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Must listen: Benjamin Freedman's speech.

from 34:00 on Eastern European Chosens™ descent from Khazars (35:00 "they were #phallic worshippers..")
Compare (eg) Prof. Elliot Wolfson on Cabalists' "homoerotic" veneration of their Chosen™ penis as a 'magic' union of opposites ('male' shaft, 'female' "crown"/corona); as in, the wife is a "crown" to her husband (Proverbs 12:4), etc.

#revealed #concealed '#God' #circumcision
Which can be traced right back to the ancient Babylonian worship of the #scribe (writing) god of the underworld, Nergal, represented as a ... wait for it ... 'cock' (rooster), in the Talmud.
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This article believes that silencing of female nurses by the "patriarchy" is WORSE than the genital mutilation of boys!

Not once does the author address the issue of #circumcision from the infant's perspective, being a violation of consent and bodily integrity. #i2
Why are you denying the humanity of African-American men who hate #circumcision like @quill_monger, @LaurenVino?

It's funny how you're trying not to be racist, but by denying their existence, you are racist.

> the manosphere is exclusively the domain of miserable white men
There are extremists in feminism, extremists in animal rights, extremists in environmentalism, so on.

If all intactivists are this way, then all feminists are misandrists. Tit for tat.

> Members of the impassioned anti-circumcision, or intactivist movement, took it from there
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What's "straight-up NOT #Christianity" is #Antisemitism.

#Jesus was a Jew who led a Jewish movement. People called him "rabbi": "Then an expounder of the Law stood up to test Him with a question. 'Rabbi,' he asked, "what shall I do to inherit the Life of the Ages?" (Lk 10.25).
The #Jesus Movement was a #Jewish movement. When Rome arrested Jesus for treason, he named his brother James & his best friend Peter as its new leaders. Paul never met Jesus, & he had a very different take on Jesus's teachings than the people who'd known & followed him.
Paul visited Jesus Movement leaders in Jerusalem. It didn't go well. Paul hit the road, taking a Jewish movement far outside the bounds of Judea.

Q 1: Will you become a Jew like Jesus?
Ans 1: You want me to cut off the tip of my what?
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Local rabbi accused of infecting babies with herpes
"Metzitzah B'peh," the Mohel will use his mouth to suck the blood from the infant's penis after he cuts off the foreskin. The practice is meant to prevent infection and serve as a celebration of life.
The #ADL has extortion practices, here are the letters the ADL did sent to one of #Iceland’s ministers. It basically says “If you ban circumcision we´ll use our media to destroy Iceland’s tourism”.
Why Ultra-Orthodox #Jewish Babies Keep Getting Herpes
A circumcision tradition in the Ultra-Orthodox community, two babies contracted neonatal herpes, and Mayor de Blasio is doing nothing to stop it.
Rabbi's and herpes?…
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#i2 1/17 It's that time of year again - the national conference of @AmerAcadPeds is this weekend in #NOLA. Once again, there's a "session" with a misleading title: "Common Problems of the Genitalia in Newborns and Infants." An ethical practitioner would read that title & think...
@AmerAcadPeds 2/17 the session will cover diseases, deformities, other adverse penile conditions & their diagnosis or treatment. After all, that's what the ethical practice of medicine in general, & #neonatal #pediatrics in particular, is all about: patient presents w/problem, pediatrician...
@AmerAcadPeds 3/17 diagnoses and appropriately treats problem. But this is @AmerAcadPeds, where no one in charge gives a #flyingflamingo about their ethical duties to their child patients, & where a surgeon's Toyota #Camry won't pay for itself. Read the blurb & you'll see this session isn't...
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1. Why is it that when, in Somalia, a 10 year old girl dies of genital mutilation, it's national news in America...

yet we have dozens of baby boys in America dying every year from circumcision and I never heard it once


#MensRights #Circumcision
3. Tragedy or naaaaaaaaaaaaa?
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