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As the Marxist agitator #AdamSmith once said, "People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices."

1/ A caricature of a businessm...
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Smith understood that capitalists hate capitalism. They don't want to compete with one another, because that would interfere with their ability to raise the prices their customers pay and reduce the wages they pay their workers.

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This was an amazing podcast (as usual from @drvolts). Thanks for the shout-out to LPO and the other great programs here. A few thoughts as we get more intentional about savings money for LMI consumers -- reducing energy burden.
The data that Vero talked about is summarized here. We have long known that LMI customers repay energy related loans at a much higher rate then other loans that they take out. But lenders still charge 30% interest for appliances, other loans.…
We can solve that problem and start to do that by making existing financing solutions more inclusive, see the @SunnovaEnergy announcement this month. Also allows LMI customers to take advantage of #VirtualPowerPlant income.…
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Bei Markus #Lanz hob @IsabellaMWeber die Notwendigkeit öffentlicher Investitionen bzw. staatlicher Industriepolitik hervor, um Deutschlands Wirtschaft umzubauen. Die Bundesregierung diskutiert indes die Senkung der Staatsausgaben. Zur Sendung…
In den USA setzt man industriepolitisch übrigens (wie in zahlreichen asiatischen Ländern) auf Subventionen mit dem #InflationReductionAct um Kapazitäten aufzubauen.
Hier erläutert @IsabellaMWeber das Zusammenspiel zwischen Staat und Markt bei Chinas Industriepolitik…
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🇨🇳 #RosemontSenecaBohai= #CCP CO-MINGLED
🚩 #FollowTheMoney expose how COMPROMISED
+FBI verified
#Bobulinski's claims of CEFC+China ties
#Burisma $83,333.33 pmts
in co-mingled
Bank Statement⬇️… ImageImageImage
WHY Benefit #CCP 🇨🇳not 🇺🇸 ?
#HunterBiden sold US owned #COBALT Mine in Congo to #CCPChina

¬BIDEN puts 20 YEAR BAN on
Mining of US RenewableEnergy MINERALS

¬US passed #ChipsAct #Infrastructure rely ON MINED Materials…… ImageImageImageImage
🚩UnConstitional #ESJ #ESG
Uses SocialJustice

#SocialScore DigitalID:
+LIMITS EV #GeoFence
+BANS Bank loan
👋NO #2ndAm
+Reports #CarbonFootprint
Pay #PerMileTax
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#ClimateChange is a natural process that occurs over 1000s of years. The reason they say #GlobalWarming is wreaking havoc is due to the human caused CO2 increase. CO2 is necessary for plants & trees to produce food. Due to excessive deforestation and burning of fossil fuels…… Image
If you haven’t watched this clip about #ClimateChange it’s a must watch🔥
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Thanks to the #InflationReductionAct starting in April, some Medicare beneficiaries will pay less out of pocket for 27 different prescription drugs. This could mean up to $390 per dose in savings on out-of-pocket costs.…
As part of this legislation passed by @HouseDemocrats last year, companies that raise the prices of prescription medicines higher than inflation would have to pay the rebates, one of several provisions in the #InflationReductionAct aimed at curbing high drug costs.
Pharmaceutical companies that don’t pay could face a penalty that is 125% of the rebate amount. This is an important step forward that will help Seniors nationwide afford the medications they need. I will continue to work to bring these savings to all Ohioans and all Americans.
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How will #InflationReductionAct and #BipartisanInfrastructureLaw impact electricity?

New analysis from @NREL…

1) Clean share of electricity generation grows to 81% in 2030 (from 41% in 2022)
2) Clean electricity growth lowers bulk power costs by $50 to $115 billion through 2030, reducing bulk system costs approximately 9%.
3) Power sector CO2 emissions decline by 84% in 2030 relative to 2005 levels
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Every year, Americans spend billions on #TaxPrep services, paying a heavily concentrated industry of giant, wildly profitable firms to send the #IRS information it already has. 1/ An ogrish, tophatted, cigar-chomping giant holds the US Capi
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Despite the fact that most other rich countries have a far more efficient process, many Americans believe that adopting this process here is either impossible, immoral, or both. 3/
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Wir können natürlich sagen, bei uns regelt das alle der Markt - klappt auch bei der Wind- & Solarstromproduktion schon bestens. Aber wenn wir die Anlagen nicht selber großindustriell herstellen, dann ist dieser Markt für Komponenten künftig neben Asien auch noch in den USA. 1/2
Das ist eine unsichere Karte, wie jüngste Ankündigungen aus China zeigen. Natürlich bleibt der Markt global, aber eine nach fairen & ökologischen Standards ausgelegte Produktion von Klimaschutztechnologien erhöht unsere Resilienz und Wertschöpfung.… 2/2
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There is massive potential for more #EnergyEfficiency in Texas. EE reduces customers' bills, increases reliability & creates jobs. There are 158,882 EE workers in Texas, according to an @E4theFuture report. Many more could be created by #txlege. 1/
There's massive potential for more EE jobs. #Texas is among the worst states for #EnergyEfficiency goals, and we're 36th per capita in EE jobs.

