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Hoera!! Een nieuw draadje over #MarcVanRanst.

Het vorige was een enorm succes, er is duidelijk een honger naar #content over onze #held.

We beginnen met #MarcVanRanst in zijn living.
#MarcVanRanst en een journaliste.
#MarcVanRanst en een journaliste.
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We are not going back to 2019, nor is your #marketing. The new content must come in with Intensity, empathy, emotion & innovation. A few of the #contentmarketing hacks #DigitalTransformation #empathy #content #MarketingDigital
Content strategy continues to be an enigma for many businesses across the globe. Does your content have a story to tell? Hallmark of a good content is the plot around it #marketing #DigitalTransformation #contentstrategy #marketingdigital
Content behaves more like the Knight in a game of Chess. It plans for two steps forward but moves one step sideways or even backward. What is needed to win the #contentmarketing game? #marketing #DigitalTransformation #Markets
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The goal of today’s #webinar is to provide an understanding of how the rest of the year looks for #businesses operating in #SoutheastAsia, so if you have questions you would like to ask the panel, please join the webinar #now for a Q&A session at the end Image
#Cashflow represents the main threat to viability for a large pool of respondents of the @ACCANews #Covid19 survey taken initially in March and then followed up in June. If you have questions you would like to ask the panel, please join the #webinar ImageImageImage
According to the findings of @ACCANews, perceptions of the most enduring impacts of #Covid19 are much the same for countries across #SoutheastAsia and the #UK; a panel discussion has now begun so if you would like to some questions, please join the webinar ImageImageImageImage
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This week's thread on #images by
chief @souvikdg. When it comes to #performance images play a big role. (1/11) #ContentWeb
@souvikdg #Images occupy large visual space in most #websites. They are also among the heaviest network payloads. On average, images account for about 50-60% of page weight i.e. bytes transferred to load a #webpage. (2/11) #ContentWeb
@souvikdg Two main aspects of image-related optimizations are:
1. Optimizing #image properties: size (scaling or cropping), format, quality and compression.
2. Optimizing #network/requests – fewer requests (sprites, base64encoded URLs), #CDN, lazy loading, caching, etc. (3/11) #ContentWeb
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/14/2020-2…

Americapox: The Missing Plague - YouTube

#America #Europe #epidemic
Mutation Allows Coronavirus to Infect More Cells, Study Finds. Scientists Urge Caution. - The New York Times…

#mutation #coronavirus
The American Press Is Destroying Itself - Reporting by Matt Taibbi…

#press #decline
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Last Saturday, @souvikdg and @hallidude chatted about the pros and cons of @CraftCMS on…. If you are deciding on whether to adopt #CraftCMS, you will find this thread useful. (1/13)
@souvikdg @hallidude @CraftCMS .@CraftCMS is a general purpose Content Management System (CMS) which differentiates itself from other #alternatives by offering a clean starting point coupled with great tools to build a #website. (2/13)
@souvikdg @hallidude @CraftCMS .@CraftCMS features a clear separation of concern between the content models, presentation and business logic. Since you begin with a clean slate, you have to bring your own #HTML and #design. There is no starter theme.
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Last Saturday, @souvikdg and @hallidude chatted about #TechnicalSEO on the #ContentWeb series. Here’s a summary of takeaways: thread (1/12)
@souvikdg @hallidude Everyone wants to rank high on Google. Rarely do people care to understand how things work. Most want a quick fix. Hence SEO is often sold like Snake Oil. It may work. It may not work. And sometimes it may seem to work and then you’re busted for trying out evil tricks. (2/12)
@souvikdg @hallidude #Search engines are #website #aggregators, just like the food delivery aggregators who try to list every restaurant around us. But they also want to ensure that customers have a good experience. So they’ll prefer to recommend restaurants that offer great food and service. (3/12)
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1/ Do you run a mobile or web app? Does it use content feeds and search ranked by crowdsourced metrics (such as upvotes or ratings)?

( one took me up on this a month ago!)
2/ I want to develop a brand new kind of feature for you.

The idea is a user bias tracking feature. What's that?

Basically, users are given the option of tagging themselves with various tags, and then they can search and view feed, according to such tags.
3/ Simple & powerful.

Suppose you have a content rating site of some sort. You give users the ability to declare their party, their religion, their gender, etc.

