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Here are some ways you can use #emailmarketing to grow your business:

1. Build your email list: Start by building your email list, this can be done by creating a sign-up form on your website, or by collecting email addresses from event attendees or in-store customers.
2. Create valuable #content: Create valuable content that provides value to your audience. This could be in the form of industry news, tips, or special offers.
3. Segment your list: Segment your list into different groups based on demographics, interests, or behavior. This will allow you to tailor your messaging and offers to specific groups of people.
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To re-imagine search. By rejecting the ad-support model, @Neeva is building a search experience that puts the user first, does not compromise on quality or privacy, and is leading a new frontier by leveraging in house large language models (LLMs) and
refined training models with its full system search stack to bring authentic real time AI search to the masses.

Information reliability, accuracy and authenticity is going to be a problem to solve in the age of #AI.
The easier content is to produce, the harder it is to know if something is right or wrong. I’m going to follow Neeva because their mission is bold and exciting.
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Looking for free #onlyfansvideo ?
Who doesn't , right?
But do you know that there are more sites where you can get tons of free #content like #OF?
Come here and check them now :
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1/ Get rid of complex, traditional backend servers while building your #websites.

According to @HTTPArchive, now more than 1% of ALL websites are based on the Jamstack architectural approach


(image by C. Fayock)

#webapp #coding #developer #innovation
2/ Whether you are an experienced or a novice web developer, your main, urgent goal is to avoid:

🐢Slow loading times

🔒Security vulnerabilities

📈Scaling issues


3/ The Jamstack is a way of building web applications that utilizes modern tools and technologies based on #JavaScript, #APIs, and Markdown (J.A.M. stack), in order to decouple the #frontend from the #backend
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Here is my 2022 summary with all links to case studies.

- 10 #SEO Case Study Videos and 8 articles.
- 10 Hours of SEO Teaching with Deep and Advanced Insights
- 100,000+ Words to Conceptualize #Methods for SEO.
- From NASDAQ to Small Businesses,
- From SaaS, D2C, to B2B

1/29 🧵
- From German, Russian, to English
- From Credit, Insurance, and Metallurgy to E-cigarettes,
- From E-commerce, Aggregator to Affiliate,
- From Technical, Local, and Branding (PageRank) to Semantic SEO, a complete Holistic #SEO Year is completed.

#Change in SEO is here.
In 2021, I launched only 5 #SEO Case Studies, with 9 different websites. In 2022, I was able to make more. I can tell that, when the company grows, success becomes more collective and corroborative.

You can see the 2021 SEO Case #Studies thread below.
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Independent Artist Content Strategy for 2023 (a thread). Are you starting from nothing? Here's an organic content strategy that I am implementing for artists that don't have connections, funding, or label backing.
Establish "content buckets". What are 7 different types of content you can make regularly? Snippets of existing video content. Confessional style video updates. Promotional content (tour dates, new music releases, merch drops). "Specialist" content (more on that below). Etc.
"Specialist" content is something useful you can share. Are you an artist that also knows how to sound engineer? Share some 60 second sound engineering hacks on a regular basis. Do you have another talent? Share that talent regularly.
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40 Deep #SEO Insights for 2023:

-In 2022, I told to focus on Natural Language Generation, and it happened.
-In 2023, F-O-C-U-S on "Information Density, Richness, and Unique Added Value" with Microsemantics.

I call the collection of these, "Information Responsiveness".

1/40 🧵.
1. PageRank Increases its Prominence for Weighting Sources

Reason: #AI and automation will bloat the web, and the real authority signals will come from PageRank, and Exogenous Factors.

The expert-like AI content and real expertise are differentiated with historical consistency.
2. Indexing and relevance thresholds will increase.

Reason: A bloated web creates the need for unique value to be added to the web with real-world expertise and organizational signals. The knowledge domain terms, or #PageRank, will be important in the future of a web source.
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10 types of web vulnerabilities that are often missed

🐞 HTTP/2 Smuggling
🐛 XXE via Office Open XML Parsers
🐜 SSRF via XSS in PDF Generators
🕷 XSS via SVG Files
🦟 Blind XSS

#bugbounty #pentest #hacking

Thread 🧵👇…
10 types of web vulnerabilities that are often missed

🪲 Web Cache Deception
🪳 Web Cache Poisoning
🐞 h2c Smuggling
🐛 Second Order Subdomain Takeovers
🕷 postMessage bugs

#cybersec #infosec #bugs

🧵 2/3
This @Detectify blog was created through #HackerContent! 📖✍️

If you’re interested in getting some #cybersecurity-focused content or social media management for your organization, DM us, or check!

#blogs #cyberseccontent #content

🧵 3/3
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Creating Notion templates is messy

I created over 25+ templates with 1500+ sales avg 📈

Here's how I create a template and every tool I use 🧵👇
1. Researching & Brainstorming Ideas

@Notionery - Look for best @NoitonHQ templates and collect ideas

@YouTube - Look for Notion workflows that others have build.

