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@ajaishukla (Business Standard) is 96% WRONG & is just a Front Face of #China Lobby/Proxy/#AntiIndia Syndicate...
12 Points to Prove The Subverses of Subversion :
1. His Assertions :
* GOVERNMENT Briefings : Untrue...
* LAC shifted...…
* LAC shifted several Kilometers Westwards...
* No Disengagement at ...

That too, when, #Chinese Challenge & Conflict still Not Over - Matter of National Security...
2. His all Points are from #Chinese Deep State...
* #Chinese intruded 2.4 Kms...
* Entire Buffer Zone will be set up in #Indian Territory...
* #Chinese refusing to vacate #Indian Territory...
* #Indian Troops pushed back...

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,#GoodMorningTwitterWorld 🙏🚩
#JaiHind 🙏🚩
#HarHarMahadev 🙏🚩
Sahasralinga is a pilgrimage site located near Sirsi in Uttara Kannada, Karnataka State, India. Sahasralingeshwara temple is located on the bank of river Netravati and Kumaradhara.
The big and small stones have Shivalingas carved on them .There are more than a thousand Linga’s hence the name Sahasralinga. Most of them even have the Nandi – Shiva’s vehicle carved on them. Some stones here even have more than one Shivalingas.
These1000 lingas were installed by the ruler Sadashivaraya of the Vijayanagar Kingdom sometime between 1678 and 1718.Legend says The king of Sonda or Swadi Akasappa Nayaka has no children. He was advised by a priest to make 1008 Shivalingas to be blessed with children.
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The last 72 hours or so :
9 Points & Counting :
1. #France commits Military support to #India
2. #US & #Germany block #China's move in #UNSC which blamed #India for #Karachi terror attack
3. #India deviates from 'One China Policy' for the 1st time by mentioning the new #HongKong Security Law in #UNHRC
4. #US praises #India's move to ban TikTok for 'furthering National Security against #Chinese spying
5. #UK offers residence in UK for 5 years to 2.6 million people in #Hongkong, after which they will be granted citizenship
6. #US bans #Huawei for links to Communist Party of #China
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(1/n) Using what is the largest active data set on Indian MSMEs, we @Khatabook did an analysis of the impact of lockdown across all Indian states and major business categories. (Thread)
Merchants have massively given their full support for digitization. Within 18 months @Khatabook has merchants present in over 700 out of 729 Indian districts. With this scale and reach, we're able to get a fairly accurate picture of the situation on ground. Here's what we found:
Lockdown period (period: 24 Mar to 17 May) hit businesses across all regions and categories. We saw an overall drop of ~50% in DAUs during the first week.
However drop was comparatively lower for grocery(-9%), mobile(-12%), health(-10%) and agriculture(-9%).
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The Pride & Morale of INDIAN🇮🇳 soldiers are unparllel
-Humara dum humare Muscles mein hai, Dragon 🐉 ke Tattoos wale humse kya ladenge.
-Humari Photos Selfie pe nahi milti bas 4-5 Dushmann ko marne ke baad shaheed hone pe Newspaper mein milti hai
#IndianArmy #IndianArmyZindabad
-Jitna Dushmann ka wieght hota hai, utna toh huamri UNIFORM ka hi wieght hota hai.

-Chahe high altitude pe ho ya Low Altitude pe, humara garav se sirf ek jawab hota hai ki " YA TOH HUM DUTY PE JA RAHE HA, YA HUM DUTY SE AA RAHE HAI" 🇮🇳

#IndianArmy #IndiaWillPunishChina
-Kulu Manali ki Baraf mein toh har koi khada ho sakta hai hai par Siachen ki baraf mein khade hone wale kam hi hote hai,

-Jo Horoscope dekh ke ghar se niklte hai, unse humari Kam hi banti hai.

-Humare raaston mein U-TURN nahu hote, Ja Dushmann Taboot mein hota hai ya hum khud.
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Yesterday, we promised that #MissionBhasma team will expose the @BhimArmyChief, #ChandrashekharAzad in all possible manner. And here we are to deliver the same.
Thank you @Adv_chandnishah for the assistance.

First let’s know who is this infamous...
Chandrashekhar Azad who is a self proclaimed chief of the D@lit community?

Born in Ghadkhauli village of Saharanpur district in western Uttar Pradesh. He announced himself as a D@lit leader after a hoarding titled “The Great Chamars of Ghadkhauli Welcome You” was installed..
by him on the outskirts of his village.

He along with Satish Kumar, and Vinay Ratan Singh founded Bhim Army in 2015, right after the elections of 2014.

Now as I am not @SardesaiRajdeep, I will not glorify this misogynistic person any more.

Coming straight to the point –
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How on earth a county, despite 14 neighbors, triggered havoc in world, seems invincible?

Certainly not just bcz of mighty army, weapons or nukes but the art of principally unprincipled "UNRESTRICTED WARFARE", which is 'beyond boundaries', OFF the traditional battlefield.

