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. @aliaa08 in this red attire from #Brahmastra is 🔥❤️‍🔥✨🦋

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The opening of a new big- name #Bollywood film was once a national event across #India , greeted by weeks of fanfare, long queues outside cinemas and halls packed to the rafters with audiences cheering and singing along.
But this year, with 77% of releases flopping at (1/16)
the box office, #cinema halls have been left earily quiet and Bollywood’s once unshakeable domination of the Indian film industry has begun to look uncertain.
“This year has been extremely poor for the Hindi film industry as far as the box office is concerned,” ..... – (2/16)
a disaster for an industry that relies on at least 10 big box office smashes a year for survival.
The blame for Bollywood’s recent failures has been attributed partly to Covid, ...As India’s usually committed cinema-going crowds were confined to their homes, there was (3/16)
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Karan Johar, Bollywood Still Using Cheap Tactics To Show Fake Collection Of Ranbir Kapoor #Brahmastra Fake Advance Booking Completely Exposed, Threatre Has Maximum Corporate, Bot Booking.

Watch This Video Till End And Retweet To Reach Maximum People #BrahmastraBoxOffice
Ranbir Kapoor's #Brahmastra Is A Total Disaster, Public Response Is Loud And Clear Only Few Watching Bollywood Movie In Multiplex Threatre In Overseas America Corporate Booking, Or Fake Collection Won’t Save Your Movie Karan Johar #BrahmastraBoxOffice

The Truth, And Only Truth. Perhaps The Biggest Ticketing Scam, A Pure Money Laundering Method #Brahmastra This Some Kind Of Booking Scam Going On With #BrahmastraBoxOffice Share It Maximum 👇

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فيلم "Brahmastra Part One: Shiva" انطلق عرضه في قاعات السينما حول العالم، فالفيلم الذي يضم كوكبة من نجوم السينما الهندية انتظره الجمهور منذ أشهر طويلة نظرا لما انتشر حول تفاصيل وقصة العمل الضخم إنتاجيا
فيلم #Brahmastra انطلق عرضه بداية من يوم الجمعة 9 سبتمبر في قاعات السينما في الهند وحول العالم وأيضا في #المملكة_العربية_السعودية
الفيلم الجديد يعتبر خطوة مهمة للسينما الهندية خصوصا فيما يخص الصورة والمؤثرات التي سيطرت على العمل الجديد، كما أن البعض اعتبر العمل يعد نقطة مضيئة للأفلام الهندية التي طرحت خلال هذا العام في قاعات السينما حول العالم، حيث أن العديد منها لم يلق النجاح الذي كان متوقع
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THREAD: An honest, non-political review of #Brahmastra #Part2

Beyond all the noise of numbers and boycotts, as someone who has been watching movies since childhood, I was intrigued to watch this movie after some mixed reviews yesterday. Again, non-political and only cinematic.
Based on the exchange rate back then, Spider-Man 3 (2007) cost Rs. 1435 Cr, Avengers-1 (2012) cost Rs. 1166 Crore, and more recently, Doctor Strange MOM (2022) cost Rs. 1520 Cr. All these numbers are approximations. In 2007, S3 collected Rs. 16 Cr on its opening weekend in India.
It could be a subject of ridicule for many. Still, if production houses in India can collaborate with other investors and stakeholders to produce a movie above Rs. 400 Crore, these are great signs, for films, like it or not, are one of the critical tools for soft power.
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#Brahmashtra One Word Review: Must-Watch! 😍

The film is far from being 'flawless', but the verdict remains :) IMO - watching this film is perhaps the closest we as common cine-goers can come to celebrating just how far the Hindi film industry has come! (1/N)

Ayan Mukerji dreamt of making this film when he ws all of 29. I wish I have half his ambition when I'm 29. The scale, the grandeur, the visuals - simply mindblowing. To say this is a landmark for Indian cinema would not be an overstatement. (2/N)

#Brahmastra #BrahmastraReview
What worked well - the visuals, the commitment to Indian mythology (a first for Indian cinema), the fantastic ensemble. I don't understand the calls for boycott - you have an issue with a film that celebrates India culture so well?! Twats. (3/N)

#Brahmastra #BrahmastraReview
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#Brahmastra Is A Total Disaster, Public Response Is Loud And Clear Only 10 Watching Bollywood Movie In Multiplex Threatre In Overseas America Corporate Booking Or, Fake Collection Won’t Save Your Movie Karan Johar ?

Watch This Video Retweet To Reach Maximum #BoycottBrahamstra
Ranbir Kapoor's Movie #Brahmastra Is A Total Disaster, Only Few People Watching In Multiplex Threatre Corporate Booking Or Fake Collection Won’t Save Your Movie Karan Johar What Did You Think? Retweet To Reach Maximum #Pathaan #BoycottBrahamstra

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#Brahmastra 💥💥💥💥(0.5 extra for cameo's, efforts and VFX)

Set in background of Ancient Astra's, #Brahmastra is Bollywood Love story in modernised India with blend of Hollywood level Action, VFX and Sound.
Whats Good:
Grandeur , Spectacular and excellent VFX matching up with level of Hollywood...Each frame of movie is treat to eyes.

