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This is hard:
-Resisting the GOP's broad swaths of damage;
-Feeling isolated and afraid about their damage to democracy;
-Russia's covert propaganda attacks
-Being isolated by COVID

I'm trying to compartmentalize & focus, going to rooms in my mind to be productive. Here's how:
These mind-rooms include politics, environment, home, gardens, health, relationships and a few others.

Inside each mind-room are the resources I have:
time, money, stuff I own, talents.

It's not crazy. Really. I'll show you.
Let's go into the politics room:
In the politics room, I have $$. Each week I donate at least $10 to help someone or something. Today I'll buy stamps to send letters with a SSE in them to support the Post Office.

This room has time, too, to spend as needed on emails, texts, phone banking. It adds up over time.
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Viimeistä viedään! Opintoihin kuuluu pino kirjoja ja nyt aletaan olla loppusuoralla. Kesäkuun jaksolle saatiin @helenaahman #keskusteluälykkyys jonka olin muutenkin aikonut lukea. Luksusta!
#työnohjaus #kirjat2020 Image
Esipuheessa @alfrehn johdattelee:
”Välillä johtaja on kuin panttivankineuvottelija ja välillä taas kuin diplomaatti. Välillä sanottava juuri se, mitä toinen ei missään nimessä halua kuulla ja välillä taas käytettävä tuhottomasti aikaa kuuntelemiseen ja myötätuntoon.”

🔴 59% kokenut kriisejä, jotka vaikuttavat työssä suoriutumiseen
🔴 57% kertoo henkilökohtaisten huolien vaivaavan työaikana
🔴 28% ei voi kertoa näistä esimiehelleen
🔴 23% ei voi kertoa huolistaan kenellekään

Meillä todella varaa parantaa kykyämme keskustella
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One early morning I sat on the steps of the Dashashwamedha Ghat in Varanasi. The sunrise across the Ganga is a super sight. And every day is a new day.

Not far from me, on either side, sat a couple of people who had come, I presumed, to watch the glorious sunrise and feel the cooling breeze that blew across the river.

They were in Varanasi, but they had carried with them the burdens of the cities they came from. I wondered if they really saw the golden orb or felt the 'Thandi Hawa'.

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Follow along an #OTperspective with GERAS Post-Doc Dr. Hewston (@p_hewston) on how to maintain #SelfCare during #COVID19

Strategy1of5: Try to maintain #routine and #structure in your day— eg. starting your day with #coffee in your fav mug ☕️ & eating breakfast at the table 🍳
Strategy2of5: To help maintain structure while at home - set daily #goals - try using a #kanban board to visualize your progress and #celebrate your accomplishments🌟
Stragety3of5: Try the 5 #moments of #mindfulness [5M&Ms] grounding technique to focus on the here-and-now & relax🧘🏼‍♀️

Describe 5️⃣ things you see 👁
Describe 4️⃣ things you feel 🖐
Describe 3️⃣ things you hear 👂
Describe 2️⃣ things you smell 👃
Describe 1️⃣ thing your thankful for Image
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When I was staying with Babaji for the first time in the Arundhati cave, close to the Vasishta Gufa in #Rishikesh, I used to sit in, padmāsana, close my eyes and try to meditate.


Repeated attempts with no success.

One day Babaji smiled and said, “you can close your eyes but can you shut your mind up?”

I said, “no, trying hard.”

“Theek hai”, Babaji said, “now untangle your legs from the Padmasana. Sit comfortably in Sukhasana. Face the river. Open your eyes and look at the #Ganga.”

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Our latest work published in @PAINthejournal: Attention to Breath Sensations Reduces Pain Independent of Endogenous Opioids.

We dissected components of mindfulness meditation by randomizing folks to a #mindfulness #meditation, sham-mindfulness, + slow-paced breathing group 1/n
This was a double-blinded, randomized crossover designed study where subjects received IV naloxone or placebo-saline during noxious heat (49°C) to determine which aspect of mindfulness (if any) engages endogenous opioids to reduce pain. 2/n
We discovered that mindfulness and slow-paced breathing significantly reduced pain independent of endogenous opioids.

However: Sham-mindfulness meditation reduced pain during saline infusion but analgesia was reversed when we blocked endogenous #opioids 3/n
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1/ THREAD: When say, "I love you" — are you *really* thinking about your love for this person? FACT: most people don't. It rapidly becomes a perfunctory act. Don't let this happen.

#EmotionalIntelligence #Mindfulness #Love
2/ If you're already guilty of this sometimes (most of the time?) — stop. Concentrate on your love as you're professing it. Feel it deeply. A similar phenomenon occurs with all emotions.

#EmotionalIntelligence #Mindfulness #Love
3/ To clarify — I'm not suggesting you don't love that person, but *they* and *you* will both feel it much more deeply if you focus/change your focus.


