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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/24/2020…
Phenomenal World | Logistics, Labor, and State Power…

#labor #state #logistics #power
How Does Commodity Trading Work? Not Well Enough for Some European Banks - Bloomberg…

#symbiotic #european #trading #memetic #banks
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Amitabh Kant CEO @NITIAayog says - India has, traditionally, spread itself thin trying compete in far too many categories. Instead, we should focus in a few areas and build scale. @amitabhk87 @srinivasanravi @srirags @businessline #BLKnowledgeSeries
Amitabh Kant makes a very valid point - manufacturing and trading in the international market are 2 very different ball-games. His advice - use e-commerce portals rather than independent distribution channels. #BLKnowledgeSeries
3/n #Logistics has been identified as a key differentiator. However, there are many players - all of them must perform in tandem. To identify the points of inefficiency the government is launching an App. #BLKnowledgeSeries
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Thread on the comprehensive manufacturing and distribution plan released this morn from @amprog @TopherSpiro and @ZekeEmanuel. It is everything you need to know about what lies ahead. A vaccine never saved a life; only a vaccination has. Some key points: 1/
A)This seems overwhelming. But the only way to get order to the chaos is through this kind of gap planning. It’s actually calming: what will we need, what do we have, and how do we fill that gap. A needs assessment is the only way to move forward. 2/
B)The gaps are wide but they are known. That too is good. There are also separate ethical issues related to distribution order but some already set (first responders first!). This plan is about the how and it builds off planning from H1N1 and capacity at local and state level. 3/
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We Still don’t have a National Strategy/ Logistic For #TTI . TTI is Test , Trace, with Suported Isolation . If #TTI is not Standardized Nation Wide , we will have a 50 State Solution. #TTI is similar to the #SouthKorea strategy. We Working a Plan B for #USA @realDonaldTrump Image
We need a National #TTI Strategy/Logistics @MSNBC @AliVelshi @TeamCavuto @AC360 @donlemon @DavidBegnaud @CNN @NPR Must Get the @CDCgov leading this #TTI effort our plan B will have . Strategy , Concept, Tactics , Techniques and Procedures , Working with team of Selfless Leaders
The second wave could kick our collective butt if we don’t , organize , standardized, train , fund #TTIT ,TEST ,TRACE , ISOLATE,TREAT . A 50 State Solution without Federal #Logistics Funding will not be effective. The @CDCgov @HHSGov must be leading this effort with the States Image
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First Look. Boston Hope is opening today as our surge is expected. It’s MA field hospital and #covid shelter @MassConvention and preparing for up to 1000 patients. I was invited this am so posting pics and explanations about how these get built and work.
Army support arriving 1/ Image
Overheard: “I have a new appreciation for God. He took six days. This took us eight.”
The facility has familiar names to differentiate areas. The state began this effort last Wed. It’s an all hands mission. Individual bed cubicles are ready. 2/ ImageImageImageImage
Infection control and patient clinical priority are the two main missions as they determine how to triage the expected patients. First 50 patients arriving now. 3/ ImageImageImageImage
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Many of the long standing societal rules were re-written at times of crisis. We are undergoing one of the biggest crisis of our generation. Wonder what rules will be re-written in the post COVID world. Trying to predict few changes in the new world

Thread 1/n
AI and Digital transformation will lead the way in the post Covid world as people will finally wake up to the potential of technology in optimizing their respective businesses.
#COVID #coronovirusindia #economy #recession #IndianEconomy #startups
The de facto delivery of education will change to online mediums now that the education institutes will start seeing the potential of online education delivery. Low impact in K12, high impact in higher education.
#COVID #education #edtech
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This will be an ongoing thread regarding life here in #SaudiArabia, during the #CoronaVirus (#CoVid19) #outbreak.

The #Saudi Government was initially quite strongly criticized for it's preventative measures, yet now many criticizing nations have declared states of #emergency.
While basic things like #facemasks have been hoarded elsewhere & sold for up to ten times their market price, here in #Saudi national factories are producing #FaceMaskForSale in the domestic market.

Thank you @MCgovSA 💚🌴

#CoVid19 #CoronaVirus #كورونا
Here's another #CoVid19 essential.
While hoarders and heartless advantage-takers have emptied store shelves of #HandSanitizer, elsewhere…
#Saudi @MCgovSA makes sure factories produce enough to cover domestic demand.

