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Ten POWs from the US and other countries transferred from Russia to #KSA.
Among the freed are US military veterans, 39-year-old Alex Drueke and 27-year-old Andy Huynh, both from #Alabama. They went missing in #Ukraine, near the border with #Russia, on June 9.
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A wanted man has blown himself up with a suicide vest in Jeddah as Saudi security forces were close to arresting him. Multiple people including security personnel wounded. #SaudiArabia
The wanted man who blew himself up with a suicide vest in Jeddah has been identified as Abdullah Bin Zayed Abdul Rehman Al-Bakri Al-Shehri

#KSA Image
Statement from Saudi authorities on the Jeddah suicide explosion.

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Significant statement from caretaker PM @yairlapid: "Two-state solution is a strong guarantee for a democratic state of #Israel with a #Jewish majority."
Interesting moment during the @JoeBiden-@yairlapid presser in #Jerusalem when #Saudi news outlet @AlArabiya correspondent asked @POTUS what the #US is offering #Gulf states on #Iran's malign activity in region, and Lapid on where #Israel disagreed with Washington on Iran policy.
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if you’re like me, you tend to do stuff like this to pass the time. so if you wish to not see any more of the following tweets, mute #segagenesispredicts
so in this installment of #segagenesispredicts, i’m going to run simulations of the 2022 world cup, but i’m going to use the teams from the fifa soccer 2000 game on the sega genesis master system. it’s the last edition of the fifa game on the genesis. basically, it’s fifa 97 3.0.
i downloaded an emulator for my PC and had to create the following teams with the 4 available slots: senegal, qatar, ecuador, and iran. there wasn’t a 5th slot to use for serbia, so i just decided to use slovenia in their place. don’t like it? cry to the UN. #segagenesispredicts
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Well .@TrussLiz you talk about using "food as a weapon" but omit Global Britain's history of Operation Starvation:

Ireland - ‘famine’ of 1845-52 in Ireland engineered by British. Over 1 million Irish starved to death. 1.5 million ethnically cleansed, many left on 'coffin' ships
"During ‘Black 47’, the worst year of the so-called famine, almost 4000 vessels left Ireland carrying food to the ports of Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool and London, to feed English people. If we take butter alone, over 800,000 gallons was exported from Ireland at gunpoint"
"Mass starvation was a regular feature of life in India under British rule. The last ‘famine’ that was inflicted on India was in 1943 when over four million people died in Bengal."
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From July 13-16, @POTUS will travel to #Israel, #WestBank and #KSA, confirms the @WhiteHouse.
"While in Saudi Arabia, the President will discuss a range of bilateral, regional, and global issues," says @PressSec in a statement.
In the #KSA, @POTUS will meet with the Saudi de facto ruler -- Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. Candidate @JoeBiden had vowed to make Saudi Arabia a "pariah" for its human rights abuses.
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"Is he going, is he not going" to the #KSA is the question during today's @WhiteHouse briefing after conflicting responses to the question from @POTUS to reporters.

"...continuing to plan for a trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia" but no announcement today, replies @PressSec. Image
"There's no trip to announce at this trip," adds @PressSec to a followup question on whether @POTUS is going to Saudi Arabia. "There's nothing to preview for you at this time" but it's wrong to say such a visit would simply be to ask for #oil.
A third question about the likely #KSA trip by @POTUS.
"There are more complexities to that issue and it's multi-faceted," replies @PressSec about the Saudis and a discussion of #oil amid high #gasprices. "I don't want to go into specifics."
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From #PepeEscobar, @telegram, 3 June 2022.

One of the ongoing debates in OilWorld: How much spare capacity remains in the system to produce oil at additional levels, globally, in case of emergency?

Answer: it’s running out & there ain’t no more!

#PeakOil is back! ⛽️ ✈️ 🚗
Let us not forget the words of the late, great Matthew Simmons (paraphrasing): “Once Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 has peaked, then the world has effectively peaked.”

Ergo, there’s no spare capacity to offset banned / boycotted Ru oil. Ergo, global oil mkt = sellers mkt now.

The above piece via Pepe Escobar states that there is now declining spare capacity in #KSA 🇸🇦 due to declining investment in #oil extraction tech.