Take a quick flash back to 90's when USA rocked the world with it's chest thumping advance military forces, technology & weapons used in series of wars- Gulf war, Iraq no-fly ops, Somalia civil war, Bosnia, Haiti & Serbia interventions.

On other hand China had last fought Vietnam War ('79), besides minor domestic clashes.

Well aware of it's inferior skills on warfare, China knew they cant stand US with military power w/out having alternative approach. And so conceptualized the idea of 'modernize' warfare.

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My dear fellow "patriotic" Indians not the mouth pieces of Pakistan or China, in the coming time the tension with China will spike up and they will try to use us to lower our moral down.
They will ruthlessly use the information warfare and spread all sorts of videos showing how powerful they are and all. Reality is that they are bloody hollow and a bunch of cowards. Please don't extend their play by forwarding the videos like we all did when #Abhi was captured.
Please let's not act like fools. If there is a clash and you don't know how to handle it leave your phone and switch off your TV and you will be doing a service to the country. The army knows very well how to deal with these filthy Chinese PLA.
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#Namo - there is big and huge difference between being a head of a state and being the head of a nation; head of state has the option of being different form the actions and thoughts of the #PMO; but the #PM and the #PMO cannot ignore the state[s]; i am sure all of us understand
2. that; having said that - the following are my observations of the #PMO and the #PM and these are by and large is my personal take - [anyone differs with my thought process can keep it to themselves]; i am going to take the liberty of making my observations at 3 levels:
3. #HEADOFSTATE:- he was dead against of the use of Article 365 of the Constitution and if anyone expects him to use it - you can bet yourself it will not happen - because he is clear on it and so is the #APEX in this issue; so anyone disgruntled on this issue needs to change
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Thousands have laid down their lives to protect this great Indian Land; the home to beautiful culture, unparalleled intellectuals and abundant prosperity. However, Do you know what they shout in spirits while defending their land?
*The Brigade of the Guards: "Garud ka hun bol pyare" ("I am the son of Garuda, Say O my friend")
*Mechanised Infantry Regiment: "Bolo Bharat Mata ki jai" ("say victory to Mother India")
*Madras Regiment: "Vetri vel, Veera vel" ("Brave and victorious Murugans' Spear)
*Rajputana Rifles: "Raja Ramachandra ki jai" ("victory to Ramachandra")
* Rajput Regiment: "Bol Bajrang Bali Ki jai" ("say victory to Hanuman")
*Dogra Regiment:"Jawala Mata ki jai" ("victory to mother Jawala")
*Parachute Regiment: "Balidan Param Dharma" ("Sacrifice is Duty")
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LESSONS LEARNT from East #Ladakh, #FaceOff, #StandOff & #China :
Twelve (12) Points with Light but Serious Veins
1. It Confirms that #India, Now, takes Hard Decisions, Has Solid Resolve and National Will. Thanks & Gratitude : PM @PMOIndia
2. COAS and @adgpi is Really Strong, Stategist, Depth and Wisdom. #JaiHind - Our Chief.
3. It was Contest of Posturing, Signaling, Messaging and Symbolism : Well Fought Red, But, Blue, #India, is the Winner : Thank YOU - PM @narendramodi
4. #IndianArmy was Alert, Prepared and Ready. Strong, Reliable and Dependable. SOLDIERs: So PROUD of YOU. Indeed, YOU are the Instrument of Last Resort of The Nation. #JaiHind
5. #Corona, The Invisible Enemy : Now, We Coming on to YOU.
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This Maharashtra thread of mine is on the back of my previous threads on Maharashtra politics. This one is from NCP camp .
On 4th June NCP supremo called meeting of Top NCP leaders Ajit Pawar Bidi King Sunil Tatkare & Jayant Patil at his official residence of Mumbai.
Although officially for media & people this meeting was called for damages caused to state from Cyclone Nisarg. But some top NCP sources confirmed that it was for the way on how long to take forward MVA government amidst the differences in Partners.
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This polictal media fictional series is a about home minister Kallu mama former Madhya Pradesh CM Pralayanath gendaswamy. Data Analytic & corrupt media journalist Sharukh Khan & his colleague number 1 hindi news anchor Sanjana Kashyap.
Kalu Mama belongs to hindu nationalist party where else Pralayanath gendaswamy belongs too anti national pseudo secular party.
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Why you should #BoycottMadeInChina

• China through its Economic + Expansion policy is affecting other countries strategically.
Let's see how it affects India and others thru its high Export to Import Ratio in Trade. Termite would be the correct term for them.

2/n...Why you should #BoycottMadeInChina

• Astoundingly, India’s share in China’s imports stood at a menial percentage in comparison to exports. Means insignificant presence of Indian products in Chinese markets. Reason?
#AatmNirbharChina? Yes.
3/n...Why you should #BoycottMadeInChina

• In this way, they secure jobs for locals. Jobs might be hard on terms but better than unemployment.

