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As interim Sec of AUWU Brisbane Branch, I notified a meeting to elect executive tomorrow 5pm, Mon 25/5.

This was done with full cooperation of AUWU management.
I have since been locked out of my AUWU email address.

Please resolve this
so I can chair this meeting.
Since calling this meeting unknown people in AUWU management have removed my access to the AUWU email address I was given. This is the address I called this meeting from. They have changed my password and locked me out. This means whoever runs this meeting is posing as me.
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#Saturn being #Lagensh is #Benefic for both #Kundalis. sitting in the #BhagyaSthaan it acts as #Jaataks benefactor. Especially so for 2) as in the 9th #Bhaav of #Libra #Saturn is #Unch #Oonch #Exalted.
#Rahu is friendly to #Saturn & in both #Kundali it can be #AtiYogKaarak as its placed with it (#Rahu naturally wants to be like #Saturn, but its just a mimik of its #Depositor) in the #Trikon. So in 1) it is placed in #Virgo (#Mercury) & in 2) its placed in #Libra (#Venus).
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Tonight in Hannity... 🎬

I’ll add this... Hey, BarackAkhenaten the WORLD wants some 🤬 answers about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING going back since the 🐍 ‘bite’ in the Garden of Eden‼️

#Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter
Serpent sits in the Garden of Eden...

#Biblical #TheGreatAwakening
Fraud... on so many levels

#FactsMatter #Biblical
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evidence of vaccines causing autism.

Meet Richie, Clair, and Robbie

Three healthy babies that were saying Momma, Dadda, walking around and the whole nine..... that is until they went for their vaccination.

Brenda and David McDowell took their 3 healthy, happy and engaged, 9-
month-olds in for one single vaccine (Pneumococcal) that day. By the end of the day, all of their children changed and were never the same again. They all became severely autistic. The shot was at 10:00 am. Two hours later, Claire had completely shut off, as if she was blind and
deaf. She just stared at the ceiling.

At 2:00 pm, Richie shut off. Before the end of the day, Robbie looked like he was hit by a bus, he had a stunned look on his face. #VaccinesareGenocide #ParentsCallTheShots #Saynotovaccines #Saynotothemark #Fraud #BigHarma #JesuitCreation
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/Short Thread/

How predators hide in plain sight.

This article outlines @BillGates "Gates Foundation" is not so much about "charity" but "public relations" and "killer profit"

#TheMoreYouKnow #Philanthropy #GatesFoundation #TheGivingPledge…
"The Gateses used their charitable foundation to enrich the private school their children attend, which charges students $35,000 a year."

#BillGates #GatesFoundation #TheMoreYouKnow
"A foundation giving a charitable grant to a company that it partly owns—and stands to benefit from financially—would seem like an obvious conflict of interest..."

#BillGates #BigPharma #GatesFoundation
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When you are AWAKE you are able to see clearly:
• Biden's mental health, sexual assault accusation(s), and Burisma Investigation(s):
- Black/Transgender running mate?
- Michelle Obama as VP; "in a heartbeat?"
- Most Admired?

"Why are they pushing back the [D] convention?
COVID-19 concern or strategic for last minute change?"

A: Michelle Obama. Strategic for a last minute change due to #SleepyJoe's sexual assault accusations, Ukraine Burisma Investigation, and his non-stop speaking gaffes.
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#ICYMI Ep. 1231 Fireworks at the White House - The Dan Bongino Show® Disingenuous Press Asks Q’s to Entrap President NOT to Get Truth to Americans, Dissecting Steele Dossier VS FBI Files, Bill of Rights & Constitution NOT a Suggestion, & More!
Order your copy of the #1 Best Seller “Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp” by Dan Bongino @dbongino #MAGA #DanBongino #BestSeller #DrainTheSwamp #MuellerReport #Phase4 #RT #Ad
Grassley And Johnson Request FBI Director Wray Turn Over All FBI Records On Crossfire Hurricane

