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How to spoil a masterpiece – A film review on Netflix “Blonde”
Available on @moviebuffindia…
If you have seen and enjoyed "Lost Highway," "Requiem for a dream," "Ed Wood," "Bad lieutenant," or "Dead man," you may appreciate Blonde's
efforts, good intentions, artistry, and creative bearing. The film's lush visuals help create the glittering atmosphere that sets Norma Jean apart from the legend of Marilyn, and also help build her character and portray her inner conflicts. In this sense, the film is a 10 and a
First and foremost, this film itself is based on Joyce Carol Oates´ eponymous novel and not on the real events surrounding Marilyn´s life. The main (and partial) takes on the book are built upon the idea of the dissociation between the Norma Jean persona and her
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#Blonde is one of the most intrusively exploitative films I’ve seen. A crew of men should never have directed the legacy of a vulnerable woman, she’s been further abused after death.

Ana de Armas is spellbinding and the vile film has incredible cinematography but it’s nauseating
Norma Jean suffered terrible trauma, abuse, a horrifying childhood, rape, sexual assault and domestic abuse, but with hard work became world famous. She was well read, sensitive, talented and deserves better than misogynists giving her the Weinstein treatment after her death.
Marilyn was abused by men all her life, exploited and used. Hefner bought the crypt next to her and, sickeningly, a man named Richard Poncher chose to be buried face down above her so he could "stare at her from the afterlife". She’d suffered enough without this spectacle #Blonde
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Marilyn Monroe was a real person.

Created in the image of God, just like you and I.

She was beautiful, talented, and wanted nothing more in life than to be a mother.

I do not believe she ever had an abortion, despite what Netflix tells you.

Judy Garland did.

She was forced to abort two babies at the demand of her studio.

It’s suggested this is what led to her drug and alcohol abuse.
So did Lana Turner- who suffered a forced abortion with no anesthesia while on a publicity tour- the studio docked her pay $500 and she was back in front of cameras within days.
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#Prolife friends, as far as I can tell #MarilynMonroe never had an abortion. A 2004 biography addressed rumors that she had one or more abortions. "The abortion rumors began from statements made by Amy Greene, the wife of Milton Greene, 1/3
but have not been confirmed by any concrete evidence. Furthermore, Monroe's autopsy report did not note any evidence of abortions." Churchwell, Sarah (2004). The Many Lives of Marilyn Monroe. Granta Books. ISBN 978-0-312-42565-4. 2/3
In fact, Joyce Carol Oates' 2000 novel #Blonde, on which the 2022 Netflix movie is based, was nominated for a National Book Award for Fiction in 2000 and in 2001 for a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. 3/3
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¿Es #Blonde la película más misógina del año? En los tiempos del #MeToo podrían haber aprovechado para contarnos la historia de una superviviente que soportó el machismo y los abusos de la industria, se enfrentó a la todopoderosa 20th Century Fox y montó su propia productora pero Image
en su lugar nos presentan a una mujer infantilizada, dependiente de los hombres y con síndrome de Electra (otra chorrada del misógino de Freud que ha llegado hasta nuestros días) y atención al spoiler: enseñando las tetas cada 2x3 sin que lo requiera el guion! Lo nunca visto 😱
Para justificar los desequilibrios del personaje culpan a la misma de siempre ¿a la sociedad patriarcal? No, hombre no, a la madre, si sirvió para Norman Bates, Carrie y Jason el de Viernes XIII ¿por qué no iba a servir para Marilyn o Dahmer aunque fueran personas reales?
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#Blonde es un viaje tan obsceno y difícil de digerir, sin embargo, esos factores hacen un filme tan seductor. Es morboso, decadente, bizarro y en su propia perspectiva un fiel retrato de la industria que creó, vendió e hipersexualizó al fenómeno cultural llamado Marilyn Monroe.🧵 Image
Es un filme cuya polémica podría llegar a ensombrecer el magistral trabajo de interpretación de Ana de Armas, por eso desde el principio debo resaltar que su trabajo no pasará desapercibido por la Academia. Es brillante de principio a fin, así como cautivador en cada gesto. Image
No trato de hacer una invitación a verla ni mucho menos una crítica que se posicione en recalcar lo malo que hay en ella, pero considero necesario decir que el filme se basa meramente en una narrativa ficticia, que sin miramientos recrea hechos de la leyenda. Image
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Why do films get an #NC17 rating? Here’s a look at some of the movies that pushed the limits of the MPA ratings board.🧵

