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This is a roundup of what I found to be the most interesting & helpful sources on my journey into the void. #Coronavirus #Pandemic #Misinformation #CDC #CPP #WHO
This is for friends & family, but also to raise concern over media censorship & begin a discussion of what are best practices for both traditional & decentralized media outlets. This is a collection of sources to tell a larger story and spark interest.
Very few sources peer reviewed. Some behind paywalls. Some mainstream news. Some International News. Some in other languages (Use chrome). Some Harvard medical Journals. Some unverified. Some factually incorrect. Have some salt with your rice & beans.
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Information disorder: 'The techniques we saw in 2016 have evolved' via @firstdraftnews… #disinformation
First Draft advocates using the terms that are most appropriate for the type of content; propaganda, lies, conspiracies, rumours, hoaxes, hyperpartisan content, falsehoods or manipulated media.

Disinformation, misinformation, malinformation

Collectively=information disorder
intentionally false content designed to cause harm (intent: deliberate)

Motivated by three distinct factors:
1) make money
2) political influence—foreign or domestic
3) cause trouble just cuz

When disinfo is shared it often turns into #misinformation
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One popular reasoning given to shut internet down is that it stops the spread of #misinformation and rumours. We did a poll to see how many of us believe in it.
The results show that over 79% poll takers believed that an #internetshutdown doesn't stop the circulation of #disinformation. What it does stop is the flow of critical information and counter speech which can be effective in countering disinformation.
We believe that an Internet shutdown is a #violation of our
constitutionally guaranteed #FreedomOfSpeech and expression. Help us keep our fight against Internet shutdowns alive. #sflcin #letthenetwork #keepiton #digitaldefenders
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A series of tweets summarizing current major research on #FakeNews & #MisInformation in #India. Major institutes active are @iitbombay, @iiit_hyderabad, & @IIITDelhi, this list is NOT comprenehsive (part 1/n)
@iitbombay @iiit_hyderabad @IIITDelhi . @iitbombay has two active labs in this area. CFILT ( & InfoLab ( (part 2/n)
@iitbombay @iiit_hyderabad @IIITDelhi InfoLab released a portal dubbed #KauwaKaate #FactChecker…. The checker accepts articles & images, & checks them against a predefined set of India focused fact checking sites (part 3/n)
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“The End Of Bernie Sanders” PART 1: #ITrustBernie to continue to allow his supporters to spread lies with their campaign of #misinformation lead by @ninaturner & @briebriejoy! (Bring it #Berniebros) welcome to the #BernieIsOverParty #NeverBernie
“The End Of Bernie Sanders” PART 2: #ITrustBernie to absolutely nothing 4 the #blackcommunity! @BernieSanders is the Rachel Dolezal of #civilrights when it come 2 #black issues he talks about Class not race! Last time I checked it was my skin that white people fear not my pockets
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Here is a thread about UK Parliament's discussion of the #AustralianBushfires and its propagation of a climate denialist narrative, and about where Ministers get their information from.
1. In the UK Parliament yesterday, 9 Jan 2020,
Richard Drax MP asked:

"Can ​the Minister help us understand how these fires started? Arson plays a role. Does she have any evidence or feedback from the Australian Government on how the fires physically started?"
2. The Minister in question, @HeatherWheeler, had *only* this to say:

"Very regrettably, it is widely reported on social media that 75% of the fires were started by arsonists."

What are we to make of this statement?
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I enjoy, no, I *LOVE IT* when people find, and continually discover, new and interesting flights that take place worldwide with flight tracking sites like @ADSBexchange, but I'm dreading the conspiracy theories this will make with the absence of context/history/probability. #ADSB
@ADSBexchange I can no better debunk this than anyone can prove who was on the plane, but I can add some context, so, sorry @realdivipro, nothing personal, but I have to be a wet blanket before this gets out of control (I have no doubt I'm too late and Palmer/etc will hype this anyway *sigh*)
@ADSBexchange @realdivipro 🇷🇺 Jet Air Group (ICAO:JSI) Gulfstream G650 bizjet RA-10204|#1427DC, in the past 90 days (b/c that's my "history window with @RadarBox24) has been in the air on 38 of those 90 days, or 42% of the time.