Then you can view only ratings from people whose bias matches yours. Or you can approximate an "average bias."
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Imagine tweeting about your projects... couldn't be me tbh.
We make a weekly podcast about Games, Tech, Music, Life, Degeneracy, and that time a dog got sat on.
Arcane Ramblings is 7PM every Monday on! Join Scotty from #Sojourner, Teddy from Teddy, and Rob from Rob! 🎸🎮🤘🏻
#Comedy #Podcast #Gaming #Scottish #Twitch
Animated Regrets is a podcast where Teddy, Lee, & Rob watch 3 eps of 3 anime and deign if they are worthy of continued watching, like a Roman Emperor with too many wall scrolls. 🗻
You can listen to our first episode here:…
#Anime #Podcast #Review #Scottish
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A Quick Guide to #SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)


What comes to mind when you hear; #searchengine?

Google, right?
Yes! #Google ✔, #Bing ✔, #Amazon ✔, #Yahoo ✔... Image
...What about #optimization?

On the other hand, "Optimization" is an English word derived from "Optimize" which simply means; making the best out of something.

What of the "Suffix -tion?" It simply implies "an action."
...Therefore, Optimization implies; the act of making the best out of something.

It is safe to conclude "#SEO" implies the act of making the best out of #searchengines...
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So… some personal news.

After almost four and a half happy years running the European Commission’s Directorate-General for #taxation and #customs, I’ll be moving on to new pastures on 1 May.

Before I go, here are some reflections on the past few years. THREAD (a long one!)
Honestly, it’s been a blast. I’ve had the privilege of leading a truly great team of people in @EU_Taxud. Great expertise, highly committed professionals, and a real family atmosphere, too. A million thanks, #teamTAXUD /2
We have worked very hard on getting the #content right - delivering real progress on both #tax and #customs policy. And on delivering great #digital solutions, too. /3
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IT'S HERE!!! I know Friday evening is a bad time to release #content but I couldn't wait to bring you this star-studded episode of Moby Dick Energy. Featuring @kittenwithawhip, @pete_wells and @hels, we talk about Chapter 15: "Chowder." Contains: chowder.
We also discuss: chowder variants, the Kennedy family recipe, chowder memories, cunnilingus, a cow that wears cod-heads for shoes, dad puns and the book of Jeremiah. AND MORE! God I was happy to discuss the sea & not the plague for @mobydickenergy. I hope it makes you happy too.
I've been having trouble sleeping and finding so much solace in this great American epic. So nice to take a break from fear and consider the etymology of the word "chowderhead." 🐳 Check out @mobydickenergy on any podcast platform!
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What I wouldn’t give for the museum sector to just go offline for maybe two days so we can take a breather, have a quick cry, go for a nap, fully and properly restrategise and recalibrate - literally anything but deliver an obscene amount of Cute #Content before month’s end
Museology is literally my thing, but it’s week two, my friends are still texting me in tears at 3am, I promise you the people are not clamouring just yet to know exactly what goes on in that one drawer of old coins that no one’s bothered opening since 1992. Give us a minute pls
Anyway I’m overwhelmingly grateful to still have a job and work in digital i.e. a department that’s probably the best equipped to get us through this, but also I’m losing my mind at people suddenly realising what we can do for museums and putting some real wild expectations on us
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Complete Thread on Why You Should Start Leveraging Quora & How it can Growth Hack Your Business Like Never Before!

Read Entire Thread Below! 👇

#Growth #marketing #content #makemoneyonline #quora #quorific
People are always in the research mode when they are on Quora.

This means they have a higher chance of buying a product/service, maybe not instantly but later on in their buying journey. ( 1/7)
Quora Establish Authority in the topic you write on. People look up to you when they read answers about your topic.

This is a very good way to build a personal brand and then leverage & scale this audience to a whole new level by building a Quality Email List. (2/7)
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Should I give in and see Rise of Skywalker tonight?
Alright, alright, fine! Christ, the things I do to produce #content for you people,




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playing around with some interface ideas and this is my mood
the two genders for content web apps today:

- text document
- list
i’ve been running into the problem: i want to share a collection of things — quotes, links, excerpts, videos — but every way to do it short of handwritten html is shit, and tbh i don’t wanna write html

#content #interface
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#MetaphysicsOfQuality iⁿtrade:

• Fixed #RiskManagement is Percentage #StopLoss.
• Such a StopLoss is -100% of the initial MarginLevel Percentage.
• So #netting may appear at -50% of MarginLevel Percentage.
• Any #LEVERAGE just offers #DrawDown
kind of limited LOSS.
• A #lever on #fulcrum is
better than leverage!
• My #BreadthScreener™ is
• The #BreadthScreener™ is a #non_forecasting,
#trading #system
#ConstantRisk #FixedRisk #Management SURVIVES!
• Since #practice precedes #theory,
#RiskManagement precedes #trading setups;
• Since theory doesn't make difference between theory & practice,
— Setups' forecasting don't forecast fail;
• Since practice makes the difference,
#FixedRisk precedes #TradingStrategy setups
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Let’s talk about #contentmarketing.

We all know that content is king right? Have the right content and eventually you will be successful is something that I think a lot of people have taken to heart.

If you are a small to mid sized business owner the idea that you can just
#create amazing content that will drive more customers to your #business right off the bat, Is a pipe dream. It is a very easy trap to fall into and one that can become a killer of time and profit. I tend to reference @garyvee a lot in my recent tweets as he is kind of a wiz with
Content marketing online. He knows how and what drives engagement. He also has a #mediafirm backing up everything he produces, making it easier to release the various pieces of #content that is produced. If you are not in the media business, this really isn’t possible.
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What would #content look like in 2050 and what should you be doing today to stay relevant in 2050.

Here is what I learnt at the #contentmarketingsummit yesterday

Thread 🧵 👇🏼 (1/n)
Content is like fashion. Recycle ♻️ the old forms of content with a twist - example: videos to holograms; AR/VR - any form of interactive content that can help people feel less lonely will help brands position themselves as leaders.
Real stories. Real emotions will always work. Better than any influencer. Why do you think The Popxo girls are so famous today? Because they portray real people and are relatable AF. ♥️
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I love Path of Exile. It's probably the action rpg that's the most competent at what it aims to do, but sometimes the needs of the business model (play forever) are a bit too obvious. Like when you're halfway through the current season (3.8), and the title screen looks like this.
(A) two separate adds for cosmetic micro transactions,
(B) a link to a news post teasing the _next_ season's updates to gameplay.
(C) A _one month long_ countdown to a live stream of an announcement of the season/expansion after that.
There is no playing the game _now_. There is only the next season, and the next, and the new cosmetics, and you should play it forever, because that is the literal stated design goal.
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Given my wife's English heritage and love of Norway, this is an ideal #FIFAWWC to try and coax her into paying attention to. Let's see how it goes.
"Oooooh," she said when I told her of the match-up. "That's exciting."

Will you come and watch?
"I'll take a peek after this episode [of something she's watching on her iPad, I dunno what]"

OK, so far so good.
"I'm using you for Twitter #content again, by the way."
"OK. Wait, what are you saying about me?"
"I'm just informing the people of what you're saying."
"..... OK." [goes back to show on iPad]
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This was some great timing. 😊
Back in a simpler time, I actually got to go do some @PokemonGoApp #content!

- Pokémon on the National Mall!…
Who could EVER forget “Pokémon Go — to the polls”?…
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OK, if you're following #nebrasummit , I'm wrote up some stuff* re the @RasputitsaRide section from earlier
*stuff being long rambling Kramer fashion Tweeting, because promoting doesn't have to be complicated but a complete understanding helps
First: Go read this:

Wrote up what seems like a random topic because a separate example can be helpful in getting people to see the forest through the trees
this should be an appropriate enough background to talk about why Rasputitsa was such a weird foreign body at #nebrasummit today. I'm sure y'all have your own perspectives on how to talk about Customer Empathy BUT ATTEND AND WRITE YOUR OWN TWEETS NEXT TIME
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THE JOURNEY OF #AfricaTweetChat

1. ATC, @AfricaTweetChat, was launched on 1st February 2018 by @janetmachuka_ & the co-founder, @barryonyango as a platform to bring African individual brands and start-ups to one #digitalmarketing learning space.
2. The second chat was led by @Ugaman01 on 8th February on "How can #Startups leverage on #socialmedia to cost effective #marketing." The chat was successful drawing in a new audience from Uganda. #AfricaTweetChat
3. Name: @Komana_MN from Zambia. She is a charming heart and as pretty as she is, she is a Digital Marketing specialist and founder of @IdeaBizDM. She handled the topic: "Why Building a #brand needs #Content."

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