After VFX, Background score and Action scenes esp chase sequences and climax Will make viewers go Awwww...
All the songs are great, Kesariya is already rage, Deva Deva is superb along with Dance ka bhoot..
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This Tweet from @Arnav__Raj has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder. Learn more.
This Tweet from @Arnav__Raj has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder. Learn more.
KRK Upcoming #BrahmashtraReview #BoycottBrahamstra
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#Brahmastra wipes out over ₹800 crore wealth of PVR and Inox #investors…

By @jainrounak
Forget making back money, it looks like Brahmastra is taking down PVR & Inox investors with itself. With early reviews pouring cold water on #Brahmastra’s prospects, India’s largest theater chains PVR & Inox have cumulatively lost over ₹800 crore in market capitalization today.
In Indian mythology, #Brahmastra is known as a weapon of unstoppable destruction, which can only be stopped by its counterattack astra (weapon). Ironically, the movie could end up being a victim of the weapon it is named after.
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#Brahmastra is a visual spectacle, giant sets, great visuals, absolutely killer music and background score, a good story and an amazing climax.
Visually #Brahmastra delivers what it promised, VFX is top notch. For Bollywood, it’s a major win because it sets the bar way too high. The future will be interesting.
#Brahmastra music is what elevates the whole experience, Pritam hit it out of the park. Can’t wait for the full album to drop.
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1. Was Bajrang Dal wrong in preventing the #Brahmastra crew?

Many wise folks have made it clear that it is in the rights of the temple authorities to allow or not allow certain folks from entering the temple premises. This thread is about where Bajrang Dal comes into it.
2. To add a salient point about temples: most temple Agamas recommend a charya, a lifestyle, a routine, which has to be followed not just by the temple archakas, but also the temple visitors or temple devotees. Those who are sure not to follow it, can’t be allowed inside.
3. This is because the temple is not a museum. It houses a certain deity who, just like an individual, has certain characteristics. These characteristics won’t ‘appear’, and temple won’t be alive, until all the rituals and charyas associated with that form of deity are followed.
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|| 10 Dark comedy Movies to Watch This weekend || 🎬🧵

1) Super Deluxe (2019)
2) Ali G Indahouse (2002)
3) Haramkhor (2015)
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Dear Indians, I'm a big movie buff, please read/watch this thread about 10 important reasons to boycott the Brahmastra movie. Kindly don't waste your money in 1000s of rupees. #UnityIsStrength #KashmirFiles #Brahmastra #BoycottBrahamastra @GemsOfBollywood #BoycottBramhastra
#Reason1 - DRUGS: Have you observed the news in the last 2 years since SSR's death of how many drug cases came up about the consumption of drugs in the Bollywood Circle? Here is a video of something similar. Why fund? #BoycottBrahamastra #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput #JaiHind
#Reason2 - RESPECT_FOR_HINDUS: Bollywood needs to respect all religions including Hindus. PK movie from Aamir Khan was all about mocking Hindu traditions. Please respect Hindu sentiments, don't take them for granted. #BoycottBrahamastra #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput #JaiHind
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Original name of #Brahmastra was Dragon. Character of #RanbirKapoor was inspired by Jalaluddin Mohd Rumi -Sufi preacher overhyped by those who hype Mughals

Rumi equated Hindus with evil & Hindustan with darkness (to be destroyed)

After Pulwama, #Rumi became Shiva

Jab tak..
It is only because Hindus have been brainwashed to glorify perpetrators as heroes and true heroes as villains that they enjoy #Urduwood trash on Hinduism and history

Thanks to Nehru and Maulana Abul Kalam - the first education minister who was actually a Hadith expert
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#Brahmastra and #Shamshera stalking days crazy thread incoming...
some action bts 🪓 of Shamshera
Horse work on Shamshera sets 🐎🔥
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Make in India or ‘aatmanirbarta‘ cannot merely be a lip service. The government, along with the armed forces and the private industry, besides the state-run manufacturers and the DRDO, will have to walk the talk. My column #Brahmastra…
The hollowness of indigenous defence manufacturing can be gauged from the fact that when tensions have risen with China at LAC, forces have 2 depend on foreign suppliers in US, Russia, France, Israel, among other countries, 2 shore up their fire power and operational capability
China has gone from being a major defence importer 2 becoming a military manufacturing hub. Such has been pace of Chinese ‘aatmanirbarta‘ that it has armed itself with indigenous cutting-edge systems, tech, & is now arming others, including India’s perennial headache – Pakistan.
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