✓ Content Creation Hub template: Understand and collect ideas (

#ideas #notion
2. Planing out templates / Wireframe

@milanoteapp - Create a structure

@NotionHQ - Form that structure into a basic template

#notion #plan #structure
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For #content creators, YouTube has two huge advantages as a platform that I think deserve articulation once (so here goes my attempt):
Firstly, if you think about it, there is virtually no other platform out there that offers users more generous free storage space, in the cloud, than YouTube.
YouTube doesn't let users see how much storage space they're taking up in whatever cloud backs the service. But if you were to upload (say) 100 vids in 4K... Even after compression, it's a LOT!
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Crypto Has A Bad Name Because:

1. 99% of #DLT Tokens Are Scams W/ No Utility🚨
2. 79% of Crypto Influencers Are💰Motivated & Invest On Hype
3. Mainstream Media Says It's💩

This Should NOT Distract You From The Technology Transformation Currently Taking Place.
-A 🧵 of Threads-
I hope you can set some time aside to research!

I donated 5 hours to create this🧵to help others see topics around new era technology. 🧠

As I am tired of Mainstream Media covering up important things around the future of our global monetary system.
1. Research Technology & DLT Projects With Real🌎Utility
Not Up Hyped Meme Coins ⛓

The content I cover is:
• CBDC's
• Crypto
• IoT + IoV
• Big Data
• Payments
• Innovation
• Paperless Trade
• DLT Interoperability
• Payment infrastructure
• Industry 4.0 Technology
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I have a newsletter (info below); it's 1 way to find me & my work, also on instagram (moryan66 there) & Genuine love to you weirdos, there was some yikes stuff on here sometimes, but I met & talked & liked & loved a lot of ya & damn you made me laugh 💚🌺
welp looks like I'm going to have to just read books or something... It is a paperback book cove...
I may spend my newfound free time revisiting a classic from my childhood, which is definitely not about any ragingly stupid rich jackasses: In the style of a cute chil...
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Knowing how to leverage AI tools is a superpower.

Use them properly and they'll save you hours, days, and even weeks + 10x your productivity and skyrocket your income.

I've audited 100s of tools to help you find one for you. 😎👉🧵 #THREAD #AITOOLS AITOOLSGUIDE
First up: AI Writing Tools

AI writing tools can help you generate content or provide inspiration for your content. You can use AI writing assistants to write marketing copy, ads, articles, blog posts, and more.

Copywriting tools to help write social media posts, website content, and blog posts in seconds.

Pricing Plan: Free to $49 per month

Founder: @PaulYacoubian COPYAI
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🔥Suite à l'achat d'un site sur @NextLevelLink, j'ai décidé de partager sur ce #Thread les différentes étapes que je vais mettre en place pour remonter le site et le rentabiliser. (#SEO, #ROI,#Content )

Si tu veux suivre l'évolution, c'est par ici :
👇 Image
Quelques détails sur le site acheté :
✅Site acheté le 03/11/2022 à 13h26
✅Archive du site reçue le 03/11/2022 à 14h52
Il sont rapides chez #NextLevel 👍
L'installation sur un hébergement
(dans mon cas) se déroule parfaitement.
Il suffit de suivre les instructions données dans les tutos fournis dans le mail de

Le site était opérationnel en quelques heures, le temps que les DNS migrent.
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With the utmost respect to Dr. Flowers, I can't agree with this admittedly rousing and cinematic call for us to donate our energies and our eyeballs to offsetting Musk's losses (because, realistically, that's nearly all our presence here will do, when all's said and done.)
I do strongly encourage you to read his feed for some excellent thoughts on the matter; it's a perspective worth considering, certainly.

But in the end I think that a lot of people, especially right now, are already whitewashing Twitter's pre-Muskian legacy.
This site was *catastrophic* for marginalised communities BEFORE Musk bought the platform. Yes, it linked a lot of us together.

But for what? For an endless cycle of call-outs, horizontal hostility, and endemic Tall Poppy Syndrome that's gutted too many people.
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Sitting in with @Suzzicks, and @ruthburr with @iPullRank’s webinar on Entity #SEO. Expect some annoying tweets from me.…
❯ 2010 Google acquired Metaweb to get Freebase, then shut down Metaweb
❯ Freebase forms Google’s Knowledge Vault
❯ Google eventually transitioned from Freebase to Wikidata
❯ Wikidata could eventually integrate some legacy Freebase data rolled out around the same time in mid-2011, to build the “Semantic Web.”
❯ Ways to describe people, places and things
❯ Before the blockchain, before “Web3” was the Semantic Web with linked data that was actually “Web 3.0”
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:: Content Design ::

The UX magic happens when content creation, design principles and application/HTML markup/CSS intersect.

But it's not as easy as it appears,
due to display variances (such as "5 lines" on Desktop isn't 5 lines on Mob!)

#SEO #Content #ContentDesign

It starts with ... the User.