#SaudiArabia #CoronaVirus #كورونا

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#mobilizeminds #coronavirus
👉Watch this @APTA_Transit webinar for public transportation industry leaders on: Transit’s Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
📽️ // more material here:… #wearetransport

👉👉👉 Please share your measures as PT operator to stop the spread of corona

The @APTA_Transit A Guide for Public Transportation Pandemic Planning and Response includes additional information on potential measures:… #coronavirus #wearetransport
cont'd: Beijing plans to experiment with a “subway by appointment” system to prevent crowding amid the coronavirus outbreak #coronavirus #wearetransport…
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With the #UKCoordinationGroup & #EPlenary about to adopt a resolution on the EU-UK future relationship, here are some elements which would be of great help to integrated supply chains & logistics on both sides of the border @davidmcallister @berndlange @CHansenEU @EP_Trade 1/
1. 1st, a #transport agreement is an absolute must @davidmcallister @berndlange @CHansenEU @KarimaDelli : without an agreement, there is no fallback to allow traffic by road, rail & air freight to continue. Without it, planes won't fly & a very small number of EU & UK vehicles 2/
(trucks & vans) cld ever cross the border relying on a very limited number of ECMT permits (wouldn't even cover 5% of the traffic). The situation is just as serious for the island of Ireland since #transport is not dealt with in the Protocol part of the withdrawal agreement 3/
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Frictionless trade is no longer a UK negotiating objective... not surprising based on previous declarations from the Chancellor but... 1. It raises a number of questions for NI-GB flows in particular & wld confirm what was in the UK Gvt WA bill impact assessment for GB-NI... 1/
...which was aligned with UKTF slides & what @MichelBarnier & his team said repeatedly. 2. What does this mean for the UK's negotiating objectives? No trade facilitation measures? Wld seem weird. Surely AEO MRA (or 'trusted traders' MRA) is on the table. Was in political decl. 2/
Would a safety & security agreement 'à la EU-CH' be on the table? Let's hope so, operators could REALLY do without entry & exit summary declarations - esp. for ro-ro. Surely an SPS agreement at least as good as EU-NZ is on the table? What else? And what about transport??? 3/
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Disappointing to see #trade only mentioned in relation to anti-dumping & level-playing field measures + 0 tariffs & quotas in @MichelBarnier speech. Surely negotiators could do better, even in 10 months. Industry will need more than that, on both sides @StefaanDeRynck 1/
0 tariffs & quotas is important but not sufficient. You need to ensure industry can actually benefit from it (Rules of origin!). Something @Kommerskoll knows something about... Considering how prod & #supplychains are integrated, industry needs + than bilateral cumulation 2/
For #customs, a bare min. is to seek to retain the UK in the EU safety & security zone so that entry & exit summary declarations are not required. That's in line with the EU security coop objective & is vital for accompanied roll-on roll-off (Dover-Calais, Dublin-Holyhead...) 3/
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Thread! De nieuwe Warehouse Totaal ligt komende dinsdag op de mat! Wat kun je verwachten? Onder meer: hoe fietsenfabrikant Van Raam een optimale inrichting en routing heeft weten te creëren, hoe de vriezerdeuren van Rite-Hite voor zo weinig mogelijk ijs en condensvorming (1/4)
zorgen bij een visfabrikant in Urk en je leest het verhaal achter het dc van De Voedselbank in Delft.
Verder: het volautomatische dc van AGF-specialist Van Gelder in Ridderkerk, de samenwerking tussen MotracLinde en Reesink Logistic Solutions, gamification (2/4)
orderpicken met sensoren en natuurlijk columns van Jan Hommes (BMWT) en hoofdredacteur Martijn Reintjes.
Nog niet geabonneerd op Warehouse Totaal? Lees hier over de mogelijkheden ( of bekijk onze preview: (3/4)
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Been reading a bunch of Annual Reports last few days. Creating this thread to capture and share interesting tidbits from the ones I am reading this season. Will be updated on an ongoing basis next few weeks.

2. Few bluechips have reported their #EconomicValueAdded (EVA), a good measure of shareholder value creation. HUL AR does a great job of explaining details. EVA as % avg capital employed over a period of time can be a good leading indicator. Pidilite also shares EVA details
3. Chairman's letter+MD&A section of top 2/3 key players provide great overview of economy and sector dynamics.
Few suggested section reads are HUL, Kotak, PEL, Sterlite Tech, Everest Ind+Visaka, Godrej Prop, OCCL, Hikal, Aavas, RBL, L&T Infotech, Zydus Wellness.

Suggest more!
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Has anyone else noticed supermarkets putting in old school high racking? Extra shelving for unopened stock over the racks? Two of my locals have done this in last 2 weeks
This is something I haven't seen in British supermarkets since I worked for Kwikkies back in 1996-1998
We used to have an extra, heavy weight layer of shelving above the ones customers use, loaded with cases of stock. During trading you'd walk the floor pulling out cardboard from the shelves and pulling stock forwards
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