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Here are a few simple life hacks to improve your everyday routine

A Twitter thread...

#thursdaymorning #thursdayvibes #thursdaymood #ThursdayThought #Business #Entrepreneurship #DailyWisdom Image
1) Prioritize Health

Your health is vital for giving your best at work. Prioritize physical and mental well-being through activities like meditation, yoga, or treadmill workouts. Your health fuels your success.

#SelfCare #wellness #WellnessJourney
2) Don't Skip Morning Routine

Entrepreneurs know the value of good health. Dedicate a few minutes each morning to prioritize your well-being. Don't skip it—those minutes can set the tone for a productive day.

#EntrepreneurLife #MorningRoutine #MorningLive #Entrepreneurship
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Forget about goals, focus on the system instead.

For actionable steps, check the thread👇
#focus #systemsthinking #goalsetting #satisfaction #hustle
1. Create a plan that will lead you to your desired destination.

2. Setting goals can help you get started. You will arrive there via the system.
3. Make the system motivate you and give you happiness.

4. The feeling you get when you achieve a goal is only momentary. But if you concentrate on the system, you'll enjoy the whole process.
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I built a @todoist clone using @NotionHQ as the no-code tool and cancelled my $50/year subscription.

Here is how 👇🧵
0/ Features

• Quick Add bar to enter tasks

• Inbox with ALL tasks listed

• Show overdue, due today and upcoming tasks

• Support for !! (priority) and # (project) shortcut

• Group tasks by category/priority on a "Trello" board
1/ Setup

To build an app you typically need 3 things:

1) A back-end + DB
2) A front-end
3) Something to connect the 2

Notion provides 1/2 out of the box and 3 is hidden magic. 🎩

So I started by setting up a DB (called Tasks) with the required properties.
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Good morning followers, new and not-new! After the flux of newcomers this weekend, I thought I’d introduce a little bit more about me + my journey so far to becoming a scientific/data illustrator. Read within! ⬇️🧵🪞🔬👨🏻‍🎓 #bio #aboutme #art #artist #scientificillustration #sciart Portrait of MarkIllustrated banner for Mark...Illustrated banner for Mark...
My name's Mark and I am super passionate about telling science stories with the power of visual media🎨 I love illustration, I learn best with visuals, and I am constantly looking for (er, doodling?) ways to make pictures say MORE than just "a thousand words” 😉 Introductory portrait of Ma...Showcase of various example...5 icons in the center of th...Picture of Mark drawing on ...
I've always been drawn to art as a kid. Ever since I could hold a pencil, I've been creatively engaged. Growing up I was discouraged from pursuing art (who wasn't?) and so I gradually developed an interest in science. Natural History is my favourite subject. 🌐🪱🐒🦀🦩🍄🪸🪐✨
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Abro Hilo de las pelis/series que vaya viendo en el #2022
#1 The Night House, primera peli de este año y obvio tenía que ser de esta categoría, buena peli, buen suspenso, me llevé varios sustos y la trama muy original, recomendada 8.5/10 Image
#2 El canto del cisne, buen drama fantasía, lo deja a uno pensando que haría en esas situaciones tan drásticas, recomendada 8/10 Image
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A lot of hustle conversation going on right now and it reminds me of this chat with Polina Marchenko of SIDE PRJCT about how she burned out, got back up and did things differently & more sustainably

#prodmgmt #startups #hustle
And of course @randfish wrote a whole book ("Lost & Founder") in a similar vein, about how the tech bro VC growth at all costs culture pulled him apart and made him want to do it differently
You can check out a Polina's episode here…
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Let’s be clear.

#Hustle culture is just #capitalism repackaged to be acceptable to Millennials.

2/ The current set of power elites are trying to sell us the idea that if we just work ourselves to DEATH until we’re 65, then we will have finally “earned” the right to rest and happiness.


We are all worthy of those things TODAY.

Especially Black women.
3/ Capitalism can only exist as long as it has a pool of people it can extract labor and talent from.

Racism & sexism are systems that create a consistent pool of dehumanized labor to exploit without raising alarm.

Therefore, Racism, Sexism & Capitalism are inextricably linked.
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Before working for @ahrefs, I ran an SEO business.

Here's my advice on how to start one in6⃣steps.

1⃣Learn SEO... seriously

Don't even think about messing around with clients' sites unless you actually understand SEO.

Their sites are their livelihoods.

Don't muck around if you're clueless.🤷

How to learn:
- Ahrefs Blog <3
- @aleyda's
2⃣Start your own site

Knowing the theory is one thing; knowing how it comes together in practice is another.

So... start a site and PRACTICE.

This is what I did. I started a dumb fitness blog.

It was getting ~50k visits/month after 10 months (see screenshot)
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I used to live in Finland. If it is not better than I left it. Don’t go there! You deserve better!

I did cleaning job for 4.5 years and they won’t give us any other type of jobs! I could not collect samples from patients recruited for my study! Being black was my sin!
If anyone spill any jargons to cajole you to go to Finland, show them my tweet. Let them tell us it is not true.

