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I asked for 100 likes for the case study on unethical #dropshipping and we got 306 likes.

Disclaimer: In no way do I recommend doing what I'm about to post. This is just the breakdown of an experiment that was successful. Replicate at your own risk.

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🚹 DISCLAIMER: Please don't attempt this on your last few $. It's a quick & dirty method on how to make some money FAST. It doesn't work 100% of the time and it surely is NOT sustainable. This CAN fail just like any other business.

Before actually elaborating this #strategy, I will first share the results and then break down the #costs and #resources which will be required for this to replicate.

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You're struggling to scale your e-commerce #operations to a new level? Here are 5 easy ways on how to #scale horizontallyđŸ‘‡đŸ»

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1ïžâƒŁ Foreign markets.

Chances are, that you're running your operations mainly in the United States of America. Think outside of the box. The world is big enough for you to scale in #untappedmarkets such as DACH, NORDIC, BENELUX, etc.

2ïžâƒŁ Foreign languages.

Not only should you consider #scaling in untapped markets as previously mentioned but you should also adapt to the local language. Tested this several times and it will significantly boost your #CVR and just overall performance-driven #KPIs.

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Conversamos sobre la muerte de #AbimaelGuzman, lĂ­der del grupo terrorista #SenderoLuminoso, con el Dr. SalomĂłn Lerner, expresidente de la #CVR y rector emĂ©rito PUCP. đŸ§”

"GuzmĂĄn liderĂł, como una cabeza casi mesiĂĄnica, un movimiento que pretendĂ­a cambiar la sociedad por las vĂ­as mĂĄs violentas y que, en Ășltima instancia, no llevaba a nada mĂĄs que a la destrucciĂłn de la misma sociedad", recuerda el profesor Lerner.
"Aquello que ocurriĂł en el paĂ­s no es algo que pasĂł y debemos olvidar. Esto se debe y se puede conocer. Es necesario que los jĂłvenes sepan lo que pasĂł; de lo contrario, no van a entender en quĂ© paĂ­s viven y en quĂ© paĂ­s podrĂ­an vivir”, remarca.
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#TreatyRights are essential part of Canadian #RuleofLaw
#MikMaq #Mikmaw #SipeknekatikStrong

From ⁊@SenSincmurr⁩
Former Justice, Former Chair Truth & Reconciliation Commission

⁊@SenatorWanda⁩ ⁊@KPateontheHill⁩ ⁊@cblackst⁩
“Prime Minister, If the government, police & courts will not enforce the laws for all Canadians, who will?”
#MikMaq #Mikmaw #SipeknekatikStrong

From @SenSincmurr
Former Justice, Former Chair Truth & Reconciliation Commission

@SenatorWanda @KPateontheHill @cblackst
“I am extremely disappointed in the Government failure to uphold Mi’kmaq constitutional rights”

“Now is the time for action”
#MikMaq #Mikmaw #SipeknekatikStrong

From @SenSincmurr
Former Justice, Former Chair Truth & Reconciliation Commission

@KPateontheHill @cblackst
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On n’a pas attendu ce jour pour savoir que nous avons un excellent Premier Ministre. Je n’envoie pas de notes au PrĂ©sident sur le remaniement, j'en envoie plutĂŽt sur l’agriculture. Ce n’est pas aux dĂ©putĂ©s de faire le casting gouvernemental,@EmmanuelMacron sait ce qu'il a Ă  faire Image
Je ne pense pas qu’il y ait de rivalitĂ© entre le Premier Ministre et le PrĂ©sident de la RĂ©publique sur leur popularitĂ©. Quand le PrĂ©sident voudra changer de Premier Ministre il le changera. Moi je suis trĂšs content qu’on ait un bon Premier Ministre. @LCP #CVR Image
Pour moi on peut changer de politique en gardant le Premier Ministre. La droite sociale a existé dans ce pays. On ne peut pas dire que De Gaulle était anti-sociale. La crise change les hommes et a modifié les logiciels de tout le monde ! @LCP #CVR Image
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Mon propos n’est pas de sĂ©duire mais de convaincre. Je suis porteur d’un autre monde avec d’autres valeurs. Pour convaincre, il n’y a pas d’autre choix que la conflictualitĂ© qui brise l’évidence. #CVR #LCP
Tout n’est pas communication, tout n’est pas sĂ©duction. Il faut porter des convictions si on veut changer les choses. Je suis pour la RĂ©volution citoyenne, par les urnes. Oui, je veux transformer complĂštement cette sociĂ©tĂ© indiffĂ©rente Ă  la souffrance. #CVR #LCP
Pour notre famille politique, le #CodeDuTravail, la #SécuritéSociale sont des choses essentielles qui nous décrivent. #CVR #LCP #Retraites
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Comment en finir avec les dĂ©serts mĂ©dicaux ? Le PrĂ©sident @BouetP participe Ă  l’émission @CaVousRegarde aux cĂŽtĂ©s de @MESNIERThomas, @VigierPhilippe et @hazansteph cc @LCP @Myriamencaoua #CVR #MaSantĂ©2022 Image
La fin du #NumerusClausus est "une fausse bonne idĂ©e" : "Si la qualitĂ© des enseignements est conservĂ©e, oui, mais cela ne rĂ©pond pas Ă  la problĂ©matique de l’#AccĂšsAuxSoins dans les territoires" @BouetP #CVR #MaSantĂ©2022 Image
Faut-il contraindre les mĂ©decins ? "Quel aveuglement que de parler de contrainte Ă  l’installation, alors mĂȘme que seuls 10% des diplĂŽmĂ©s choisissent l’exercice libĂ©ral un an aprĂšs leur diplĂŽme ! Les mesures coercitives sont inefficaces." @BouetP #CVR #MaSantĂ©2022 @LCP Image
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1/n For those who missed out on #Mello2018 - have decided to compile some thoughts from the talks and the cos. Some very successful investors in attendance; investing is about stacking the odds in your favour (like poker) and repeatedly playing to leverage your edge.
2/n If you don’t have an edge then you’re liquidity for someone else who has one. Investing and trading require patience and to wait for the opportunity. Losses reduce both physical and mental capital. You need to play to win but if you lose all your capital you can’t play.
3/n Gervais Williams - lack of wage growth changing political and investing landscape. Tailwinds will become headwinds as rates potentially rise and productivity stagnates. Risk comes from real world. Imo we are drunk on cheap credit; previous tax shields will become burdens.
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