Würden Sie gentechnisch produzierte Lebensmittel essen?“ Bei dieser Frage zucken die meisten Deutschen zusammen. Dabei sind Gentechnik-Produkte Alltag, als industrielle und medizinische Anwendungen oder für den Verzehr durch Mensch und Tier.
Dankenswerterweise demaskiert der Bericht die Angstkampagne (Genmais mit Gummihandschuhen und FFP2-Maske anfassen) als das, was es ist: allerbilligste, populistische Angstmache.
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Il @panorama_it della @LaVeritaWeb non dice sempre la verità.
✅ Si tratta di un caso criminale nello #Shanxi INCORRELATO con il trapianto d’organi, trattandosi infatti di questioni familiari.
✅ In #Cina la pena di morte NON è applicata ai reati di frode, evasione fiscale, gioco d’azzardo e bigamia.
✅ Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation e “esperti” come Adrian Zenz sono impegnati a denigrare la Cina minandone senza successo la credibilità.
✅ Dal 2000 al 2020, la popolazione di uigura dello #Xinjiang è cresciuta da circa 8.34 milioni a 11.62 millioni.
Di quale genocidio si tratta?!?
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@docrussjackson This consortia of businessmen and other are linked to The Policy Exchange

1. John Ware #Panorama

2. John Woodcock part of group smearing Corbyn, Ian Austin's Mainstream

3. Robbie Gibb (former Tory advisor)

4. William Shawcross - Policy Exchange

@docrussjackson Founding chair of the EHRC - Equality and Human Rights Commission was Trevor Phillips.

Phillips is also a Senior Fellow for the right wing think tank 'The Policy Exchange' and a Trustee for the Blairite 'Social Market Foundation' who proposed ending the pension triple lock. Image
@docrussjackson Charles Moore

🔲 Chairman of Policy Exchange 'stink tank'

🔲 Former editor of The Spectator and Telegraph
🔲 Climate Change denier
🔲 Controversial race baiter Image
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Well I’ve just read the #SueGray report and it’s absolutely clear that Blackford has not read it yet

As far as the PM is concerned it’s clear the accusations levelled against him were exaggerated and that the main responsibility lied with Civil servants

A few observations…
Purpose intent within emails to wait for PM to leave… 👇
Lack of pre knowledge of PM for his birthday celebration 👇
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Here's the problem with @bbclaurak's #Panorama on #Partygate. Johnson may well be - from a Conservative perspective - politically gifted and an election winner, but the programme actually describes the character of a narcissistic sociopath… ➡️
… who is able to post-rationalise their own actions to make them appear as if they conform to the "truth" as he sees it.

That's inimical to being able to adhere to objective ethical standards in public life which the programme didn't even mention. ➡️
Other things the programme chose not to mention were things like Arcuri (not the salacious bits, but the conflicts of interest and handing her large amounts of public money) or the saga of who paid to redecorate No. 10 and when. ➡️
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Our Response to @bbclaurak #Panorama expose:

"It’s clear there has been a culture at @10downingstreet that said the law did not apply to those who worked and lived there, even to the point that when a security guard challenged them, they were laughed at and mocked.

Those laws that were so flagrantly breached were designed to protect people.

Nearly 200,000 people across this country have lost their lives to Covid-19.

More people gathered to raise a glass to a departing colleague off to a new job than could gather and comfort each other at our loved ones funerals.

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Following last night's harrowing #PANORAMA Surviving the Cost of Living, a short #THREAD on food banks.

The #CostOfLivingCrisis is catastrophic for millions of people, & the culmination of 12 years of shameless, brutal, & purely ideological Tory misrule.

"Our team are so worried about what we’re seeing... Last week we registered a 91-year-old man. During the interview, he shook his head and said “in all my life, I’ve never taken from charity. Not once. But there’s nothing left now after the bills”.…
More than 550 independent food banks has called on Boris Johnson & Rishi Sunak to act urgently:

“We are writing to urge you to take immediate action to reduce the rapidly rising levels of poverty, destitution and hunger in our communities."…
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Last night’s ‘Maternity Scandal’ #panorama on Shrewsbury was a tough watch. Hard to comprehend that an inquiry I originally commissioned to look into 23 cases has now uncovered 2000+ families whose lives were devastated by poor maternity care at one NHS trust.
Struck again - as I was in 2017 when I met Richard & Rhiannon Davies - by the raw grit & courage of families who relive the avoidable death of their child daily to prevent other families facing similar tragedy. Compelling account of their bravery here:…
There will be much more to say when the final Ockenden report comes out shortly. As @DHSCgovuk primary focus moves on from covid, ministers must make a comprehensive response to this report their top priority.
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Whatspp chat with an ASB colleague, who's been doing this far longer than my 16 years.


Many of the things that lead to poor ASB case management and problem solving are the same as they were in 2005, 2011, 2015, 2021....