#FBI #CrossfireHurricane #CrossfireTyphoon #FISC #FISAabuse…
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#covid19 #customerservices During time of the pandemic crisis many companies are not fully or not staffed at all w their fraud and abuse people because those people rely on closed loop computer systems that often are not available to be accessed from home. How much more fraud bc?
Banks, financial services companies are literally impossible or so time consuming to reach by phone that almost no one can get help now. This presents major #fraud #abuse and #cybersecurity financial and reputational concerns. People and orgs not getting helped when needed.
Try it. Call your bank. See if you can get an actual person on phone. Then call paypal. They tell you upfront you can't talk to anyone. This is prisoners dilemma if someone has a fraud or abuse problem to resolve. It will result in significantly higher amount of fraud and abuse.
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#FauciFraud: TRUTH In A TimeLine (DIGG)

~ March '14 CDC shipment infected w/ H5N1
~June '14 CDC workers potentially exposed to anthrax
~July '14 CDC shuts 2 labs in the wake of several recent incidents in which highly pathogenic microbes were mishandled by federal laboratories
~Oct. '14 Moratorium put to eff with GOF research. The idea is to attenuate viruses but somehow they become more dangerous. (Report doesn't mention coronavirus).

They used this time to assess & develop a new U.S. Govt policy governing the funding
& conduct of GOF research
#Fauci Outsources GOF To... China Wuhan Lab 🩱

~ '15 #Fauci "America's doctor reportedly outsourced GOF research to Wuhan Institute of Virology

Of course of time NIAID provided a $3.7 million grant to them to study bat-borne coronavirus.
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Bapna also Bafana or Bapna or Bafna (Hindi: बाफना / बाफणा )is Indian Jain or Brahmin community. The name was used 4 for Brahmin in #Andhra. Derived from Bahufana & Bafanha. Phaṇa ( Sk. phaṇa) the hood of a snake. How did #Jains end up with #Sudra??This is major spiritual #fraud
#Brahmins are apparently meant to be one group with Jains-this is covenant system. They were imposed on Sudra in British era when Tirupati temple was set up. #Nemi (Jain/Jinn) statue removed and the Tirupati Jinn installed. This is not good news 4 Brahmins as #Nemi is #wrathful
"To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning". "So the guard took away their choice food and the wine they were to drink and gave them vegetables instead" (vegan) #Daniel 1:16 #JainBrahminAramic
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Why might @realDonaldTrump call for #DefundingtheWHO? Let's quickly revisit our #ClintonFoundationWhistleblowerLibrary and learn how #WHO failed us miserably while #GatesFoundation, #ClintonFoundation and WHO-affiliates #GlobalFund and #UNITAID were central to the effort (1/7 ):
Book 3: 'Follow the Drugs': where was #WHO to stop the flow of Clinton, Gates partner Ranbaxy Pharma 'garbage drugs'?
Book 4: 'The Perils of Drug Resistance': . . the huge ticking time bomb . . . . . . . . . (2/7)
Book 5: "Let's Follow the Money": learn about #USAID/#PEPFAR, #WHO-affiliates Geneva-based #GlobalFund & #UNITAID (Clinton Fdn largest donor) (#GatesFoundation on boards), flows of $, HRC State Dept interaction w/#GlobalFund 'tantamount to #fraud': (3/7)
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👉#SwineFlu #Fraud of 1976 ~ 60 Minutes

👉Are you #awake yet? Notice the #propaganda pattern?

👉100 yrs of #Plandemics designed to harm and #control!

👉4 words to learn & teach your #children: "I DO NOT CONSENT"

#DoNotConsent #Plandemic #Vaccine #FakeNews #Covid19

Jan '76, A virus was detected in a single military base at Fort Dix, New Jersey which led to 1 death and 13 to be hospitalized. The 1 death was a soldier who experienced influenza symptoms & had just participated in a forced five-mile march. He collapsed & died during the march.
Feb '76, Samples were tested by the NJ Dept of Health. A few isolates of the samples were atypical & sent to the CDC which found evidence of Swine Influenza A. After WHO was informed, CDC Dir. David Sencer drafted a memo calling for mass immunization for the swine flu. Image
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Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Library: As our following grows, we welcome maintaining this ongoing 'library' at which you'll find much info/extensive links. Our only request? Please retweet/share this library far and wide. Armed with info, we can't/won't be beat. Let's roll:
Book 1: "US House Oversight and Government Reform Congressional Hearing (December 13, 2018) on Not-for-Profits w/Specific Case Study on Clinton Foundation". We enter at the 90-minute mark:
#FBH #DigitalArmy #DigitalSoldier
Book 2: "Appeal to US Tax Court": Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan) v IRS. In early '19 we receive final denial from IRS to our whistleblower submission. In 3/'19, we appeal to USTC. Case is ongoing:…
#FBH #ClintonFoundationWhistleblowers
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I have NEVER thought Austin Steinbart has anything to do with Q but today he proved me right. When someone floated a very poor "proof" all I said was "No." Then BLOCKED.