It’s actually the other way around: there’s now declining investment b/c there’s no new profitable 🇸🇦 oil to be had. #PeakOil
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US will provide #Ukraine with the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (#HIMARS), a senior administration official says.
#Ukraine won't use #HIMARS on targets in #Russia, says the senior US official.
In a just published @nytopinion piece, @POTUS says: "I’ve decided that we will provide the Ukrainians with more advanced rocket systems and munitions that will enable them to more precisely strike key targets on the battlefield in Ukraine."…
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#SSgovt's economic performance & narrative challenge
Barely 3 weeks in Office, SS govt did great job on economy but struggled on narrative.
1. It immediately convinced #IMF on package & broad contour of the deal.
Only it has 2 give plan 4 staggered...
.... reduction on subsidies by May 18. a/n

2. SS govt also reached out 2 #KSA: roll over & oil deferred payment. Small prints finalized soon. Solid support guaranteed.

3. #UAE also agreed 2 request of SS govt; details finalized.

4. #China agreed 2 roll over $5 bills.
5. By end of May most of packages will be inked.
6. Dollar pluctuation is normal, will revert back to Rs185 by end of June when economy stablised.

But SS govt takes battering on narrative front as follow:
1. #IshaqDr vs #MiftahIsmael statements create confusion.

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Actions and policies of ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan and his #PTIGovernment have led to arrests, denial of jobs, travel bans, and deportations of Pakistanis from #Turkey #UAE #France #SaudiArabia #China. All in just three years. The latest is Saudi crackdown on pro-Khan Pakistanis. /1
In April, ex-PM #ImranKhan's incitement was responsible for Pakistanis getting radicalized in two countries: #Turkey+#SaudiArabia. 🇹🇷 arrested 27 pro-Khan Pakistanis on Apr 12. 🇸🇦 has repeatedly arrested Khan sympathizers in 2019+2020+2021 & 2022. /2
In 2020, PM #ImranKhan's followers launched online campaign against #Arab-#Israel peace agreement #AbrahamAccords, radicalizing young Pakistanis in the #Gulf who protested on streets in #UAE & #SaudiArabia, leading to loss of jobs, expulsions, visa bans/3

