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Trump’s declaration of a national emergency is contrived & without factual basis. He even admitted he "didn't need to do it." It's an autocratic move--unconstitutional. Trump cannot make appropriation decisions; that's Congress' constitutional power. 1/3

There's already strong bipartisan pushback against Trump. Congress will use the statutory process to terminate the declaration. Lawsuits have been or are about to be filed--@Public_Citizen, @CREWcrew, @AGBecerra, @protctdemocracy, @ACLU. 2/3

Even if Trump can show that the declaration is constitutional, legally, he must show that using the funds is for the "national defense." There’s little chance he can convince the courts of this.

This wall will never happen. 3/3

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A 3 Day Raid ending on February 2nd, 2017 Operation RECLAIM & REBUILD netted 474 Traffickers/Pedophiles & rescued 55 Trafficked Children & Women.…
This was barely a Blip on the MSM's Radar Screen, covered locally on TV & Print News.
But the EFFECT of this Raid was like a THERMONUCLEAR EXPLOSION going off in the Pedophile/Trafficking Networks.
These Raids were DEVASTATINGLY thorough.
They now had HUNDREDS of Suspects & Victims to interview.
They had their Computers, their Servers, their Phones & Devices.
Their Bank Accounts, the IP Addresses of their Customers, clients & Patrons & transactional info....
See where I'm going here?
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1) #RBG not being seen since November is causing ?’s of her health & ability to perform duties of the court. Rumors she’s in a medically induced coma, or dead after #foxnews live graphic, are increasing demands for #ProofOfLife @POTUS @seanhannity @StormIsUponUs @bigredwavenow
2) Attacks on ‘pledge of allegiance’, ‘In God We Trust’ & Catholics are the left’s STRATEGIC planned effort in the lead up to the NEXT nominee. The rush-to-judgement of the Covenant Catholic #MAGAkids was part of that narrative, but BACKFIRED when the TRUTH came out.#WWG1WGA
3) The View’s, Joy Behar, was HONEST when she confessed the ‘rush-to-judgement’ over the #MAGAkids Covenant Catholic group was because [they] are “so desperate to get rid @realDonaldTrump@dbongino @mitchellvii @BillOReilly @RealJamesWoods #GreatAwakening #RBG #KAG #QAnon
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Per a recent Washington Post - ABC News Poll, half of Americans are skeptical that the #MuellerReport will be fair.

This article provides an overview & details for each person listed. 1/4
#TrumpCrimeSyndicate #TrumpRussia
We NEED to remind people who aren't paying as much attention as we are about Mueller's background & qualifications.

🔸Awarded Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry & 2 Navy Commendation Medals for service in Vietnam
🔸 Oversaw prosecutions of Noriega & Gotti
🔸Led the investigation into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103
🔸After 9/11, helped transform FBI into an agency focused on national security as well as law enforcement
🔸Appointed as #FBI Director by George W. Bush
#RuleOfLaw 3/4
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Perfectly normal reaction by senior officials within @MaltaGov (particularly OPM) to a minor court decision shuttering a further avenue for investigation into #PanamaPapers on technical grounds.

The #ruleoflaw in #Malta is fine and there is no #disinformation or spin whatsoever.
Case in point: @anticorruption’s plummeting ranking is also blamed:
Case in point: @VeniceComm's concerns over rule of law are evidently based on one person (previously Daphne, now someone else who dares call them a crook).

Also interesting how impossible threshold for courts is implicitly being dictated:…
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>thread>I’m 70yo. I remember Eisenhower, loved JFK, saw RFK & MLK die. I marched agst LBJ, Nixon &Vietnam & racism. Tasted tear and pepper gas and felt rifle butts. Lived through Watergate. I’ve seen 9/11 & war after war. I’ve seen the death of trust in government & truth & 1/
Spent close to 30yrs as a govt attorney upholding my oath of office to the best of my ability. And now, I’m witnessing our political apocalypse. My BA is in Russian and European history. I’ve always worried that it could happen here, given the right conditions.2/
The conditions have been right. As many ppl have recognized, there is absolutely NOTHING Trump has done that is inconsistent with the USSR’s longtime goals. From the very first day when he called the CIA nazis. He has cast doubt on every one of our 3/
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Romania takes over the EU Presidency at a critical time, when several legislative negotiations need to be concluded ahead of European elections. Read my thoughts in this thread 👇
First, I wish them the best of luck. At the same time, the Romanian government must deliver on their commitments with regard to the #ruleoflaw.
The reforms of the judiciary, of the criminal code and also the NGO law must fully reflect the recommendations of the Venice Commission, and be re-assessed by this expert body before enactment.
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PLEASE ARREST CA DemonRATS, voter fraud plus harboring illegals:…
Vehicle registration fee increase: Under SB 1, California’s controversial gas tax and car registration increase, drivers will pay escalated fees of up to $175 more for vehicle registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles, based on the vehicle’s value.
SB 54, called the “California Values Act,” already restricts the ability of state and local police in California to cooperate with U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents.
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Addressing the annual conference of @NigBarAssoc in Aug, @MBuhari claimed #HumanRights were subject to his own notion of national security. As #Nigerians in different walks pay wth their lives for growing insecurity, it's impt to address #TheBuhariDoctrine…
Supporters of #TheBuhariDoctrine of national security easily cite the side comment (dictum) of a Justice of #Nigeria's Supreme Court in the case of Mujahid Asari Dokubo v. Federal Republic of #Nigeria decided when OBJ was President on 8 June 2006.…
In July 2009, during, under OBJ's successor, #UMYA, Yusuf Mohammed, the founder of #BokoHaram was executed extra-judicially by @PoliceNG. His killing became the proximate cause of an insurgency that has triggered multiple forms of lethal violence in #Nigeria
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1/ @MaltaGov doesn’t really have a choice

