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The legitimate government of Yemen supported the former UN envoy’s proposal of UN control over the port of Hodiedah. The Houthis refused, and only consistent military pressure by the Yemeni armed forces and the Arab coalition forced them to agree.
The Arab Coalition to Support the Legitimacy in Yemen was founded to protect the Yemeni people and end the war and the humanitarian crisis that started as a result of the Iranian-backed Houthi takeover of Yemen.
#KSA and #UAE have contributed the most towards the 2018 UN humanitarian response plan and have provided a number of initiatives worth billions of dollars towards alleviating the suffering in Yemen. We remain committed to ending the humanitarian crisis to help Yemen rebuild.
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I feel like a pompous asshole referencing media appearances to say “I told you so” but whatevs.

I told Al Jazeera a month ago I hoped Trump’s position on MbS & Khashoggi night force a domestic political split that *may* FINALLY allow (even a slight) re-evaluation of Saudi ties.
It’s HILARIOUS to hear some talking head on the news being an apologist for MbS & the Saudis, while bringing up “butwhatabout Iran” ... except the Iran-hater uses “Persian Gulf” instead of “Arabian Gulf.”


#Trump #Khashoggi #KSA
Yeah so I’m going to go ahead and be *that obnoxious Twitter pundit* so: “here’s the interview where I told you so - a month ago.”

Sorry not sorry. #Khashoggi #KSA #Trump…
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US National Security Adviser John Bolton won’t listen to #Khashoggi audio because “What do you think I’ll learn from it?...Unless you speak Arabic, what are you going to get from it?”

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

#KSA #MbS #Saudi
Hi John Bolton - I speak Arabic, and I’m happy to translate the #Khashoggi audio for you, pro-bono — just because of what a 7imar kabir you are!

#MbS #Saudi #KSA
Please, Mr. NSA John Bolton. Allow me to help you investigate the case of #Khashoggi’s alleged assassination by #MbS - accept my offer to translate for free.

It’s my citizen’s duty, as I have a sincere & abiding belief that you are اكبر كلب في العالم فعلا.

#KSA #Saudi
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What in the actual fresh root of all evil empire fucking hell is this

#Khashoggi #KSA
To answer my own rhetorical question here RE Trump, Khashoggi, Saudi & Iran, here’s a recent thread:

I wrote that thread 2 days ago, and have to say #CalledIt (and told Al Jazeera basically the same thing a month ago).

Didn’t expect it to be quite THAT blatant, though. Jesus Christ.

#Iran #Khashoggi #Trump #KSA #MbS
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No, given: 1) the special US-KSA alliance established in the 40s, and more importantly, 2) Trump’s deep financial ties to Saudi Arabia and MbS. #Khashoggi

Regardless of CIA intel (or anyone else), Trump is eager to accept any #KSA / MbS cover story - however flimsy, obvious and farcical - for #Khashoggi.

Between this administration’s Iran stance (hi, Bolton) and Trump family financial ties, they’re all in - and more - for Saudi.
Yet another level to CIA confirmation of MbS as the actor responsible for Khashoggi’s murder — and why it won’t matter to Trump or the US in the end — has everything to do with his self-proclaimed “reformer” stance.

