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A thread on @vivekagnihotri’s visit to cambridge. He and his PR team have been continuously painting the image that they were invited by @Cambridge_Uni and by @FitzwilliamColl to speak on #Kashmirfiles. This is simply not true and has been communicated to him multiple times.
On arrival @vivekagnihotri threw a tantrum and started rudely arguing with his own supporters, many of whom were #KashmiriPandits. He was upset as the venue decided to disallow video recording of his event to protect the identities of its students asking critical questions
@vivekagnihotri is seen patronising elderly members, and even goes on to rudely interrupt and challenge an elderly lady making an honest point. So much for his ‘honour and dignity’ humanity tour. Just shows how the pain of #KashmiriPandits is only a ladder and commodity for him
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Maria Farmer
Annie Farmer
Ashley Farmer

None of these women were raped.

All collected money from the Epstein Victims' Compensation Fund.

Ashley, the youngest, never even met Epstein.
Ashley Farmer is married and lives in Texas. Her name is Ashley Wentworth.

She was 12 years old when Maria "worked" for Epstein. Ashley never met Epstein.

Their mother is Janice Maria Farmer.
On August 31, 2021 Maria Farmer purchased a home not far from where she lived in Paducah, Kentucky.

She paid $267,500 for her new digs.
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•instagram fraud•

so few days back i found a page called as #shoppwithstyle on instagram. the clothes put there were pretty cool. had many followers and also had reviews of customers in highlights. so i just ordered 2 pair of clothes. 1/n
so he asked me upi id to ask for payment because he wanted to show it in his books. i had a doubt but i shared my upi id and payed him and he confirmed my order. 2/n
he didn’t open my message. i called him on instagram several times but he didn’t pick. i told my friends to do the same and when they told about me he didn’t open their messages too. 3/n
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***FLASHBACK** 2020


I. How did the state of Georgia handle the 2020 Presidential Election....?

1. Appears they had an answer for everything

2. If no answer, or unclear, they proclaimed they would "look into the allegation".…
Georgia, a one-party system?

So, why did Lindsay Graham call Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in the first place? To instruct?
Is this one of those movie gigs where it "snowballs" into a chaotic mini-series in order to confuse the public?…
FACTUAL SUMMARY: p 3/31 PDF below:…
Georgia law authorizes any eligible voter to cast his or her absentee ballot by mail. With the exception of a slight change to the oath requirement,1 the procedures governing how county registrars verify absentee ballot.
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OLIGARCH LUXURY: While US prosecutors battle with billionaire Igor Kolomoisky over his US real estate empire, his superyacht -- the Lauren L -- is moored near Bulgaria's Black Sea. The weekly charter rate is $732,000, complete with movie theatre, gym, library, pool, massage room.
Meanwhile, prosecutors continue to wage a legal battle to seize his US real estate, including two sprawling office parks in Dallas and a 31-story office tower in the heart of downtown Louisville. #fraud #oligarch
This 296-foot superyacht owned by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, valued at $75 million, also features 20 suites, a sauna and heliport. In one of the staterooms: a baby grand.
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1/ Over the weekend I posted an article titled "Things Are Happening (Ep. 3) - A Slow Motion Car Crash & The Ministry of Truth (April 30, 2022)" in which I covered, among other things, the marketing company...I mean... "Electric Car Company": RIVIAN 🧵…
2/ Rivian went public on Nov. 10, 2021 at an initial offering price of $78.

At close of trading on Fri, Nov 12, 2021 (3rd trading day), Rivian’s stock price was nearly $130; reflecting a market value of more than $127 BILLION

On Mon, Nov. 15th, shares closed trading at $149
3/ On Tues., Nov. 16th, shares topped out at $172.

On Weds., Nov. 17th, shares fell to $146… and they haven’t stopped falling since.