Now I ask you, would Q do that? #WWG1WGA #Fraud #Sheister #DumbAss
That seriously made my day. Hate phonies!!
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He/they are mocking us.
Anagram the name they are using...

Austin Steinbart = Brainiest Taunts
think I'm stretching?

Anagrams and Acrostics are commonly used with pols

ex: El Chapo Act
Senate bill 25

Collection of
Assets to
Order Act
3/ NOT a real surname, IMO

LOOK - there's only 58 "steinbarts" in the ENTIRE USA.
Just 163 in the entire world

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✊🏼💙Norway shut the boarder to Sweden

First time since WW2

I lived in Norway when they declined the EU

FakeNews ran the OJ trial as a PR distraction !
Meanwhile in Greece the Swiss based company Extorted the entire Greek Medical system sending them into bankruptcy ! This forces Greece to fight or be subservient to the Swiss Vatican controllers of the EU[Q Beatrice]…

@DonaldJTrumpJr ..
@DonaldJTrumpJr @Inevitable_ET
We’re you aware this company Novartis is responsible for one of the largest Medicare frauds in the 🇺🇸

Remember Dr Melgen in WPB⚠️I met a medicare fraud specialist At a convention and she told me abt this case about a year before he was convicted
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“in-silico drug development • from molecules to market ™
About CytoSolve
CytoSolve, Inc. is a start-up founded by two MIT scientists, V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD and C. Forbes Dewey Jr.,PhD CytoSolve has developed the world’s first computational platform for scalable integration
Our platform provides an important contribution to the field of Systems Biology. Using CytoSolve™, complex molecular pathway models have been tested and built for EGFR, nitric oxide and Interferon (IFN) pathways.
Without CytoSolve™, the integration of complex molecular pathway models is largely manual, time-consuming and in many cases, not possible.
At CytoSolve, Inc., we use our platform for drug development in the fields of vaccines, liver cancer and heart disease.
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I'm 100% sure there is a lot to come with this Jane/Burlington College fraud story.
The short version of the story is that Jane bankrupted Burlington College though a fraudulent loan. The college purchased land from the Catholic Diocese for a price they could never afford ($10M!). She misrepresented who was backing the loan & brought Bernie's name into it.
She also got a large "golden parachute" of $200k as part of her separation from the college, after she bankrupted them.…
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Who is Prasenjit Singh Kumar.? How is he connected to #Russia and #BorisJohnson is he a #RussianAsset .? What does he have to do with the #russianreport .? | Thread 🧵
More Connections Between #BorisJohnson Johnson and
#Russian Influencers Emerge #prasenjitsinghkumar
While Parliament’s Intelligence Security Committee report into Russian influence on British public life remains suppressed by the PM and his advisor Dominic Cummings, Byline Times has uncovered concerning new connections between Boris Johnson and a network of wealthy oligarchs.
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In 2017, Public Utility Commission of Texas received 118 complaints against @reliantenergy including 22 “slamming” and 2 “cramming” violations. The BBB reports 194 complaints against the company in the last 3yrs even though rated A+ 🤔They also have the highest cancellation fee.
Reliant was accused of creating artificial power shortages to boost their profits during the energy crisis in California in 2000-2001. How much did they end up paying in settlements? MILLIONS....Reliant took advantage of the deregulation and screwed its customers! #Fraud
Why does Reliant Energy keep finding itself in scandalous situations? Creating artificial power shortages and round-trip trading... anything else? #Greedy #ReliantEnergy
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#Qanon #Hussein #Obama

In honor of Q drop 3836, 02/06/2020

A THREAD ‘honoring’ the man and legacy of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA
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