#ASB #Panorama
Common themes: not managing expectations or categorising reports properly. Let's not let perfectly reasonable behaviour get recorded as ASB, diluting the seriousness of behaviours that can have an all encompassing impact on people's life's and wellbeing. It doesn't help anyone.
We must think about the impact of the behaviour, as well as the type of behaviour when deciding how serious it is. The harm must be considered as a whole, not just in relation to individual incidents
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Bei #Lanz, aber auch gegenüber ARD #panorama klagen #STIKO-Mitglieder über die schlechte Personalausstattung und entschuldigen die verspäteten #Impfempfehlungen mit mangelnden, ihnen zur Verfügung gestellten Kapazitäten. Das ist eine neue Wendung...1/N
Bis jetzt war die Kommunikationslinie der #STIKO immer gewesen, das die zu einer seriösen wissenschaftlichen Beurteilung benötigten Daten zu einem früheren Zeitpunkt nicht verfügbar gewesen seien. Jetzt gestehen die STIKO-Mitglieder ein, dass das nicht richtig war. 2/N
Aber auch diese neue Aufrichtigkeit einiger #STIKO-Mitglieder wird dem eigentlichen Problem nicht gerecht: Die STIKO ist einfach nicht das richtige Gremium um über die #Impfstrategie im Rahmen eines nationalen Pandemiemanagements Entscheidungen zu treffen. 3/N
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Die ehemalige SPD-Bundestagsabgeordnete und frühere DDR-Oppositionelle Angelika #Barbe, seit 1996 Mitglied der @CDU, driftet weiter nach rechts ab - und ruft bei der #btw21 in Sachsen zur Wahl der #AfD auf. #Thread
In einer Erklärung Barbes heißt es, die AfD sei in Sachsen im Vergleich zur CDU „die deutlich bessere Wahl“. Die @cdusachsen mit @MPKretschmer an der Spitze habe die Wähler belogen: „So nannte er Kritiker an den Corona-Maßnahmen abwertend Verschwörungstheoretiker.“
Barbe behauptet, die @cdusachsen koaliere im Kenia-Bündnis mit Linksextremisten. Zur Begründung verwies sie darauf, dass die @gruene_sachsen-Politikerin @Ka_Meier @SMJusDEG-Ministerin geworden sei. Die @cdusachsen habe zudem in Chemnitz eine Veranstaltung mit @feinesahne besucht.
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A short(ish) thread about Bashir, #Panorama and the #DysonReport.

1. Bashir’s deception was shocking. There was no public interest in his forgery, it was a blatant breach of BBC guidelines and of basic journalistic ethics more generally.
2. Senior management’s response and subsequent cover up was even worse. It appears that BBC governors were not given details of the internal inquiry. See this excellent blog by @StewartPurvis for more detail on management failure:
3. Once the BBC realised its errors, it announced an independent judge-led inquiry, whose report was made public. It has acknowledged its bad behaviour and apologised unreservedly for the distress caused to the Royal Family.
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Kerzenverkäufer #HeikoSchrang teilte ein Video eines "Schrang"-Fans, der mal wieder ein vermeindlich "leeres Krankenhaus" entdeckt hat und das als Beweis für eine "erfundene Pandemie" sieht.

Schauen wir uns das heute mal näher an.
Zuerst das Video.

Er läuft durch irgendeinen Flügel eines Krankenhauses an der Anmeldung der Radiologie (00:20) und der BG Sprechstunde (00:19) vorbei.

Natürlich ist da nichts los.

Vermutlich hat er Szenen wie bei Emergency Room erwartet.
Beim Ersteller handelt es sich um David Kroll aka #DavidDexx aus Celle.

Auf Instagram bezeichnet er sich als Philosoph, Entertainer, Musiker und "FreeWorldCitizen".

Und er bewirbt mit einem Partnerlink Produkte im Webshop von #HeikoSchrang.
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This is Marianna Spring the BBC's 'disinformation' and conspiracy theory reporter. Looks she's the only one that's paranoid of catching something... Actual lol 😂
Yes really
How can you know this #Panorama on "Vaccines - The Disinformation War" is just propaganda? Easy.

At various times Marianna Spring was:
sometimes wearing ONLY a mask
sometimes a shield AND a mask
sometimes a shield AND NO mask
In other places: NO mask OR shield...

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Heute wollen wir uns ein Video von #AktivistMann anschauen, der Samuel "MoneyPool" #Eckert interviewt hat.

"Die aktuellen Aufdeckungen des Corona-Betrugs. Die Gleichschaltung der Welt (#NWO) und Auswege."

Nehmt euch ein Glas Adrenochrom und los gehts.
Er organisiere viel um und kommt dann auf die #SEYoungsters Leaks zu sprechen. Ein wunder Punkt. Und natürlich kommt er wieder mit @LarsWienand.

Vermutlich schreit er nachts seinen Namen.
Auch wenn er in diesem Interview sehr locker wirkt, hat man im Rahmen seiner "CoronaInfoShow" gesehen wie angefressen er ist wenn es um die Youngers-Leaks geht.

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