At the close of trading on Friday, April 29, 2022, Rivian shares were $30.24
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आजकाल ऑनलाईन आणि फोन वरून बँक फ्रॉड मोठ्या प्रमाणात होतात पण असं आपल्यासोबत झाल्यावर काय करायचं ? फक्त रडत बसायचं की गेलेले पैसे आपल्याला परत मिळवता येतील ?
आपले पैसे आपल्याला १००% रिफंड मिळू शकतात ते कसे हे जाणून घेण्यासाठी पूर्ण थ्रेड नक्की वाचा 👇
#मराठी #म
RBI च्या गाईडलाईन्स नुसार 'तुमच्या बँक खात्यातून तुमच्या नकळत कोणताही अनधिकृत इलेक्ट्रॉनिक व्यवहारामुळे तुमचं नुकसान होत असेल तर तुम्हाला त्वरित-तीन दिवसांच्या आत बँकेला या व्यवहाराची सूचना द्यावी, बँकेला तुमची तक्रार मिळाल्यानंतर १० दिवसांच्या आत तुम्हाला पूर्ण...
पूर्ण रिफंड देणे बंधनकारक आहे' लक्ष्यात ठेवा बँक अश्या फ्रॉड व्यवहारांसाठी विमा करून ठेवते, जेव्हा आपण अश्या व्यवहाराबद्दल त्वरित तक्रार करतो तेव्हा बँक विमा कंपनीकडून नुकसानाचे पैसे वसूल करते, आणि आपल्याला रिफंड वेळेत मिळतो.
हे E-Fraud आणि ATM Fraud साठी सुद्धा लागू आहे.
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ The curious case of “disguise, I see thou art a wickedness” [Viola, Twelfth Night]. PART 2/2 <‘the #Emoney shot’>, following on from PART 1 - (). V-Wallet (Europe) Ltd was FCA authorised as an #Emoney op in 11/2018, …
2/ renamed to #Viola Money(Europe) Ltd “VMEL” six months later (05/2019) + purportedly acquired 10 months later (03/2020) by a ‘mysterious’ individual & a Scottish (rumoured to be ex Barclays Bank/Barclaycard/VISA cybersource) purported ‘right hand man’. Noteworthy was that …
3/ shortly before/after the @theFCA authorisation of VMEL, ‘Viola group’ (incl. VMEL) was seemingly ‘re-financed’ with the aid of the notorious now former FCA made men/women at #Alfandari (charges still show as outstanding on some Viola SPV’s).
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Just a reminder that Focus on the Family is okay with destroying your kids as long as YOU stay married.

They know their articles on kids and divorce are wrong and misleading, but they don't fix or remove them.
Can I give evidence for that? Yes I can.
1. Focus on the Family's article on pedophilia discourages divorce and actually says "God hates divorce," but not "God hates child abuse." Really. 😠
More evidence:
2. This Focus on the Family article (that suggests divorce universally destroys kids) removes words from researchers' quotes, changing the meaning completely. They do it 3 times. #fraud
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Testing testing testing ….security is pretty thick outside the Wuville mayoral estate @MayorWu 9 vehicles 10 police 2 #defeatthemandates moms Nine Police Cars and Wagons. Todays #WokeInWuville is brought to you by the number
Hey Mayor Wudeau . These moms have spines thicker than truckers. They’re not going away. Good for them.
#NoVaccineMandates #HONKHONKHONK
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Fraudulent misinformation beyond belief.
I specifically warned against supplements as magic solutions in my video. Explicitly.
This article is pure #Fraud
* Please reply to the website using the form provided - (my reply in tweet 2/3 below) *…
My reply, asking them to fact-check their fact-check #NONSENSE:
My factual video presentation:
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Thank you @ruskin147. I couldn't agree more. As a member of a firm which regularly acts for victims of #fraud including the #NHS and the #charity and public sectors the failure to recognise the impact of fraud on both individuals and organisations is utter disdain. A thread 1/15
These are not just statistics, they are crimes affecting real people, their lives and livelihoods. It's not difficult to tell the truth, and say how you are addressing the issue and helping prevent fraud and not make light of the 5.1 million fraud offences in y/e September 2021
which were reported by the ONS in January. This is an increase of 36% compared with y/e September 2019, with fraudsters taking advantage of changes in behaviour during Covid-19 - with more remote working and online interaction. There were also 1.9 million computer misuse offences
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“The Sonoma County Sheriff has officially opened a criminal investigation into the charges of MURDER and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY regarding the Covid injections” 🔥

- Michelle Ford

(Post 1 of many) ⬇️

#Covid #Covid19 #CrimesAgainstHumanity
Michelle Ford:
(Part 2 of many)

“after I petitioned them to stand up for the PEOPLE and enforce the law. 
We have a case number!!!!

So similar to the UK we can now place ads in papers in local Nextdoor listings - essentially EVERYWHERE and

#Covid-19 #Fraud
(Part 3 of many)
Michelle Ford:

“ask anyone who has experienced adverse effects to the injections that they can now report it as evidence OF A CRIME.  

I need help creating an action team ASAP to help get this information OUT TO THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA

#Scam #CovidScam
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#HearstCorp (#StevenSwartz - CEO)
- Fitch Ratings (Finance)
- First Databank (Health Care)
- A&E Networks (with #Disney including: History Channel)
- ESPN (with #Disney)

#APNews - "Non-profit" cooperative (#StevenSwartz - CEO)
Content: #Disney
. CBS Dream Team (5 hours)
. The More You Know (3 hours Kids)
. Weekend Adventure (3 hours Kids)
. One Magnificent Morning (5 hours teens)

They OWN your children.
How do we let a for-profit CEO also be CEO of a non-profit that "regulates" themselves (#APFactCheck).