2/ @VeniceComm was asked by @coe for opinion to assess whether #Malta should be added to the “bad boy” list (hence #1)

3/ perspective- left to its own devices @MaltaGov thinks a shrine to a murdered journalist is a threat to #ruleoflaw
Here’s the Minister of Justice of #Malta referring to #DaphneCaruanaGalizia’s memorial as a threat to the rule of law:…
Here’s a bunch of other disinformation by @MaltaGov about the state of the #RuleofLaw in Malta:…
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#Article7 proceedings against Hungary update: The mysterious Council Legal Service (CLS) opinion – a short story in 4 Acts

cc @Verfassungsblog @judithineuropa @Claude_Moraes
@Verfassungsblog @judithineuropa @Claude_Moraes Act I: having activated Article 7(1) TEU against Hungary last September, @Europarl_EN (EP) formally requested last October to be involved in the same way Commission is involved in Polish Article 7(1) file as Article 7(1) activating authority
@Verfassungsblog @judithineuropa @Claude_Moraes @Europarl_EN Act II: It was reported by @eszterz that EP’s formal involvement was refused on back of a CLS opinion finding that such involvement would (allegedly) be incompatible with EU Treaties:…
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(1) The Prime Ministership of the UK.

Tonight in London, the ruling Conservative party voted on whether to keep Theresa May as PM. The outcome will be publicly known within minutes.

Below is info about how the British system works & what might happen next.
(2) Live updates on the Theresa May vote here:…
(3) The UK uses the Westminster system of government, which is more or less the same system used in Canada, Australia, NZ and many other countries.

Unlike the US, the head of govt can be selected by the legislature at any time, and does not necessarily trigger an election.
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Avui hem presentat als col·legis d'Advocats catalans la nostra denúncia contra el mal funcionament de la Justícia, la manca de separació de poders i d'independència judicial, amb infracció de tots els principis del #RuleofLaw, i concretament demanem als Col·legis que requereixin
1.- La reprovació del President del Tribunal Suprem i President del Consell General del Poder Judicial.
2.- La reprovació i cessament del President de la Sala Contenciosa-Administrativa del Tribunal Suprem.
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📌FBI Declassification Underway in 9/11 Saudi Suit

📌Time to obtain & declassify the CIA findings on Jamal Khashoggi’s death

📌In Spite of Gruesome Audio Intel, Trump Stands w/ Saudis re Khashoggi Murder

Are Saudi’s Blackmailing Trump Over DonJr & Kush?

Trump today: “I don’t make deals with Saudi Arabia, I don’t have money from SA. I have nothing to do with SA.”

Trump 8/15: “Saudi Arabia, they buy apartments from me. They spend $40 million, $50 million.” I like them ve


“It is now up to members of Congress to obtain & declassify the CIA findings on Jamal Khashoggi’s death.

