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Rajesh Exports Governance Issue Saga Continues

- No Audit Report in Financials
- Questionable RPTs
- FS of FY22 not matches with FS in AR of 22
- More Redflags

A thread 🧵

#corpoategovernance #redflag #fraud

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Rajesh Exports did not released Audit Report for FY23 though co claims its financials are audited

Interestingly - there is no sign & seal of auditor on FS

PS - In FY21 - we found two different financials of co in Annual Report & in Q4FY21 Results (check quoted tweet) ImageImage
Link to incomplete financials of FY23

Consolidated -…

Standalone -…
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Saskatoon police arrest man with alleged #Russian #organizedcrime connections

Alexander Alexidze, a 48-year-old Georgian national wanted by several authorities in Canada and the US, was living in Saskatoon under “one of many” assumed identities.…
"Alexidze is charged with procurement of false identity documents, possession of credit cards obtained by the commission of an offence, possession of the proceeds of crime over $5,000..."
..."possession of citizenship documents for a fraudulent purpose, #fraud over $5,000 and the use of forged documents."
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A former Conservative councillor who was jailed for election #fraud is now competing for a seat on a Derbyshire council.

Richard Smalley had been jailed for two months in 2016 after being found to have given the wrong address on his electoral form.…
The @Conservatives have been urged to clarify whether they will hand back about £500,000 of donations from a company linked to a Venezuelan-Italian banker charged with conspiracy, bribery and wire #fraud in the US.…
A Conservative candidate in last year's May local elections has been charged with alleged electoral fraud. It was claimed signatures on his nomination papers for May 5's poll were invalid. Mr Afzal has been charged with 'two counts of corrupt practice'.…
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@OCCRP Well worth a read...and #bandenia provides a really simple example of some really obvious flags I've pointed out more than once. Image
Lets just look at this statement....180m in unpaid share capital....OCCRP are being too kind by saying "possibly".... Image
$80m in current assets....we are awesome. Image
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@NATO Sc. pres #Niinistö has not had a #mandate to sign laws.
THREAD 13 Finland #ElectionsCrimes
FROM: #Finland's #PresidentialElections 2018.
TO: The #IPU. In 2015 #ParliamentaryElections their votes were #RESET in the #ElectionNight.
@NATO cc:@ janus_putkonen
An illegal #NATO #coup to the end, and such systematic #fraud is certainly not thoughtless. Any other #NATO member country can use the harsh truth to throw #Finland out of NATO or leave it to its own... Image
@NATO #Niinistö took #Finland to the #Euro zone with #treason (a crime that does not expire), and now we are going to #NATO even though the #Paris #PeaceTreaty is still #valid with #Russia and #prevents Finland from becoming a NATO member.
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@kajakallas #Niinistö took #Finland to the #Euroz one with #treason (a crime that does not expire), and now we are going to #NATO even though the #Paris #PeaceTreaty is still #valid with #Russia and #prevents Finland from becoming a NATO member.
@kajakallas #Treason.
cc:@ janus_putkonen
An illegal #NATO #coup to the end, and such systematic #fraud is certainly not thoughtless. Any other NATO member country can use the harsh truth to throw #Finland out of NATO or leave it to its own... Image
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1/ #CryptoCrap - CEO (Michael Stollery
aka Michael Stollaire) of Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services Inc (#TBIS)/EHI Internetwork & Systems Mgmt Inc (#EHI) sentenced to 4.25 yrs for the $21m #TitaniumBlockchain (#BAR) crypto #ICO #fraud (…).
2/ According to court documents, from 2017 Michael Stollery, touted #TBIS & the unregistered #TBIS crypto ICO (purportedly a decentralised enterprise infrastructure services platform, monetised by a native crypto token: #BAR). Investors were lured through a series of …
3/ false & misleading statements including fake client testimonials + false claims that he (#EHI) had business relationships with the Federal Reserve & dozens of prominent companies to create the false appearance of legitimacy. ‘Team Titanium’ had apparently “over 2 centuries …
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Proactive Defence for Financial Frauds:

Security practitioners online groups have been agog today in discussing two news reports.

The first story featured in the Delhi edition of The Times Of India mentioning that Delhi Police had written to the Unique Identification Authority Image
of India (UIDAI) highlighting vulnearabilities in the #Aadhaar system. To summarise, these were as follows.

1. Aadhaar system was not carrying out facial biometric matching, while generating new IDs. This resulted in 12 bank accounts being opened under the names of different
persons, even when the photographs on all the Aadhaar cards were of the same person, though fingerprints were different.

2. Credentials of authorised enrollers were handed over by them in the form of silicone fingerprints and printouts of iris scans, as well as the laptops
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.@CraigMurrayOrg @ILawson27 @WingsScotland @ABalharry62
Is there more info on this? Elliott
Greenberg GHA /Wheatley.
Influential #Russell Patricia Marwick niece - #fraud Natalie McGarry's husband Glasgow CC Finance & Audit David Meikle #Pollokshields. #shelter #hous #wheatley
@WingsScotland @ILawson27
@ABalharry62 @InfiltratedScot
#Noahide Glasgow CC leader Susan Aitken's husband #GordonArcher had a few failed companies now struck off.