I picked race o. I left and never looked back. Please o, let our hustle shine eye o. One chance abroad dey o. Don’t go and enter one chance o. I did once.
Yes to Norway, you will get jobs in oil and gas. These days oil and gas is no longer booming. I need to check with my folks there for current info.

No to Finland. Sweden is in between.

I don’t want you to go Israelite waka like I did. I did 🇳🇬➡️🇫🇮 ➡️🇨🇦➡️🇺🇸. The hustle is real
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1. A friend of mine had a brother who told his parents he wasn't going to school. My friend went ahead and studied law in uni. But His brother chose to join motor parks boys, and became 'Yes' boys for politicians
#EndSWAT @henryshield
2. He boasted to their parents that he was going to be more successful than the one who went to school. He gave many examples of people who went to school and have no jobs. He said the only way to make it here is the path he chose...@segalink
#AlausaProtest #BetterTogether
3. He continued to grow and Political Seasons were seasons of mega monies. He was part of those who gave him monies to get into law school. He had become richer. He got a lady pregnant, he became an husband...and he was living the #Naija dream
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At the fast pace of our lives, and in a time that we are so switched on or wired, that switching off and relaxing are not luxuries, they are necessities!!
Exhaustion, time poverty and sleep depression are worn as badges of honour today! It ain’t normal or cool just because society has normalised it, it’s highly abnormal!!
Burn our doesn’t give you a prize, but it indicates that you have neglected all of you! There ain’t anything cool about that. Never feel guilty or apologetic, about taking rest or relaxing.
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I was able to make an extra $1500 last month from one of the #sidehustle Business I’m running, if you want to know how continue reading below, hopefully this will motivate some persons to get started...

1. I go to #ebay and find the eBay trending page, I look for T-shirt’s or any designs that are currently trending and check if other people are copying it, that’s because you can’t use some designs without licensing it, for example most sport designs
2. Next thing I do is go to #upwork or #fiverr and find someone to design that same logo for me, if the design wasn’t done well I’ll improve it, not all the time just copying will work.
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@nikhiljoisr hosted a meetup with us on the topic- How to Maximize your Professional Growth.

He shared some unique points that helped him in his Professional Journey.

Here is a THREAD of the 7 Prerequisites for a successful career in any field!
1. Enthusiasm

The founder of @ThePrincetonRev said he enters every room expecting MAGIC to happen.

Always be enthusiastic and energetic about every situation.

Your energy will be reciprocated and that's when the magic will happen.
2. Curiosity

Change your mindset from being the smartest to being the most curious person in the room.
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everybody shut the fuck up and don't ruin this for me Image
do anything to grow that subscriber base #hustle #entrepreneur #growthhacking Image
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so i found a copy of PILLSBURY's MEAT COOK BOOK from 1970, and let me tell you that food photography has come a long fucking way (thread)
this is steak lorraine, distinguished by its glistening, 5w30 mushroom-motor oil sauce
and here we have a rolled rib roast. the trick to this recipe, and all recipes in this book: COOK UNTIL BEIGE
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“Major cause of Poverty is Corruption” - VP Osinbajo #NEDG #BON #VPDebate. This is a grave lie. I have addressed this before. Corruption is everywhere in the world including in USA. Lack of productivity is what causes Poverty. This admin weaponize Poverty & lies a lot.
If the current admin mean well for Nigeria and have kept their promises to Nigerians, this debate is done already. All they need do is point to what they have done and justify the need to complete their work. It is as easy as that. They have failed. Simple. #NeverAgain
Corruption is not about stealing public funds alone. Nepotism, Abuse Of Office, subjugation of the rule of Law, religious bigotry etc are part of the catalytic factors that promote poverty and cripple productivity. The deliberate weakening of our institution is a critical factor.
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Hepatic encephalopathy in the hospital (An ode to #lactulose):
A brief #livertwitter #tweetorial
1. Share the greatest t-shirt ever made
2. Rule out infection!
3. Laxation now! But how?

keywords: #cirrhosis, paracentesis, stool pH
1. This shirt, made by a patient, reminds us:
▶️HE is horrible, unpredictable
▶️Preventing HE is hard
▶️Dont be quick 2 label pts as 'noncompliant' - there's more to the story
▶️Our patients are awesome. Hepatology is the best

2. Think of hepatic encephalopathy as a biomarker.

For what? The answers form a mandatory checklist of sorts

1. Para to r/o SBP. Delay @ your patient's peril. (Fig1)
2. GI Bleeding?
3. UA/Blood Cultures/CXR
3. What's the Cr? Na? K?
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I prayed to God for Knowledge
He gave me wisdom
Ever since she came into my life all i see is opportunity
She guides me daily and teaches me the right step to take,
How can I take her for granted.

Thank you wisdom for flowing through my veins....
At a very young age hmm let's say 12 or so
All I asked God was knowledge
I never asked for anything
Back in the days even as teenagers
My friends would call me conglomerate
I use to take it as joke ooo
In short, I never took it as anything
As I grew older I started seeing my myself as an entrepreneur
I worked ooo
Haa I worked. But it was one place I never wanted to be
As an entrepreneur, I knew I needed those lessons
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