#EmotionalIntelligence #Mindfulness #Love
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This thread is about steps/ideas that can be done to make healthcare more sustainable. Evidence for these will vary, but Im hoping this will increase awareness and start the dialogue. This will also help guide the direction of future shows.
Early goals of care discussions.
We shouldnt be having these conversations after putting our loved ones on life support. Lets have honest conversations with our loved ones. Lets respect their values.
Furthermore, the cost of taking of ICU pts is crazy.
-1% of GDP
-Population is aging
We really need to think about who is actually going to BENEFIT from an ICU admission
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1/ THREAD: "Firing a $70,000 missile from a $28,000,000 drone flying at a cost of $3,624 per hour to kill people in the Middle East living on less than $ 1 per day...
2/ We live in a country where if you want to go bomb somebody, there's remarkably little discussion about how much it might cost...
3/ But then when you have a discussion about whether or not we can assist people who are suffering, then suddenly we become very cost-conscious."

Andrew Bacevich
#Empathy #EmotionalIngelligence #Mindfulness
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Dear Man-A DBT Assertiveness Script
People with all sorts of difficulties—ranging from typical, everyday deflation, anxiety, & personality pathology—often struggle with being pro-active, exercising self-control, overcoming passivity, boundary setting, &assertiveness
#Assertiveness is a crucial skill that can be developed through therapy and practice. It is fundamental to subjective well-being. From a clinical view, difficulties with assertiveness can be found among with anxiety & depression as well as substance use & personality d/o’s.
#Assertiveness can be conceptualized as a trait, social skill, behavior, or self-regulatory capacity. It refers 2 behavior that is intentional, self-directed, and pro-active.
It refers 2 behavior that gets one what one wants, & establishes interpersonal boundaries.
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After much contemplation, I finally wrote about my experience with #Vipassana meditation.…

Sharing some quotes/excerpts/concepts in the thread below.
#Vipassanā in Pali means “#insight” or “seeing deeply”.

The practice of Vipassanā meditation, thus, revolves around training your mind to observe reality as it is, and not as you wish it to be. And in the process, overcome #suffering.
It is a #meditation technique that the #Buddha mastered over time and found to be the most effective in eradicating all kinds of suffering in the world.
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Got a new––and fairly critical––chapter on *#mindfulness-based interventions* coming soon in a book on mind–body health in schools.

For all ya'll who are interested ... here's the #PREPRINT! Hope this helps contribute to better research and practice.
To motivate folks to actually read this chapter, I'll share some "big points" buried in its pages.

Big point #1/n (pp. 4–5): There's a difference between *process* & *primary* outcomes for MBI, and evidence of both is needed to differentiate *purported* vs. *verified* MBI.
Big point #2/n (pp. 7–8): There's no scientific reason (yet) to prefer any one trade-marked MBI to any other in schools. This decision is likely based on pragmatics, not evidence.

(*Interpretive note: PMA = present moment awareness; RWA = responding with acceptance.)
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A ver, que se está liando con el tema #mindfulness y los cursos financiados por el Gobierno en noticias como…

Por partes. Repaso histórico breve: hay muchos tipos de meditación clásica, usualmente envueltos en filosofías espirituales o religiosas de >
>"elevación" o "trascendencia". El mindfulness es una invención de 1970 que recogía básicamente la "vipassana" (orientada a calmarse y concentrarse) y despojarle de las partes filosóficas, convirtiéndola en una herramienta neutra con el mismo fin. ¿Sirve para esto? Depende: >
>El mindfulness ha mostrado una evidencia moderada para relajarse (reducción de estrés y ansiedad), nada para tirar cohetes, pero en ese sentido, funciona. Lo que no ha mostrado es que sirva para concentrarse, más allá de la mejora de rendimiento esperable al estar relajado. >
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Given the array of emotions & negative thoughts that people may be experiencing after this injustice, it’s a good time to stress the value of living the dialectic between intellectualization &raw emotionality. Walk the middle path. Stay present. Stay grounded. Stay in #WiseMind.
Practicing #mindfulness (meditation, focus) helps people get in/stay in a wise mind state, a state of flow, immersing oneself into activities, being one with what you are doing. #DBT
In other words, to cope with political (or personal) injustice & accompanying negative emotions & thoughts, one could throw themselves into something creative, their work, some activity that benefits themselves or society (#sublimation). *Note Netflix binging is not a flow state.
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1/ Attention is what steers your perceptions and controls reality. #Mindfulness #ProductDesign #startups

#Entrepreneurship #psychology
2/ Pickpocketers/magicians control ur attention thru internal/external distractions.

#Mindfulness #ProductDesign #startups #Entrepreneurship #psychological
3/ We can use these techniques to our advantage. E.g. a doctor managing to inject a syringe into a young kid, or even an adult ;-)…

#Mindfulness #ProductDesign #startups #Entrepreneurship #psychological
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Just got to Davos. Ready to fill the leadership vacuum with big ideas. My focus will be on privilege and women. Only going to #womanels #methree. Also, my alligator-skin boots got snow on them, anyone have a blow drier or an FT I can use to dry them off?
Thread 1/n: Small ideas feel big when I'm in my Gulfstream, so here it goes: We have to innovate on innovation. The 7th industrial revolution disrupts AND displaces. Artificial intelligence and blockchain can only solve resurgent populism with #compassion.
2/n We elites are critical to making this debate glocalized. Thought leadership also involves thought stewardship. Communities form the core of our economies. Blue collar workers must be re-conceived as #newcollar workers. Code is key.
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