£Bs offshore alleg(£10B)
Voter Register alleg
#Wheatley #shelter ImageImageImageImage
#wheatley ImageImageImageImage
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AN ANALOGY!! I went to a gas station and paid for gas. This is what you get at a gas station. I pre paid. I filled my tank. My car broke down about a 1/2 mile down the road. My tank was full of water.
One would expect that a gas station that advertises gas, has always had gas in the pumps and collects your money in exchange for gas would only have gas in their pumps. This is how it has always been..we consumers have never been conditioned to ask or question. 2/
Yet, somehow, a paradigm shift occurred. The gas station and the corporate owner decided that they could make more money if they mixed their gas with water. Most cars wouldn't be impacted and most consumers wouldn't know the difference 3/
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Join @EthnicMediaSvc and the @FTC right now to learn about the top scams of 2022. Were you scammed? Here's info for you.… #scams #fraud
@FTC What were the hottest frauds of 2022? How much money did consumers and businesses lose? And how did social media help with fraud? Watch @FTC experts live now… #scams #fraud #socialmedia #Crypto
@FTC Were you the victim of a #scam or #fraud last year? Share your story with the @FTC and @EthnicMediaSvc here
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#DOJ VIDEO Shows #Capitol Police Holding Open “Upper West Terrace Doors” On Jan 6, While Over 250 Individuals Walk Into The Capitol | Mar 1, 2023…
Ääri-Populistisen #NATO-#kokoomus-@kokoomus'en hallusinaatio | 13.1.2021 ImageImage
@kokoomus #AugmentedReality-#LisättyTodellisuus
92% suomalaisista vastustaa #NATO-#kokoomus'ta.
- #Scytl säädöillä 6666 äänen voittoon...
#kokoomus kannatus on luisunut alaspäin koko mittausjakson ajan, Jan 2018 - Jun 2021.
Finland - National Poll Average
@kokoomus "Ei sulla mitään puomia siellä" (#Tornio), @PetteriOrpo'n kansanvallan vastaiset voimat teurastivat #Demokratian.
Omaa etuaan tavoittelevat 'kansanedustajat' uskoivat #natsi -taustaista #EU'ta, tyhjiä lupauksia viroista NWO: ssa.

(€6,6 = €2,1) miljardia Image
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Only 19% Of Americans Have Confidence In #Biden’s Handling Of #Ukraine Conflict | Feb 24
- Video: #Trump Vows To Oust “Demented #Warmongers And #Globalists…
#Biden ready to run for a second term, US first lady says | 1 hr ago
- Joe would be 86 at the end of a second term.
- “How many times does he have to say it for you to believe it?” the first lady said in Nairobi - her five-day trip to #Africa.…
Joe #Biden -'we have the biggest #voting #fraud #organization in the history
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🇮🇱⚡️An Israeli company named "Team Jorge" has been accused by international investigative journalists, including Spiegel, Zeit, and ZDF, of manipulating elections worldwide for payment.
#elections #fraud #hacking #fakenews #kenya #nigeria #israel #usa
The company, which is made up of former military personnel & agents, allegedly employs hacking methods & fake news to achieve its clients' objectives in both politics and business.

Secretly recorded conversations, totaling 6 hours, were used as the basis for these claims.
According to reports, the team has interfered in 33 national elections and votes, with 27 successful outcomes, including in Kenya and Nigeria. The company denies interference in U.S. politics and avoids any actions against Russia or Israel.
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☀️Of the £4.1B the #British government has paid to lenders for defaulted credit under the bounce back loan scheme (BBLS), £640M worth of facilities were marked as “suspected fraud”, which is £1 in every £6!!
1. of the £77B worth of emergency taxpayer-backed funding provided across three pandemic loan schemes, at least £11B is in arrears or defaulted!!!
2. among large users of the BBLS, Starling Bank has flagged the highest proportion of loans as “suspected fraud”. At least £695M worth of the £1.6B in BBLs issued by the online bank are in arrears or default!!
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... und dann fragt man sich noch, wieso @efd_dff, die korrupte #FINanzMArktmafia @FINMA_media, @sif_sfi JustizMafia @EJPD_DFJP_DFGP @fedpolCH etc. u.a. aktive Geldwäscherei, Beihilfe zu Betrug, Drohung und Nötigung von Seiten @CreditSuisse totschlagen...…
Die Reputation des #Finanzplatz🇨🇭 schützt man offensichtlich um jeden Preis. Dass dieser dieser Schutz der Reputation des Finanzplatz Schweiz bis dahin geht, dass Aufsichtsbehörden Lügengeschichten verbreiten, Geldwäscherei unter den Teppich gekehrt werden etc. ist bedenklich!
Welchen Knall braucht es, bis sich Politik @ParlCH und die Justiz dieser Machenschaften (Korruption) beginnend bei der #FINanzMArktmafia #FINMA an die Hand nehmen?

