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Are we really going to let Chinese-Americans take credit for the building of America's railroad system? The Chinese weren't Chattel Slaves? #KamalaHarris #AmericanRailroads #ADOS
I'm making my way through this book (๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿพ).

The author states in the first chapter: "...Slaves constructed much of the antebellum South 8,784-mile (by 1861) rail network..."
#ADOS #BreakingBrown
The prologue of this book details the story of Rose, a slave who was hired (rented out by her owner) to work on the railroads as a cook. Enslaved women worked not only as cooks but as construction laborers on occasion. #ADOS
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THREAD: @BreakingBrown Reviews the current state of AmericanDOS.

#ADOS #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020 #PeteForAmerica #Buttigieg2020 #Bernie2020 #BernieSanders #BreakingBrown
State of AmericanDOS in Baltimore, MD

#ADOS #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020 #PeteForAmerica #Buttigieg2020 #Bernie2020 #BernieSanders #BreakingBrown
State of AmericanDOS in Baltimore, MD #2

#ADOS #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020 #PeteForAmerica #Buttigieg2020 #Bernie2020 #BernieSanders #BreakingBrown
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Good Morning America @ABC @NBCNews @CBSNews @CNN
American citizen get hit in the face with the gun by Israel government Soldier.
So this is what American citizens get for the American government's $38 Billion handout to Israel government. @themiamivoice
Good Morning America @ABC @NBCNews @CBSNews @CNN Your government give $38 Billion to Israel government and Israel government use it to shoot Palestinian Child Dead. See Video
This is an excuse for HUMANITY in 21st Century Earth.
Under Cover Video 1
USA government gives $38 BILLION to ISRAEL Gov. Then Israel Gov and Pro Israel Gov Lobby uses that money in USA to SPY on USA citizens and to SPY on Democratic Party to SMEAR individual USA citizens and SMEAR Democrats Politicians.
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Real intersectional issues:
#AmericanDOS #BreakingBrown
1)high pregnancy death rates
2)high infant mortality
3)high rates of miscarriages/ stillbirth
4)high pregnancy murder rates
5)BW/BG sex trafficked at high rates
6)high autoimmune disease rates
Real intersectional issues:
#AmericanDOS #BreakingBrown
7)criminalizing of miscarriages & stillbirths using fetal homicide laws
8)high eviction rates for BW
9)highest murder victim rates among women in the nation
10)The highest rate of teens impregnated by adult men
Minnesota sex trafficking chart by RACE #AmericanDOS
Facilitators = pimps
victims = women & girls
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Diamond Dust #AmericanDOS #BreakingBrown - These excerpts will be from "The Jews of Capitol Hill: A Compendium of Jewish Congressional Members"- Kurt Stone- William Mallory Levy - like Biden & 3 strike legislation - Levy authored 1877 Compromise ie the beginning of Jim Crow
Diamond Dust #AmericanDOS #BreakingBrown William Mallory Levy - the author of the 1877 Compromise - IE the massive Reconstruction set back of Black People in the United States - the Joe Biden of the 1870's
We must be able to see historical parallels so as not to repeat - No to Joe Biden in 2020 - he is the William Mallory Levy of our time. #AmericanDos #BreakingBrown
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