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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/23/2020…
Kyle Chayka on Patreon and New Artistic Funding Models…

#artists #crowdfunding #FundingModels
Why We Spend Our Brief Lives Indoors, Alone, and Typing…

#writing #education
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#Election2020 - “Accurate results are, as always, more important than fast results” per @EACgov Commissioner/Vice Chair Don Palmer “So there may be discrepancies that need to be identified right after election night & addressed…”
“Hopefully we’ll know the outcome on election night but its quite possible that we might not" per @EACgov's Christy McCormick
"That is just a slower process" @NMSecOfState Maggie Toulouse Oliver cautions on counting mail-in ballots during @EACgov roundtable on #Election2020

"Your election officials are always continuing to work thru days & weeks after Election day"
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THREAD: With TWO WEEKS until Election Day, we need to talk about #HowFascismWorks. Philosopher @jasonintrator saw it coming - and his book lays out the warning signs.

Follow along and find more ways to fight back at! (1/12)
Fascists are *obsessed* about a perfect past. Sound familiar?

*cough cough* MAGA? 🙄

Say F off to simplistic stories about American greatness, and learn to love America’s big beautiful mess. Check out projects like @ZinnEdProject to spice up your knowledge (2/12)
Fascists are 🌊FLOODING our feeds with #misinformation like never before, and it’s coming all the way from the top.

Follow campaigns like @wewinblack @ColorOfChange and @snopes that are checking the facts and attacking the #disinformation machine head-on. (3/12)
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Agree. There is a lot more to unpack and there are not simple policy or regulatory fixes. If you think the feds coming down hard on what the population uses to connect and communicate, you’re not a student of history, sociology, psychology, etc.

@sinanaral in @HarvardBiz
I hear all the old, harmful ideas repeated by many who should be at cutting edge of technology. Whereas what @DrvanTilburg describes, if merely digitized to “control” social media, will not work, will harm #SoMe #AI #SciComm #professionalism
From the #healthcare lens there are these potential issues of #AI and #bias including as relates to #COVID19. Yet 30% of business are now using #ArtificialIntelligence in some form. Horse out the barn.

So what is the answer? Ban? Control?


@JordanBazinsky @HealthITNews
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Cornell University researchers find #Trump to be the #1 spreader of #coronavirus #misinformation, lending massively to #America's horrific #pandemic performance, compared to other countries, and the 210k+ death count.…
Cornell researchers analyzed 38 million English-language articles about the #pandemic to distinguish the largest sources of #misinformation and #conspiracy theories. #Trump was the largest driver, instigating nearly 38 percent of the overall “misinformation conversation.”
Public health experts have long known that clear, concise and accurate information is the foundation of an effective response to an outbreak of infectious disease.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/30/2020…
Focus on Eurasia, Invest in Allies, Rethink Globalization - The American Interest…

#american #allies #globalization
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/26/2020…
The misunderstood limits of folk science: an illusion of explanatory depth…

#folk #science #stories
Provably exact artificial intelligence for nuclear and particle physics…

#physics #particle
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1/ Q: When will we get to herd immunity?

A: When we get a vaccine & lots of people have received it; or else, a very long time from now.
2/ Even though we have well over 30 million confirmed cases & nearly a million deaths from #COVID19 worldwide, we’re not even close to reaching herd immunity. In fact, we're not even close to the lowest estimates for herd immunity in the places that were absolutely slammed early.
3/ Most scientists think that we need around 60-70% of people to be immune to #COVID19 in order to reach herd immunity. Herd immunity happens when a virus is starved of new hosts because susceptible people are so rare in the population.
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Stand with the Facts is on now with @KUOW and the @UW Center for an Informed Public and the inestimable @katestarbird .…
How to spot fact from fiction during a pandemic #misinformation @KUOW

This is the #voteByMail process in Washington state. @KUOW. Reminder that in WA ballots must be postmarked by 03 November; 20 days for receipt.

#NovemberIsNow Image
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We all know social media has become a powerful tool for the dissemination of disinformation, propaganda, and #conspiracytheories. But we can do something about it!

1/4 Image
One of the most challenging aspects of media literacy is learning how to address and respond to friends and family members who share #misinformation.

2/4 ImageImage
Here are some suggestions (gathered from multiple sources — see the full source list in our education piece linked in the next tweet).

3/4 ImageImageImage
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1/7 A short, updated & ongoing thread about the #ClimateEmergency #wildfires exposing the #disinformation being spread by HORDES of #DenialMachine #trollers.

Please bookmark, read & share often/widely, folks.📲

Help fight back against organized #trollfarms confusing the public!
2/7 When trolls shriek "#Arson!" they're just DISTRACTING you from fuel AND accellerant factors, BOTH of which are FAR WORSE due to climate change.🤨🔥

Read from reputable sources about #wildfire severity, duration and frequency:……
3/7 Here's THE definitive thread on Australian #wildfires & #arson:

More from Dr.Mann:

PLUS another distraction point - fires 'stopping' at borders:

CBS News on wildfires and MMCC:
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Myth: Antifa and BLM members are setting fires in Oregon.

Fact: Witnesses are seeing members of the Bureau of Land Management, or BLM, setting backfires to counter the wildfires.…
2/5 It is hard to know how much of this is people purposely spreading #disinformation and how much is ignorant people spreading #misinformation.

