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1. Bulanshashar, UP: Rizwan, Aalim, Rehmatullah used to sexually harass a 7 yr old girl when she went to school. Rizwan arrested, other 2 absconding.
2. Sitapur, UP: Wasim posed as Arjun to trap a #Hindu girl and married her in a temple, and has 1 child. One yr later the girl got to know his real id. Wasim and his family are absconding after the girl lodged case of #LoveJihad
3. Dehradun, UK: A Muslim man posed as a #Hindu Kabir Bhati befriended a minro #Hindu grill and raped her. He also forced her to convert to Islam.
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This is Tore Maras, the fraud going up against @FrankLaRose

Just a taste of her frivolous lawsuits filed against various companies for ridiculous reasons, all while claiming she was a “pediatric oncology researcher” 😂 Just a #Grift trying to split the vote
Former #Democrat trying to split the vote who by the way not only does not know Trump, he wants nothing to do with her!
It gets better.. she told the bank she worked for the NIH 🤣 #ToreMaras #Fraud
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#Ministerivastuu #demarit
@anttirinneexpj - Maksatko Antti, osamaksulla +korot, vai mitataanko omaisuus.
€8 miljardia mahtuu tiukkaan pakattuina satasina, kahdeksaan rekka-autoon.
@anttirinneexpj #IS kävi läpi #hallitus­ -neuvotteluiden ennätysmäiset kulut – irtokarkeilla ja suklaalla herkuteltiin
yli 3000 euron edestä | 31.10.2019
- #Loppulasku oli 595396 euroa, kun eduskunta oli budjetoinut hallitusneuvotteluihin 180000 euroa.…
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In Aug 2022, I investigated two inter-connected Chinese-origin apps on @GooglePlay that swindle money from Pak and Turkish citizens while falsely pretending to be a solar energy company in Germany.

@PTAofficialpk @GermanyinPAK @MFATurkiye

Receiving multiple DMs from fellow Pakistani citizens who are on the verge of a breakdown. I have advised them to do the needful and lodge complaints with authorities concerned. These people did not carry out due diligence, scammed against promises of 'high profit'.
Both apps use sophisticated forms of deceptive marketing. They claim that their 'head office' is based in Tulpenfeld, Bonn, Germany. The scammers even hired white models (a fake ginger-haired 'CEO') for marketing.
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1. Unnao, UP: Shahnawaz poses as a #Hindu, Golu Verma, sexually abuses a dalit #Hindu girl for 3 yrs. He had an Aadhar card in the name of Golu. Arrested.
2. Titagarh, WB: Juanid, Saddam, Chhotu, Sonu abduct and gangrape a 19 yr old #Hindu girl. 2 arrested. VHP is demanding justice, they were lathicharged.
3. Chhatarpur, MP: Babu Khan abducted & raped a dalit #Hindu minor girl. Local police registered the case changing the girls change to 18, pressured to take the case back. When they refused they were beaten up. 3 policemen suspended.
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1. Aligarh, UP: Mohsin molested a minor dalit #Hindu girl. #Hindus are being terrorised by Mohsin and his community which is leading to another #Hindu exodus.
2. Udham Singh Nagar, UK: Shahrukh, CCTV technician, posed as a #Hindu Rajkumar, had 2 Aadhar cards, tried to befriend a #Hindu girl. When she refused he harassed and stalked her and threatened her with #Ankita like act. Case registered.
3. Dumka, JH: Kamran Sheikh befriended a married #Hindu women by posing as #Hindu. Family of the women were alert and aware and instantly found out the real id of Kamran.
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1. Kaputhala, Punjab: Sadiq Mohammed, a plumber, raped a #Sikh/#Hindu housewife, made video of the rape, blackmailed her and kept raping her. When she refused her rape video was sent to her husband. Mohammed arrested.
2.Fatehpur, UP: Romi Khan posed as a #Hindu to befriend a #Hindu girl via SM. Invited her to his b'day party at his house, he drugged her, raped her and videoed it. He blackmailed her to convert. Khan arrested.
3. Dumka, JH: 2 Muslim boys rape and murder a 15 yr old #Hindu tribal girl. She was 4 months pregnant and accused Arman Ali, hatched a conspiracy to get rid of her. Arman arrested.
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👏🏼#Pennsylvania, the choice is clear: elect REAL leader @JohnFetterman over snake-oil salesman “Dr” Mehmet Oz, who recklessly lobbied the Trump WH to push #hydroxychloroquine as a “treatment” for #COVID19.

#PASEN #FettermanIsTheBetterman…
The House Select Subcommittee report on the #Coronavirus Crisis reveals the role that TV personalities played in bringing #hydroxychloroquine to the attention of top WH officials, highlighting an email from Laura Ingraham and *others from Dr. Mehmet Oz*🤬…
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State of #Finland controls strictly all media by #Mediapooli and #NATO's @HybridCoE
- The serial #HappiestCountry story continues.