Think Saif Gaddafi. Think Gamil Mubarak.
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HRH the Crown Prince stated today that the death of Jamal Khashoggi was painful to Saudis and many around the world, confirming that it is not consistent with KSA’s values and principles. #KSA is determined to achieve full accountability and justice.
The Crown Prince reaffirmed his deep faith in the great Saudi people in facing challenges and continuing the journey of development and modernization; to achieve prosperity for our people and the peoples of the region, in line with the Kingdom’s #Vision2030.
KSA’s vision for the region’s future, as articulated by the Crown Prince, is to become a model in development and achieve prosperity for people of the Middle East through bringing the region to the forefront of the world; a vision greater than any short term political difference.
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Well done, @FoxNews. When there’s an issue with an ally, you were sure to book Rand Paul. He has a predetermined narrative for all things foreign policy - regardless of any development. His is a policy that would weaken America.
Rand Paul says we should never sell arms to any country unless it lessens the risk to the US and that selling arms to #SaudiArabia to use in #Yemen puts the US in greater risk. That is an absurd reading of the Middle East that demonstrates a lack of understanding.
Rand Paul said he’s furious over what Saudi Arabia did to #Khashoggi, claiming we should punish them on humanitarian grounds. But there’s never been a conflict or number of civilian casualties that he would support acting against, including selling weapons. It’s a double standard
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#Saudi actors who ordered #Khashoggi's death were aware he wanted his divorce paper, but hadn't anticipated his fiancee's call to Aktay which had some swift consequences. Turkish authorities searched one of the planes leaving with part of the murder team, but found nothing. /1
"Turkish intelligence agency MIT decided to review an audio-visual feed fr inside the consulate"... Grisly details ... suggest that Khashoggi was tortured then killed soon after entering the consulate" /2…
Had Hatice Cengiz not been there to call Aktay, the Turks wouldn't have suspected as soon as they did, that #Khashoggi had been killed. The info. about that clandestine AV feed was leaked over the week as the Saudis were swift to deny & slow to cooperate with the investigation./3
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You can't understand #JamalKhashoggi assassination without knowing the following:
1. The industrialized world's relationship with raw materials-producing nations like #KSA #SaudiArabia produces corruption on both sides…
2. The Arabic-speaking countries, for the most part, even if they don't depend on mineral exports, are dependent on similar relationships, often mediated through the wealth on neighboring raw materials-producing nations or security arrangements made to protect industrialized
nations' interests in the mineral-exporting nations or in the Zionist settler-colonialist project (Egypt. Jordan).