No one in Saudi Arabia—most especially the Crown Prince—should escape accountability for such a heinous act.”
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The #RuleofLaw is at stake; we cannot allow this to be a partisan issue. Good to see some notable conservatives speaking up. “Conservative lawyers are not doing enough to protect constitutional principles that are being undermined by . . this president.”…
“We believe in the rule of law, the power of truth, the independence of the criminal justice system, the imperative of individual rights and the necessity of civil discourse.” Amen. We need people speaking up on all points, including #ProtectMuellerNOW.
“The president has attacked the Justice Department for indictments of Republican congressmen . . and he’s urged that the Justice Department investigate his political opponents,” Peter Keisler said. “That’s a fundamentally wrong and very dangerous [and should be condemned]."
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Today we release our annual @wiiw_news Autumn #Forecast Report, with macroeconomic projections for #CESEE out to 2020. Below, a thread on the highlights 1/13
#Growth still looks quite good for most, notable upgrades this time for #Poland, #Serbia, #Hungary. But downgrades for several #EU members, plus #Turkey, #Macedonia and #Belarus. 2/13
Over the #forecast period we expect best growth performance in #EUCEE and #WesternBalkans, although both will slow by 2020. Outlook for #CIS & #Ukraine weaker. 3/13
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U think I'm gonna sit silent while this disgusting filth galavants on either side of me, u son of a bitches!? I'm far worse off this yr than last & another Minnesota winter fasts approaches! #RULEOFLAW! WHERE THE IS IT @JEFFSESSIONS!? THEY'RE INTL #CHILDTRAFFICKING TERRORISTS!!!
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And this is how the war on Americans has been run: name everyone terrorists, stick 'em on lists, target them, tell everyone they are "under surveillance," run CMO on them (civilian-mil ops) use stealth radiation weapons on them, traffic them into black DOD/CIA/NIH/NSF/DOE tests.
"Under Surveillance" today means "Under Attack" with Anti-Personnel EMF Radar, microwave, milliwave, and sonic weapons via illegal & inhumane contracts Fusion Centers make with security, Intel, Defense contractors seeking human bodies to RFID-implant, hit with DEWs, EEG-clone..
"Under Investigation"--phrase used to LIE to neighbors, communities about stand-out citizens of integrity the local ZioNazi crims in Fusion Centers wish to destroy as they Character-Assassinate people in order to Attack and Victimize them w.RF/sonic weapons. #SurveillanceAbuse 3/
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We’re witnessing a slow-motion #Holocaust in Occupied #EastTurkistan. MILLIONS of Muslims, including the elderly, have been disappeared into Communist #China’s system of #ConcentrationCamps. Meanwhile, #Beijing is murdering CEO’s & even abducted the head of @INTERPOL. Crisis.
… it’s vital that #PacificRim nations coalesce around our shared values: #HumanRights, #PressFreedoms, & #RuleOfLaw. The time to push back on Communist #China is NOW. #America 🇺🇸, #Japan 🇯🇵, #Australia 🇦🇺, #India 🇮🇳, #Taiwan 🇹🇼, & others… join together to stop these atrocities!
… the free world — I hope you still cherish it — has never faced a more daunting & urgent threat that the one posed by Communist #China’s totalitarian regime. Nazi Germany’s population was 90 million. Soviet Russia’s was 293 million. Communist China? 1.386 BILLION. Must act NOW.
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In the absence of full text of ruling for time being (as far as I can see) a quick thread based on the (comprehensive) ECJ press release

#RuleofLaw #Poland
1/ Two most important features of ECJ VP order: its *immediate* suspensive effect re rules on forced retirement of SCt judges & its *retroactive* effect re SCt judges already dismissed on basis of these rules
2/ On the + side (that is if you believe in the #ruleoflaw): all previously “purged” SCt judges must be reinstated + current First President of SCt must remain in place (as per the Polish Constitution one may add)
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Trump and Mussolini: 11 Key Lessons from Historical Fascism

Italian fascism provides a better model for our moment than Nazi Germany—and the comparison is not encouraging.

By: @Anis_Shivani for @AlterNet
Thread ✔
Fascism is a religion. The 20th century will be known in history as the century of fascism.
〰️ Benito Mussolini

I’d like to draw some comparisons and contrasts between our present situation and that of #fascist Italy between 1922 and 1945. I choose fascist #Italy rather than #Nazi #Germany because it has always seemed to me a better comparison.
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The discussion in the EU about how to address the problem of the rule of law in PL has mainly focused on deploying punitive measures. This inspired me to write a paper for @Carnegie_Europe within its #Europeandemocracy project which calls on a more comprehensive strategy. #Thread
1.Don't get me wrong. The EU cannot turn a blind eye on democratic backsliding in its own members. EU treaties provide EC with legal instruments 2 address the problem&EC has been doing its job vis-à-vis. But it will fail to restore #ruleoflaw if it only sticks 2 punitive measures
2.The EC needs to ensure that the Polish public understands the EU’s motives for intervening. Poles are pro-European but they are vulnerable to the PiS narrative that Brussels has no right to tell Warsaw what to do ( I refer to some polling in the piece)
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Kavanaugh Foes Fill Senate Gallery With Sounds of the Insane… #RuleofLaw via @pjmedia_com
I was in the Senate gallery this afternoon when Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed. You would have thought I was at an exorcism in an insane asylum.
If there was any doubt that the opposition to Kavanaugh was unhinged, uncivil, disruptive, rude, and borderline nuts, my experience in the gallery made it clear.
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The Reichstag Warning ⚠️⚠️⚠️

By @TimothyDSnyder
On February 27, 1933 the German Parliament building burned, Adolf #Hitler rejoiced, and the #Nazi era began.
#Hitler, who had just been named head of a #government that was legally formed after the democratic #elections of the previous November, seized the opportunity to change the system. “There will be no mercy now,” he exulted. “Anyone standing in our way will be cut down.”
The next day, at Hitler’s advice and urging, the #German #president issued a decree “for the protection of the people and the state.”
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