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Things @ewarren has stolen from @BernieSanders:

- #MedicareForAll
- “grassroots” movement
- Entire speeches
- Donor wall
- Anti-endorsements
- #CancelStudentDebt
- Are you willing to fight for someone you don’t know?

I DO NOT work for Bernie’s campaign. I take full responsibility for my tweets.

Tell me that Elizabeth Warren is NOT plagiarizing Bernie Sanders. Here she is using his words VERBATIM.

If Bernie did the same to her, no one would shut up about it:

This feels like a good time to point out that @TeamWarren is also now ripping off Team Bernie. Plagiarism is praxis for @ewarren and her team. Here they are stealing memes. Check out the dates on these:
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THREAD: The more I think about #DemocraticSocialism the more irritated I become. #Bernie2020, #AOC and company are moving in each and every direction to democratically socialize America and I'm supposed to jump and down for joy?! 🤔
#M4A, #GreenNewDeal and #CancelStudentDebt are massive wealth transfers to white America that "nibble around the edges of big problems" affecting #ADOS. White America owns 93% of American wealth and 98% of American land. White millennials are living off of inheritance.
Socialist policies will do nothing to correct the racial wealth gap.

"But what about the planet?!" What about it? In undergrad I volunteered for a professor who needed someone to kayak lakes throughout northern Florida in remote areas. I once applied to veterinary school
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This was hard to read bc it could be about my parents (& maybe yours). There is an elderly bankruptcy crisis in America. Neoliberal policies destroyed unions, pensions & benefits, & inundate us with deceptively cheap credit. Families are now pools of intergenerational debt. 1/
The tragedy, and utter depravity of our society, is in the details. I used to think of astronomical student loan debt as a “millennials” issue: but these loans are increasingly co-signed by grandparents. #CancelStudentDebt would liberate students & seniors alike 2/
Of course, soaring medical bills are a major source of debt. Seniors have to choose between paying off a surgery, paying rent, and eating dinner. This man, on kidney dialysis, wasn’t granted a *two week* extension to get together a $335 fee in order to file bankruptcy 3/
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#DemocraticDebate2020 is upon us and we must discuss how #StealTheBern @ewarren touts "plans" in her platform that have been plagiarized from @BernieSanders' legislative #progressive efforts and policies. #Thread
Warren may have purchased the Google Adwords for #CancelStudentDebt , but the first time legislation was put forth by @BernieSanders was in 2017, the #CollegeForAllAct…
#MedicareForAll is now being tossed around like a vial of overpriced insulin, especially by Warren, but Bernie first introduced legislation for this in 2017.…
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The underlying economic orthodoxies justifying austerity are BREAKING DOWN BEFORE OUR EYES with huge implications for #MedicareForAll, the #GreenNewDeal, #CancelStudentDebt and other progressive priorities.

Lets walkthrough this @Neil_Irwin piece.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) scores proposed legislation by its impact on the deficit. The assumption is that the @federalreserve will respond to the government stimulus with higher interest rates to slow down the economy in order to keep inflation under control.
Meanwhile when unemployment drops, the @federalreserve assumes as the supply of available workers goes down, the cost of labor (wages) will go up. They also think higher wages will lead to inflation. So the Fed preemptively raises rates to when unemployment drops below 5% or so.
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Why should conscientious kids who weighed the economic trade-offs of the situation, and went to reasonably priced colleges, or community colleges, bankroll the careers of socialists who do not? via @davidharsanyi @DailySignal
Then again, around two-thirds of people in the American workforce have no college degree. Some Americans have no interest in higher education. Many don’t need university degrees for the vocations they pursue.
They can, I suppose, go to college and earn a useless degree in journalism or comparative literature for kicks. Or, maybe, they could enter the workforce and start subsidizing people like Heather Gautney.
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I would never talk about Warren's supporters this way.

Young people who are desperate for relief from unprecedented loan burdens are not a "cult." They are 1 group of many that Bernie has committed his life to helping.

You can't expect to win if you don't respect voters.
The tweet is also grossly ill-informed. Bernie’s debt relief plan costs $1.6Trillion. Warren’s costs 1.25T. Bernie didn’t “double” her plan. His plan, uniquely financed by Wall St speculation, is larger because it covers all student debt. And with good reason.
Bernie understands that means tested policies like Warren’s tend to crumble under political pressure from right wingers (& moderates) who attack them as going to “undeserving” people who don’t work hard enough. Think food stamps, section 8, and “welfare.”
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"This proposal completely eliminates student debt in this country and ends the absurdity of sentencing an entire generation, the millennial generation,to a lifetime of debt for the "crime" of doing the right thing... going out and getting a higher education" #CancelStudentDebt
How are we going to pay for it?

say it with us:

TAX. WALL. STREET. #CancelStudentDebt
"I want to start by thanking @BernieSanders because back in 2015 he was the only person at the federal level talking about the student debt crisis" @PramilaJayapal #CancelStudentDebt
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When we bailed out Wall Street we passed new regulations to stop the fraud

If we are going to #CancelStudentDebt we need to dissolve the fraudulent universities that are responsible for that debt

And SEIZE THE ENDOWMENTS to compensate the lenders
Bernie is right

The universities are fraudulent credential mills with a sweetheart deal from the government

We should dissolve them

We don't need free college

We need to #AbolishCollege
You don't cancel debt that was issued by lenders in good faith based on truthful representations

You cancel debt issue in bad faith based on fraudulent misrepresentations

Student Debt is ODIOUS debt

That's why we should #CancelStudentDebt

And make universities foot the bill
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With all the attention #CancelStudentDebt is getting today, I thought I’d share three videos where I talk about the @LevyEcon report that lays out the mechanics (how to actually do it) and the economic impact(s) of wiping the slate clean. 1/5
I talked about it here, with @janeosanders 2/5
And here with @AOC many months before she was elected (and right after I broke my wrist, leaving me incapable of holding a blow dryer). 😂… 3/5
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All of it.
It's 11PM EST Sunday night. It's exactly 12 hours until @IlhanMN @RepJayapal and @SenSanders unveil their #CollegeForAll plan to #CancelStudentDebt - we have 12 hours to make a tour-style poster. Go!
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