3. When thousands of youth in these nations revolted against these systems in 2011 & subsequent yrs, the industrialized world supported the regimes through military
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#SRO - Interesting how some find themselves estonished about #KSA Khashoggi affair... Remember #KSA was one of last #Assad regime supporters in 2011. The kingdom was supporting regime (its supporters forgeting it, strangely) when all others arab states declared it criminal (1).
#SRO - During the 2011 first months of brutal killings of thousands of protesters by regime soldiers and shabihas, #KSA took the stance to be "neutral", watching the massacre without any problem : and for sure, most of those killed could vote, a day, for Muslim Brotherhood (2).
#SRO - When #Turkey and #Qatar began to act in june - july 2011, #KSA refused to follow. But when armed struggle began with army defector and some MB linked groups about to fight #KSA was seeing its enemies (Muslim Brotherhood) about to take another country (after #Egypt) (3).
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Given the fact that @SaudiEmbassyUSA’s in desperate need of goodwill, one would think they’d be smart enough to do something magnanimous, like offer support to the #Uyghurs of #EastTurkistan. Instead, they threaten to strengthen Communist #China by selling oil priced in #yuan. 🙄
… in the grand scheme of things, #Khashoggi was one guy with — at the very least — a lot of very bad friends. #Turkey, meanwhile, has 200+ journalists imprisoned & is doing nothing to help the Turkic #Uyghur people. As Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques, @KSAmofaEN should help.
… despite this glaring fact, Saudi imams will THROW YOU OUT of a Mosque if you dare ask congregants to pray for the #Uyghurs of Occupied #EastTurkistan. The #KSA’s apparent unwillingness to align w/ Western democracies & oppose this unfolding genocide is a major strategic error.
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It’s not just Khashoggi. Mohamed Bin Salman’s kidnap squads travel anywhere in the world to snatch critics. Far from modernizing, #MBS has turned Saudi Arabia into human rights abyss with a global reach.…
The Saudi kidnap squads have a trademark ‘lure and snatch’ strategy. They reach critics anywhere in the world and promise large checks or jobs if they meet KSA officials at an embassy.
Before his disappearance from the Saudi embassy in Turkey, Jamal Khashoggi appeared on al-Jazeera saying in #KSA under #MBS no-one dares to speak out.…
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1. The #Iran Action Group created by @SecPompeo last month released its report. Iran's role in the region, which other administrations overlooked, appears to be under intense scrutiny. #Houthis in #Yemen have been identified alongside groups responsible for attacks against the US
2. The report stated that consequences of #Iran's meddling include its lethal ballistic missiles, which advanced its proxies military capabilities: "Yemen’s #Houthi militants have fired numerous ballistic missiles into #Saudi Arabia, including two directed at Riyadh in May 2018."
3. The report also indicated that since 2012: "#Iran has spent over $16 billion propping up the #Assad regime and supporting its other partners and proxies in #Syria, #Iraq, and #Yemen."
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A key pillar of KSA’s foreign policy is peacemaking; promoting development; and maintaining security.#KSA, with support from the #UAE, achieved the Jeddah Peace Agreement between Ethiopia & Eritrea, which ended 20 years of war and will bring stability, security to a vital region.
KSA has always been at the forefront of reconciliation efforts and promoting peace. While others exploit conflicts to sow division, #KSA mediates, with successful outcomes going back decades, including; Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, among others.
The security of Bab al-Mandab Strait and the Horn of Africa is vital for KSA, the region and the world. Around 15% of the world’s trade passes through this area and KSA will keep working towards safeguarding the region from instability whether it‘s from piracy or Iran's militias.
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#Syria's FM Muallem in #Moscow today following trips by #Turkey's @MevlutCavusoglu & #KSA's al-Jubeir. 2/3 of their presser Lavrov and Muallem speak of #US, #Idlib, #Russia/n contacts w/ #Ankara, then Lavrov says.. 1/3
"..from my contacts w/ al Jubeir, other colleagues from the region it appears they all grew stronger in understanding that the reality is government of #Syria providing sovereignty & legitimate security interests of its country."
3/3 #Lavrov concludes: "#Russia always urged unity in #Arab family. Today the family has many problems. But we argue for it to live the way they want in their region. and resist attempts to have their own interests manipulated for the sake of someone else's geopolitical goals."
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1/ #SaudiArabia has laws to protect blasphemy of Islam. @JustinTrudeau passed M-103. In #KSA law has criminal penalties.
What’s not to understand?

#RaifBadawi jailed since 2012. Now sister #SamarـBadawi

Law of land affecting every citizen of Saudi Arabia

Price of advocacy
2/ in Canada Henry Morgentaler since 1969 was advocating social change to laws of Canada.

Henry Morgentaler was imprisoned under GVT Pierre Trudeau for 18 months.

That was the law of Canada at time affecting every citizen. Morgentaler knew consequences.

Change happened 1988
3/ it be be my dream that every person in world had individual freedom and protected rights and our legal system but we are in small minority- 6 Billion people don’t - 100s of countries don’t.

You’d think @JustinTrudeau w’d use his love for Castro to free Cubans.

Start there.
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Why did Samar go back #KSA after fleeing on fear of death?

Why did @JustinTrudeau use public tweets rather than diplomacy?

What changed for @JustinTrudeau in last few days?

Why not do same with Iran, China + another 100 barbaric countries?

Why didn’t @JustinTrudeau line up ANY allies to shore up support for Canada. USA/UK/France Etc?

Did @JustinTrudeau give a heads up to @realDonaldTrump?

Why did @JustinTrudeau just give $50M to Palestine -who is supporting #SaudiaArabia?

Did @JustinTrudeau even know?
If its strategic direction why didn’t @JustinTrudeau do as he’s done with #KinderMorgan declare #EnergyEast as National Interest pipeline and stop buying #saudi oil

#RaifBadawi sentenced for blogging against Islam. Why did @JustinTrudeau pass M-103 which is lighter version
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This gender virtue signalling will destroy Canada.