PM #Marin tests negative for party drugs as women dance in solidarity…
@HybridCoE #Mediapooli #WEF #yle #YGLs #hallitus #Traficom @hsfi @MTVUutiset @lannenmedia

Buying Silence. Kuten #PohjoisKorea: ssa myös Suomessa on Totuusministeriö @lvmfi ja Totuusministeri @TimoHarakka joka on vaientanut median (#corona) avustuksilla ja nälällä.
@HybridCoE @hsfi @MTVUutiset @lannenmedia @lvmfi @TimoHarakka #YLE'n toimittajat Eronen ja Vuorikoski erosivat Ylen sisäisen luottamuskriisin takia | 14.12.2016
- #Reuters: 'erikoinen tapaus. Toimittajat ilman rajoja @RSF_en on useana vuotena sijoittanut Suomen (perusteettomasti) johtavaksi valtioksi sananvapaudessa…
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The #Wirecard Scandal once again highlighted the incompetence of external #auditing firms.
That is why firms must invest in setting up proactive Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance desks.
These are very important silos in a company, which must work together.
The best and most sought-after professionals should be working in these areas, especially after the #ENRON and Arthur Anderson Fiasco led to the naming and shaming of the audit and financial reporting professions.
Directors appointed to committees should also be well trained to understand the nature of top financial and operational risks, which can cause potential material hazards and affect the bottom line.
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka - 1/ A corrupt solicitor: ‘Timothy Schools’, who named his firm ‘ATM’ because it was "a cash machine" for litigation awards has been convicted of a notorious #fraud - the £120m #Axiom Legal Financing Fund “Axiom”. Axiom was launched in 2009 as an …
2/ offshore fund (+ its associated ‘fund manager’ - Tangerine Investment Management’ - “#Tangerine”), purportedly providing litigation finance to small UK solicitors firms for low value high volume claims. It was peddled to the UK public & expats widely by a large web of …
3/ @theFCA made men/women & their associated unauthorised cold calling cowboys in the FCA’s SIPPshittery, @TPRgovuk’s pension liberation scams + allegedly ‘wrapped’ (in purportedly ‘insurance bonds’/SIPPs) by the FCA’s ‘Big Fish’ & peddled particularly to older …
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(Thread) How to identify and debunk Con-(wo)man ('CM'/'#fraud' in this Thread) in the #InfoSec community - and why this is important.
You may know one or the other cw/m in our community - but I hope until now you haven't been in personal contact as this is toxic as hell.
*Note*: These are my personal observations from different cases w/o names. Accusing someone of being a fraud is a bold accusation and should be well taught over. If your accusation is wrong, this might be bring you in trouble and damage your reputation.
First of all - identifying and calling out CM is important. They will harm people inside and outside the community. They will harm what we do.
Usually a CM is looking for attention - especially media-wise. It is their living purpose and they will fight like hell for it.
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ David Ames, patriarch of the Ames clan was convicted of #fraud on Wednesday i.r.o. the infamous £226m ‘#HarlequinProperty’ Caribbean property scam, peddled through @TheFCA’s SIPPshittery & @TPRgovuk’s pension liberation scams (…).
2/ A hotspot of Harlequin Property scam peddling was the #LCF crews manor, with #LCF’s Spencer Golding’s alleged boiler room including a major Harlequin op ( AND ) + was allegedly linked to #LCF crew-mate & ICAEW man …
3/ Michael Peacock ( AND ). A long term associate of Spencer Golding was #LCF/#MJSCapital’s (+ Masonic mover & shaker) John Russell-Murphy “JRM”. When Spencer Golding’s alleged boiler room was reportedly credit-card blacklisted …
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💥"There was no order"—Trump's own Defense Secretary testified that Trump NEVER ordered Nat'l Guard troops for #Jan6. Pathetic liar Trump claims he did & Pelosi rejected it. And the GOP & GOP propaganda media shamelessly blame Dems for Trump's terrorist attack/coup/insurrection.
💥“prosecutors have asked…detailed questions about meetings Trump led in December 2020 and January 2021; his pressure campaign on Pence to overturn the election; and what instructions Trump gave his lawyers & advisers about fake electors and sending electors back to the states”
AG Garland is on it >> Justice Dept received phone records of key Trump officials and aides—including Mark Meadows—in April. BEFORE the @January6thCmte hearings in June & July.

The DOJ criminal probe into Trump & his coup attempt has apparently been going on for months.
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🚨BREAKING: Prosecutors informed 16 Trump supporters who formed an FAKE slate of 2020 electors from #Georgia that they may face CRIMINAL charges, underscoring the risk of criminal charges that Trump and his cronies may face.……
The target letters—signaling imminent CRIMINAL charges of Trump’s cronies—were sent by #Georgia’s Fulton County DA @FaniWillisForDA.

