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1. Thread on 3 dots tattoos. They symbolise high end mind controlled slaves. #mindcontrol #mkultra #mindcontrolledslaves #crowdresearch #foxyresearch
2. The Queen B, Beyonce has 3 dot tattoo, indicating she is a mind controlled slave. Left hand, ring finger, middle bone, #Beyonce #QueenB #3dottattoos #ThreeDotTattoos #MindControlledSlave #MindControl
3. Rita Ora - 3 dots tattoo on left ear, with a barcode like tattoo. #RitaOra rita's tatts… #RitaOra #3dots #threedots #mindcontrol #mkultra #mindcontrolledslave
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9 Ways to Grow Your Youtube Channel - a thread

1. Build Your Videos Around a Single Keyword/Topic

Use a keyword tool like, which is specific to YouTube, to look for the most searched #keywords in the niche you want to target. 1/9
2. Reuse Existing Top Performing #Content

Content that solves problems for your audience is a great way to drive traffic.

Do a content audit to discover the blogs, guides, & other high-performing pieces you currently have.

Repurpose them to create relevant and engaging videos
3. Engage with Your #Audience

Many marketers forget YouTube is a social media channel, and therefore demands social interaction. 3/9
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Ready to organize for #disruption? Start here (and now). by @charleneli via @LinkedIn…
Great theme, @charleneli ! #TMO #Leadership is even more essential at this highly anxiogenous times of sanitary and economic upheavels. Had a chance to #brainstorm a few thoughts with my son, @Leo_Ferret, here:
Back in Dec. 2017 we conceived a #branded #message to stimulate commitment towards “Resolution Quotes” to help people think about their own and help them start off to a New Year by revisiting and strenghtening your #purpose, #mission, #vision & #values.

And, most importantly...
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Sunday #Pharma Brew!

Attended amazing session by @AdityaKhemka5 and have compiled key understandings and takeaways in a small thread!🧵

Thanks @AdityaKhemka5 sir for such insights!
1/ Pharma Industry

-Only sector where India has global competitive advantage, companies in this sector are one of the best in the world with ace qualities.

-Global pharma market is $1100 billion.
-#US market accounts for $500 billion (5% population covers 40-45% of total markt)
-#China is a $150 billion market (15% population covers 15% of total market)

-#India is only $20 billion compared to strong global pharma market (15% population covers only 2% of total market). This leaves a huge #growth.
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It's a pity that a good number of DOCTORS don't really know much about Generic Drugs.

All they think is, different pharmaceutical companies, different effectiveness, and even challenge PHARMACISTS as if they have upto 50% knowledge about the pharmacology of drugs

1/c Image
compared to Pharmacists.

Unless the drug is Fake, MOST #GENERICS (& even MOST branded products) are same effectiveness (95-100%).

If a doctor prescribes a #BRANDED PRODUCT & the pharmacy doesn't have it, they simply tell the clients/Patients the best generics available.

So it's for them to source it somewhere else or go back to the doctor.

But if it's a GENERIC PRODUCT, the Pharmacist has the right to change it to another GENERIC, "ONLY if the INITIAL DRUG is not available"

The Pharmacist will educate the Client/Patient about the change.

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everything is a step in time. It makes me wonder how every "BIG BRAND" out there made it. Did they actually think they will take the market by storm? Did the founder do it all alone? Did he/she build a team? How did he/she start the company? Was the idea that brilliant?
Is it actually a straight road to success or they had to fail at some point, pause or start all over? Maybe the marketing strategy? Where they that good they cannot be ignored? Maybe their product or service was the best OR were they simply lucky."All the above stated ideas kept
jogging my memory. Truth is they all have a "COMMON DENOMINATOR" (they kept doing something about the brand each day no matter how little, making mistakes and perfecting them, working out new ideas, plans and strategies, getting bored, tired, giving up and coming back on board).
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