Non-Profits are great places to dump undisclosed #expenses and pay #salaries.

#theft. #fraud
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In several months past,there have been numerous reports of fraudulent transactions on clients' accounts via E-channels.

Here are a few of the reasons why banks are "hesitant to assist."

#Bank #Nigeria
1. INDEMNITY: When you want an E-banking Solution (ATM, Mobile/Internet Banking, etc.), you must fill out and sign an Indemnity Form. Simply put, you are accepting culpability for fraudulent transactions that occur on your account through such e-channels and absolving the bank,
of any legal repercussions.

Now, if the bank discovers that the fraud was due to your negligence, "OYO" is your name.

2. RESOURCE CONSTRAINTS: Even if the bank decides to assist with the investigation, manpower and time are not luxury "things" that can be spared.
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When issued, The Turnbull Report was deliberately concealed by both @LBGplc, and @TheFCA, for over 3 years. The police were under pressure not to release it. The author, Sally Masterton, who was a forensic accountant...
... in Lloyds Banking Group was asked to write it by their Head of Audit and Risk.

Sally Masterton was sacked for writing it, and without proper compensation. Anthony Stansfeld (former Police Crime Commissioner at Thames Valley Police, and now an anti-corruption...
...campaigner) worked for some three years, with some outside assistance, notably from Lord Hollick, to get Sally Masterton proper compensation. Anthony Stansfeld and Lord Hollick had a meeting with the Lloyds Banking Group Chairman, Lord Blackwell, and forced him to move...
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The case for #fraud charges in #Ontario

The following 🧵will attempt to establish that @fordnation & members of his cabinet including, but not limited to, @celliottability WILLFULLY & KNOWINGLY "by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means" defrauded the public AND...

...significantly "affecting public markets" via those INTENTIONAL fraudulent actions.

Further, as #Canada 's most populous province by a significant margin - #Ontario 's COVID-19 data also makes up a significant portion of the national data on cases, hospitalizations, etc.

#Ontario 's COVID-19 data therefore not only has a significant impact on the markets within the province, but nationally AND internationally to the degree of Canada's impact on trade & international markets.

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🧵(1 / 12) Two days ago I got scammed.

This thief is raking in victims by the minute, with no sign of slowing down.
Please retweet and warn the #NFT community.…

The silver lining is this gave me an amazing idea...
(2 / 12) I saw a Discord dm, thought it was an announcement, I was distracted, clicked mint. I know, I know, the opposite of what you're supposed to do - I feel your judgement...
(3 / 12) As I reflected on my faith in #web3, I had to consider if #crypto would truly manage to self-regulate, and that's when I had the 💡 moment. Web2 does it all the time: ask users to provide their own opinions (e.g. likes, thumbs-up, stars...).
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Beware frequent online shopper‼️
I ordered @colehaan Zerogrand shoes worth ₹145999/- from the official site of @heynnnow @Arvind_Limited
This is what I got!!
Is the official site @Arvind_Limited #NNNOW hacked or engaged in intentional #Fraud ??
Is this some kind of a joke⁉️

The delivery partner won’t return the money since he punched ‘delivered’,
the won’t give a sane ear‼️
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Hong Kong/China is committing suicide, they have no one to blame but themselves. (remember, HK = China, so HK’s foolishness is China’s)

Here’s the latest self inflicted wound

According to HK/China, covid doesn’t infect people at restaurants before 6 pm. Only after 6 pm. #Fraud
HK/China: covid infects people at restaurants (but only after 6 pm), bars, clubs

But covid doesn’t infect people at crowded offices, crowded trains/buses, and crowded schools. (If you think NYC is a crowded place HK is far more)
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🚨BREAKING: Elizabeth Holmes found GUILTY of #conspiracy as part of her role in the total scam that was #Theranos.

She deserves to pay for her crimes.
#Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes found GUILTY on 4 counts of wire #fraud + 1 count of #conspiracy, but not guilty on 3 counts. Jury deadlocked on 3 counts.…
There were 11 total charges. Still awaiting confirmation on the exact number that we’re GUILTY.
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#Fraud in
Ayurved Medicine Preparation

let's understand #Bhavna/#भावना first.
Plz see this video:

#ayurvedaproject #Ayurveda #ayurvedic #ayurvedicherb
The process
in which a herbal liquid is poured into the "Drug under preparation"
& is TRITURATED till the liquid dries up(it takes 8-12 hrs), is called
1⃣ #Bhavna/#भावना

It takes around 3 DAYS for 1⃣ Bhavna & other related procedures like Puta (will define it later) to be

Around 5-500 BHAVNAs
15-1500 DAYS

r required for complete preparation of different Ras/Ayurvedic Medicine

Now let's see what most of the pharma companies (not all) do & how it affects the efficacy & final clinical results of the Ayurveda medicines:

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