Many note that they find it unlikely locals have never seen the Bureau of Land Management at work before.
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*gets horse, puts on Paul Revere outfit*


Well actually they’re here… GOP officials recently shared some easily altered, misleading videos targeting @JoeBiden. Let’s check them out and talk about how to avoid falling victim to #misinformation:
White House social media director @DanScavino shared a vid of Biden falling asleep during an interview… that never happened.

The news clip came from a 2011 local TV interview. Biden’s image was spliced in from another interview and snores were added too.…
GOP Rep. @SteveScalise shared a clip of activist @AdyBarkan asking Biden if “we can redirect some of the funding for police.”

But Barkan, who has ALS & uses an artificial voice, didn’t say that. "For police” was spliced in to make it look like Biden agreed to cut police funding. ImageImage
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Beware, some smart people are speaking truth about today's two major political parties with relation to Blacks, but truth devoid of context is not factual - context matters. Let's briefly set the record straight. A thread:
1/ Today's Democratic party was the 1800s & early 20th century Republican party (literally) & had Black support. Lincoln was in fact a Republican, but here's context: he was moderate-left on social issues (he opposed slavery but supported segregation).
2/ A notable transition started in the 1920's: Republicans refused to pursue civil rights (go further left), which alienated black voters (who overcame suppression ref: poll tax.). In late 20s, Hoover, a Republican President, ingratiated himself with southern segregationists.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/31/2020…
The Power of Communities in Uncertain Times — Part 2 | by Sahana Chattopadhyay | Activate The Future | Medium…

#power #communities #future
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Is the Sri Lanka Army's Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) the 3rd best in the world? According to @TimesOnlineLK, @Dailymirror_SL & @SriLankaMirror (quoting Daily Mirror) they are. But is this true, or are @sjayasiri et al at Wijeya at dishing out #misinformation? #lka
Things start to go awry when, not for the 1st time, the story disappears off @Dailymirror_SL's website soon after publication. However, it's still on the e-version of the newspaper, went up in print, is archived on Google Cache & still on @TimesOnlineLK's site. #lka
Source of ranking is site called The site has 0 details of ownership, authors, location or method used for ranking. There's *0 credibility to site*, mirrored on FB page. Screenshot sent to me indicates FB page once had Kandy listed on it, since deleted!
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Here's why @ushadrons & @File411 were working so hard to combat the fake USPS post box images flying around on the internet. It cheapens our arguments & focus and distracts us from the real issues ... like no longer treating the ballots as first class mail… Image
But by not speaking out against a lie, u risk normalizing the behavior & the lie. Normally I'd agree with the statement "we risk giving it the oxygen it needs to spread" IF we were only talking about "Bob Smith", crazy local politician, but we are talking about President Trump
Here is the other thing about flooding the zone with #misinformation to pursue a certain strategy of ... say disrupting a Presidential election. Its easy to focus on something that seems to make sense & is concrete like the removal of post boxes. #SaveTheUSPS 1/2
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1/4 Well, look at that. Wikileaks worked for Russia. Roger Stone worked with Russia. Paul Manafort worked with Russia.

#TrumpColluded. Period.…
2/4 G.O.P.-Led Senate Panel Details Ties Between 2016 Trump Campaign and Russian Interference

A nearly 1,000-page report confirmed the special counsel’s findings at a moment when President Trump’s allies have sought to undermine that inquiry.…
3/4 Senate Intelligence Committee Releases Final Report From Russia Investigation

Committee made DOJ referrals about some witnesses it says may have misled Congress; Manafort was ‘grave counterintelligence threat’…
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Thank you @BilalMohammadMD @AmyOxentenkoMD for reigniting a convo ab #medtwitter #GITwitter, an important facet of the healthcare #SoMe landscape.

Let's review a few analyses we performed over the years on engagement + impact of GI #SoMe:
(Evidence to convince more to join?)

Q: Is there benefit to divisional social media presence for a healthcare dept/institution?

With @DrLorenGR @walterchanMD we demonstrated an ⬆️ in institutional social media presence predicted GI divisional #ranking improvement on @USNewsHealth @jmirpub
As mentioned, with @BrennanSpiegel @Doctor_V we created the GI hashtag ontology in 2016 to standardize GI discourse on Twitter with all GI societies/journals at the time, after a discussion w @subatomicdoc whose work in Heme/Onc inspired us. @symplur…
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"we've talked abt diversity for long time... white reporters need to participate, too... we are not perfect, have to evolve along w audience...can only enrich our work." - @weijia "race is always part of [all] our beats" "also, geographic diversity" - @Yamiche #AAJA20 #knightlive
"problem is now ppl are perceiving facts as bias... used to see TV & take it to be true unless proven false... huge section of country now takes it to be false until proven true by gov't" - @weijia #knightlive #disinformation #misinformation #fakenews #aaja20 #aajafamily
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Excited to announce that a special issue on "Educational Responses to a “Post-Truth” World", which I co-edited with @clarkchinn, is now out in @EdPsychJournal! @educationarena @Routledgepsych @tandfonline @apadivision15 @aeradivc An intro thread follows...
In this issue, we wanted to engage scholars in thinking about the role that education might play in aggravating and, hopefully, also mitigating "post-truth" problems. We specifically focused on (socio-)scientific topics such as climate change, vaccination, and Covid-19.
The articles and commentaries deal with #misinformation, science denial, epistemic bubbles, deep epistemic disagreements, and more. They make diverse proposals that can inform the design of learning environments for countering the "post-truth" climate.
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