📷 2019-08-28
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🔴 I HATE the CORRUPT #Russian Government.

🔴 I HATE CORRUPT #Russian President Putin.

🇷🇺 #Russian President Putin had two (2) buildings BLOWN UP and HUNDREDS of #Russian Citizens MURDERED just to become President of #Russia years ago.
🇷🇺 Donald J. #Trump is a PUPPET for the CORRUPT #Russian Government

🇷🇺 The #Trump Administration is a PUPPET for the CORRUPT #Russian Government.

🇷🇺 Republicans in Congress are PUPPETS for the CORRUPT #Russian Government.

CORRUPT #Russian Politician Vladimir V. #Putin orchestrated the Bombing of a #Russian Apartment Building that lead to the DEATH of #Russian Citizens, that he later blamed on others.

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#Event201 begins. Check it out online to participate virtually! #pandemic #biosecurity
Global leaders in business and government have convened to address the pandemic situation. @T_Inglesby from @JHSPH_CHS Moderates. See the #Event201 website for details on the participants.
Global distribution of cases and deaths from #Event201
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1/8 #Disinformation & #Misinformation can come in many forms.

One of them is #cherrypicking, where only certain pieces of information are chosen to sell your argument.

Sometimes this presentation is done purely for sensationalism.

Take this Dan Scavino post Trump re-tweeted:
2/8 Seizing upon this shocking potential revelation, numerous news outlets are broadcasting it as if it were a lock, a definite thing, but if you look more closely at the articles themselves, it turns out to be anything but.
3/8 The numbers come from Moody's Analytics, a poll alla re swift to note has been accurate for 40 years... except in 2016.

That's a very recent & sizable blunder, & though they insist taking into account surprise turnout patterns resolves the issue, it leaves room for doubt.
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Heavy-Heartedly Following The Case Of #Hammond- After 18 yrs As A #Whistleblower This Level Of Lack Of Public Empathy & Support, The Death Of Empathy & Outrage, Shouldn’t Affect & Sadden Me; But It Does!!- - -… #
I believe the #DeepState’s biggest achievement to date, by far: The Creation Of Apathetic & Desensitized Majority. The Two Most Powerful Tools In this Speedy Transformation: 1- The Media ; 2- Weaponized Internet & Social Media.
As the Director of the Only Gov Intel & Military Whistleblowers Coalition Operated by Whistleblowers Only, With 150+ Military-Intel-Law Enforcement WBs When I Ask “Would you do it all over again today?” 90+% say “NO”. When I ask why: they say “Public Apathy” renders it “Futile”!
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#Thread #Misinformation
On requests from colleagues, I'm sharing details reg the #SatyamevaJayate training program which taught to more than 80K kids in #Kannur how to detect, verify & respond to misinformation online.

Link to the full ppt shared at the end of this thread.
The first two slides emphasise the centrality of truth and the pursuit of truth in our National and Constitutional discourse
#FakeNews is defined in the next slide, with reference to the role we all play, unwittingly or deliberately, in its dissemination. Our role could be active or passive.