Even so, EE is the 3rd largest energy sector in Texas w/ 31,000 EE businesses employing nearly 159,000 Texans. #txlege #txenergy 2/
Over 6 million TX homes are >20 years old & pre-date statewide building codes. We could create jobs and make the grid more reliable and resilient by improving the energy efficiency of these homes which could lower energy use (and bills) by >40%. #energytwitter 3/
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.@vonderleyen unveils the EU Commission's proposal for a "Green Deal Industrial Plan" to respond to the Inflation Reduction Act :… short thread
1. It's all about climate: the new deal complements EU Green Deal and RePowerEU (EU's plan to reduce dependence on Russian fossil fuels). But clearly, it's also about supporting EU green tech industry in face of US' inflation reduction act & Chinese support for green tech firms.
2. Simplify rules & secure supply chains: EU wants to 'simplify' state aid procedures. New net-zero act & critical raw materials act to ensure EU industry have components & materials they need.
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A month ago, I shared how my electric heat pump kept my house warm during temps as low as -15°F, dispelling myths that newer models can't manage the cold. With my utility bill in hand, I now have more good news: I likely saved ~$100 vs. a gas furnace! 1/

What does "likely" mean here? Well, you can't easily compare bills year-over-year to estimate the impact of moving from a gas furnace to an electric heat pump. You need a counterfactual--what would my bill have been last month (Dec-Jan) if I still had my gas furnace? 2/
For example, if gas and electricity prices rose significantly from the prior year, even energy-saving actions could appear to be more expensive when directly comparing bills. But using a counterfactual can reveal what you would have paid if you took no action. 3/
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A little over years ago, the Trump-appointed head of the IRS told us that the annual gap between taxes due and taxes paid in the US is almost $1 trillion per year, caused by chronic underfunded of the IRS. Do you think that is a problem?
We did, which was why we provided funding to the IRS in the #InflationReductionAct to help them do their job. Not only to collect taxes due but also to be able to promptly respond to taxpayer concerns. Not a single Republican voted for that bill. BUT...
...Yesterday the @HouseGOP voted to #DefundTheIRS, taking all that funding back. Fortunately, it won't pass the Senate but let's be very clear: this would serve only to increase the deficit (because less $ comes in), encourage tax cheats and annoy tax payers.
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IN 2023 $TSLA WILL RECEIVE $10B+ IN VALUE* FROM #InflationReductionAct

*Value can be reflected in the form of direct revenue to $TSLA, better pricing power, and/or bargaining leverage. 1/
1. 890K 🚗 Sales in 🇺🇸: $7.5K Consumer/Commercial Vehicle Credits = $6.7B. Includes 500K 3/Y and 90K S/X from Fremont + 250K Ys and 50K #CyberTrucks from Austin. All these 🚗are eligible to receive the $7.5K credit via commercial/biz/gov fleet sales OR via consumer leases. 2/
Even though a portion of these vehicles will get exported, @Tesla still gets the pricing power benefit of the $7.5K credit (otherwise, why export?). In addition to no battery sourcing reqs, the Commercial Clean Vehicle Credit has no price or income limits either. 3/
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🎉 #HappyNewYear! 2023 #ACA Open Enrollment is still ongoing in 49 states + DC! Here's 13 important things to remember before you #GetCovered: #xp…