Canada publicly SILENT on imprisonment of (MALE)Raif Badawi since 2012 — but now creates Diplomatic War with #SaudiArabia

Why is Samar in Saudi Arabia knowingly breaking barbaric regimes laws.

Why must Canadians suffer?
2/ Question not asked by Liberal Trudeau living media:

“Canada has since 2012 on inprisionment oh Raif Badawi not made public statements and worked the quiet diplomatic channels- what changed. Does different gender cause Canada to change diplomatic strategy? If so why? “
3/ Further questions I’d like answers

1. Was Raif a dual citizen
2. Was Samar dual citizen
3. When Canadian citizenship granted
4. Why go to Saudi be activist when no protection of rights in #KSA
5. Do they know there no freedom of speech in #ksa
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#BREAKING : Saudi Arabian Airlines is now suspending all flights to and from #Toronto effective next Monday 13th August 2018 #Canada #KSA
Flights are getting suspended #RIYADH to / from #TORONTO
AND NOW: #Saudi Arabian agency stops buying Canadian #wheat, barley
#Canada #KSA
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Countering terrorism was and will always be a priority for #KSA,We have taken great strides in combatting terrorism and extremist ideology, be it from non-state actors like ISIS and AQ or from the leading state sponsor of terrorism; the Iranian regime; two sides of the same coin.
The Iranian regime is infamous for plotting attacks in the MENA region, and also worldwide.Recently in France.Before that: Germany, Argentina,Thailand, and here in DC as few examples,While regime sends out diplomats to smile to the West,its support for terrorism remains unchanged
Iran’s relationship with Al Qaeda dates back to the early 1990’s. When Hizbollah’s Imad Mugniyah met with Osama Bin Laden in Sudan to trade expertise. Both terrorists were united in their goal of attacking KSA and the US.
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Top international adviser to #Iran's SP Ali Akbar Velayati speaking @ValdaiClub now:says term #MiddleEast is British concept, he'd rather use West Asia/North Africa,argues due to #US influence some countries seek to play greater regional role (than they can)
Velayati:*throughout history external powers sought to dominate Mideast, #US no exception here, #Libya, #Somalia brought manifestations of western FP,#Trump seeks to undermine region,he wants to partition #Syria as they did w/ 🇱🇾 & #Iraq - bith once big, important states
Velayati: New element is after Islamic Revolution #Iran able to conduct policies independent of Western states, this is real reason why #US seeks to counter IRN.But if ot were not for #Russia & IRN, Leader of Nusra would be ruling today in #Damascus, head of #ISIS-in #Baghdad.
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Today,Sadly @Twitter suspended my account after members of cult-like #MEK terror Org reported me because I had criticized violation of Women's Rights in #MEK's camp in #Albania. They also threatened me to death this afternoon. #MEK & #Iran's Islamic Regime are two sides of a coin
#MEK's political wing, #NCRI which is falsely claiming to be secular is forcing its female soldiers to wear Hijab even during their rally in #Paris on 30/06/2018. Speaking about #MEK's violation of women's rights make its leaders angry. This is why #MEK is unpopular in #Iran.
#MEK is being financially supported by #KSA in-order to start a civil war in #Iran similar to what is happening in #Syria now. But hopefully can't because official surveys held by Iranian opposition groups show the group is 2nd most hated Org. after the Islamic Regime in #Iran.
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Upon the request of the president of Afghanistan; His Majesty King Salman announced his hope for the continuation of reconciliation efforts between the Afghani Government and Taliban.
#KSA will continue to support peace and political reconciliation in Afghanistan, and to provide assistance for efforts to establish a ceasefire that serves the interests of the Afghani people.
#KSA’s leading role as a leading country in the Muslim world is crucial for achieving peace and stability in the region and the world; which is vital to succeed in efforts to combat terrorism, extremism and violence.
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The 64 matches of the 2018 FIFA #WorldCup

A thread:

Match #1 | #RUS 5-0 #KSA

Match #2 | #EGY 0-1 #URU

Match #3 | #POR 3-3 #ESP

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