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So, yesterday I filmed a video, reading Debbie Hayton’s latest justification for public displays of fetishism. My video is informed by child development and safeguarding frameworks
However, for those that are short of time, I’ll be able to give you a summary, now.
No 3 yr old can possibly have AGP, which is an adult paraphillia.
3 yr olds are at Piaget’s pre-operational stage, and believe that dressing up as a thing transforms you into a thing.
If a 3 yr old were to display overt sexualised behaviours, it would be a massive safeguarding red flag.
Childhood ‘cross-dressing’ is only associated with shame and fear in deeply homophobic households.
Adult AGPs like to use retconning to adultify themselves in their memory.
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Recently listened to a really informative webinar on #parentalalienation hosted by @stiveschambers.

The link for the webinar is here:

Below is a THREAD of the salient points:
What is #parentalalienation ?

According to Dr Joyanna Sillberg:
There is no universal definition. We need to parse the terms into all of its component parts:
- Do parents disparage children?
- What is the effect of parents going through divorce , who disparage children?
- Which children are most affected by that?
- HOW are they affected?
- What are the best treatments for children who are affected?
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How does posture constrain the developing bodily self? Hot off the press from #ChildDevelopment, may I introduce to you our article on #BodyRepresentation in #childhood? w/ @dcowiedurham, @Andy_Bremner, @SamKeenaghan et al)
@DurhamPsych @Uppsala_BabyLab
What is this article about?

The feeling of inhabiting a body is fundamental for self-experience. Here, localisation of our body parts (e.g. hands) and the feeling of ownership over it are crucial. We wanted to know how different postures of hands impacts #BodyRepresentation. Image
What did we do?

We used the classic #RubberHandIllusion paradigm to investigate how children's perceptions of their own body were influenced by the match between a viewed fake hand and their own. Here, the posture of the fake hand either matched or did not match their own hand's
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This is a thread about most interesting question about children (from parent's point of view) - How to spot talent in a child as early as possible.

Read on (quit here if you are looking for ways to make champion of your child no matter what.)
Most parents believe (quite wrongly) that spotting talent early will help you "develop" that skill into a fantastic vocational opportunity and subsequent glory.
Most important question to ask is - Is it possible to spot talent early on?

Answer is - Depends!

Depends on which talent you are looking for.

Let me elaborate.
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