The final #ACA Open Enrollment deadline is Jan. 15th in most states, for coverage starting Feb. 1st (in a few states it's as late as Jan. 31st.) #xp
Here's a table laying out the deadlines for each state. Note that some of these may be extended at the last minute...but don't count on that! #GetCovered sooner rather than later if at all possible! #xp Image
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This Congress, it was my privilege as Speaker to establish several powerful House Select Committees – which have brought leadership, transparency and actionable insight to guide our work #ForThePeople.
Here are a few of the highlights from their outstanding efforts:
.@ClimateCrisis was the foundation of our landmark #InflationReductionAct and played a key role in @HouseDemocrats work to slash carbon pollution by 40% this decade. Half of their recommendations have been enacted into law — and we're fighting for more.
The @January6thCmte has brought clarity of conscience in our work to defend Democracy. With painstaking detail, they uncovered important conclusions about the plot to subvert the Congress, shred the Constitution and halt the peaceful transfer of power.…
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My latest piece for @i_montaigne explores the *real* reasons why the EU is worried about the #InflationReductionAct. Spoiler: Biden’s IRA exemptions won’t be sufficient to protect EU industry:… THREAD (1/8)
1. EU doesn’t hate the IRA: IRA is 1st major attempt by a US administration to combat climate change. A good thing for US and the planet. Some EU companies have even benefitted from IRA (German heavy industry recorded 40% increase in Sept. 2022, compared to Sept. 2021).
2. IRA subsidies & tax breaks are the problem: Why?
1⃣EU green tech tempted to relocate production to US to benefit from generous subsidies & low energy prices;
2⃣confirms US industrial policy will continue to favour industry "Made in America".
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🚨🚨🚨 The deadline is TONIGHT to enroll in #ACA healthcare coverage starting January 1st for most people in most states! Here's 13 important things to remember before you #GetCovered: #xp…

While the final #ACA Open Enrollment deadline isn't until January 15th in most states, if you want your coverage to start on January 1st, you have to enroll by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

In Idaho, today is the *final* deadline for 2023 coverage! #xp
Here's a table laying out the deadlines for each state. Note that some of these may be extended at the last minute...but don't count on that! #GetCovered sooner rather than later if possible. #xp
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Here's the #inflation story you're expected to believe (advance warning: this story is entirely false): America gave the poors too much money during the lockdown and now the #economy is awash in #FreeMoney, which made those poors so rich that now they're refusing to work. 1/ A vintage postcard illustration of the Federal Reserve build
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
That means the economy isn't making anything anymore. With all that extra money and all those missing workers, prices are skyrocketing.

To hear ghouls like @LHSummers tell it, there is only one answer to this. 3/
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John Piotti: @USDA launched a truly innovative program, focused on #ClimateSmartCommodities. Then, Congress passed the #InflationReductionAct, which is in many ways a climate bill and includes $20B to enhance conservation programs. Where are these efforts headed?
Learn more about @USDA's Climate Smart Commodities program here:…
AFT was awarded a $30 million @USDA Partnership for Climate-Smart Commodities on transitioning to climate-neutral beef and is a partner on 3 more CSCPs. Learn more about our #climate initiative:
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The #InflationReductionAct throws the full financial weight of the federal govt behind the clean energy transition.
The result: CO2 & electricity costs in the largest US electricity market, @pjminterconnect, will BOTH decline sharply through 2030, we find in a new ZERO Lab study Image
Detailed electricity system modeling performed for the report (…) also finds that PJM could cut CO2 as much as 80-90% from current levels by 2035 while maintaining bulk electricity supply costs comparable to or lower than levels experienced in recent years.
The study employs an open-source electricity system capacity planning model ( to assess the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) on the cost of electricity, emissions, and investment in electricity capacity in @pjminterconnect over 2023-2035 period.
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Picture of the Week: Speed of change around #energytransition is accelerating. Last year the @IEA projected that #renewableenergy installations would be 1800GW over the next five years. Now they are saying that it will be 2,400GW which is the installed capacity of #China.
Why is the #energytransition accelerating:
1. Geopolitics - #Ukrainian crisis has forced #Europe to accelerate #decarbonization. It has also been a wake up call for #China who is a huge #energy importer.
Why is the #energytransition accelerating:
2. Opportunity - #EVs, #batteries, #heatpumps and #Solar are multi-billion dollar markets growing at circa 40% per annum and are attracting the best entrepreneurs and businesses across the world
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Hi 👋🏼! If I'm a bit quiet on here lately it's cos I'm spending too much time reading up on US' #InflationReductionAct (and the likes) to understand impact EU industry (I know, fun). Anyway, can someone please help me understand what an adviser to President Macron said.. 1/2
... when he/she said: "Macron is hoping to secure exemptions for certain EU industries" from IRA during his state visit to Washington tomorrow "like those Canada and Mexico benefit from". Help please? Thx 2/2
(Thank you to the kind souls who have already come to my rescue in PM).
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Bon, je sais que j'habite en 🇫🇷 depuis 2 ans mais je ne comprends pas le sens de cette phrase d'un conseiller du Président: "nous pouvons imaginer que l'administration américaine consente des exemptions pour 1 certain nombre d'industries 🇪🇺" de l'#InflationReductionAct. Help plz?
Et si je suis plutôt calme sur ce réseau depuis un petit moment, c'est parce que je passe trop de temps à étudier des lois américaines et à comprendre les répercussions sur l'industrie européenne 🤪
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