Please be aware that some of the film descriptions in the below thread mention sexual assault.
"Blue Valentine" (overturned, released with R rating)

#BlueValentine earned an NC-17 rating due to an oral sex scene, but The Weinstein Company pushed back against the decision. The film was eventually released with an R-rating.

Andrew Dominik’s Netflix drama #Blonde is rated NC-17 for "sexual content," referring to prolonged nude scenes and one depiction of sexual assault.
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Films like #Elvis and #ThorLoveAndThunder are heading to streaming services this month — here's when and where you can start watching them.
"Elvis" – Sept. 2 on HBO Max

Baz Luhrmann’s #Elvis, starring Austin Butler in a breakthrough performance as the King of Rock n' Roll, has topped #TheGreatGatsby as the director’s highest-grossing movie on the domestic charts.
"Thor: Love and Thunder" – Sept. 8 on Disney+

Marvel's summer blockbuster #ThorLoveAndThunder makes its streaming debut on Disney+ Day. The Taika Waititi-directed film stars Chris Hemsworth and sees Natalie Portman's Jane Foster return to the MCU.
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“I don’t think I remember the first time I saw her,” Ana de Armas says of Marilyn Monroe.

But she believes she truly engaged with the Hollywood icon’s indelible image only after leaving home at 18, when her world opened up to films previously inaccessible
Now, De Armas adds to the Monroe canon as a fictionalized version of the “Some Like It Hot” star — and, more importantly, of the woman born Norma Jeane Mortenson — in director Andrew Dominik’s #Blonde.
For De Armas, earning the role of an American icon seemed nearly unfathomable: “On paper I was not supposed to be playing Marilyn Monroe. I’m a Cuban actress. In what world could I have imagined that this was going to happen? Never.”
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Ana de Armas has shared her reaction to the NC-17 rating for her Marilyn Monroe biopic #Blonde:

“I didn’t understand why that happened. I can tell you a number of shows or movies that are way more explicit with a lot more sexual content" Image
#Blonde was given the rare adults-only rating for “some sexual content” by the Motion Picture Association in March Image
#Blonde director Andrew Dominik previously shared thoughts about an NC-17 rating: “If the audience doesn’t like it, that’s the f---ing audience’s problem...It’s an NC-17 movie about Marilyn Monroe, it’s kind of what you want, right?" Image
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One of the benefits of a fall movie season full of adult dramas & prestige titles? The opportunity to watch actors sink their chops into juicy showcase roles.

From Harry Styles to Paul Mescal, these are the buzziest performances you can’t miss this year.…
Already one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Styles — who appeared in Christopher Nolan’s #Dunkirk — steps into his most significant film roles yet this #Oscars season.… Image
In Olivia Wilde’s #DontWorryDarling, he’s the seemingly perfect husband to Florence Pugh’s unsettled housewife, and in the Amazon drama #MyPoliceman, he’s a gay man hiding his sexuality in the oppressive U.K. of the 1950s.…
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Inside Ghislaine Maxwell’s dark web: greed, sex and daddy issues #thread | #Epstein #PrinceAndrew it’s all in this THREAD 🧵....
How did the #Oxford-educated daughter of a publishing tycoon wind up in jail charged with trafficking minors for Jeffrey #Epstein? Vassi Chamberlain, who knew #Maxwell, speaks to her former friends
London, 1990. I have just arrived at a dinner in a newly opened Soho restaurant with people I barely know. I see a long table rammed with the deafening confidence of entitled rich young things.
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