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چرا با تکرار نام مجعول #دریای_خزر خودزنی می‌کنید؟

اون دریایی که بهش میگید دریای خزر، در ایران باستان #دریای_تپورستان نام داشت. بعد از اسلام، تپورستان معرب شد و به طبرستان تغییر نام پیدا کرد. در تمام کتاب‌های جغرافیای تاریخی، نام این دریا، #دریای_طبرستان، #دریای_مازندران
و در برخی منابع دیگه #دریای_گیلان و گاهی #دریای_قزوین ثبت شده. همچنین در عرف بین‌الملل، امروز تمام دنیا به این دریا میگه #دریای_کاسپین. کاسپین برگرفته از نام قوم کاسپی‌هاست که قدیمی‌ترین ایرانیان ساکن در کنار این دریا بودند و دست‌کم سه‌هزار سال پیش در اون‌جا سکونت داشتند.
کاسپی‌ها آریایی بودند و بعدها به مناطق دیگه از جمله قزوین کوچ کردند. نام شهر قزوین برگرفته از نام این قوم هست و قزوین معرب‌شدهٔ کاسپین هست.

این وسط خزرها کی بودن؟ یه قوم وحشی از نژاد اوغوز که قرن ششم میلادی از حوالی مغولستان به شمال قفقاز کوچ کردن و مدتی اون‌جا ساکن شدند.
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#BREAKING: Today is sixth day of nationwide anti-regime protests over murder of #MahsaAmini in #Iran. In this video you can see protesters confronting security forces in city of #Sanandaj this afternoon. Several protesters were shot and killed by police & #IRGC last night.
Anti-regime protests are currently on-going in at-least 30 cities of #Iran but because of slow internet speed we can not receive the videos. Here is one of the protests currently on-going in city of Eslamabad-e Gharb.
See bravery of this woman who protested against barbaric laws of #Iranian regime in city of #Tabriz. Anti-regime protests over murder of #MahsaAmini is currently on-going in over 30 cities of #Iran.
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We have a shift to on-shore westerly wind in the Horn of Africa region today, which, I confess means little to me beyond being a new thing in the data. But it seems significant, as there is more water over the sea.

Today's rainfall/cyclone forecasts for the region follow.
Here's a view from this afternoon & the direction of travel is pretty stable. For me onshore winds bringing wet air towards mountains means lots more rain. If anyone is aware of the usual timing of this switch I would be interested.
Here are African 10-Day Accumulated rain forecasts. All of which now show the impact of the two Cyclones which are now in the forecast window.
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#Hydronomastics is the study of #hydronyms, the proper names of bodies of water.

It's a branch of #toponomastics, the study of #toponyms (the proper names of places), which in turn is a branch of #onomastics, the study of #orthonyms (proper names).

French / Luxembourghish sign: The River Sauer in Martelan...
#Hydronym and #hydronomastics both derive from Ancient #Greek ὕδωρ / húdōr (water) + ὄνομα / ónoma (name). The Greek island of Skiatho...
#Hydronyms tend to outlast other #toponyms, even when new #languages and cultures displace earlier ones.

#England, #EastAnglia, #Essex, and #Sussex are named for the #Angles and #Saxons; but #Trent, #Ouse, #Thames, #Severn, and #Avon are older #Celtic and #RomanoBritish names. A map showing the main rive...
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