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和平紀念日(Remembrance Day),又稱國殤紀念日,是香港的一個紀念日,最初是為紀念第一次世界大戰結束而設立,後來擴展至悼念香港保衛戰中的捐軀者及在二戰中的罹難者。紀念日原定於每年的11月11日,現在定為每年11月第二個星期日,當日在中環的和平紀念碑Cenotaph會舉行悼念活動。 ImageImageImage
「歐美國家民眾習慣於今日,在襟前別上紅色的 #POPPY #虞美人花,以誌陣亡將士及戰爭死難者。虞美人花為一戰期間,在佛蘭德斯戰場盛開的花朵,被載入加拿大一名軍醫的悼亡詩中。在和平紀念日前後,香港街頭仍可見有居港外籍人士及香港市民,在襟前別上POPPY。」 Image
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Declaration of the so called Afghanistan Ulema Gathering in Kabul, as expected, include items such as:
1. Support to/approval of the IEA
2. Pledge of Allegiance to the Taliban's Amir-ul Mominin, Hibatullah Akhundzada,
3. Call on the international community to recognise the IEA...
The resolution include 11 articles, and similar to the Republic Government Jirgas' declarations, supporting the policies and actions of the incumbent govt. See below:
4. We (participants of the gathering) support the decree of the Amir-ul Mominin, that is banning opium #poppy...
5. We support the policy of the #IEA that AFG #soil will not be used against #neighbours & other countries& expect similar action from others (to not intervene).
6. Any kind of armed #opposition to the IEA is unlawful & #rebellion. The IEA & the nation will jointly respond to it.
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As per the decree of the #Taliban leadership, #poppy cultivation has been banned. I remember a statement by them saying they would not do so until an alternative was found for those growing it. Many have tried before and it only led to more black market activity 1/
There were spikes in insurgency every time local bans were implemented on the #poppy industry of #Afghanistan. The #Taliban would have to make sure they have the capacity to implement the ban and not have it lead to further poverty. 2/
Note that if the #Taliban think they have the structure and ability to implement this ban then they have the ability to regulate the #poppy crop as well.
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Here's my 5 min talk I just held at the 44th #ECDD:

<< Dear Expert Committee on Drug Dependence,
my name is Fabian Steinmetz. I'm from Germany and I'm an Eurotox-certified toxicologist and professional risk assessor at an international consultancy.
I speak here on behalf of the NGO #ENCOD, the European coalition for just and effective drug policies.
And now I'd like to speak a few words about #kratom (Mitragyna speciosa).
First of all I'd like to remind the committee that banning #hemp, #poppy & #coca was not very successful and even led to more potent derivatives and synthetic imitations. Also these bans fueled violent crime and human rights violations worldwide.
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1/ This kind of deliberately divisive and misleading headline about "woke foods" is transparent and deliberate misinformation. CTV is doing @erinotoole's propaganda work. Telling lies like this, promoting race hate and misinformation ought to be punished. Image
2/ Long story short: @WholeFoods tried to ban red poppy badges to support its (actually inexcusable) US ban on visible BLM support, and here, the media and their conservative paymasters are: lying, making it out to be 'leftist' #WokeFoods bullies trying to ban poppies. Image
3/ @fordnation is boycotting @WholeFoods , because "little people" should totally care that the scumbag #premier who won't protect Ontarians from small business and home evictions is boycotting @JeffBezos the insipid, guillotinable billionaire who exploits millions. Image
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This is #Poppy still sadly missing and very much missed by her family please #RT to help her home 🐾🐾🤞
@rdgchronicle now presumed #Stolen can you help pkease
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For 2020 I'm going to try the one photo a day challenge. I'll reply tip this each day with a photo.
Marble Kaleidoscope.

Sony a7iii
FE 2.8/90 Macro G OSS
ISO 400
1/30 Image
Carew Sconce

Samsung Note 10+
6 mm
1/17 Image
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So yeah, @CoachsCornerDC is pretty much the worst in old white maleness, the worst in Canadian sports culture, the worst in #hockey culture, and screaming mediocrity between the end boards. Yank this bush-leaguer off the pond - the final buzzer sounded decades ago. 1/x
2 Cherry’s racist #poppyrant attack on immigrants roused his boss, Bart Yabsley, to a sitting position from which he authorized a @RogersMediaPR statement claiming that someone (“we”) at @Sportsnet had “spoken with Don about the severity of the issue.” 2/x
3 One imagines the end of this call: “Yeah well none of it matters now Don” crack splutz “you’re fired” bip bip bip “Don? Don? Still there?”

However it went down, @rogersmedia, #youpeople are still on the hook to deliver that message. You see, you have shat where you eat. 3/x
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