And she’s not done yet.😎

🔥“This is a sign of a dramatic acceleration of her work,” as prosecutors typically work their way “up the food chain, so usually the first wave of target letters is not the last.” ~@NormOrnstein special counsel to the @HouseJudiciary Committee during the 1st Trump #impeachment.
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#zerodha #scam #Thread
Zerodha data leak has caused a huge number of investors lose their life long made wealth
Huge number of Zerodha accounts are hacked and there is no support from zerodha customer care.
Investors literally cried to freeze the account but they didn't respond
They don't even have a Branch so that people can go there and discuss their issue.

You can watch todays episode of Zee business where Mr.Anil singhvi has addressed and investigated the whole issue.

All the discount brokers are doing the same.
They don't have a single back office support and they are indulge in heavy data leaks leading to hacking.

This is just a start guys

Please secure your account
And Switch to full time service brokers.
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🚨 $AAPL : Payment card issuers sue @apple for abusing it's market powers to thwart competition in Apple Pay mobile wallet.

Article 🔗 in thread 👇

#Apple #payments #paymenttech
$AAPL class action lawsuit for abusive practices to thwart competition for it's @Apple Pay mobile wallet👇

#Apple #payments #paymenttech…
$AAPL: The class action lawsuit is kicked off by Affinity Credit Union - alleged that @apple charging the card issuers with fees is anticompetitive.
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@Flipkart @flipkartsupport @FlipkartStories You may be one of the most unethical companies! Here's my story. E-commerce #harassment and #fraud.
My story: I bought a laptop for 1.05 lakh from flipkart. Delivery location Pune. I open it on July 4. It is broken. How they send a faulty 1lakh product is beyond me.
I immediately claim my return because apparently I am entitled to a replacement only if @ASUS gives a Dead On Arrival certificate within only 7 days. Sigh, almost like they want to get away by selling faulty products that cost 1 lakh.
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1/ With recent $OP #airdrop, we present #visualguide for #Ethereum Layer 2 #Rollups Solutions. Why it's needed? How does it work? and the future of #scaling in Ethereum

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $ETH Image
2/ L2 rollups work by executing transactions outside of Layer 1, #Rollups #solution has two methods, Optimistic and Zero-Knowledge.

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $OP $ETH #Airdrop Image
3/ Optimistic rollups don't do any computation by default, all transactions are legitimate. #Fraud-proof #mechanism is set as a preventive measure.

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $OP $ETH #Airdrop Image
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A thread on @vivekagnihotri’s visit to cambridge. He and his PR team have been continuously painting the image that they were invited by @Cambridge_Uni and by @FitzwilliamColl to speak on #Kashmirfiles. This is simply not true and has been communicated to him multiple times.
On arrival @vivekagnihotri threw a tantrum and started rudely arguing with his own supporters, many of whom were #KashmiriPandits. He was upset as the venue decided to disallow video recording of his event to protect the identities of its students asking critical questions
@vivekagnihotri is seen patronising elderly members, and even goes on to rudely interrupt and challenge an elderly lady making an honest point. So much for his ‘honour and dignity’ humanity tour. Just shows how the pain of #KashmiriPandits is only a ladder and commodity for him
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Maria Farmer
Annie Farmer
Ashley Farmer

None of these women were raped.

All collected money from the Epstein Victims' Compensation Fund.

Ashley, the youngest, never even met Epstein.
Ashley Farmer is married and lives in Texas. Her name is Ashley Wentworth.

She was 12 years old when Maria "worked" for Epstein. Ashley never met Epstein.

Their mother is Janice Maria Farmer.
On August 31, 2021 Maria Farmer purchased a home not far from where she lived in Paducah, Kentucky.

She paid $267,500 for her new digs.
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•instagram fraud•

so few days back i found a page called as #shoppwithstyle on instagram. the clothes put there were pretty cool. had many followers and also had reviews of customers in highlights. so i just ordered 2 pair of clothes. 1/n
so he asked me upi id to ask for payment because he wanted to show it in his books. i had a doubt but i shared my upi id and payed him and he confirmed my order. 2/n
he didn’t open my message. i called him on instagram several times but he didn’t pick. i told my friends to do the same and when they told about me he didn’t open their messages too. 3/n
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***FLASHBACK** 2020


I. How did the state of Georgia handle the 2020 Presidential Election....?

1. Appears they had an answer for everything

2. If no answer, or unclear, they proclaimed they would "look into the allegation".…
Georgia, a one-party system?

So, why did Lindsay Graham call Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in the first place? To instruct?
Is this one of those movie gigs where it "snowballs" into a chaotic mini-series in order to confuse the public?…
FACTUAL SUMMARY: p 3/31 PDF below:…
Georgia law authorizes any eligible voter to cast his or her absentee ballot by mail. With the exception of a slight change to the oath requirement,1 the procedures governing how county registrars verify absentee ballot.
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