Good content design is grounded in knowing what the user wants, and how they want it.

(I know the general rule is stuff like "write for an 8th grader" or "16yo" etc. - but that doesn't work when your audience is literally brain surgeons!)
The audiences language and knowledge "levels"
defines things like whether you can include:
* abbreviations
* topic/industry terms/jargon
* sentence length
* sentences per paragraph
* distance between references
* overall length of content
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THE SIMULATION - The Smart Developer Strategy.

You can be a good developer in the space and still be broke.

What do I mean? I will explain;👇

A thread 🧵, RT for Others
#DeFi #NFTs #ForeverInProfits 🧵
The most successful developers I have seen and met in this space are not necessarily the best, but they understood the pattern and structure on which certain things are built in this space.
Everything follows a pattern as stated by the law of simulation.

Simulation is the imitation of one ecosystem by another, i.e., if it has happened on blockchain A, it will happen on Blockchain B.
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I've published 1000s of blog posts.

Here are the 5 most common content mistakes that will stop your content from ranking.

Don't ignore #seo and #content best practices

👇 🧵
1. Not making an outline before writing

A content brief helps make sure you hit the topics needed to "answer" the search query?

If you outsource, give your writers a brief. Don't expect them to do 'your' research for you.

I've also seen briefs prevent fluff from writers.
2. Not considering search intent

What are users expecting with a certain specific query?

The 4 search intent types are:

- Commercial
- Informational
- Navigational
- Transactional

Make sure your content is in line with that. The SERPs will give you a direction.
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Week 2 contd.. in Insurjo'22 by @TheProductfolks

We had session by @wanderer08 on "Automating High Quality User Engagement".

Hosts: @MotwaniSuhas @adityamohanty_

#TheProductFolks #10DaysOfProdMan #Day6 #IAmTeamInsurjo #insurjo22 #product #productmanagement #Insurjodocs Image
1) What is User Engagement & How Product Growth & Marketing affect it?
2) What are Notifications? Types?
3) Methods of User Engagement with Automation.
4) Key Takeaways.

@Amplitude_HQ @mixpanel @Airmeet @WebEngage @Meesho_Official @gopracticeio @YourStoryCo
1) User engagement measures whether users find value in a product or service. It's measured by a variety or combination of activities such as downloads, clicks, shares.
- Product Marketing focus on creating pre-sale value.
- Growth marketing focus on post-sales value creation. ImageImage
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Why does the Government of India, Twitter or broadband service providers censor searchable adult content on Twitter like searching hashtag “Allie Haze”? @Twitter #adultcontent #porn #censorship #internet #sex #broadband @JioCare #jiofiber @internetfreedom Image
@Twitter @JioCare @internetfreedom Why does the Government of India, Twitter, or broadband service providers censor searchable adult content on Twitter like searching hashtag “Allie Haze”? Is it by court order? @PMOIndia @JioCare @internetfreedom @TwitterSupport @barandbench
@Twitter @JioCare @internetfreedom @PMOIndia @TwitterSupport @barandbench Did I miss something related to the twitter adult content censorship circular from the Government of India or the Court? @IndianExpress…
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What comes to your mind when you read the word #Metaverse? 🤔💭

Do you believe that Metaverse = #gaming or trade of virtual real estate?

Well, let's take you through a whole new perspective & show you what the MILC #media Metaverse is building for the global audience!🌎

MILC #Metaverse, powered by #UnrealEngine5, presents a #3D #VirtualReality

It's not just limited to a gaming platform. And we don't trade in virtual land, rather we'll provide free townhouses to the #MILCians 🏘️❣️

So what can be traded here?

#content media industry is set to be revolutionized with the birth of MILC Metaverse & #web3 social community. 🔥

🔹Trade media assets like movies, television, streaming, music, online publishing, etc.

In a first, it allows direct interactions btw the traders of content 👏
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Properly using 301 redirects for #SEO is important to maintain keyword rankings and #organic traffic while your site undergoes content or architecture changes. But what are 301 Redirects for SEO and what are the common issues? A #Thread 🧵
Adding new or updated #content to a site makes redirects necessary to make sure that users and search engine crawlers can still find your content. While the use of redirects has become imperative to maintaining link equity and #keyword rankings…
improper use of it can result in a loss of these, as well as a poor user experience for your #Website. Pairing 301 redirects with proper #searchengineoptimization practices can ensure that your content and search visibility is well maintained.
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100% growth in organic traffic each year since 2019 with the help of ONLY content - just one of the things the @socialpilot_co can be proud of.

How did we do it? 🤔

We follow a checklist ✅of 27 items before publishing any content on our blog.

Here's a #thread🧵👇

#1 Blog title must be under 60 characters.

Going for crisp, to-the-point titles is key here! Enough to make a point but not so long that gives too much away.

#blogging #content #Tips
#2 Blog titles must cover the primary keywords.

Goes without saying this is one of the most important parts of coming up with a creative title. There’s a reason they call it a ‘Key’word.

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