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Although I personally understand the Saudi concerns which led to this policy, I see it as a huge mistake and that Saudi Arabia will not be a winner from it. Surprisingly, the biggest winners from this energy crisis are #Russia and #Iran.
#KSA #USA #Biden #Ukraine #Israel #UAE
Because of the ongoing war on #Ukraine and the economic sanctions on #Russia , the rise in energy prices makes the imports of oil gas very important to cover #Moscow's depletion in other fields.
Moscow has already started exploiting the card of energy externally as well by blackmailing Europe and raising its exports to eastern countries at much lower prices.
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Thread : 🧵
With #OPEC Plus clinging to #oil pumping operations at nearly the same level, which leads to a continuous rise in fuel prices globally, in my opinion, the key to this crisis is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
#KSA #USA #Russia #Ukraine #EU #NATO #Iran Image
As it is known, #Riyadh is the second largest oil exporter in the world with about 10 mbd and the second largest reserves. #SaudiArabia also leads the #OPEC, which includes a number of oil exporters, making it an important influence on global oil prices.
It is important to stress that the current rise started since the 4th quarter of last year, months before Russian invasion in #Ukraine, with assurances from #US, confirming its attempt to communicate with the Saudi side to raise the level of production, hitting a dead end.
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PM #ImranKhan sets the stage for his legacy in a huge, impressive rally in #Islamabad, characterizing himself as a living martyr facing off international conspiracy to unseat him. He did not offer evidence but waved a document as proof. The rally achieves its two targets.. /1
PM #ImranKhan achieves two targets: to try impress power centers within the country that he remains popular, which he partially does (with diehard voters); and to engage those voters in a larger foreign policy issue beyond electoral accountability of performance & governance. /2
Aside from the secret document that PM #ImranKhan is not revealing (yet) to protect national interest, it is not a secret that his biggest foreign policy confrontations occurred with the #KSA #UAE #France, and misunderstandings with #China. /3
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This is the moment the Houthis attacked Aramco’s petroleum facilities in #Jeddah, inbound traffic to Jeddah holding and Royal Saudi Air Force A330MRT DREAM21 orbiting East of Riyadh. ImageImage
It seems that #Jeddah #KSA is suffering another attack at this very moment inbound traffic holding again. Image
Update. Image
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War in #Ukraine and a halt in negotiations on the #JCPOA due to #Russia’s demands are game changers that also risk endangering #Iran-#SaudiArabia talks. A THREAD 1/11🧵 :…
2/11 After a new round of #KSA-#Iran talks was announced yesterday, rumors suggested #Iran wished to suspend talks. Meanwhile Iran’s IRGC launched an attack on US installations in Erbil. This is worrying:…
3/11 Russia’s demands in #JCPOA talks and subsequent halt in negotiations, may disincentivize #Tehran to opt for dialogue and refraining from targeting #US assets & Iran’s regional rivals, either directly or through its allied paramilitaries in Iraq, Yemen and Syria.
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Thread : 🧵
Today, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu announced that there are more than 16,000 volunteers ready to support and fight in #Lugansk and #Donetsk if #Russia requests it.
#Ukraine #USA #NATO #EU #UK #Biden
This announcement was not surprising to me or to those familiar with the scene in #Syria in particular and the Middle East in general. In my opinion, #Moscow is able to mobilize more than double that number and has already started accepting recruitment requests.
There are two types of militias in the Middle East, one part carrying a religious ideology (like #Hezbollah), and another part in the form of security companies, among which the fighters volunteered for economic reasons (25th Brigade in #Syria).
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As I predicted two days ago, the Russian invasion of #Ukraine would directly affect the course of the negotiations in #Vienna on #Iran's nuclear program, which was declared frozen today.
To understand why, you can read the thread:👇
Signing the agreement would have meant a stab in the back for #Russia by opening the way for Iranian oil and gas to be pumped into the global market, which would turn the most dangerous Russian weapon against the West less severe.
#Iran #USA #EU #UK #NATO
A rejection of the agreement would create to the West anger and disappointment with all the economic and security concessions made by #France, #Germany and the #US, which in one way or another caused tension in western relations with #SaudiArabia and the #UAE.
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🧵On #Turkey-#Israel and talk of a #gas pipeline

After a tour in #Greece and #Cyprus, that aimed at appeasing their concerns, Israeli president was today visiting Turkey in the context of improving bilateral relations. Its the first visit by an Israeli president since 2008. >
Though allies since 1996, relations started to deteriorate as early as 2004 & took a huge blow in 2010 w the #MaviMarmara incident. Not going to get into that or the steps that followed towards normalization.
See this on #Turkey's strategy in the #EastMed in Foreign Policy:…

and this book:…
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#Iran-backed #Houthi militia is now involved in at least two attacks resulting in injuries+death of #Pakistan citizens in #KSA+#UAE. In May 2021, Houthis targeted #Jeddah within hours of the arrival of PM #ImranKhan+First Lady [see: ] /1
Apart from killing a #Pakistan citizen, the #Houthi attack on @AdnocGroup facility targets an energy partner of six largest Pakistani oil & gas companies [See ]

[ADNOC statement ]
#Pakistan has so far avoided directly criticizing #Iran-backed proxies in the region in order to avoid altercations with #Tehran and its feared #IRGC/QF paramilitaries. But now #Houthis increasingly pose a direct threat to Pak interests in the #Gulf. /3

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Interesting, Hael (sometimes spelled Hail) may well be where the word “hail” comes from. Earlier in the year it had some amazing hail storms. Weather in the Middle East atm really is seriously cray cray.
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Something going on in #Jeddah?
Air traffic halted for now.
#SaudiArabia #KSA 🇸🇦
SVA636 diverted [possibly to Medinah]
#KSA #SaudiArabia 🇸🇦
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Interception over Khamis Mushait / Abha, southern #KSA #SaudiArabia
1939Z / 22:39 local

[Confirmed by a local source]
1955Z / 22:55 local
Explosion over Jazan
#SaudiArabia #KSA 🇸🇦
Confirmed by the coalition:
One ballistic missile [launched by #Iran-backed Houthi militias] has been intercepted over Khamis Mushait, southern #KSA
#SaudiArabia 🇸🇦
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