• Software and Hardware export from China to India shares big % as compare to other sectors.
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Today Morning I told you that Prithviraj chauhan has conveyed to Rahul Gandhi that he thinks Sharadrao Pawar & Narendra Modi might come together in near future.
This thought of Chauhan was not out of the blue . Something is seriously happening between the top the leadership of both the Party's NCP & BJP respectively.
So what is happening between the two Party's the news which I am going to share with all of you will be shared first time on any media platform . No journalist weather of Maharashtra or national media has this news with him .
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In past two thread I told you about the Maharashtra Chess Board & how the master player (AS) is going take MH politics by storm. Today's thread has nothing to do with Master Player but on a sudden development of last week on MVA Government internal politics.
In previous Thread I told you that there are three key players. But these players will be of no use if what one party of MVA Government is planning to do currently in Maharashtra holds true.
Yes I am taking about none other then grand old Congress party & their leader Rahul Gandhi.
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The @INCIndia & Left Intellectuals SELECTED THE HISTORY to be taught at schools & colleges, OMITTING which were not suitable to their agendas..

On the Jayanti of #RasBihariBose, lets pay tribute for the Founder Of Hindu Maha Sabha (Japan) and Indian National Army
I'm very much sure, both Congis and Commis have written their own piece of history linking Ras Bihari with freedom movement & having an agenda like Pro Marx /Anti Communal, but fortunately for the nationalists & patriots, they have letters of communication happened between
2 Greatest Nationalists Veer Savarkar & Ras Bihari Bose for years discussing the Nature, Future of Bharat, INA & the need of the Army.
THANKS TO @JapanGov, they preserved everything giving no chance for Communists Propagandists to destroy the Hinduness in Japan.
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Today is the Jayanti of Rash Behari Bose, founder of INA, mentor to Netaji. a brilliant revolutionary, entrepreneur who set up the first Indian restaurant in Japan, the brains behind the entire INA movement.
There is a whole lot to Rash Behari Bose, one of the masterminds behind the plan to assassinate Lord Hardinge, the Viceroy, a key mover in the Ghadr conspiracy, meant to weaken the British army from inside, a master of disguise, camouflage and the founder of the INA
In many ways Rash Behari was the opposite of his more famed namesake, Subash Chandra Bose. Netaji was a brilliant orator, charismatic leader, who cud sway the masses. Rash Behari on the other hand was more subdued, the brains behind the scene, a strategist.
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In last Mahrashtra Political thread I told you what transpired between the formation of MVA government. Today I will reveal you the true chess board of the state & some hints on main Players & it's handler the master Chess player (AS).
With each passing day MLA who are part of the Government are getting dissatisfied with their CM @OfficeofUT & his governance style. So much so that their are currently three factions as of now in MVA Government.
For all of your understanding let me tell you that currently Master Chess Player (AS) is holding Two Wazir & one Hathi of opposition camp, these are the the three factions who are dissatisfied with Uddhav Thackeray government.
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#Lockdown_Chinavirus. Looks like we are nearing the flat side of the curve of the Corona Pandemic, except Maharashtra and little pockets. While I concede the lockdown helped , I've also understood that what was normal pre Corona will be either sub normal or abnormal post Corona
2. Now , I see a lot of people hailing the move by Karnataka, the average homosapien is not happy about it. They feel the opening of public life is a dangerous move and marks China and Italy as examples. They seem to know. Let all of us remember one #FACT that life after this
3. Is not going to be normal atleast for a year or more, by which time we will get used to the #NewNormal and keep moving. I was very depressed yesterday at the extension - I still am as an individual ,whose routine life has been disoriented on several aspects, but the larger
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#GoodmorningTwitter🙏🚩 #JaiShreeRam🙏🚩 #JaiHind🙏🚩 #MeraBharatMahan 🙏🚩
The Chennakesava Temple is located at Somanathapura, in Mysore district of Karnataka state, India.
The ornate temple is a model illustration of the Hoysala architecture. The temple was consecrated in 1258 CE by Somanatha Dandanayaka, a general of the Hoysala King Narasimha III.
Chennakesava temple is a Trikuta, that is, three shrine temple.There is an old Kannada inscription on a stone slab at the entrance of this grand temple that gives all these details and more regarding the history of this temple.
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On his Punyatithi, a sincere tribute for our First #FieldMarshalCariappa.
A 5 Star Rank Holding Field Marshal (Another is Sam Meneckshaw) on whose memory ARMY DAY is celebrated.
Kodandera Madappa Cariappa was born on 28-Jan-1899 at Madikeri, Karnataka.
He was widely acclaimed for his treatment of the Indian National Army's (INA) prisoners. When Cariappa visited one of the camps that held INA prisoners, he was moved by the conditions in which they lived. He immediately wrote to the Adjutant General recommending that their
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Last couple of days in Maharashtra politics their is a sudden intrest on what transpired between result day of 24th October 2019 to 28th November 2019.
This sudden intrest is because of
two journalist @jitendradixit & @kamleshsutar announcing their book on government formation event.
Journalist writing book on election & government formation is nothing new but problem arises when these journalist start acting as PR of some Political leaders & start distorting facts just for sensationalism.
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