Even our silence is an act that aids the spread of #misinformation
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#CPEC is the backbone of #Pakistan's Grand Strategy. Enemies are keen to foment trouble in #Balochistan to sabotage the project.
A hike in terror attacks has been witnessed in the past months in Balochistan especially in areas in proximity to #Gwadar which is part of #Sabotage.
Killings of #Hazara Shias in Balochistan helps the enemy kill two birds with a stone.
1. It causes trouble in Balochistan,
2. It decreses confidence of Shias in the state of #Pakistan and leads to anger and frustration in Gilgit Baltistan, The Critical province in #CPEC.
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@HighWireTalk Actual survey results:
"Despite these concerns, 82% of respondents were still generally in favor of vaccines, while 8% showed serious doubts, and 9% said they were unsure."
@HighWireTalk The survey identified genuine problem. Which is that parents get bombarded with lies on social media.
Luckily most of them see them for the lies they are.
Some have questions...
I'm all for questions!
@HighWireTalk But I am also hugely against the idea that you can lie about vaccines on social media with zero come-back.
I don't think that should be allowed. Because it leads to hesitancy, lack of vaccination and then outbreaks and disease and death.
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Catch us in Delhi this Friday (Jan 18) to discuss the impact of misinformation in the digital age and ways to counter the same.
Venue: India International Centre (Lecture Hall no.1)
Time: 12.30pm-5.30pm.
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We are tweeting the proceedings from the Mumbai #event ‘Countering Misinformation: Policies and Solution’
“Election commission has failed to keep a track on paid news media.” -@geetaseshu #FakeNews #misinformation
“Intent behind any incident is very important. Penalty for a murder and man slaughter is very different.” - Vikram Krishna #fakenews #misinformation
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A draft amendment of the Intermediary Guidelines Rules has been issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, ostensibly for dealing with the #FakeNews and #misinformation. We have published a FAQ on the draft amendment.…
The draft Rules remove the safe harbour granted to intermediaries such as WhatsApp, Google, Facebook and your telecom service provider if they do not comply with these Rules.
In order to stay safe themselves, they would have to tell you every month that you are not allowed to post, upload or send content that violates these Rules.
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During the last 18h, @MacDemission had 534 interactions (post, retweet, reply, quote) on Twitter. It's 0,5 interactions per minute. Obviously, this account is a #bot #misinformation #fakeNews #GiletsJaunes
By looking his timeline, you can see that this bot is retweeting all tweets with the hashtags #macronDemission #MacronDestitution and #Frexit
I was right, the bot retweeted my previous tweet...
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During the last 3 hours, @DuPouvoirDachat had 227 interactions (post, retweet, reply, quote) on Twitter. It's 1,26 interactions per minute. This is the most active Twitter profile during this time. Obviously, this account is a #bot #fakeNews #misinformation
Worth to say, I'm capturing only the tweets with "Gilets Jaunes" or "GiletsJaunes" in the text. So the total number of interactions is bigger than that.
He joined Twitter in August 2018 and his tweet counter is 98183.

98183 tweets / 150 days ~= 654 tweets per day
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🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 Google Is the World's Biggest Censor and Its Power
Must Be Regulated | Op-Ed | US News

GOOG (upcoming) financial statements should
receive extra scrutiny [10-Q].
Follow the money.
Help will be provided.
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 Google Hosts Sharia Law App Enabling Muslims to Report Blasphemy and Heresy to the Police.

🇺🇸#InternetBillOfRights #BreakGoogleControl
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 Google CEO Says there’s No Plan to ‘Launch’ Censored Search Engine in China

🇺🇸#EndGoogleControl #InternetBillOfRights #Qanon
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Independent Journalists—The Guardians & the War on Truth—Jamal Khashoggi, the Capital Gazette, Maria Ressa, Wa Lone & Kyaw Soe Oo—are @TIME's Person of the Year 2018 #TIMEPOY Read the entire piece. It's dark b/c it describes well the authoritarian assault. TIME Person of the Year 2018 The Guardians—Journalists—Khashoggi, Ressa, Capital Gazette, Kyaw Soe Oo and Wa Lone—in the War on Truth
@TIME "What irked the kingdom and marked the journalist for death was Khashoggi’s insistence on coming to that conclusion on his own, tempering it with troubling facts and trusting the public to think for itself." #TIMEPOY
@TIME "Such independence is no small thing. It marks the distinction between tyranny and democracy. And in a world where budding authoritarians have advanced by blurring the difference, there was a clarity in the spectacle of a tyrant’s fury visited upon a man armed only with a pen."
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Everyone's heard of #FakeNews. Before it was called fake news, it was called #disinformation. The goal is to cause confusion and chaos, so people don't know who to trust or what to believe. THREAD 1 #RussianCollaborators #Propaganda #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation
Disinformation promotes so much misleading & false info that people lose faith, give up. Disinformation is designed to weaken the enemy by discrediting it with lies and "leaks" of damaging "info". Hint: the enemy is us, the resistance. 2…
Joseph #Stalin is credited with inventing the term "dezinformatsiya", defined in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia as "dissemination (in the press, on the radio, etc.) of false reports intended to mislead public opinion". 3 #ColdWar #Propaganda #Lies #misinformation
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