Spannend auch, dass diese Korruption dazu führt, dass der VR-Präsident von @CreditSuisse, Axel P. Lehmann, noch
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#RokoteSkandaali: Suomi on vahvasti sitoutunut solidaarisuuteen #covid19-rokotteiden globaalin saatavuuden edistämisessä.
- Valtioneuvosto päätti 9.9.2021 yhteensä 3,65 miljoonan rokoteannoksen lahjoittamisesta COVAX:in kautta.…
#Finland #Pandemrix #Scandal #Marin.
@wef @ProfKlausSchwab #YGLs @YGLvoices @MNSchwab @Bodour
Now it's finally clear: there really wasn't a #SwineFlu threat.
But who really benefited from maintaining the #hysteria fueled by the pigs' suffering and tails?…
@wef @ProfKlausSchwab @YGLvoices @MNSchwab @Bodour Bulletin 4 January 2009: Request for an investigation into vaccine harms and #KTL's funding
- In December, Rokotusinfo ry submitted two investigation requests related to the operations of the Public Health Institute (@THLorg) to the #Helsinki #police.
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Glazyev, “LaRouche was a guidebook through the dark corridors of the Western ruling elite exposing the hidden springs of the world financial oligarchy’s anti-human policies. Tracing the fonts of its origin from the time of the sack of the Byzantine Empire”
Lyndon LaRouche, Helga-Zepp LaRouche, and Sergey Glazyev, Moscow, June 2001
The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge - EIR (Executive Intelligence Review)
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#BoJo branded '#provenliar' as Met Police issue fines over Downing Street parties -2 hrs ago
- #ScotlandYard statement confirming twenty fixed penalty notices will be issued for breaches of Covid-19 rules following lockdown-busting parties in #SesameStreet
#SesameStreet's Awards, The Worst Actor Winner.
The #UK health secretary, #Hancock #CrocodileTears | Dec 09, 2020
- “It’s been such a tough year for so many people and there’s William #Shakespeare putting it simply for everybody...
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THREAD: #Virology: Unmasking a 100+ Year Old Lie

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong.

#vaccinegenocide #vaccines #vaccinedeath #PfizerLiedPeopleDied #thread…
We Need To Base Our Understanding of Reality Upon Reality, Not Manipulation.

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong....
In order to understand the world around us as the truth about it is emerging from a 100+ year slumber, it’s going to be important to challenge ideas that have absolutely zero basis in reality.

I will start off by saying that we have been duped - ALL OF US.
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#LondonMayor, #SadiqKhan plans to expand #ULEZ later this year, his alleged lies and deceptions are being met with resistance!

Some councils are also refusing to install the required cameras

#LondonMayor #SadiqKhan #ULEZscandal

This is a representation of how the #ULEZ polling results were allegedly manipulated. Some may even call it #fraud

#LondonMayor #SadiqKhan #ULEZscandal #London

RECAP: How Sadiq Khan was allegedly caught by the #ULEZ scandal

#LondonMayor #SadiqKhan #ULEZscandal #London
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Elon Musk oversaw the creation of a 2016 video that exaggerated the abilities of Tesla Inc.’s driver-assistance system Autopilot, even dictating the opening text that claimed the company’s car drove itself, according to internal emails viewed by Bloomberg. $TSLAQ
Musk wrote to Tesla’s Autopilot team after 2 a.m. California time in October 2016 to emphasize the importance of a demonstration drive to promote the system, which the chief executive officer made a splashy announcement about a week later. Image
The email sheds light on Musk’s mindset before he and Tesla then made claims about capabilities that have yet to materialize more than six years later. Image
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🔍 Random #TwitterFiles ⚠️ Antivax Pt #1 💉

Monetizing disinfo & fear, histories either blank or bad. All ☑️'s were bought.

🧵THREAD Points:
1️⃣healthbyjames /2️⃣_HeartOfGrace_ /3️⃣TexasLindsay_ / 4️⃣JesslovesMJK /5️⃣stkirsch

👀 Using *ONLY* PUBLIC/FREE data, are they credible? ImageImageImageImage
Irony: Grifters come in clusters.

💠 First: I saw a tweet re: someone who's ruffled feathers in antivax grift Twitter for "plagiarism."

1️⃣"James Cintolo" aka @/healthbyjames, lists "RN," "FN," and "CPT"

RN/FN = registered/functional(?) nurse
Cintolo shills in anger/fear w/ no expertise.

Has Substack/YouTube w/ all the antivax hits.

His "practice" is as a personal trainer. He deleted his LinkedIn after that was pointed out.

2yrs with a RN license but no public experience. ImageImageImageImage
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Lol. Lmao.
Currently at a salon, overheard some very bougie ladies talking about their Teslas.

Specifically, how hard it is to sell them off rn. Both are talking about getting either Mercedes-Benz or BMW? They seem v excited about their future purchases.
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